Like a… Person Again

"Hey, Shawn, great party last night!" Buzz McNab flashed a friendly smile as he saw the SBPD's resident psychic making his way towards him. "Ooh, I… we ordered you a smoothie at lunch." With Shawn in tow, the cop led his friend to the small refrigerator in the break room. As Shawn smiled up at him expectantly, McNab dropped his eyes. Pulling the drink out of the cooler, Buzz grimaced at the half-melted smoothie. "We expected you to be here earlier."

"Awww, Buzz! You shouldn't have!" Despite the fact that the once icy beverage was almost juice, Shawn took a long drink of the pineapple treat. "See! Still delicious." A wide smile spread over the psychic's face as Buzz brightened up. "Now, can you tell me where Jules is?"

"Detective O'Hara is in wrapping up some loose ends of a case in Interim Chief Vick's office. Lassiter's in there too." McNab cast a weary look at Vick's door before turning back to Shawn. "They've been in there for a while now."

Taking another sip of the sickeningly sweet liquid, Shawn nodded sagely around the straw. "The spirits are telling me that they should be out soon." As always, the young police officer looked as if he completely understood and believed him. "They're also telling me that I should wait by her desk."

"Oh, ok. Well, thanks again." Remembering that he still had some work to do before he could go home, Buzz smiled at Shawn before getting back to work.


It wasn't almost the end of the day. It was the end of the day with only fifteen minutes remaining before Juliet was free to leave. Shawn could very easily while away fifteen minutes in a room full of people: a prediction here, a quick bit of communicating with the spirit world there. The next thing he knew, it was three and a half minutes after the end of Juliet's shift.

Shawn threw out one more "prediction" before looking towards Juliet's desk. He'd expected to see the blonde locks of her hair slipping out of her bun after a long day. He'd expected to see her rummaging through her files. But instead, he saw… nothing.

No Jules. No blonde hair. No nothing.

At seven minutes past, Juliet was still closed up in Vick's office. He was tempted to knock on the Chief's door, but he figured, if he ever wanted another case with the SBPD, that that wasn't the best idea. Instead, Shawn extricated himself from the group of laughing cops and headed towards the blonde's desk to do the one thing he'd always been horrible at. Wait.

The minutes ticked by, and while Shawn stayed in Juliet's chair, that didn't stop him from talking to anyone that walked by. After fifteen more minutes of pointless chatter, the psychic gave up. He just couldn't handle sitting and waiting like a good little boy.

As a young boy, his father had told him that patience was a virtue. From that moment on, he'd been determined not to have any. To have patience after that speech would have meant that he agreed with his dad, and that just wasn't going to happen. And the fact that he was just a big ball of energy only helped to serve that vow.

Happily giving up the charade of being well mannered, Shawn stuck the plastic straw between his lips and sucked. Though the glass was only half empty, it made a loud slurping noise that caused more than a few people to turn around and look.

As the time got later and later, cops and detectives began making their way out of the department for the night. With most of the people gone and almost bored to tears, Shawn noticed a small pink book on the Juliet's desk.

Her planner.

A wicked grin crossed the man's face as he cast a suspicious eye around the police station. It was completely empty save for one person. Buzz McNab. But even the sight of his friend didn't discourage the nosy psychic from reaching out and pulling the small book towards himself.

Flipping through the pages as he continued to sip at the now, completely melted smoothie, Shawn smiled at the little doodles and notes that covered the pages. Most of it seemed to be in some short hand that, most likely, only she could understand. For some reason, that made it even more endearing. He was just about to flip to the small post-it note he knew was stuck to the front cover when Detective Lassiter walked by.

"Lassy Face!" If Lassiter was out of the meeting with Vick, it meant that Jules wasn't far behind. He opened his mouth to speak, but the detective held up one hand and muttered something along the lines of 'not now Spencer'. Honestly, he hadn't expected anything else, but that certainly wasn't about to stop him from trying.

Content with the detective's reaction, the psychic turned back to Juliet's planner. Quickly flipping to the front cover, the man smiled as his note from earlier in the week winked back at him. Despite the fact that he'd only written it three days ago, as he stared at it, Shawn couldn't help but think that it felt like so long ago.

In the past few days, he'd found out about Juliet's birthday, planned, and thrown her a party, and managed to make it all pineapple-tastic at the same time. If it hadn't been for an excessive amount of caffeine and smoothies in the past few days, he'd have been dead on his feet today.

Lost in the little note, his note, Shawn didn't get a chance to fully ponder why Jules hadn't just crumpled it up and thrown it away. He was just about to embark on a not-so-inner dialogue about it when someone walked up behind him.

"Shawn?" Juliet's voice was an odd mixture of pleasure and irritation as she noticed Shawn and then her planner in his hands.

If only he'd have been paying attention to his surroundings. If only he'd not been so totally absorbed in the stupid post-it note stuck to the inside of her day planner. He might have saved himself some dignity by not jumping a mile at the sound of her voice. Unfortunately, Shawn Spencer just wasn't that lucky.

Quickly trying to recover his composure, the man pressed his fore and index finger to his temple as if he were trying to discern something from the spirit world. 'Oh, hey, Jules. My receptors must have been blocked. I didn't sense that you were behind me. How is everything this fine evening?"

Smiling at the man seated at her desk, Juliet decided not to ask Shawn what he was doing with her planner. She was sure that there was some long, wonderfully entertaining explanation, but right now, she just didn't care. "I'm good." Carefully reaching around the psychic sitting in her chair, the blonde picked up her planner and drew her purse out of the bottom desk drawer.

"Look, I don't know how you found out about my birthday, but I wanted to say thank you for last night." A small smile crossed her face as Shawn pressed his fingers to his temple once again as if to say, 'I heard it from the other side.' Watching him, Juliet couldn't help but wonder if his "vision" had anything to do with her day planner. "Also, thank you for the gift. It's wonderful."

For the first time since she'd walked up. Shawn caught a whiff of the pineapple-scented lotion he'd given her the night before. With the gentle undertone of coconut intoxicating his senses, the psychic suddenly found himself unable to move.

And for once… unable to speak.

Inhaling the wonderfully tropical scent, the man looked up at Juliet praying that he didn't look too helpless. He could have forced some lame joke or pushed himself into a standing position. But Shawn had the sneaking suspicion that he'd only end up looking like more of a fool if he did.

"Anyway… I just wanted to say thanks. I really appreciated it." Juliet's green eyes sparkled as Shawn stared dumbly up at her.

He had to say something. Do something. Anything. But the fact that Jules was wearing the pineapple lotion, the lotion he'd given her, seemed to have stunned his brain. If only momentarily. "Oh, it's no problem, Jules. Anything for you." Even though he'd found his voice, his legs still didn't seem to want to cooperate. So instead, he held up the ¾ empty and now totally melted smoothie. "Wanna sip? It's delicious and nutritious."

Juliet eyed the tropical drink suspiciously before pulling her keys out of her purse. "Nah. I think I'll pass." Her smile was tinted with a slight crinkle of her nose. "I'll see you later."

The woman turned to leave, but before she could stop herself, Juliet turned back to Shawn. Still seated at her desk, the psychic was smiling up as her sweetly…


Later that night, submerged in a hot tub full of pineapple-scented bubbles, Juliet O'Hara thought about how her feet seemed to have worked of their own volition. Of how they had carried her closer and closer to Shawn.

As she ran the tap to warm up the water a bit, she remembered how she'd only needed to bend slightly to bring her lips to Shawn's. But unlike the rest of her memories, she lingered on the moment when her lips had pressed softly against the psychic's and how he had tasted like a pineapple smoothie.

Taking a sip of the wine as the bubbles began to rise around her again, Juliet marveled at how Shawn Spencer had managed to make her feel like a person, princess, and goddess all at once.


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