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Chapter 1: So it Begins...

The four rulers of Narnia stand proudly before their thrones in Cair Paravel to thunderous applause. High King Peter the Magnificent, King Edward the Just, Queen Susan the Gentle, and Queen Lucy the Valiant carefully take their seats as the denizens of Narnia form a line. Each denizen carefully walks forward to stand in front of the four thrones to explain his or her problem or to offer thanks and gifts to the four rulers. High King Peter and King Edmund always tire faster than the girls with this daily ritual. Queen Lucy is always patient and cheerfully listens to any and all complaints and problems. Queen Susan regards the proceedings with quiet, thoughtful dignity. Normally, Susan says little, but when her brothers and sister falter, they always turn to her for wisdom. The morning passes slowly as the sun rises high in the sky spreading light across the green hills and valleys of the beloved Narnia the four rulers have been entrusted with by the great Aslan himself. All four have vowed to themselves never to fail Aslan. Their previous lives are like a former dream to them; hazy, unimportant memories that rarely cross their minds anymore.

The Noon-day meal is laid out on a long table as everyone takes their places. King Peter makes a joyous toast to their days of prosperity while Edmund looks over all the delicious platters covering every inch of the table. Susan politely and carefully brings each spoonful of soup to her mouth. Her mind is elsewhere though, as she is not listening at all to any of the conversations going on around her. She thinks only of the riding she will do this evening with the blood-red sun blazing at her back as it sinks behind the hills.

Susan slips quietly from the castle, escaping the usual routine of needlework she does with Lucy every evening. Susan does not despise needlework, but she does tire of it very quickly. She loves to ride to far places more than anything else. She pulls a stormy grey charger from the stables, ignoring the sweet and gently palfrey next to it. The palfrey is her designated horse when the four go riding to together because a palfrey is a proper horse for a lady. But Susan has always wished to ride a charger around as freely as her brothers. They call her Susan the Gentle and Susan docilely accepts the title as any great lady should.

She quickly pulls the saddle into place, positions the bridle, and easily springs onto the horse's back, riding out into the gathering dusk of the oncoming night. She rides over the hills, still dappled with failing sunlight, and through the valleys that are now dark enough to see the sparks of fireflies. She swiftly passes through the gurgling streams dotted across the land until she comes to a secret place. Her secret place that no one knows of. It is hidden in a small section of trees and the wind whispers through the dry leaves.

It will be fall soon. Susan thinks, as she dismounts, leaving her horse to graze.

She makes her way up to a small stone structure in the middle of the copse of trees. She does not know who made these ruins or what for, but to her, it is a very peaceful and isolated place. She lies on her back upon a piece of stone slab and gazes up at the glorious heavens that reveal themselves, as the sun leaves the sky. The only time she feels alive is when she is like this. Her own soothing pocket of the universe far from everyone else. Nothing, but her own thoughts matter here. The cool of the stone seeps into her, causing her to doze awhile.

The touch of cold fingertips on her cheek awaken Susan, as she gives a startled cry sitting up right away. Susan sees no one nearby though, and she feels cold chills tingle down her spine with an unquestionable feeling that she shouldn't be here. Susan stares hard out into the darkness, trying to catch any kind of movement, but the shadows are too thick for anyone to see. She feels a breath on her ear and turns, unsheathing a dagger hidden under the folds of her dress, but she sees no threat. The flash of a blade out of the corner of her eye is Susan's only warning as she brings her dagger up to meet it. She gasps as she discovers the blade has no owner and fights by itself in midair. She jumps to the side as it strikes out at her again. This parrying and thrusting seem to Susan to go on for hours with her just barely managing to block or dodge each stroke. It isn't until she sits winded on the cold grass utterly defeated that she realizes that this thing, whatever it is, has merely been toying with her.

"Very good." a cold voice whispers in her ear, causing her to shudder once again.

The blade is now held at her throat and she sits perfectly still, hardly daring to even breathe, as she waits for her inevitable death. But instead of the expected slicing of skin, the invisible thing slides the blade slowly and carefully down the length Susan's throat with a dry chuckle.

"Stop toying with me! What are you?" Susan demands with fear and irritation.

Another dry chuckle escapes the the unseen being, "You do not seem to fear the unknown at all, Queen Susan."

" I like that about you." it whispers convincingly in her ear. "So I'm going to let you live."

"Maybe you should work on your sword skills." suggests the wraith.

That must be what it is since i can't see it. thinks Susan.

And the blade vanishes from her throat. Susan carefully climbs to her feet, but does not sense the presence of the wraith anymore, so she, shakily, heads for home. She manages to dodge Lucy's room unnoticed and slip into her own bed, still shaking with cold from the close brush with death she experienced tonight. As she finally slips into sleep, she swears she can hear a soft voice whispering to her and combing its fingers gently through her hair. It makes her feel safe to have a guardian watching over her to protect her from her silly nighttime fears.


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