Chapter: 7

Title: Harry Potter

Rating: T

Warnings: None

Spoilers: None

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His lips are warm and soft. He's moving with you and yet against you at the same time, making for a delicious friction. You're up on tiptoe, arms around his neck. His are around you waist, holding you against him tightly, though not hard enough to hurt. He takes a step forward and trips, landing on the common room couch with you on top of him.

You grin at him mischievously, before pressing a quick kiss to his lips then changing up on and nibbling and suck on his bottom lip. He lets out a moan and you pull away, smiling in satisfaction. He pulls you back down unexpectedly, pressing your lips back together and licking at the line between them, asking for entrance. You let out a noise that unmuffled would have been a moan and let him in.

It goes from sweet innosense to teeth and tounge and pue lust in that moment. You're both exploring and tasting, memorizing every contour of each other's mouths. You can feel his heart pounding swiftly underneath you and smell sweat, yours and his mingling beneath you. You run your fingers through his hair, loving the feel of his locks, like midnight black silk. You feel his hands slide from your hips to play with the hem of your t-shirt, damp with the sweat that has pooled on your lower back. Then they move again, running his fingernails up and down your lower back. This time a moan really does break free. You work your way down, kissing along his jaw and to his neck, where you suck and lick, leaving your mark. You make sure to put it where it can be easily hidden. The world doesn't need to see it, just him, to keep you on his mind, though you can't imagine he'll forget you anyhow, mark or no mark.

You lay your head on his chest once you're done, both of you panting and trying to catch your breath. He's surprisingly comfortable for such a skinny guy, which is a good thing since you don't intend to move any time soon. He clearly has other plans though, as he rolls onto his side and you find yourself laying between him and the back of the couch. You smile at his protective maneuver and close your eyes. You last thought before you drift off to sleep is that his nickname should be changed from the boy that lived to the boy that can seriously kiss.

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