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So in Bleach this will take place sometime while Ichigo and the others are in Hueco Mundo. While they are there the head captain senses a very powerful amount of spirit pressure coming from the living world. What he is sensing is Kagomes power along with the shikon. He fears that Aizen may be up to something because most of his people were fighting in Hueco Mundo with soul society and the living world unprotected. So he asks Hitsugayas group to find the person with that spirit pressure and bring them back to soul society so he can interrogate them. For Kagome they have just defeated Naraku and the shikon is whole again. During her years she has been going to the past she has gotten much stronger and can rival Kikyou in power. She now carries a sword that once belonged to Midoriko and has become the protector of the jewel. She has decided to stay with inuyasha in his time and only comes home to see her family. She has just finished high school so she has no other responsibilities in her time besides her family.

The screen turned on and head captain Yamato appeared.

"Captain Hitsugaya I am sure that you are aware of what is happening in Hueco Mundo. The reason I have asked you and your group to remain in the living world is to prevent Aizen from taking advantage of the fact that most of our best fighters are in Hueco Mundo. It seems that my prediction was right. I have sensed a large amount of spiritual pressure coming from a shrine not too far from where you are from. I want you and your group to find the person with this power and bring them back to soul society so I can find out what Aizen is up to. Is that clear?"

"Hai. We will leave immediately."

"Good. I look forward to your return."

The head captain disappeared from the screen and the young tenth squad captain went to find his somewhat useless vice captain. Once he found Matsumoto he explained to her their new mission and headed off to the Sunset Shrine.

Kagome threw her oversized bag over the side of the well and hauled herself up. It had been months since she was last home and couldn't wait to tell her family the good news. Naraku had been defeated and she was the new guardian of the jewel. She and Inuyasha had finally gotten together and Sango and Marko would be married by the end of the month. Life couldn't get any better. As she made her way to the house she sensed a high amount of spiritual power coming from the sacred tree. She couldn't believe that someone in her time could have that much power. As she concentrated more she noticed there were two people with high amounts trying very hard to disguise it, but after so much time in the past she had gotten really good with sensing and interpretating auras and power. They obviously we're here for her because they were watching her like a hawk.

"I don't know who you are, but your not hiding your power very well. Come out or you'll regret it."

"This is defiantly not what I was expecting. Some little girl that has a lot of power and doesn't know how to use it, but I am surprised she can sense us."

"Did you honestly just call me a little girl? Look who's talking you look no older than an elementary school student."

Eye twitching "I am not an elementary school student girl. I can guarantee that I am much older than you."

"Oh taichou you can't deny that you are small, but did you realize that she can see us?"

"Yes I did. How I am not sure."

"Why shouldn't I be able to see you?"

"Oh it's because we are shinigami and mortals can't see us, but it seems because of your large amount of spiritual pressure you can."


"She must be another special case like Kurosaki. Either way we came here for a reason Matsumoto grab the girl and let's head back to Soul Society."

"Wait what are you doing to me?"

"Orders are orders. Come quietly and you won't be hurt."

Against their better judgment squad tens captain and vice captain took Kagome back to Soul Society. In the time it took them to get there Kagome found out why she was being kidnapped and learned that they were only following orders, and decided to make the best of it and learn more about these people and this place they were headed. Her and Matsumoto talked and found they had much in common. Kagome also learned how Soul Society worked and about the war with Aizen. She was told about Ichigo and some of the other crazy things that went on with the living dead. Not once did she tell them about her little adventures in the past, or that she was the shikon guardian. Her weapons stayed under an invisibility spell with the shikon incase they were needed. A nice little trick that she and Shippoh had worked on so she could carry her weapons in her time undetected.

It didn't take long before Kagome started comparing 'taichou' to Inuyasha and his brother. The young captain seemed to be a cross between the two. Cold on the outside but seemed to have something hidden underneath much like Inuyasha when she first met him. She instantly liked this person, and wished she could get to know him better. It seemed her wish would not be granted because they had made it to the head captain's office.

"Captain Yamato we have returned."

"Ah Captain Hitsugaya it seems your mission was a success, so have you gotten any answers from the girl"

"I have not been able to get anything out of her besides her name. She has a strong spirit pressure which seems to be untrained and she can do nothing with it besides sensing other s with high amounts of spirit energy."

"Ah I see what you mean. You girl what is your name."

"Kagome Higarashi. I do not understand why I am here and have never heard of Soul Society before."

"Hmmm…I believe that you are a good liar miss. With the war with Aizen we cannot take any chances. Until you tell us your involvement with Aizen you will be kept in dungeons."

"What! You have no right to do that. I have nothing to do with your stupid war. Now take me home."

"No you will remain here until you confess. Now captain take her to the dungeons."

"I am afraid that I cannot do that sir."

"Hitsugaya do you dare defy a direct order?"

"Hai I do sir. I will not take this girl to the dungeon when she does not deserve to go there. She has never heard of this place before and can in no way have any involvement with Aizen. I feel that she is a special human like Kurosaki and has a high amount of sprit energy. I believe her mind should be erased and she should be returned to her home."

"I do not appreciate you disobeying orders, but I see your point as well. Perhaps I was being too careful. She shall have her memory erased and returned to her home."


"Kagome dear are you okay? I went outside and found you lying on the ground."

"Yeah I'm…wait how did I get back here. Where are they?"

"I don't know what you're talking about dear. You should get some rest. I'm going to let Inuyasha in, he has been very worried. And congrats on defeating Naraku!"

Kagome was not paying attention to her mother. She was more interested on how she got home. They were supposed to erase her memory but after the incident with the baby she had strengthened her mind so no one could enter it again. The memory erasing they tried to do must not have worked. She was worried though. What happened to Matsumoto and Hitsugaya? He disobeyed direct orders. What would the head captain do to him? She had been told about Rukia. Would they do the same to him as they almost did to her?

"Oi wench what's wrong with you?"


"Like I believe that."

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

"You know I'm not the right person to say that too. What happened?"

So Kagome told him what had happened to her earlier that day. She told him that she was also worried about the person that had stood up for her.

"Why are you so worried about them? There the ones that caused it in the first place."

"They were only following orders, and they are the reason I'm back home. I wish there was a way to find out if they are okay, but there is no way to get to Soul Society."

"Keh, stop worrying and let's go back."

This time Kagome's wish was granted an old style door opened up right in her room. Who other to come out of it that Matsumoto.


"Heh looks like it didn't work. Didn't think so. I have come with some bad news. Taichou is being excecuted for disobeying and order. I don't know what to do. It just isn't right, so I came here in hopes that you would help me rescue him."

"That's terrible. Of course we will."

"Oh that's great news, but what do you mean by we?"

"Inuyasha can help us!"

"Oh no wench don't you even think about it. We need to go back."

It was at this time that Matsumoto got a good look at the half demon, and when she learned that Kagome wasn't the nice sweet girl she looked like. She could be quite scary.

"Inuyasha…SIT BOY!"






"Keh…Like you can make me."

"You do realize that I could get hurt right? What kind of protector would you be in you let your future mate get hurt?"


That was the trump card. Matsumoto was cracking up. These two reminded her much of Rukia and Ichigo. Rescuing her taichou was most important, but it was going to be a fun ride. It seems that Soul Society was in for a surprise again with these two.

"Thank you for volunteering. We should leave now. We'll through the shop and hopefully get in undetected. I hope you two know what you are getting into though. Are you sure you want to go?"

"Keh this will be nothing."

"What exactly are you?"

"He's a half demon from 500 years ago. I met him some time ago. Since then a lot has happened. I'll tell you later. All you need to know is that we've had our fair share of fighting and will do fine. I'm more trained than I look."

"I'll take your word for it. Let's go save taichou!"

With that they left to go save the young tenth squad captain from his doom!

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