Teaser Trailer for Shattered Dreams

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Through the clouds, a single body hurtles earthward, plunging toward the ground at terminal velocity. It is impossible to identify who this is. SUDDENLY, a tower appears to pierce the cloud cover like a needle and, though it is many kilometers distant, the figure raises its left hand toward the structure. In its right hand is the unmistakable hilt of an un-ignited lightsaber…


A VOICEOVER from The Phantom Menace begins over the top of the dark screen:

YODA (offscreen): "Fear is the path to the Dark Side."


Two black-cloaked figures – one unmistakably LUMIYA and the other her special clone, DARTH TORIOUS – stand back-to-back, surrounded by a dozen Jedi clones. All have lightsabers ignited and appear to be openly hostile…

Her face set in a furious scowl, LEIA ORGANA-SOLO is seated at table, surrounded by other members of the Senate including a surprised-looking VIQI SHESH. Across the table from Leia is an equally surprised LEONIA TAVIRA. Leia's words – "the Republic does not negotiate with assassins" – rings through the chamber …

CUT TO: A scene of chaos. Against the backdrop of a tri-tower building with hundreds if not thousands of parked airspeeders poking out of the various levels, a pair of figures we recognize as LUKE SKYWALKER and MARA JADE are jumping from speeder to speeder. They appear to be both in hot pursuit of a figure swathed in black who is fleeing the same way (speeder to speeder) as well as fleeing from jet-pack equipped pursuers. Blaster fire is flashing in all directions and the two Jedi are parrying it away while continuing the chase

Seated behind the controls of a space transport, CORRAN HORN is wearing a worried expression as an Earth-like planet looms before him. Standing behind him, KYLE KATARN is studying the planet with a sour frown. Corran's words – "I have a very bad feeling about this" – echo in the small cockpit ...


The VOICEOVER from The Phantom Menace continues over the top of the dark screen:

YODA (offscreen): "Fear leads to anger."


A starscape. Spinning and twisting, the Millenium Falcon weaves through a planetary ring, its quad cannons barking. Dozens of Eta-2 Actis-class interceptors are in hot pursuit and blast away with their cannons. A torpedo spirals toward the Falcon and detonates, sending the freighter into a tumbling spin…

LUKE and MARA are staring at a young boy (13 years of age) with black-hair. Mara is whispering "The Force must have brought us to him" but Luke looks troubled. As if sensing Skywalker's study of him, the boy glances up from what he is doing and meets the eyes of the Jedi Master...

LEIA, her expression ashen and horrified, is pleading with someone off screen or perhaps praying: "Tell me what to do," she begs …

An expression of anger and sorrow on his face, HAN SOLO turns away from the camera and begins walking away…

LUKE, his expression torn, is telling someone off screen "I cannot help you"


The VOICEOVER from The Phantom Menace continues over the top of the dark screen:

YODA (offscreen): "Anger leads to hate."


A planet tinted by its blue sun. TIE Interceptors scream toward a blond-haired figure who is surrounded by a spinning wall of debris and rocks. The figure points with his left hand and something flashes out toward one of the Interceptors ...

The Second Chance tumbles through the sky, powerless. Its aft engine section appears to have been holed by debris, and the freighter is trailing smoke and debris as the ground looms…

The chancellor's office. LUKE stares at LEIA who is seated in a chair reminiscent of the chancellor's office chair in RotS. "What happened to you?" Luke asks and Leia crossly replies, "The Empire happened."

MARA, her expression resolute, ignites her violet saber, and the camera pans around to reveal who she is facing: LUMIYA …


The VOICEOVER from The Phantom Menace continues over the top of the dark screen:

YODA (offscreen): "Hate leads to suffering."


KYLE is standing before an open window, dressed entirely in black stealth fatigues. His lightsaber is in hand but not ignited, and he is staring coldly at GILAD PELLAEON. Kyle speaks: "If you continue on this path, it will destroy you. I will destroy you"

A horrified expression on his face, LANDO CALRISSIAN is staring at TALON KARRDE (who appears equally stricken). Lando murmurs "No … I can't believe it"

LUKE and DARTH TORIOUS are facing off within a towering edifice of stone and rock. The Sith Lord lashes out with the Force and Luke raises his hand to block the invisible blow. Around them, stone shatters and begins to fall…


The VOICEOVER from The Phantom Menace continues over the top of the next screen:

YODA (offscreen): "I sense much fear in you…"


Seated in her chair, LEIA stares at the desk for a LONG BEAT as Yoda's voice continues. As he ends his comment, Leia's eyes come up from the desk to stare directly into the camera.



wbsaw: Some comments:
1. Re: Vader source material. What can I say? That Palpatine was one sick puppy.
2. Re: Similarity between Mara & Shira. I've read a couple of fairly decent fics that postulate a link between the two, whether it be sisters or clones or whatnot, but I don't really have a theory as of yet about their similarities.
3. Re: Leia's "wounded" status. Mostly, this was intented to reflect her mental state of being. She's done some things she knows are questionable, and this affects her psychic signature (for lack of a better term.) Luke & Mara, being Force users, sense this change and Han, being Leia's husband, does as well since he knows his wife better than anyone else. Lando doesn't seem to pick anything up and I've already established that he's observant...
4. Re: Mara's outburst. She's got issues in regards to intimacy and emotions. Remember the environment she grew up in where no one did anything for someone without there being an ulterior motive. Don't worry though: she's going to be better soon. All she needs is a bit o' Skywalker lovin'... :P
5. Re: Mara not thinking she's earned her Knighthood. By my reckoning, an entire year or more passes from the time Luke has his Cave experience (ESB) to Yoda confirming upon him the rank of Knight (ROTJ). And that two months since her Cave experience has been pretty busy. As to her talking about the Cave, I've tried and she (again) threatened violence upon me if I didn't just drop it.

blank: Glad you enjoyed it! And I will be getting back to reviewing your fics ASAP ... school sucks though...

Deja: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the little bits of humor I tried to sprinkle in there. Even in the darkest of hours, there should always be something to smile at. And I very glad you had that reaction to the reveal at the end of the fic - it means I managed to surprise you, which is always great. :P How they'll deal with that clone, well...

BnB: You not being a SW afficiando, I don't expect you're aware that in the comic series Dark Empire (which I'm tossing out the window) set at about this point in time, they did have Palpy come back in a clone body. I actively loathed that series for what I perceived to be character assassination on the part of Luke and because it seemed to make the sacrifice of Vader/Anakin at the end of ROTJ worthless. So nope, no Palpy clones.

And I was the one who nicked that last slice of pizza. It was verra tasty.

Ttestagr: Different strokes re: Ahsoka. Its one of those things that irks me since, if she was more than a footnote in Anakin's life (as TCW seems to indicate), she would have warranted at least a mention in ROTS. And it seems utterly irresponsible of Yoda to give Anakin an apprentice, especially since they established in AOTC that he had trepidation about Skywalker. Ah well.

Elemarth: Thanks! Stover's Shatterpoint and ROTS novelizations are the only Del Rey books I can truly say I've enjoyed since Vector Prime came out way back when. I wish this new SW book of his wasn't being published by DR so I could read it, but since I've utterly and completely sworn Del Rey off after Sacrifice, no such luck. I will endeavor to do my best to not disappoint when Shattered Dreams goes live...

PK88: Luke and Mara will be an official couple in Episode II. As to major injuries or whatnot, now that would be telling, wouldn't it? :P

Kyuubi123: Thank you kindly for the compliments! I do try to write stories that I, as a fan, would want to read (or see.) I'm gratified you enjoyed this whacky ride I'm taking you all on and hope you like where I end up...

LordRevan: Don't feel too bad for Luke - he got away intact. :P