Notes on a Crime Scene:

This is just an extended author's notes section, since I feel I need to say some things about Kriminalist before I let it end. Please don't feel the need at all to read this, it is un-plot-related.

First of all, this was a major experiment, and I'm extremely happy with how it turned out. By the time the second case came around and the story really began I was spending a lot more time than usual on writing, doing real research and actually getting really involved with the story. I spent hours trying to find out how much it costs to hire a private detective in LA, and finding a suitable piece of jewellery to be stolen (the Mandalay ruby is real, but isn't part of a necklace - you can find pictures of it online). Every chapter was getting longer and taking more time, but I wrote it faster than anything I ever have, sometimes starting the next chapter as soon as I'd published the previous, something I don't usually do.

My aim with every fanfic is to beat my previous best - to get more reviews, more hits, more favourites, by writing better than before. I use it as kind of a benchmark - the one with the smallest hits-to-favourites ratio is probably the worst written, and so on. While Kriminalist doesn't beat my previous best, Deception, in all categories, it is the longest fanfic I've ever written, and certainly the best thought-out. At last I've got over my habit of not even checking work before I submit it (I'm far too impatient - once it's done, it's done); I now try to go over everything, to make sure it's up to standard.

I'm pleased to say I heard from some great people in the process of writing this, whose kind words kept me going week after week. In particular I want to thank Catmoongirl, who writes greatly, Svaldifari who kept coming back for every chapter, and also the anonymous reviewers who I couldn't get in touch with before. Those two also recommended this for a C2, which was very nice of them, and it was also very nice of neko11lover to add it. It was great to hear from all of you Matt/Mello fans and, as every fanficcer knows, reviews are like bread and water to the starving.

Not only that, but this reminded me how much I love detective fiction. From not ever having written anything before, I'm now keen to do more and more, and I've even written a script for a short crime mystery film a friend is making. It's great when things open new doors, and I definitely don't want to leave this behind. I think there may also be a sequel on the way, which would involve Matt and Mello going back to Japan. Let me know if that idea interests you, since I'm not sure whether to do it yet ;) Whether it does or not, please also head to my profile and vote on the poll there, it would be a massive help to me.

Ha, there is also something else, that made me laugh quite a lot: halfway through this, when I started playing Pokemon Red again, there was a day when I was sat in my room playing it. I was wearing blue jeans, a black and white striped shirt, and a beige-y brown cardigan with a fluffy lining. I'd also just had my hair re-dyed, in my usual red colour, so you can guess who I looked like. It was completely unintentional, but I had to laugh as soon as I realised - it seems this fic really did take over my life for a while!

I might be taking a short break due to school work and computer failure... but you won't keep me away for long :)

Last but not least; I was always more of a Light x L fan. Now I've written for this pairing instead, well, I know who my OTP are ;)

Til next time,