Disclaimer: Hellsing belongs to Kouta Hirano. Not me. I also don't own the tv series "Blood Ties," which gave me the inspiration for this story.

Warning: Contains, torture, bloodplay, mature situations and naughty words. Yummy.

Summary: Alucard is held captive by Alexander Anderson of the Iscariot organisation. Can Seras save her master in time?

The Sword Dancer Returns

Chapter 1

The Scent Of Blood

A man with short, straw coloured hair stepped off the train and strode along the platform at London Waterloo. He was a tall man of lean build, with broad shoulders and walked with a slight slouch. His green eyes peered out from behind circular glasses that flashed in the neon light. It had been a while since Paladin Alexander Anderson had visited London, but today he hadn't come for sight-seeing. There was something personal he needed to take care of and his orders came from the top.

During his last trip Alexander Anderson had been defeated almost to the point of death, but this time he would be the one to prevail. He gripped his gloved hand tightly in determination and uttered a fervent prayer under his breath as he exited the station and walked out into the street. The air in "old London town" was thick with sin. The un-dead lurked in the shadows but there was one vampire in particular who made his blood boil with rage. Alucard.

His mobile phone rang shrilly. He ducked into an alley to answer it.

A cold italian voice spoke. "Have you arrived?"

"I have."

"You know your orders. Eliminate Alucard and his fledgling Seras Victoria. Do not fail me this time."

"Don't you worry signore I have the divine power on my side, I will not fail."

The call ended and Anderson returned the phone to his pocket. Anticipation prickled through his body like electricity. He couldn't wait to make his move.

Seras Victoria wandered through the grounds of the Hellsing mansion. The moon was bright in the sky and the wind felt pleasantly cool against her skin. In the distance, she could hear the sounds of the city, the roar of vehicles and the throng of people with all that the fresh blood pumping through their veins... Oh how she wanted it, how she ached for it. She felt her fangs lengthen painfully as her vampiric nature began to consume her.

"No!" She recoiled violently and bit her lip hard, the pain distracting her from her blood lust. Panting heavily she slumped back against a nearby tree and gripped her hair in her fists, tearing clumps of it out. Stop it, stop it! I can't let myself become...a monster.

A deep rumbling laugh fluctuated around her. "But you are a monster. Do not fight your natural instincts Police Girl."

The blonde rolled her eyes in annoyance. "How many times do I have to tell you Master? My name is Seras Victoria."

"My, my, a little hostile tonight aren't we?" She shivered as she felt his icy breath by her ear.

Two narrowed red eyes appeared in mid-air, shortly followed by the rest of Alucard's impressive form. The pale, angular face, the sinister Cheshire cat grin, the fanged teeth and the long red dress-coat. He wasn't wearing his hat or his glasses and his sleek raven hair ruffled gently behind him in the cool breeze. Seras liked him better without them because she liked to see his eyes, she liked to see him. Seras became aware of her accelerated heart beat and the warmth in her cheeks, things which happened frequently when Alucard was near her. Just being in the same room as the beautiful and elegant vampire was as torturous as the lust for blood, awakening carnal thoughts and desires that would make anyone blush.

An amused smile crossed his lips as he saw the effect he had on her.

"What do you want anyway?" She asked him sternly, the slight waver in her voice betraying her anger. She moved away from the tree and wiped her sweaty palms on the side of her trousers.

Alucard grinned at his strawberry blonde fledgling, tilting his head to one side like a cat watching its prey struggle before killing it. "I could sense the conflict inside you, your yearning for blood."

He walked slowly towards her engulfing the petite young woman in his towering black shadow. Seras looked up at his eyes which burned like embers out of his flawless alabaster face and her breath hitched in her throat. She watched as he carefully pulled back the sleeve of his red coat to reveal a pale wrist.

"Drink," he said, his voice a husky whisper that sent prickles of lust through her body. Her red eyes locked onto the bare skin and she felt her tingling fangs hungrily with the tip of her tongue, anticipating the sharp taste of the blood.

"N...No..." Biting her lip, she turned her head away in shame. "I can't."

"Why not? Why do you deny what you want most? What we both want?"

Seras' eyes widened. What does he mean by that?

Alucard moved his wrist closer, goading her. "Drink, Police girl! Let your Nosferatu instincts consume you. Drink!" he cried, his voice nearly rising to the maniacal levels it reached during the heat of battle. "Relish in the blood lust, don't hate it, for it is what we are."

She bit her lip nervously, "B...but I..."

"I know that you are afraid," he whispered leaning so close to her that she felt his silken hair brush against her cheek. "You think you're not ready to become a true Vampire, but I know you are."

Seras sighed doubtfully. "But if I do this you won't be there to guide me. I'd lose you wouldn't I?"

"It is true that I will no longer be your master, but you can still share your death with me. We will be two Vampires joined together by respect, loyalty and perhaps even...love."

"Love?" Seras gasped looking at Alucard directly. Is he speaking the truth? Is he even capable of love? She found herself gripping his jacket tightly in her hands, panting heavily. "But I thought that you and Integra..."

The Vampire looked solemn and shook his head. "She is my master and nothing more. I vowed to protect her and the organisation, but you...I made you...I want you..." he groaned as he gripped her by the shoulders and backed her up against a tree, making her yelp in surprise. He swooped down upon her, nuzzling her neck possessively and every so often grazing her sensitive flesh with the tip of a fang. With a sigh she let her head fall back and gripped his back tightly.


"I thought the feelings I had for you were merely driven by lust...that I was bored and in want of a plaything, but you are much more to me than that. You could be mine police girl. Mine forever. But not unless you drink!"

Seras nearly died of shock. She had wanted him to say these words since the day they first met in Cheddar. Opening her mouth cautiously, she moved gingerly towards her master's outstretched wrist, the smell of ancient blood pulsing beneath the skin driving her mad. Seras bared her fangs and had barely brushed the top of his skin when Alucard pulled away and lifted his head to look up at the darkened manor.

"Master?" Seras glanced up at him in confusion, mouth still hanging open.

"She's calling me," he answered, his voice laced with slight irritation. "She wants you to come too, something has happened."


"I don't know," the vampire replied, pulling his sleeve down again with a dissatisfied grunt. Seras sighed feeling frustrated and perhaps a little relieved. She wasn't sure it she was quite ready for this yet. As she turned to walk away towards the mansion she felt Alucard rest a hand upon her shoulder.

"We will finish what we started...Seras."

The young woman's eyes widened at the sound of her true name coming from his lips, it meant he was deadly serious. She turned to him and rested her hand against his chest expecting him to recoil but he didn't, in fact he gazed down at her with a possessive smile.

"But for now," he said, "Ms Hellsing calls." Taking a step away from her and bowing his head in a gentlemanly fashion, he disappeared, leaving Seras alone.

He wants me...he really wants me. Her mind buzzed with emotions. She never thought Alucard cared for her in such a way. Perhaps all this time she had been too wrapped up in her own emotions to notice. Unable to suppress an excited smile, she made her way to the Hellsing mansion with a spring in her step.

Ahhh bless! I love Alucard and Seras they make the cutest couple. Go away Integra grrrrrr! Thanks for reading more is coming soon.