This is my first attempt at a fanfic so please let me know if it is really worth continuing...

Disclaimer: I'm for sure not Stephenie Meyer and I don't own the Twilight series.

Chapter 1- Banished to Forks

We pulled up to terminal 3 at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix. The sun beat down on me as I practically ran from the car. My mother, Renee, made one last attempt to have a proper goodbye but I refused to even acknowledge her. I suppressed a twinge of guilt in the bottom of my stomach… or maybe it was just the small bottle of vodka that I had been sipping on all morning before the car ride just catching up to me. I swayed slightly as I made my way into the crowded and stuffy bathroom. The stall door slammed behind me as I dug for the now half drunken bottle that had been sloshing around in my purse. I swigged from it a few times, swallowing the burning flavor roughly. It was the only thing keeping me sane at this point. I was soon to be boarding a flight up to Washington, somewhere I hadn't been in several years, to stay with my father until further notice.

My father, Charlie, had lived in the small, cloudy and depressing town of Forks in northern Washington since long before I was born. My mother had attempted life there for just a short time after giving birth to me but quickly got stir crazy and, with me in tow, she essentially abandoned my father for life in the much more populated city of Phoenix. After all these years here I was returning to the place I was born… banished from civilization just because I had had a small rebellious streak. Okay maybe small is a little bit of an understatement but regardless my parents needed to get a clue and realize that teenagers all go through it. Sure I got arrested for riding with my boyfriend in a stolen car but I didn't steal it! Not to mention the second arrest was NOT my fault, the stupid bouncer at the bar kicked me out when someone tipped him off that I was definitely not 21 so technically it was his fault that I got arrested for underage consumption and being drunk in public. The officer would have never known if I had just gotten to stay my happy ass in the bar.

This was all beside the point now… I was already boarding the flight to the closest airport near my father's small town, which was an hour away in a town called Port Angeles. I stumbled to the first available window seat that I spotted and collapsed into the chair. Maybe the second trip to the bathroom to finish the bottle really hadn't been a good idea. I sat watching the runway slowly blur and disappear idly as I daydreamed about the amount of trouble I could cause in the small town of Forks. The fact that my father was the chief of police was more of a challenge to me than I think he realized. If I just caused enough trouble he'd have to send me back to Phoenix to save face. Back to the boyfriend I had to abandon and all of my friends… There was nothing for me in Forks and I was determined to make this stay as short as possible.