Deep Blue Love

Bluestreak sat at the table with Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, all three of the marvelling at what the twins had stolen from Wheeljack's lab. The trio had always though Wheeljack's inventions to be interesting, like the ones that made a big boom from time to time, that really interested them. They were in the break room of the Ark and there weren't a lot of Autobots about, most of them were still working. Bluestreak poked at the device for a moment before looking up at the twins.

'Do you think this one makes a big explosion?' chuckled the gunner.

Sideswipe shrugged as Sunstreaker picked it up and began to shake it around, hoping it would do something interesting. Bluestreak took it off Sunstreaker and looked around the small buttons and switches, snickering at a label that said "DO NOT TOUCH" in big bold letters. Knowing the mechanic, Wheeljack probably built another wacky device for no good reason, unless he was with Ratchet or working on a big project he had nothing better to do.

Bluestreak didn't normally steal anything from Wheeljack's workshop but he spotted the twins peeping in, giggling at something. The young gunner joined them and peered into the workshop to see Wheeljack working on something with Ratchet standing right behind him, nuzzling his head fins. Bluestreak knew that the mechanic and the medic were in a relationship but he felt stupid when he flushed red a little when Ratchet led Wheeljack away to the back room. At that moment Sideswipe ran in and took the small device from the worktop and that's how it ended up in front of them on the table. Sunstreaker snatched it off Bluestreak and shook it again.

'I bet it does go boom!' chuckled the yellow twin.

'Or maybe it will turn you into a monster!' teased Sideswipe.

'Or maybe it will explode in your face!' came a voice.

The trio flinched and looked up to see who it was, Bluestreak's optics widened to see the Autobot Second in Command, Prowl standing there with a rather angered look on his face. The twins grimaced as Prowl snatched the device off them and handed it to Wheeljack, who was standing next to Prowl. The mechanic grumbled as he checked over his latest invention, making sure it wasn't damaged, while Prowl told the trio off.

'Stealing is a crime and only Decepticons steal! Do it again and you three will have extra duties all week! Understood!?'

Sideswipe and Sunstreaker grumbled but Bluestreak nodded, agreeing with the Officer. Prowl just sighed as he left them alone, Wheeljack still grumbling at his device while everyone looked over in curiosity. After a moment or so, Wheeljack looked down at the trio, who looked back up with pitiful optics, hoping for some forgiveness, however Wheeljack was in a bad mood himself, he had been interrupted while he was spending time with Ratchet.

'Take anything out of my lab again and I'll set Ratchet on you!' warned the mechanic.

Sideswipe snorted and leaned back in his chair, folding his arms.

'I'd rather take on Ratchet than Prowl!' he mumbled.

'Yeah! That stuck up his pheromone sensor jerk thinks he's sooo important!' moaned Sunstreaker, slumping forward.

Bluestreak glared at the twins the moment they began to mock the second in command.

'Hey c'mon, he is important! Without him the Decepticons would of turned us into slag eons ago!'

Wheeljack looked a little surprised to see Bluestreak defend Prowl all of a sudden, nearly everyone in the base couldn't stand him because of his up-tight attitude and his almost emotionless behaviour. The twins glared back at Bluestreak, they hated Prowl with a passion and anyone who like Prowl was an enemy in their book. Sideswipe then made a rather nasty comment.

'Well that's not surprisning...coming from someone who dreams about bonding with that jerk!'

Bluestreak flushed bright red as the twins teased him while Wheeljack looked even more surprised. He admitted Prowl was attractive but with his attitude problem no one could stand being around him for long and was amazed that someone actually liked him in that way. Bluestreak started arguing back at the twins who continued to tease him.

'Oh Prowl! Take me I'm yours!' teased Sunstreaker, mimincking the young Gunner.

'Sorry but you have to fill out some paperwork before we take this relationship any further.' teased Sideswipe, acting like Prowl.

Bluestreak growled and stood up, slamming his fits on the table.

'You cut it out right now!' he snapped.

The twins continued to giggle as Bluestreak did his best to defend Prowl while Wheeljack overlooked the bickering trio. After a while the twins gave up and decided to go off and bug Bumblebee or something, leaving Bluestreak a little angered and flustered at the table. After a moment or so he finally calmed down and slumped on his chair in a huff, glancing up at Wheeljack.

'You don't think Prowl is up you?' he mumbled.

Wheeljack chuckled nervously, he did truly think that Prowl was up tight but he couldn't say it to Blue, not while he was looking at him with those optics. However the mechanic wasn't very good at lying either so he didn't really have much of a choice.

'Well, he can be a bit of a stiff at times...but he can be alright...I suppose...when he's nice...which is quite rare.'

Wheeljack trailed off and Bluestreak sighed as he slumped his head into his arms. Wheeljack looked around nervously, noticing that some Autobots were peeping over in curiosity, wondering what was bugging the usually cheerful gunner, seeing him depressed meant he was deeply troubled. Wheeljack took a seat next to him and tried to dig out some more info on the matter, trying to see if he could help at all.

' You like Prowl or something?'

Bluestreak peeped up from his arms, his cheeks blushing a little but he gave Wheeljack a small nod. The mechanic thought as much, but he had no idea that someone like Bluestreak would like someone like Prowl, they were complete opposites. He had heard that opposites attract but when it came to the second in command he'd prefer someone more like him or no one at all.

'Why him? I mean, what do you like about him?'

Bluestreak sat up a little and played around with his fingers for a little before he started talking.

'Well...I like him because...he's dedicated, strong, handsome, full of determination, brave, smart, cautious, organised and...I just like's personal.'

Wheeljack was actually surprised Bluestreak was able to name some of Prowl's good qualities, he couldn't think of any to begin with but at least he was understanding why the gunner liked him. Come to think of it he didn't think Bluestreak would be attracted to those kind of qualities, except the handsome part.

'So...for how long?'

'A while now. It's just...I don't know how to tell him.'

It didn't surprise Wheeljack that the younger Autobot wouldn't tell Prowl that he liked him, Prowl would just hurt his feelings right there and then and Bluestreak knew that, deep down. He was probably waiting for the right moment or something but the mechanic had no idea how long Bluestreak liked the second in command for. Wheeljack wasn't good at giving advice on love, when he was younger he met Ratchet at a Science Research facility but that was another story and all he could do was offer Bluestreak some tips.

'Well, all I can say with Prowl is...find out what he likes, you could give him a gift or something. Start off with the basics and work your way up.'

Bluestreak suddenly looked up with a small ounce of hope on his face. Giving Prowl a gift sounded almost perfect and he knew the perfect occasion. Ever since the Autobots came to Earth, Jazz had wanted everyone to experiment with the customs on the planet and one thing he did was plan out everyones birthdays. At first Bluestreak wasn't sure why humans celebrated the day of their birth but once he heard presents were involed he was in for it. Since the calender on Cybertron was different to Earth's, Jazz had Perceptor calculate whoes bithday came when, making Bluestreak's job a hell of a lot easier.

'That's a great idea! Thank's Wheeljack!'

Bluestreak then jumped up from the table and ran off, leaving Wheeljack alone on the table with his device. Wheeljack flushed for a moment and noticed Ironhide walk over, curious at what had happened.

'So what was that all about?' asked the old warrior.

'Oh, he just ran off to find the perfect gift for someone, that's all.'

Ironhide shrugged it off and then peeped down at Wheeljack's device, the mechanic's fingers tapping near a large red button, making the old warrior feel a tad bit nervous standing right next to him.

'So, what's that you got there Wheeljack?'

'This? Just a device that if you attach to your engine it increases your's still in it's testing stages though.'

The moment Wheeljack muttered those words, the Autobots in the break room suddenly got up from their tables and left the room in a hurry, Ironhide following. The mechanic grumbled as he picked up the device and left, heading back to his workshop and wondering what on Earth Bluestreak would get for the second in command.

Bluestreak pondered to himself what on Earth he was going to get for Prowl, the second in command was having his birthday in a week but no one talked about it, no one planned a party and no one asked Prowl if he wanted to celebrate it. It was mainly because Prowl didn't really like parties and he hated birthdays, meaning that finding a present for him might be hard too, Prowl didn't just blurt out what he wanted as a gift.

'Maybe if I have a look round his office.'

It sounded like a good idea but getting into Prowl's office was like trying to get into the Decepticon base undetected, he always locked it unless he was in it. Bluestreak headed towards it any way, trying to figure out how to get in.

'I'll just ask if he wants me to clean it...nah, he keeps it clean. Or maybe if he might need a hand with some, he prefers to work on his own.'

As he wondered what to do and how to do it, he suddenly found himself standing outside Prowl's office and to his surprise it was open. At first he thought Prowl was inside and just left it open for a bit but upon looking inside, he saw no one about, which was very odd. Maybe the second in command was in a corner or something, which sounded very dumb after Bluestreak thought it out.

'Prowl? You in?' he almost whispered, sticking his head through the door way.

No one answered so the gunner took a step inside, peering around the office. He had never been inside Prowl's officer before, the second in command only allowed Optimus, Jazz and Ironhide inside, along with any other high ranking officer. It was small but very neat and clean, the gunner detected no trace of dirt, no mess, no thing. It was almost perfect, but why did Prowl leave it open?

'Well, it would give me a chance to figure out what to get him.' chuckled the gunner as he peeped round the office.

He saw a Data File Shelf, filled with up to date Data Files, hard cases that downloaded data from different mainframes or had data manually inputted. There was a little space big enough for a decoration or an ornament. His desk could use a decoration as well, it had nothing but his computer, blank data files, an in and out box and a Comm System. In fact that was all that was in Prowl's office, a desk and a shelf. Bluestreak looked around some more, wondering if he should get some sort of plant or decoration.

'What to get him.' pondered the gunner as he picked up an empty Data file.

'I suggest you put that down.'

Bluestreak yelped and spun round to find Prowl right behind him, an angered look in his optics. He didn't even detected the Officer coming in and he was right behind him to, they were now face to face, making Bluestreak flush like mad. Thankfully Prowl hadn't noticed the red cheeks, he was looking round his office, making sure nothing was out of place. He looked round the room some more before looking back at Bluestreak, the gunner bearing a nervous smile.

'What are you doing in here?' demanded the second in command.

Bluestreak winced, he couldn't tell him why, it would spoil the surprise. He also couldn't tell him nothing either so he quickly came up with an excuse, hoping Prowl would buy it. Plus it was the only good idea he could come up with.

'I-I saw Sideswipe run out of here and I came to check if he took anything of yours!' he said quickly.

Prowl didn't look very impressed with the excuse, making Bluestreak chuckle nervously. After a while Prowl then formed a dangerous smirk on his face, making Bluestreak even more nervous.

'Really? Sideswipe must be very fast today...I just had to drag him out of Bumblebee's room not too long ago.' replied Prowl.

Bluestreak winced as Prowl suddenly pulled out a Data Pad and whisking out his Electro Pen, meaning he was going to give the Autobot a report and that meant he was going to get punished. The hard case folded outwards reveling the light blue screen where data was normally inserted and stored for later.

'Walking into an Officer's office without permission and lying about it, double shifts for you.'

'B-but it was open and I thought you were in-'

'No if's, and's or but's.' snapped Prowl, still writing out the report.

Bluestreak sighed, strangely enough this didn't make him hate Prowl, he just wished he was a tad bit nicer at times. Plus he did like the way Prowl kept his authority sometimes, it made him look important and that he was truly dedicated. The other Autobots just saw him as a jerk at times. He noticed that Prowl was growling as he tried to get the Electro Pen to work, tapping it on the edge of the Data Pad, making a frustrated sigh as it wouldn't switch on properly.

'Stupid peice of junk!' he grumbled, calming down when it finally switched on.

Bluestreak knew that type of pen, they were hardly manufactured any more since the war so they were rather hard to get hold of. Used to write manual notes on Data Pads like the ones Prowl used, not making it a surprise that the Electro Pen he was using was on the fritz.

'Old pen, huh?' querried the gunner.

'Indeed, Wheeljack repaired it five time in a row and it still continues to malfunction.' mumbled the Second in Command, still writing down the report.

Bluestreak studied the pen for a moment, wondering why Wheeljack didn't just make him a new one. That's when it hit him, the perfect present for the second in command. He could make him a new Electro Pen, one that Prowl would use everyday, something that he would use everyday, it was almost too perfect. However he needed tools and material if he was ever going to make one.

'Sign here.' demanded the second in command.

Bluestreak took the pen and even in his hands he could tell how old it was, wondering why Prowl would even consider still using such a thing in the first place. After he signed it Prowl packed the Data Pad away and then glared down at the young Gunner.

'So why were you in here in the first place?'

'Ummm...the door was opened and I got curious?'

Prowl didn't looked amused and he seemed to be confused that the door was opened in the first place but he shooed the young Autobot away, planning to figure it out later. Bluestreak left the office and ran off towards Wheeljack's Workshop, hoping the mechanic would be in. However when he arrived he was disappointed to find no one there, the mechanic wasn't at his desk like he normally was. At first Bluestreak thought he'd come back later when he heard a noise coming from the back room, which was Wheeljack's quarters.

'C'mon Wheeljack, we hardly get any time together.'

'We did this morning and the morning before, I got work to do!'

Bluestreak had a bad case of curiosity and he walked over to the back room to peep in, his face flaring bright red at what he saw. Ratchet had Wheeljack pressed up against the wall, the mechanic wasn't wearing his mask and the two bots were in the middle of a passionate kiss. Bluestreak tried to sneak back out but Ratchet must of detected him, breaking away from the kiss and glaring at the young gunner.

'What the slag do you want?' he snapped.

Bluestreak wondered who was worse, Ratchet or Prowl? Prowl gave out punishments while Ratchet gave out pain, meaning that it would be the medic. Wheeljack noticed too and managed to calm the medic down before his mask went back over his face, sliding into position. As Ratchet grumbled that his precious time was yet again interrupted, Wheeljack walked over to the younger Autobot, slightly flushed.

'So what brings you here Bluestreak?'

'Umm...r-real sorry Wheeljack but I need your help with something!' stammered the young gunner.

'Can't it wait?' mumbled the medic.

Wheeljack glared at Ratchet before escorting Bluestreak out of his quarters, Ratchet had been in a bad mood all week ever since the twins began to mess up his tools for fun. Ratchet just sat on the berth and waited for Wheeljack to come back while Bluestreak took a seat near the mechanics desk.

'So what is it?' asked Wheeljack, in a cheerful tone.

Bluestreak took a deep breath and prayed to Primus that the mechanic would help him.

'Wheeljack, you fixed Prowl's electro pen a number of times right?'

The mechanic grumbled something, obviously he had been repairing it for quite some time now, meaning that Prowl must of been pestering him for a while now. He nodded and allowed the gunner to continue with his request.

'Well you see I wanted to make him a new one! I mean it can't be that hard but I need tools, material and some instructions...please?'

Wheeljack looked amused but he could see that Bluestreak had really thought about this, plus it did seem like a good idea, Prowl needed a new pen and he always used one in every situation. Plus he couldn't really resit those cute optics of his so he got up and started rummaging through his tool drawers, pulling out tools and checking his material stores while Ratchet just grumbled while he downloaded some basic instructions. The young gunner just sat and watched, feeling almost giddy that he was about to make something that Prowl was sure to like.