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Warning: Contains, torture, bloodplay, mature themes, naughty words and...lemon so turn back now if you no likey.

Summary: Alucard is held captive by Alexander Anderson of the Iscariot organisation. Can Seras save her master in time?

Chapter 6

The Blood Letting

Alucard turned his head slowly towards Seras and observed his fair draculina through heavy-lidded eyes. "You came," he whispered, attempting a smile. "I knew you would...my police girl."

Seras returned his smile, as crimson tears rolled down her porcelain cheeks. "Of course I came. I would never leave you master." Gravely she observed the injuries he had sustained. The wound to his neck appeared as only a small opening but it oozed blood each time he spoke or moved his head. The gaping hole in his chest glistened and she could see smoke rising from the cavernous hole as his organs corroded.

What on earth had Anderson done to him?

"Holy... water," Alucard groaned, seeing the young woman's eyes fixed upon his ruined chest. "He poured it inside...Gah!" His muscles tensed in agony as a wave of pain swept over him, making his back arch high off the altar. The sight of him suffering sent a stab of guilt through Seras' heart.

"Oh master," she cried. "I'm so sorry." She buried her head in the crook of his neck and she sobbed hard, his blood smearing onto her face and hair. Alucard closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of her little body against his, it fitted so snugly against his form. He bent down to kiss the top of her head when a strong, metallic smell struck him...her blood. He began to convulse violently. He needed to feed now.

Seras lifted her head. "Master?"

"Blood..." he groaned. "Give me blood."

Seras began to panic. "Oh God Master, calm down please!"

Meanwhile, the Hellsing troops inspected the church. Fargasson stood over Alexander Anderson's dead body and observed him gravely. The Scottish priest lay limp, his head twisted to one side exposing the set of ragged teeth marks which Seras had inflicted. "We'll take him back to Hellsing for a Post-Mortem," announced the Major. "I believe Sir Integra would like to learn more about his regenerative powers."

Two soldiers obeyed and carried Anderson's body outside the church, whilst others began to rip away the bible pages from the nails that had affixed them to the walls. These had been the anti-magical barriers that had made it impossible for Alucard to defend himself. As soon as they were all removed Alucard gasped deeply as he felt the oppressive crushing feeling instantly lifted and began impatiently to pull against his bonds, but he was still too weak. Seras helped him and broke the chains apart with her bare hands.

"There, you are free," she told him encouragingly, tugging at his limp arm like an impatient child wanting to play. He did not move. "Master, you can get up now."

He smiled weakly at her persistence. "I can't move even if I wanted to...I need blood." He lifted a hand and stroked her cheek tenderly, smearing some of her bloody tears on his fingers. He craned his neck forward and lapped at them with his tongue. "Mmmm, Your blood."

Brows furrowed, Seras unzipped her black leather top a little way down to reveal her slender neck and tilted back her head, bearing the flesh to him willingly. Alucard's eyes locked questioningly onto hers and she gave him a consenting nod.

"You saved me in that church in Cheddar, now its my turn to save you. Take as much as you need master, I am yours."

Alucard smiled. "Yes...you are."

From the centre of the church Fargasson stared at Seras Victoria baring her neck unflinchingly to the predatory vampire king and shook his head. He would never get used to vampire behaviour. "Men, mission accomplished." He strode along the aisle and out of the church leaving Seras and Alucard alone.

As Alucard stared at the pale skin of Seras' neck he felt an overwhelming hunger rise deep inside him, a wild lust which he couldn't control. His instincts told him wanted to ravage her, to rip open the flesh and glut himself on her blood until he could drink no more, but he resisted the temptation to do so. He cared for her too much.

Seras closed her eyes as she felt him move towards her. She was a little afraid for she knew that Alucard would not be very gentle with her.

He gripped her shoulders firmly and pulled her down towards him, then without hesitation latched onto her neck, sinking his aching fangs deep inside the supple skin, causing her to gasp. He began to drink hungrily, cupping the back of her head with one hand and squeezing her shoulder tightly with the other.

Seras began to feel increasingly light-headed as Alucard continued to drain the blood from her. She could hear his gratified gasps between each gulp, grateful for the blood which was filling him.

After what seemed like an eternity Alucard broke away from her with a bestial groan and felt the warm blood rejuvenate him. He was strong enough to move now and pushed himself up on his forearms to get a good look at his chest. As the hole closed up before his eyes there was a tingling sensation in his neck as the gash also disappeared.

Seras, feeling woozy from giving so much blood, flopped weakly into Alucard's arms. He pulled her against him and smiled down at her proudly, sweeping the strands of strawberry blonde hair from her face.

Together they sat upon the altar under the brightening sky but now they didn't care. She was too tired to care. Seras heard him say her name; his voice had returned to the deep, resonant growl that she loved.

"Thank you," he told her kissing the top of her head. "Now its your turn."

She lifted her head and glanced up at him weakly, her eyes large and glazed like a starved kitten-Alucard's kitten. "What do you mean?" she asked furrowing her brow slightly.

"Do you remember that night before this all happened? I told you that I wanted you. Well I want you now Seras. I have tasted your blood, now you must taste mine." He lifted her weak body up to a sitting position and she glanced into his eyes and tenderly touched the side of his pale porcelain-like skin; it was so smooth, but burned like fire from the hot blood she had just given him.

She looked sincerely into his eyes. "I want to master, more than anything but I..." she lowered her eyes and looked sadly away from him.

"But what?"

"How do I know If I'm ready?"

Alucard sighed at her almost impatiently. "Of course you are ready. You came here and you killed Anderson using nothing but your Vampire instincts. Now is the time Seras. You will never be alone, I will be with you, by your side, two children of the night together for all time."

She smiled with excitement at the prospect of being with him. She loved him. This was it. She shifted and straddled him, wrapping her arms around his body before leaning towards his neck. For a moment she hesitated as if afraid, but it wasn't fear that stopped her, she was trying to comprehend everything that was happening.

"Don't be afraid," he told her huskily.

"I'm not," she whispered into his ear. "I'm just savouring the moment."

He smiled, then she bit into his neck causing his breath to hitch. He moved with her as she swallowed, rocking together in the rhythm of the pulsing blood. Seras felt her master's power coursing through her veins, strengthening every part of her body. When she had drunk her fill she removed her teeth from him and licked the sweet blood from her lips.

Alucard, his breath still deep, cupped her face in his gloved hands. She looked so beautiful, a new-born vampire, with eyes glowing like fire, skin radiant and pulsing with un-life. He was so proud of her and smiled against her lips as he kissed her, tasting the warm blood on them - his blood. She tangled her hands in his black hair and kissed him back, rocking her body wantonly against him.

"Alucard," she breathed between kisses. "I feel so...free...there is such... power surging inside of me. It's amazing!"

"Seras." Gently he broke the kiss. "It is time for us to leave, look." She turned and looked up to see the sun rising above the clouds, its rays about to pour down on them. Picking her up and holding her bridal style he climbed to his feet. A black vortex opened up in mid-air and he passed through it just as the sun rays poured down upon the altar, reflecting in the surface of the blood.

Into Alucard's chamber at Hellsing they appeared. His room was just like Seras's except with a few red drapes here and there.

"Shouldn't we report to Sir Integra first?" she asked raising an eyebrow.

"Sir Integra can wait," he replied the Vampire King with a devilish smile. "We have more important business to attend to." He laid her gently down on the soft coffin bed and looked down at her with a possessive hunger that Seras found intoxicating...and a little alarming. He looked so beautiful, his pale, sculpted chest was like white marble and his hair fell over his eyes like the blackest ink. Her dark angel. "We have partaken in the blood union." he said stroking her cheek with his thumb. "Now, in order for you to become my mate we must be united in another way. We must consummate our love."

Seras felt her cheeks grow hot, but she was not afraid. She wanted this more than anything, she had dreamt of this moment for so long.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered to her, his voice deep and edged with a soft growling purr. "And soon you will be all mine." She smiled happily and felt a warmth bloom inside her heart. Taking herself by surprise, the usually timid young woman hooked her fingers beneath the hem of Alucard's red trousers and pulled him down into a searing kiss. He began an assault of her lips and she his, enjoying the taste of one another.

She pulled away panting."Let's not waste any more time."

He grinned like a Cheshire cat. "No, let's not."

He swooped down upon her like a great black raven, assaulting her neck with kisses and sharp nips. Seras clawed at his back and wrapped her legs around his waist, loving the feeling of his straining hardness against her. Amused by her impatience, he smirked against her skin and lifted his head to look at her through lust glazed eyes. Blood glistened on his lips. How sinful he looks thought Seras.

He moved down along the length of her quivering body, trailing his hands over her curves. With a long claw he pulled her underwear down her quivering legs and began lapping at her heated core. Never had she experienced such pleasure before. Her release came suddenly and violently, leaving her shaking.

"Enough," she panted impatiently. "Take me, master!"

He chuckled slyly at her impatience and guided her trembling hand to his aching hardness. "Feel what you do to me my Seras." Never had a mortal affected him so much, not since...Mina.

"Alucard," she gasped breathily."Stop torturing me please."

"But I like to torture. You forget, they once called me Vlad the Impaler."

He hauled her up towards him and they tore at each other madly, ripping the clothes from their bodies until none remained. Alucard stood before her in all his naked glory. Seras stared at him...her eyes roved further downwards and she blushed deeply. She had never seen a man naked before let alone a Vampire! Suddenly she felt afraid and wanted to cover her nakedness. He must have seen her fear, as he caught her hand and kissed the palm reassuringly then guided her back down to the bed and moved over her, gripping the head-board with one hand and the other resting on her hip. He looked as if he were about to lose control and then with one fluid motion, he caught her lips hungrily and entered her.

Her eyes flew open at the delicious sensation of pleasure and pain as he took her virginity. "Oh God!"

"God has no business here," he panted as he began to thrust into her quick and hard. "You're mine Seras, mine and I am the devil!"

She clung to him for dear life, clawing at his back so hard her nails broke the skin, but the welts sealed themselves instantly. It wasn't long until she felt herself nearing her peak. She could feel Alucard's muscles growing rigid as he drove into her in a frantic, unsteady pace, his breathing harsh and ragged.

"A...alucard, I..." She felt strange, her vision blurred red and she felt an overwhelming urge for blood. Fangs retracted, she raised her head to kiss him, biting savagely at his parted lips, letting the hot blood fill her mouth.

He chuckled lightly and bowed his head against her neck, biting down on the flesh at the base of her throat. Overloaded with powerful sensations, Seras hurtled over the precipice with a high-pitched scream followed shortly by Alucard, who threw his head back with a bestial growl then half-collapsed over her, supporting his weight on one trembling arm. He smiled down at her proudly, wiping the strands of sweaty hair from her flushed face.

"M...master that was amazing..."

He shook his head. "Not master, I am your mate now Seras."

"Yes...Alucard," she whispered. "My Alucard."

The End

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