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We will choose to fight

Chapter 3: The Separation

It was a long trip through the Demensional Hole, and a painful one too. Star and Grovyle felt like they could rip apart at any time. The bright lights hurt their eyes and loud noises made them both cover their ears. It lasted for what felt like hours, but in reality, was only ten minutes.

When it was over, Star and Grovyle blinked and winced at the first sign of the sun. It had been too long since Star and seen sunlight and Grovyle was born in the darkness. Of course, being a grass pokemon, Grovyle relished the warmth of the sun and wanted so much to bathe in it. Star quietly reminded him they had a mission to see through.

"We have to find the Time Gears as soon as possible, or the world will never know the feel of sunlight again."

Grovyle relunctently agreed and they set off.

Unbeknownist to them, someone was stalking them. An evil pokemon from the darkness with blue eyes and white "hair". A dark pokemon with horrible ambitions. He thought he could see this through without interference. Now two obstacles stood in his way to conquer all pokemon with nightmares.

But he knew exactly what to do. Humans were so weak hearted and gullible. This girl would be so easy to sway.

No one stood in his way. He was Darkrai, after all.


Star could feel the wind moving through her long, silky blue hair. Funny, she thought, that such a little thing was taken for granted in this time. It was a feeling she hadn't felt in a long time and she swished her hair out.

"I think we have to cross the sea to find where the Time Gears are," Grovyle said, pointing to distant outlines of lands.

"We had better find a boat, then..." Star's voice was almost too quiet. Grovyle looked around and spotted an abandonned raft on the shore.


"Yeah, this might be easier then I thought," Star said, happily. She went on the raft and grabbed the poling stick. Grovyle jumped right after her and they set off.

Night fell, just an hour later. The water began moving at a rapid speed, indicating the coming of a storm. Star tried to pole safely, but the poling stick slipped from her hands and was washed away in the tide.


Darkrai was watching these actions in the shadows. He smiled evilly, knowing that all was going according to plan. He just had to get those two apart...

"Grovyle!!" Star jumped and grabbed her partner pokemon. The two friends held on tightly as the winds and water got stronger and more powerful.

"Just hold on!" Grovyle begged.

"We're almost there!" Star yelled, seeing land.

"No!" Darkrai was getting angry. He produced stronger winds that blew right at the pair. Star and Grovyle struggled to hold on, but could feel themselves slipping away.


"Gee-hee-hee!! And now for the coup a la resistance!"

Star could feel herself growing more distant from Grovyle. Flashes of lightning scattered through the sky and she shut her eyes in fear.

It was the last time she'd ever see anything as a human ever again.

Darkrai began his spell. A spell that turned Star's blue hair into a turtle's head. Her clothes morphed into a shell. Her legs became shorter, as did her arms. A curly tail poked out from the shell's back end. The transformation also erased her memory...the only thing remaining in her mind was her name.

Her friendship with Grovyle had come to an end.


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