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In Progress Chapter 2: An Invitation

Volkner frowned as he watched Riley pace back and forth in front of him. To top it off, Riley was getting seawater on the blonde from all the heavy pacing he was doing.

"Why are you so affected by it, Riley?" Volkner asked for the umpteenth time that evening.

"I can't just tell them, you know that," the bluenette replied, raising a hand to cup his chin in thought. "They'd probably think of me as more of a wannabe."

"But it makes sense. You being Sir Aaron's descendant and all."

"Can we change the subject for now?" Riley asked as he stopped his pacing and sat down on the spot next to Volkner. He didn't know why he was so affected by it either, the fact that everyone called him a "wannabe-Sir-Aaron". And his blonde friend did have a point…

Why doesn't he just say he is Sir Aaron's descendant?

Riley growled, threatening to pull out every strand of his hair. "Damn it, Volkner. I need chocolate."

"Don't you have at your place?"

"I finished it already."

Volkner sighed standing up and dusting himself off. "Get up."


"Are you deaf? Don't make me repeat myself, it's bad for my health."

Riley stood up anyway, knitting his brows and grabbing his shoes. "Where're we going?"

"Seven Stars Restaurant," the blonde replied plainly, grabbing hold of the smaller male's wrist and dragging him off east of where they were.

"Where's that?"

Volkner sighed. Riley and his "cute", childish act was starting to amuse him a little too much. Maybe the bluenette was doing it unconsciously?

"Valor Lakefront."

"Wait, there's sand on my feet."

"Clean 'em once we're out of the beach, then you can put your shoes back on. That's what you get for pacing so close to the water."

"Nag." Riley pouted, allowing himself to be dragged by the other. Now he wondered, was Volkner like this around other people?

"Stop complaining," Volkner replied. "You said you're in need of something sweet, right?"


"It's still something sweet."

Riley's pout deepened, pulling his arm away from Volkner's grip. He crouched down, putting his shoes back on before standing up and being dragged away by the blonde again.

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"What are you having, Riley?" The blonde inquired as he watched Riley scan over the menu.

"What are you having?"

Riley knitted his brows yet again, scanning the dessert section of the menu. He tilted his head a bit, finding quite a lot that had chocolate in them. As to what he wanted, he wasn't sure yet.

"Have you eaten dinner yet?" Volkner asked, completely ignoring the other's question.

The bluenette shook his head.

"Order something as well." Volkner scanned over his menu, ordering a pizza for them to share.

"I don't know what to order."

"Check the desserts later."

"Fine. You order our dinner then."

The blonde sighed, ordering pasta for them to share and water as well before sending the waiter away to put in their order.

"You eat here often, Volkner?" Riley asked, making conversation. Sometimes there were awkward silences between him and the blonde. And frankly, he didn't like those awkward silences.

"One could say…"

"Do you take Flint here as well?"

Volkner raised a brow and faced the bluenette, taken aback by the question. "Why?"

"I'm just curious."

"Back when he wasn't one of the elite four, yes." Volkner replied.

For a while, Riley frowned. But then he mentally slapped himself for such a reaction, scaring himself a bit as well. Was he actually angry?

"I see…"

"How's Lucario?" The blonde inquired, sensing the other's uneasiness. Since when had he been good with people?

"He's fine. Still enjoying himself in Sunyshore…"

"You should come to the gym one day," Volkner suggested, grabbing Riley's attention quickly. "What about tomorrow?"

"And watch how dull you claim your life to be as a gym leader?" Riley joked, laughing a bit. "No thanks."

"I mean it, Riley. I want you to come."

The bluenette's eyes widened a bit, surprised. He was happy about what Volkner said, but slightly confused and…

"Fine. Since you insist."

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"That was the best chocolate parfait I have ever come across," Riley beamed as he deliberately made long, noisy strides on the solar panel roads of Sunyshore.

"So I'm guessing you'll be going back there?" Volkner asked as they both stopped in front of one of the many houses. How Riley managed to get his own house in Sunyshore so hastily was beyond him. The bluenette was just mysterious that way, though over the past few days, he had learned quite a deal about the other male.

In fact, he was glad he met Riley.

Perhaps, he thought, my life isn't as dull as it was before.

"You bet I'll be going back there," the bluenette replied. "I might take Lucario as well, since people battle there too."

Volkner grinned sheepishly, scratching the back of his ear awkwardly. "Tomorrow then?"



"Ah, yeah. Tomorrow."

"Good night, Riley. I'll see you tomorrow."

Riley smiled. "G'night. I look forward to it."

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