"...I'm sorry." Susan pressed her lips to Jadis one last time.

Jadis sighed and exhaled a frozen mist. Unintentionally, Susan breathed in the frozen mist and as she did she felt power race through her.

Susan looked up from the witch's body and saw Lucy only a few feet away holding Peter's body.

Tears dripped incessantly down Lucy's face, but Susan's face was frozen in a mask of apathy.

"Lucy, my sister, you must be strong."

Lucy met her older sister's gaze. "What do we do now?" she asked pitifully.

Susan looked pointedly behind her sister at Peter's army. "They look to you now for leadership. That's why you must be strong."

"What about you, Susan?"

Susan looked behind her at Jadis' forces. "I have my own worries now."

Susan stood up and barked commands at the nearest dwarfs. "You! You will carry the witch's body back to the palace."

The dwarfs moved without question to do her bidding. But a minotaur stepped up to challenger her. "Who died and made you Queen?"

Susan exhaled ice and the minotaur found himself frozen solid. "Are there any more questions?" she asked harshly.

Every creature in Jadis' army quickly fell to their knees, pledging their support to their new queen.

Some of Peter's soldiers came forward without being asked to take care of the fallen king's body. They gently took it from Lucy as she stood to face her changed sister.

"What does this all mean? Who is the ruler of Narnia now?" Lucy questioned.

"I am the Queen of Narnia's Winter. And you, Lucy, are the Queen of Narnia's Summer." Susan declared. "The seasons must change through the year. Summer is necessary for a time of growth. Winter is necessary for a time of rest."

Lucy watched her sister turn and walk away, all of the creatures quickly making a path for her, as ice seeped across the ground wherever she stepped.

So Narnia learned to have rotating seasons. Summer given half the year to rule and Winter given the other half. Lucy lived by herself in Cair Paravel and the immediate land around the castle was never touched by winter. It was always eternal summer wherever Lucy made her home.

Susan, on the other hand, made her home in the witch's palace and it remained eternal winter in that region. The rest of Narnia rotated through the seasons with the continual wax and wane of the two queens' power.

The creatures of Narnia were free to choose which queen they wished to ally with. Lucy and Susan, despite opposite natures, had finally found a peace, a balance, in their relationship. Secretly, Lucy missed her older sister terribly, but there was nothing that could be done. Susan had chosen her fate.

Lucy felt her sister's frigidness was due to the fact that Susan's heart had never really healed. She still carried the weight of her brothers' and the witch's death. Lucy pitied and loved her.

Susan was not to be pitied. It was insulting. Though she did not truly wish her little sister harm, she would show Lucy the power of Winter. She would crush those idiotic feelings of mercy out of Lucy. Countless times she had told Lucy "You are a Queen. Act like one."

But Lucy insisted on showing kindness to everyone, even when they had done nothing to deserve it.

Susan thought she knew what she wanted. She thought peace with her sister was for the best.

But sometimes at night while lying in bed, when the cold wind from the outside would whip through her room, she could almost swear she felt the touch of soft, cold lips on her own.

It made her wonder...did her sister really matter?

*evil cackle* damn that witch. No matter how many times you stab her, she's never really gone is she?