I got the sudden inspiration for this while I was playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time. I also got the idea from the Phantasy Star Online theme song. Not sure of the name, but it goes like this: We will chose to fight...for a world beyond...

This three chapter fanfic will be based off my own character in PMD2. Her name is Star and she gets turned into a Squirtle. That's all you basically need to know.

This fanfic contains MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF SPOILERS. The only way to not be spoiled is to have played the game to the part where Grovyle drags Dusknoir to the future. That's all you need to know, as well.

I'll say it again, for good measure: THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS. So if you don't want to know what's beyond the facts that your character was once human, use the back button right now and don't look back. Thankies.

If you're still here, then yay! Welcome to my fanfic.

We will chose to fight

Written by the fabulously retarded CeleBaby20

Chapter One: Born for a reason

I was born for one reason.

Like any other human, I was born for the future of our world, but it would be no exaggeration to say that it was the whole purpose of my birth. My only purpose in life is to live and make a difference just by doing so.

I must change the course of history, from the past to the future. To alter the way this dark and forboding world is right now...is my whole purpose in life. When that purpose is fufilled...even I do not know what comes next.

The seventeen year old girl lowered her pen and stared down sadly at the page she just wrote on. Her world was crumbling and dark and the only thing lighting up her sight was a tiny candle. Thankfully, there was no wind to snuff it out. The wind, like the sun, had long ago vanished with the tides of time.

To start the flows of time again was why she was alive. The thought filled her with bitterness and some sadness. Bitterness, because she could not live a normal life like other humans.

Sadness, because she had to live on the run from someone who wants her and her partner dead.

Star blinked away the coming moist to her eyes and blew out the candle. The darkness covered the tiny camp completely, shielding them from the outside world and their chasers. She crawled over to her sleeping bag and snuggled in. The motion awoke her partner, who jumped in alert.

"Relax, Grovyle, it's only me."

"Star? Why are you still awake?" the Grovyle asked.

"I couldn't sleep," the teenager responded warily, her red eyes containing fatigue. "It's hard to sleep, knowing we're both wanted by Dusknoir. Just for being alive, for being the ones who accepted the task of restoring time."

"Star, we chose this. We can't possibly turn back now," Grovyle said.

"I know. This is what I was born for, right? You too..." the sleepy teenager cuddled closer into her sleeping bag and started to snore lightly. Grovyle sighed unhappily.

"We chose this...we chose to fight for the sake of the past and the future...neither of us have anything to live for, but in retrospect, it's a blessing..." he muttered, pulling his sleeping bag closer to Star. "It means we'll have no regrets when the time comes to stop Primal Dialga."


A short while later, Star and Grovyle awoke, feeling refreshed. Of course, the scenery hadn't changed. It was still dark, boulders still floated and the air was frozen. It was still hard to imagine any living creature existed here.

The blue haired teenager packed up the sleeping bags and stuffed them in her bag. Grovyle helped to blow the fires out and erase all evidence of their existence at that spot. They had to continue their journey to find the pink Celebi. As clever as Celebi was, she also had to be careful. She had agreed to wait for them in Dark Forest, and guide them to the past. It was Grovyle's responsibility to protect Star and Star would use her Dimensional Scream ability to locate the Time Gears.

The three partners vowed to prevent the Temporal Tower from falling. No matter the cost.

Right now, Star and Grovyle were at the entrance to the forest. Although Dusknoir's Sableyes were after them, they had to stop and rest a while ago. Now that they were refreshed, it was possible to get through without a problem.

Star had known all about Mystery Dungeons…how they were constantly different. No one was sure how it was possible, but they existed as a hinder to civilization. But there wasn't anything that could be done. Star hefted a long sigh and went inside with her best friend.

The dungeon was certainly a challenge. Grovyle was consistent and kept all the pokemon away from the two of them. Star was relieved, because she didn't feel secure in fighting pokemon. It felt wrong and she wasn't sure if she could tolerate pain from pokemon attacks.

It took them hours…or so it felt, anyway…to reach the midpoint of the forest. A Kanghaskaun's Statue rested in the middle of the clearing. Star sat on a rock and took the bag off her back. Opening it, she pulled out a brush and began brushing her long blue hair. Grovyle pulled out an apple and began eating it.

"Star, are you having second thoughts about this whole thing? Because if you are, I'll never forgive you."

"It's not that I'm having second thoughts. I just wish we didn't have to disappear," Star responded.

"Why? I have no regrets and Celebi doesn't either," Grovyle asked.

"What about what our world would be like when it's saved? Aren't you the least bit curious of how it will be like?" Star answered Grovyle's question with a question.

Grovyle thought about that. "Yes, but it doesn't matter to me. In the darkness, I was born and in the darkness, I'll vanish. It's all you and I have ever known. You should know this by now, Stardust," he said, teasing his friend a little bit. Star smiled a bit at the nickname.

"Yeah, you're right. My imagination's trying to run my life for me right now. Give me an apple," she instructed.

"Get it yourself," Grovyle retorted, eating through his own. Star made a face and grabbed a Big Apple from the bag. "Hey, that was mine!!"

"Not anymore," Star grinned before taking a huge bite out of the juicy fruit. Grovyle stomped around in anger and she laughed. "You're so funny when you do that, you know that?"

"That makes me feel SO much better," Grovyle said sarcastically.

"Aw, relax already. We'll probably find another Big Apple somewhere in here. And I promise you can have it," Star said, hoping to calm Grovyle down.

Apparently it worked, because Grovyle stopped stomping and hopping around. He muttered a "fine" and finished his Apple. Star hurriedly finished her own and grabbed the bag.

It was time to find Celebi.


Rather short, I think. But I don't want to go into too much detail with this story.