Deep Blue Love 12

Bluestreak was a little surprsied that his birthday had come so quick and everyone in the base wanted to celebrate it with a bang. The Gunner was a little shocked when Optimus gave the planning permission to Sideswipe and Sunstreaker, who were already planning on supplying the strongest Energon they could get but making sure that there were low ones in case Prowl decided to show up, apprently he was very busy with his paperwork and he didn't have time to check how the party planning was going.

'If you like Blue I can drag him in here!' chuckled Jazz.

Bluestreak smiled but shook his head, he didn't mind if Prowl didn't show up, he knew how busy he was and he knew that as long as Prowl knew that he loved him, it would be enough. He just carried on with his life as normal and tried to look forward to his up coming party. It made him smile when he heard that Wheeljack and Ratchet were now truly back together and was happy that Prime and Jazz finally came out about their hidden relasionship. Life in the base seemed to get back to normal and the Autobots were looking forward to the party. Bluestreak was getting ready himself, Sunstreaker got him an early present which was a giant tub of Supreme Car wax and he was coating himself in it. He didn't know why but he wanted to look extra special on his birthday, like deep down he knew something good was going to happen but he wasn't sure what. When the day finally came Sideswipe came to his room to escort him to the party, a cheeky smirk on his face.

'C'mon birthday bot! Let's go and party like there's no tomorrow!' cried the red twin.

Bluestreak smiled at his friend's excitment and allowed Sideswipe to link arms with him, not that it was freaking the Gunner out he just didn't know why Sideswipe was acting like this. As they got closer Bluestreak could hear the music booming from the control room and he could smell the heavy scent of Energon in the air, looks like the party had already started. Upon enterting he got the loudest happy birthday he had ever heard and he yelped when Blaster threw a box of decorations all over him until he looked like an odd christmas tree. He was greeted and hugged by all and he remembered how shocked he was to see the present pile.

'That can't all be for me.' he sqeaked, dowing an Energon cube Hound gave him.

'You better believe it buddy! It's all for you!' chuckled Sideswipe.

'Well where am I going to put them!?'

'If storage is a problem then I won't mind hanging onto a few!' snickered Sunstreaker.

Bluestreak smirked as he looked around the room and was happy with what he saw. Wheeljack seemed to be relaxing in the corner with Ratchet nearby, obviously not in the mood for dancing. Optimus and Jazz were with each other in a corner and no one seemed to be bothered by it. Everyone was truly having a great time but Sunstreaker noticed that Bluestreak was looking around an awful lot.

'Sorry pal...he's not here' sighed the yellow twin, placing a hand on the youth's shoulder.

Bluestreak was a little startled but he smiled and shook his head. He knew Prowl wasn't coming.

'It's OK Sunstreaker...he hates parties anyway and he has so much work.'

The Twins looked a little dissapointed, they had been trying to get Prowl here but they failed, it was supposed to be their present to the young Gunner. They even tried to find ways to blackmail him with something but not even that worked. Bluestreak thanked them for their efforts but he was quite happy with the party, it looked even better than the one he had planned for Prowl. He left the Twins to have some fun so he could talk with Wheeljack, who did seem to be rather tired for some reason. He was sitting on a few scattered seats in the corner of the room where Ratchet let him have some time to himself, he was trying to relax a little. Bluestreak decided to keep him some company and grabbed a couple of Energon cubes to share.

'You OK Wheeljack?' asked the concerned Gunner, offering his friend a cube of low grade Energon.

Wheeljack looked up and made a smile behind his mask, offering Bluestreak a seat. He took the Energon cube and sat up a little, resting his legs on one of the lower chairs.

'I'm fine Blue...just been working overtime and Ratchet's been catching up on all the extreme bonding he's missed.' muttered the Engineer.

Bluestreak blushed like mad after hearing this but Wheeljack chuckled as he drank some more. They sat there for a while as the music pumped all around them. Autobots danced and sang like mad and time ticked on as the celebration continued. At one point in the evening Jazz came over to chat with them, wanting to yet again thank Bluestreak for all that he had done and to say sorry for not noticing his pain sooner. Soon they all joked and laughed like it was nothing and all seemed good in the world. That was until Wheeljack looked over Bluestreak's shoulder at something that caught his optics.

'So Jazz, tell me...that time when I walked in Prime's office to talk to him and he seemed really uncomfortable with me in there...were you in there too?' giggled Bluestreak.

'Yeah I know what time you mean and yes I was...I don't mind being between his legs but that was ridculous!' snickered Jazz.

Thus the mystry of Jazz hiding under Prime's desk was at last solved, whilst Bluestreak was talking to Optimus on that day everyone else was looking for Jazz and he was sitting nice and snugly between his lovers legse. The two bots chuckled at the story and failed to notice Wheeljack stand up quite suddenly. He moved towards Jazz and grabbed his arm, trying to forc him to his feet.

'Um Jazz...would you help me look for Ratchet please?' demanded the Engineer.

Jazz looked up and sighed.

'Can't you find that grumpy son of a glitch yoursel-'

Jazz finally saw why Wheeljack wanted to pull him away and both he and Wheeljack excused themselves, leaving a confused Bluestreak all alone. The Gunner shrugged and sipped some more Energon when he felt someone tap him on his wing. Looking up, he almost dropped his drink.

'P-Prowl!' he shrieked.

Thanfully the music was loud so no one heard him cry out at the sudden surprise. Bluestreak felt his face flare up as he stared up at the Autobot officer above him, his face both calm and stern as always. He had to reboot his optics to make sure he wasn't seeing things but his logic circuits told him that Prowl was indeed standing right there. He didn't know what to do or say but he stood up and tried to think of something, anything to say to the one he cared for. Prowl made a small cough and looked like he was struggling to stay calm, making Bluestreak a little nervous but he was glad when Prowl finally spoke.

'Can I talk to you...please?' he sqeaked.

Bluestreak blushed a little and nodded, following the officer as they left the party, no one noticing as they went into one of the smaller rooms. Bluestreak thought that Prowl was going to tell him off for what he said to him in his office and was about to say a whole bunch of stupid words when Prowl broke the silence.

'Listen Bluestreak...I know what you went through must of been...awful beyond words...I mean, I know how you feel...but this isn't what I wanted to say...what I wanted to say...I mean...well...I...I'

Bluestreak couldn't believe that Prowl was having a hard time to speak, he was never like this before and it was making Bluestreak worry. Prowl wasn't standing up staright, his face was a little red, he was waving his arms like mad and looking around the room avoiding optic-contact with the Gunner. Unless Smokescreen broke out of jail, returned to Earth and tried to inpersonated the second in command again then it would mean that Bluestreak was looking at a very panicked Prowl. It took a while but Prowl finally calmed down and tried to repeat what he had to say.

'Bluestreak...I...I know you felt bad after what had happened to me...I mean you...I mean both of us...and after what you said to me in my office...I...realized something I failed to notice for such a long time...I was a fool to do this to you...I felt like I toyed with your emotions, I was no better than are so different from did something to was there in my face but I failed to notice...'

Bluestreak felt his face flare up as Prowl took a step closer and placed his hands on his shoulders. Prowl himself was shaking a little, like he was almost afraid at what he was doing but he continued with what he had to say.

'P-Prowl...' whispered Bluestreak, almost too afraid to talk.

Prowl was shaking like mad, almost too afraid to talk himself.

'I...remember the day I first met scared at what was happening around you...I was ashamed to admit that I once thought you were...too young and too immature for the Autobot time went by I realized you truly were an inspiration and I began to envy you...and over time the feeling began to change...but I was too stubborn to acknowledge it, I didn't want to believe it...I didn't want to go through it all again...I was too scared...but to see what you went through to prove to me how much you loved me...I now realized what a coward I was.'

Bluestreak almsot felt like crying when he noticed the loose tear fall from Prowl's optics, he was bearing his soul to him in such a beautiful and sad way. How terrible it must of been, to keep his emotions locked up within him for so long only now just letting them out again. Prowl drew Bluestreak a little closer, his arms now wrapped round him.

'I...I now know what...I truly need Bluestreak...I know I wasn't perfect and I know I have no right to say this...but I want to say it...I need you at my side always...I want to be there to support you always...please...can...I be with you always?'

Bluestreak looked up to see a now very different Prowl he was used to seeing. His optics were full of so much emotion it was spilling into tears, his whole frame was shaking from the fear of his confession and his lips quivering from anticapation. The Gunner sniffled a little before trying to form a smile on his face.

' it truly alright?' asked the youth, his hands slowly wrapping round Prowl's neck.

Prowl made a small nod as he tried to halt his own tears from falling. He had just shown his true form to Bluestreak and was almost afraid that he would reject him right there and then. But he stood there, crying with him, holding him and smiling up at him in a way that warmed his Spark. The Gunner made a small chuckle as he tightened his grip, it was almost too good to be true, that maybe he was finally be rewarded for his efforts as Prowl leaned down a little closer.

'Can...we be together...always?' asked Bluestreak, a few more tears falling.

Prowl nodded back and for the first time, in a long time he smiled in such a way it was enough to make Bluestreak's Spark melt. Their foreheads were pressed together and they were both smiling and holding each other.

'As long as you like.' replied Prowl, who leaned in to close the space between their faces at long last.

Bluestreak remembered the first time Prowl had kissed him, it was strange and filled with the bitter taste of Energon. This kiss was so much sweeter and passionate as their glossa's danced in each others mouths. As they kissed in that small room Jazz, Wheeljack and the Twins were grabbing another drink when Bumblebee appeared looking a little worried.

'Has anyone seen Bluestreak? I can't find him!'

As the Twins looked around Wheeljack and Jazz began to laugh since they both already had a good idea where the little Gunner was.

Bluestreak had no idea how he got from that small room and into Prowl's room so quickly but he didn't care, he was now lying on the officer's berth with Prowl kneeling over him, kissing him like a wild beast, showing no mercy as he run his hands up and down the Gunner's shivering frame. Bluestreak kissed back and tried his best to suprss the moans of pleasure as the officer slipped his hand under his armour and tickled his circuits and wires in such a way it made him want to scream. He was a little scared but when he felt Prowl's Spark pulse like mad underneath his armour he felt almost safe in the officers arms. He almsot yelped when he felt Prowl's hand on his thigh and the officer paused for a moment.

'Are you fine with this?' he asked in a concerned tone.

Bluestreak nodded and suddenly clutched Prowl in his arms, letting him know that he was alright with it. Prowl began to stroke the inside of Bluestreak's thigh, making the youth tremble and make small moans as prowl's hands got dangerously closer to his groin area. It distracted him from what Prowl was doing with his other hand and Bluestreak suddenly cried out when he realized that Prowl had opened the Gunner's chest armour to revel his SHU, which filled the room with light. It quivered as Prowl stroked the sensitive chamber where a pulsing Spark pulsed like mad.

'P-Prowl...please...' squeaked the Gunner, almost bucking his hips forward.

Prowl suddenly smirked a little and it caused the Gunner to blush again. He hadn't felt like this since when Prowl took him when he was drunk, and even then he was pretty good at what he was doing. It was a little strange cause at that moment Prowl paused again to give Bluestreak a confused look.

'Was I like this last time?'

Bluestreak felt his face flare up like mad at the sudden memory but he gave a short nod which made Prowl blush a little.

'I didn't do anything...harsh?'

Bluestreak smiled a little and shook his head.

'You were a bit clumsly...but you weren't that bad.'

Prowl suddenly made a frown, making Bluestreak looked puzzled.

'Not bad!? What's that supposed to mean?' pouted the officer.

Bluestreak stuttered as he tried to explain what he meant but Prowl laughed and petted the youth on the head.

'I'm only playing with you.' he chuckled as he once again kissed the youth.

Bluestreak sighed with releif and relaxed aginst the kiss as Prowl once again began to roam his hands all over the youth's body. Bluestreak's Sparked pulsed so fast it was lighting up the room and the brighter it got the faster it pulsed. The Gunner almsot cried out when Prowl yet again began to stroke his SHU again, shuddering as the officer's finger traced down the sensitive chamber. He began to whimper a little when he detected where Prowl's other hand was heading. It rested on the top of his cod piece and Bluestreak felt his hips buck again. Prowl lips left Bluestreak's and they began to trace down his face to his shoulder, making the poor thing moan again. His whole body was over heating from these mere touches and his strongest cooling program wasn't even helping, he was turning into putty already and he wasn't even sure if the foreplay was over yet since he felt his cod piece slip off.

'Oh Prowl...oh Primus...don't...please don't...stop...' gasped Bluestreak.

Prowl smirked and traced his finger close to the Gunner's bonding port, making Bluestreak cry out so loud he thought the others in the party would hear him. Prowl silenced him with a kiss and tried not to smirk as Bluestreak continued to make muffled moans and groans at the touches. He was already starting to lubricate and Bluestreak felt his face flare up once again as Prowl inserted a finger or two within it, his Spark pulsing like never before. He felt his legs move on their own as they opened wider and wider until he felt something that made him yelp. Prowl had somehow already removed his cod piece and Bluestreak could almost feel the bonding cables trying to link up with him.

'Are you OK?' asked Prowl, trying to calm him down.

Bluestreak nodded and tried to relax as Prowl leanned in for yet another kiss. He tried his best not to moan as he felt Prowl's bonding link up with him but when he felt the wonderful energy fill him from the officer's Spark enter him he let out a cry. He gripped Prowl in a almost death like grip as he welcomed the energy given to him from Prowl's Spark. Prowl himself made a pleasurable moan himself as he felt his Spark pulse within such a wonderful enity that was Bluestreak, all of his systems and the way his Spark pulsed within him was enough to make him cry out himself everytime he explored a new program that made him feel so alive.

'Dammit're so...beautiful.' gasped Prowl as he gave more of his energy to make Bluestreak cry out again.

Bluestreak jolted and flinched, taking in every single nano-mite of energy he was giving him. It was pure bliss, he felt like he was soaking in pure Energon and it was burning up within him. Prowl continued to massage and touch him in ways that made the youth cry out over and over again. Over and over again he felt Prowl's Spark pulse within him and over and over again he felt like screaming it out, screaming out those words he wanted to reapeat for all eternity.

'Oh Primus...oh Prowl I...I...I love you so much!' he wailed.

At that moment Prowl pulled Bluestreak up, his Energy building up until it was reaching it's peak and was about ready to be released. He looked Bluestreak in the optic, his face flaring, his body tempeture at an all high and his vents humming as they did their best to keep him cool. He held the youth's hands as he said those words that Bluestreak had wanted to hear in such a very long time.

'I love you too Bluestreak.' he gasped as he sealed his lips over the youth's, releasing his energy into the Gunner's body.

Bluestreak fought hard to supress the scream and the tears as everything happened all at once. This wonderful moment that had just happened, he wished it would happen over and over till time stopped. He didn't want it to end, not now or ever, he wanted it to remain like this, he wanted to stay like this with Prowl always. But then of course Prowl did say that it was alright for both of them to be matter what. As their love blossumed into something sopure and great, everyone at the party was getting ready to dish out Bluestreak's surprise.

'Has anyone seen Bluestreak?' asked Optimus looking around as he held his present to the Gunner.

Everyone looked round, all of them wondering where the birthday bot had gone. Jazz and Wheeljack chuckled since they both had a pretty good idea where he was and who he was with, making Ratchet look a little curious. Sideswipe and Sunstreaker pouted but that wasn't going to stop their plans.

'We already rigged the indoor fireworks!' wailed Sunstreaker, allowing Sideswipe to push a big red button.

'WHAT!?' wailed everyone in horror as a sudden explosion of colour went off around them.

'DAMMIT! I SAID NO REAPEATS OF THE TWIN'S BIRTHDAY!' screamed Optimus, trying to duck and cover.

'HIT THE DECK!' wailed Ratchet.


At first the Twins cackled and laughed at first but when Prime began to pull out his blaster and aiming at them they ran into the crowd of Autobots behind them. Jazz followed, knowing that Optimus had a little too much to drink and he was followed by Ratchet who just wanted to see what kind of punishment were going to get. The other laughed as the colours jump, screamed and blew up around them, knowing that where ever Bluestreak was he would be enjoying this.

Bluestreak sighed as he looked up at Prowl's ceiling, not realzing that Prowl had a hobby of sketching the stars on his very walls. He could see why, it was almost too relaxing and it did bring a sense of calm in a way. He stetched a little and sighed as he tried to spot some star consilations. wondering if they from Earth's point of veiw or of Cybertron's.

'It's Cybertron's stars if that's what you're wondering.' chuckled Prowl.

Bluestreak looked at Prowl, who was also looking at his handiwork with a sense of pride.

'It was a hobby I had back on Cybertron. I used to love looking at the stars but when it got harder to see I just painted them down on my ceiling above my berth. It calmed me down after a stressful day at work.'

Bluestreak smiled and contined to study them a little harder, trying to figure out where from Cybertron you could see them. Clearly alot of work had gone into them and it was nice to see that Prowl did have a hobby, an interesting hobby at least. Bluestreak snuggled up agaisnt his lover, enjoying the view and it wasn't the stars he was looking at.

'You're much better looking than the stars.' giggled Bluestreak.

Prowl smirked a little, looking at Bluestreak with a small smile forming on his lips. Their hands gripped each others as they laid on the berth, gazing into each others optics. There was a sense of clamness in the room as if time had stopped all around them and they only had each other.

'Did anyone ever tell you that you are rather stubborn?' snickered Prowl.

'Me!? Stubborn!?' pouted Bluestreak, almost sitting up until Prowl beat him to it and wrestled him down to the berth in a playful way.

'Yes you are...want to know why?'

Bluestreak giggled at first as Prowl playfully leared down at him but he nodded, he was a little curious as to why Prowl thought of him as a little stubborn. Prowl smirked as he leaned in a little closer till the tips of their noese were brushing against each other.

'You loved matter what I said or did to you. You loved me when you thought all was lost and even after I said those harsh things at loved me no matter what so therefore you, my little Bluestreak, are very, very stubborn.' snickered Prowl.

Bluestreak flushed a little but purred seductivly as he wrapped his arms around Prowl's neck.

'Call me that again,' he giggled.

Prowl smirked as he leaned in even closer until their lips were brushing against each other.

'My little Bluestreak?' he chuckled as he stole yet another kiss.

However their private little moment was interuppted when Prowl's Com Link went off in very loud and annoying way, making the officer groan in frustration and Bluestreak pout as Prowl sat up to answer the call, grumbling as he talked to whoever it was on the other line.

'This is Prowl...he's with me...that's none of your business...what?...they did what!?...well can't you handle it?...they're what?...HE'S WHAT!? much did you give him!?...where are they!?...alright just try to calm him down until I get there...I'm not showing them any mercy when I get there alright!?...well take the dam thing off him till I get there...just keep him busy...good...see you there...'

Prowl sighed as he hanged up and looked down at a confused Bluestreak.

'That was Jazz...the Twin's set off a bunch of fireworks indoors for your birthday and now a rather tipsy Optimus Prime is chasing them with his blaster. The pair of them have locked themselves up in a closet but unless I get there in the next 10 minutes, Prime's gonna break down the door and do Primus knows what to them.'

Bluestreak sighed, this was bound to happen and it was Prowl's duty to keep the peace in the base no matter where or when. However to the Gunner's surprise Prowl leaned back down until he was once again nose to nose with Bluestreak and smirked.

'Which is why I hope they can out run Prime for the next hour or so.' he snickered.

Bluestreak smiled and kissed him softly, there arms wrapping round each other until they looked like they were welded together. This was truly the greatest gift he had recieved today, it wasn't wrapped up with a pretty bow or smothered in perfume to make it smell exotic and sweet. He had been given the gift of love from Prowl, his long time crush, and if that wasn't the greatest gift he could get, then there was nothing as perfect as this moment.

Author's Notes- I DID IT! Sorry it took so long but with work and everything, it made my life a little very, very sorry. I'd like to thank the fans for reading, thank you all big time and thank you Blueprowl for waiting so long for your gift ^^ Will update the rest of my fics ASAP and thank you all for reading ^^