Chapter 10: Reunions…

-Konoha- Chuunin exam Stadium-

It was a wonderful sunny day in Konoha, the birds chirping, the people laughing and talking nonsense… at least that is the façade, in truth Shinobi and Kunoichi alike were getting ready to fight and kill.

At the stadium, the stands were full and there was a nervous feeling to the crowd. All sorts of rumors were running wild and it was impossible to know what was true and what was not. People had noticed that there were a lot more ANBU visible than normal.

In addition, anyone living near the gates could fail to notice there were a lot more patrols going out than usual. With all these unusual events going on people were more than happy to guess at their meaning. These guesses soon turned into rumor with the rumors taking on a life of their own.

That a great shinobi war had started, that the village was under vigilance. That there was a plot to kill the Hokage; no, that there was a plot to kill Sasuke, no, a plot of Orochimaru to kill the Kazekage.

Then the Kazekage fled the village after declaring war, had fled just ahead of pursuing ANBU, had been kidnapped by the ANBU in connection to a plot. Orochimaru had been spotted in disguise trying to enter the stadium. Orochimaru had been the assassin and was still at large. Orochimaru had kidnapped / murdered Sasuke. Orochimaru was about to lead an army to attack the village. (This was considered one of the most outrageous rumors and was one of the least believed.) All these stories and many more were circulating through the crowd. No one could tell which stories were true, false, or had some truth to them. So the crowd grew restless, their excitement tinged with fear.


Even up in the Hokage's private box it was easy to sense the mood.

"The people are nervous." Jiraiya commented.

"They have good reason to be." Sarutobi sighed. "I wish it were not necessary to keep everything secret. But I cannot let our opposition guess at how much we know."

Jiraiya chuckled. "Besides I doubt it would make them feel much better."

"True," Sarutobi agreed. There was a sudden stir and the crowd suddenly became noticeably louder. "It seems the candidates are going out onto the field."

"They sure are." Jiraiya counted the bodies and frowned. "I only count eleven, shouldn't there be twelve?"

Sarutobi looked concerned. "The one who is missing is Haruno Sakura, however, knowing her match I can't blame her" Sarutobi said with a peeved expression, Jiraiya shook his head at the display of cowardice from the kunoichi. Both taking their way to the Kage's balcony.


Naruto and those who were in the stadium with him were at the expectative of a showdown. Naruto found himself wearing his Jounin vest and other weapons, at his side, Iruka and Anko each in their respective suits, with him was Miko in her Tsunami like dress, under it her normal armor, the group seemed relaxed, yet.

"Naruto?" Iruka asked looking at the lost eyes of his leaders…

"Yes?" the blond asked tired…

"Are you sure you want this, is kind of…" he trailed

"Crazy… insane…" Anko added cheerfully…

"Believe me; we will kill two birds with a rock…" Naruto reassured, the group looked skeptical… Miko by her part looked suspicious, but for now, she would stick to the plan.



Finally, the day had come, the day most of them will never forget; in one side is the possibility to become Chuunin… a chance to become many things, like…

'Become stronger so I can kill my brother' you know who, we know how he thinks…

'Yosh, this is a wonderful opportunity to show everybody my flames of youth, YOSH, LOOK AT ME GAI-SENSEI!' Lee thought as his eyes exploded with fire.

'Damn it Lee' Tenten said she looked her unastable teammate with a sigh. 'Something to do with Gai-sensei'

'I will kick asses and the girls will see how cool I am' yeah Kiba, one day he will be a REAL pimp…

'Fate has decided I will win, so it doesn't matter who I fight' cough-Neji-cough…

'Soon the invasion will start, why I feel this is a bad idea' Kankurou the puppet Master thought, looking for a familiar mop of yellow golden hair, yeah fear Pinochio Fan…

'He is there… looking at me… is my hair right… no wait STOP BEING A FANGIRL' Temari cried out in her mind looking slightly peeved and stealing glances at the blond…

'Kill… not kill… kill… not kill' Suna former psycho, now a less crazy killer…

'…' Yes even in his mind, Shino is mute…

'Lord Revan is here, I need to prove my strength, but why does he feel… weird' Hinata thought looking at the normal powerful entity, he seemed… lost…

'Yes master, look, look how I destroy these weaklings… soon I will take my place at your side… once Miko and my sister fall by my blade… you will be mine and mine alone' Hanabi smirked evilly her eyes turning gold for a second…


Sarutobi looked around the stadium almost all the village was there looking expectant at the matches for the day ahead, he could easily spot some of the Jounin sensei talking about their teams and how well will they be, it was kind of sad taking on count Asuma's team lost two members. Naruto's team was there looking glorious as ever, heck his was the best rivaled by Suna's only team. Speaking about Suna.

"I hope you are enjoying yourself Kazekage-dono" Sarutobi said looking at the blue robbed man coming at him, his features were hidden by the mask and hat…

"Greetings Hokage-dono, yes I am quite entertained with my visit so far, I really hope my children live to the expectations" the Kazekage said taking sit...

"I am sure they will, after all they have come this far, tell me how was the trip?" Sarutobi said with a smile the Kazekage only nodded…

"Fairly well, it was good that the exams are being taken in Konoha, I don't believe you could make such a travel at your age, you should be choosing a Godaime soon enough" the Kazekage said in mock.

"Don't say that, the old coot here is more than capable of fulfill his duties a bit more, don't ya think?" a voice said from behind the Kages. To the Kazekage's surprise and anger there was Jiraiya of the Sannin grinning wildly as he walked to the Sandaime with a smirk

"Well, I agree with my student Kazekage-dono, I think I will keep this for at least five more years" Sarutobi said smiling as he walked to the railing.

'Keep fooling yourself sensei, at the end your life ends today and yours too Jiraiya' Orochimaru smirked under his mask, he would prevail, no matter against whom.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I want to say thanks for coming to the Chuunin Selection Exam, I found it a pleasure for me to start this, the final exam… so with no more words… let's the tournament begins" the Hokage said drinking in cheers as the public cried in anticipation…


"Now listen all of you," Genma instructed them. "The finals will follow the same rules and format as the preliminaries. So be aware that if I see one of you hopelessly beaten I will step in and end the match. However, for your own sake, do not count on me intervening, if you feel yourself to be beaten forfeit. Keep in mind that you do not necessarily have to win a match to earn promotion. All you have to do is impress the judges. Now then I want Hinata and Neji to remain while the rest of you head up to the balcony."

"Actually," Kankuro spoke up. "I'd like to go ahead and forfeit."

Everyone but Temari and Gaara looked at him in surprise. The three of them had already discussed this and agreed that Karasu could not be used since all his weapons were coated in poison. The match was pointless, Kankuro preferred to save his limited supply of ammunition for when it really mattered.

Shino's eyebrows were jumping up and down in a rare display of emotion.

Genma was sending him a dire frown. "What was that?"

Kankuro smiled. "I said I forfeit." The proctor and the leaf nins were all looking at him with varying degrees of annoyance or anger. He did not care, in a little while they would all be dead anyway IF the plan succeeded, without trying he found himself looking for the only one he feared could take down the plan.

With a disgusted shake of his head, Genma announced the result of the first match being Shino's victory by forfeiture. Not too surprisingly, the crowd let loose a long cascade of boos. Feeling rather pleased with himself, Kankuro actually took a bow, which brought on louder boos.


Sarutobi looked over to his student and whispered. "Why would anyone go to all the trouble of reaching these finals only to forfeit?"

"They wouldn't," Jiraiya replied. "If making Chuunin was their real goal. If there was something more important going on then it would make perfect sense." A lifetime as both a spy and researcher had left the Sanin the ability to see underneath the underneath with ease.

Sarutobi nodded his agreement. He took out a piece of paper and pen and scribbled down a message. He then signaled Raidou over and handed the scarred Jounin the message. "Please deliver this to Ibiki in ANBU headquarters."

"Right away Hokage-sama." Raidou immediately disappeared in a swirl of wind and leaves.


Hinata looked nervous as she was called, for a moment she hesitated after a look towards Neji. The prodigy of the Hyuuga clan smirked at the idea of fight the Hyuuga heiress; she doubted more as he began to walk. She looked back to stands where a blue eyed blond with whiskered face nodded at her; her face turned red as her white eyes met sapphire… she knew what to do, her lord's orders were sacred and this one was one she needed to fulfill even if it kill her in the inside.


By his part Neji remembered his latest reunion with his sensei.


"Neji… I know how you feel about the main house… still, I want you to left that out of this fight," Gai said in a sudden moment of seriousness few days before the match…

"What if I can't?" Neji asked not looking back…

"I will stop the fight" Gai said with a cold tone unusual from him…

End Flashback


Genma looked at both contestants; he took a breath as he called…

"Fifth match Hyuuga Hinata vs Hyuuga Neji, ready… HAJIME" Genma said softly yet strongly… Neji and Hinata stood there silent gauging at each other… it was then that Neji broke it…

"Hinata-sama, before we begin. I have some advice for you. Give up..." Neji replied in a calm manner. Hinata looked shocked yet inwardly admired Revan's vision, it looked as if he wrote this scenario.

"You're nothing but a spoiled child from the main house and have no skills what so ever to belong here… I offer you this chance to walk away and don't get hurt… After all a spoiled child will always be, a spoiled child… You are a dropout"

Neji smirked at the sight of Hinata panicking... She 'didn't' want to fight but she wanted to prove to him she was no spoil child and she was different... How could she do that? How could she stand up to her father if she couldn't stand up to Neji. No, her master's orders were clear… or not. Her panic vanished as a mask of courage grew.

"Neji, get ready, and let us fight…"

'What's going on? She was close to breaking down a moment ago?' Neji thought with the annoying idea that he would fight…. Yet a smirk graced his features…


Neji and Hinata kept palming each other… Finally Hinata manage to give him a slight tap with her Jyuuken… Neji got pissed as she managed to hit him… he scowled as he tried a faint the girl did not follow as her Byakugan powered as well as him allowed to see the incoming hit…

He jumped back and got ready again… This time, he would come at her with more power… Hinata however, started to get confident and believed she could win... she smiled weakly…


From his position Naruto glared, he couldn't believe what was happening, Hinata had blatantly disobeyed him, a direct order, if this fight kept going she could win, and just using Jyuunken making his plans utter useless if she won. He remembered his meeting with the heiress that morning.


Hinata was meditating in her favorite spot in the whole village, the clearing than once was stained in blood as Revan killed those who tried to rape her and maim her, the place had a special meaning for her as it meant her rebirth under his teachings.

"Good you keep your studies even if I am not present," a voice she knew too well said from behind her. Hinata's heart skipped a beat as she felt him close.

"Master" she said softly almost moaning, him being gone for a long month and a half; she had forgot how intoxicating was his very presence.

"Hinata" he said softly as he sat beside her. The indigo girl looked anxious.

"What can I do to serve you my lord?" she asked eagerly. Revan smirked as she asked, he could feel all her emotions, anxiety, eagerness, lust and fear mixed in a drug that made her even more obsessed than before.

"Actually yes, it's about your match" he said softly. Hinata turned at him with curiosity, if her lord was interested in Neji was for two things, to turn him in or to kill him, seeing that he has no political or power influence it was more logical the latter.

"Do you want me to kill him?" she asked with doubt. Once again Revan smirked, she seemed so eager to please him.

"No, actually I want you to lose; more precisely to give up" Revan said smiling at her disbelief…

"B-But why, I mean, aren't we prove to be stronger than anybody, we are the Sith" Hinata asked missing Naruto's eyes narrow.

"Yes, but that is if the people knows that we are the Sith, you see Hinata, to the village and your clan believe you are weak, even if stronger, you are still the kind and soft Hyuuga Hinata and that is what I want to exploit" Revan said smiling at her confused face.

"You see, if you lose at the finals to Nej, even worse by giving upi, your father cold as always will have no other choice but to brand you as member of the branch house" her eyes grew wide as he said those words panic was about to take hold as he once again chuckled at her. "Do not worry my dear as it is part of my plan, you being beloved by the branch house in general, will become their leader and then we can bring them to our side, eliminating at the moment one of our weaknesses"

Hinata's face once again regained her calm as he smiled softly.

"Remember Hinata, our goals are bigger than a simple promotion"

End Flashback

Yet, to simply discard him like this. Naruto's anger was quickly stamped on, the fight had just begun, Hinata hasn't won yet and if her use of the Hyuuga family taijutsu is an indication, she was holding back.


She rushed forward meeting Neji head on. They both struck Neji with both palms while Hinata with one. Hinata gasped as she spat out blood, she felt her heart nearly give up as Neji stood there holding her arm…

"Your chakra points are no more in your right hand, Hinata-sama…" Neji replied rolling up her sleeve so she could see, Neji calmly relax as Hinata's eyes open in fear…

'No way, he?' the heiress thought truly surprised as the pain filled her body; she never thought Neji could have use of such a powerful skill.

"Your eye, it can?"

"Yes. You're finished Hinata-sama…" Neji replied calmly...

Hinata however did not want to give up as she stood valiantly... She shoved Neji's hand aside and attacked again. Only for Neji to counter with a palm to the chest, finally collapsing as the blow connected…

"Hinata-sama, you should understand by now… Your attacks did not even affect me from the start. Like I said, you cannot change." Neji replied turning back... he was walking towards the stairs when someone called the Hyuuga prodigy stopped cold…

"Why did you stand up?" Neji asked calmly, yet his inner surprise mixed with anger as he felt Hinata standing, "If you push yourself you really are going to die" Hinata stood there panting heavily.

'I can't' Hinata thought angrily. 'I will not lose to a miserable weakling, I am a Mistress of the Sith' she frowned orders be damned, Neji frowned…

"Why?" he asked again irritated…

"I… can still stand," she said taking few steps

"Why acting so tough, you barely can stand," Neji said with his Byakugan active… "I can tell with these eyes that you have carried the destiny known as the Hyuuga family, you cursed your powerlessness and blamed yourself, but people can't change, that is destiny" he said coldly.

Naruto gripped the railing in frustration. Hinata was quickly entering a dangerous territory by disobeying him; he would be damned if his plans were wretched by a childish whim.

"There is no need to suffer, just let yourself go" Hinata shook her head at the words…

"You... are… wrong… Neji … because I can see… that you are suffering more than me…" she said between pants, the Force healing bits of damage at the moment.

"What?!" Neji asked confused…

"You are the… one confused and suffering inside because of the fate of the head and branch families," Hinata said between pants as blood dripped from her mouth, Neji glared, Genma hesitated for a moment as Neji rushed past his Byakugan blazing as he ran intent to kill…

"Neji the match has ended!" Genma called weakly… 'This isn't good' Genma thought before rush ahead…

Only a few feet divided Neji from killing Hinata as Gai appeared from behind holding the feminine boy (That sounded horrible I expect to never say it again) as Genma poked his forehead…

"Neji, cut it out!, you made a promise not to argue about the head family" Gai hissed…

"Why are you stopping me?. Does the Main Branch receive special treatment?" Neji growled as he tried to move yet Gai's grip was strong.

"Neji, the fight is over go back to the balcony," Genma said lowly as he frowned. Neji glared once before nod. Gai's grip left him just as he did, he shot a smug grin at Hinata who for the first time glared at him heatedly, he could swore he saw a yellowish tint on her eyes but it vanished as quickly as it came.

"Winner Hyuuga Neji" Genma bellowed as the cheers exploded. Hinata stood there defeated as she lost consciousness.


"An excellent fight don't you think Kazekage-dono?" Sarutobi asked from his seat as Neji walked out his face one of cold indifference yet smugness palpable.

"Oh, certainly, Hokage-dono, deign of the Hyuuga, however I expected more of one of Bakemono no Konoha' students" Orochimaru said with smugness as Sarutobi frowned.

"Yeah, Naruto have always been akin to be superior to his enemies, he won't take softly a defeat, especially if Hinata held any technique" Sarutobi said with a grim look.

"Well, I hope his last students can show his skills as a sensei, don't you think?" Orochimaru said a smile in his hidden face.


"Hey, why did Hinata held her poisons and that stuff?" Kiba asked Akamaru who seemed to shrug as Hinata left towards the infirmary Shino could not help but to nod at this, being her teammate he knew she was much better than this, Hinata lost by choice something that went against all he knew about her. His musings died as Genma called for the next participants.


"WILL TENTEN AND SUNA NO TEMARI!... COME DOWN HERE! FOR YOUR MATCH!..." Genma bellowed Tenten's eyes narrowed as across the balcony, the older Sand kunoichi smirked…

"Tenten, good luck! I am SURE you will be victorious!" Lee cheered, teeth gleaming as he gave her thumbs up. Tenten smiled back, and saluted with a jaunty smile of her own.

"Thanks Lee!"

'Finally! Time to go to work!...' Thought Tenten as she leapt to the floor below, her brown eyes wandered back, looking for her foe.

'Blades are not weapons. Blades are only tools. I am the weapon. I am the weapon…' Tenten felt her breath fill her lungs, and exhaled, slowly. She let go of her emotions as she had so many times before.

"Begin!" Genma yelled safely out of the line of fire between the two kunoichi. Tenten struck first, two kunai instantly out of her pouches and airborne, screaming for the blonde Sand kunoichi, Temari merely smirked and seemed to flicker, the kunai striking the ground. Tenten blinked…

'What the…?' Gai team's only Kunoichi wondered as she looked at the blonde-haired woman in front of her…


"TENTEN! DON'T GIVE UP!" Lee roared.

"SHOW HER THE STRENGTH OF YOUR YOUTH!" Gai-sensei cheered from his one place. Both cheering making their way to the arena, were Tenten looked embarrassed.

Temari's smirk grew a little more.


"Got your own personal fan club of morons to support you, hm?"

Tenten gritted her teeth, but willed herself to calm down.

'Don't let her provoke you…' Tenten sped up, four kunai launching from her pouches, with four shuriken tailing this. Again, Temari seemed to flicker and the projectiles went off course. Tenten narrowed her eyes as Temari casually stretched a hand back over her shoulder, resting it against the fan on her back…

'Fan… Wind Country… Wind user! Of course!' Tenten leapt above Temari, eight more kunai raining down on the blonde, which the Sand kunoichi again casually deflected. Her smirk widened as Tenten landed behind her in a crouch…

"Is that all you can do? Throw things at me?" She snorted haughtily. Tenten smirked back, and produced a scroll from her pouch…

"Not quite!" Tenten took to the air again, a salvo of steel again leaving her fingertips, but they were soon filled with a larger, more deadly weapon, Temari scowled as she brought her fan out completely to block the blade of the staff the weapons specialist brought to bear…

CLANG! Tenten pulled back her staff and spun elegantly around, swinging the pole back at Temari. The wind user blocked this with her large fan as well, eyes narrowed…

"So, you do have some fight in you?" Temari observed, continuing to block and dodge Tenten's lightening fast swings and thrusts. Already Temari was analyzing the girl's fighting style. The staff complimented her thin, agile body, bending as she did with every graceful movement…

However, it was obvious she was wasting more energy in her movements than she had to. Those dramatic flairs she kept adding to every step and swing, as she was performing…

"Plenty!" Tenten smirked, slamming the butt of her pole into the earth floor as Temari blocked once more and swinging herself around, trying to slam her feet into the Sand kunoichi's side…

Temari saw the move coming and leapt away, getting some distance between the two. Tenten seemed to break the staff into two and spun around twin escrima sticks, rushing forward…

Temari merely opened her fan, a single purple spot staring as the Sand kunoichi swung her weapon, unleashing a gale-force wind that blasted Tenten off her feet…


"TENTEN!" Cried Lee and Gai at unison with perfect synchronization surprising many nin in the crowd.

"Come on Tenten! Don't let your youthful flames be blown out!" Gai bellowed… that didn't surprise the crowd.


Tenten groaned and got to her feet, and felt anger burn inside her as Temari smirked at her, standing across the arena floor, utterly untouched…

"You can't hit me, you can't strike me. Just what ARE you going to do?" The Sand kunoichi asked mockingly, Tenten took a deep breath, rubbing a bruise on her cheek.

'Damnit, calm down! Focus! There's gotta be a way around her defenses!' the weapon mistress thought annoyed…


Tenten produced another scroll and bit her thumb, before pressing it against the paper as it unraveled, twirling it around her like gymnastic' ribbon, the scroll became longer and longer, forcing Tenten to ascend and direct her chakra in a way she'd spent over a year to master, hovering in mid-air…


Said weapons specialist had finished unraveling her scroll, rotating high in the air. With a smirk, she held out her hands, and the scrolls surrounding her like a loose double-helix burst into smoke, releasing kunai and shuriken to her. Hands blurring Tenten began throwing dozens of weapons at Temari, who frowned and unfolded her fan to its full width. The Sand kunoichi summoned her chakra.

"Ninpou Fuusajin (Ninja Art: Wind Dust)!"

Temari waved her fan and unleashed a massive blast of wind, blowing all of Tenten's projectiles away and whipping apart her scroll…

"AUUUGHHHH!" Tenten screamed as the cutting winds slashed across her body, at the same time the air pressure blew her chakra balancing technique away and slammed her into the wall… She slumped, unconscious, and fell on the ground.

Temari smirked and looked over at Genma…


"Winner: Sabaku no Temari!..." Genma announced, as Gai carried the limp body of his only female student to the infirmary, Lee sobbed, gushing about her valiant efforts, while Naruto just smirked. He looked up and saw Temari smirk at him, before winking…

He smirked and winked back as Temari's smirk grew feral.

"Wasn't much of a match," Temari shrugged as she headed back up to the observation deck… Her eyes stayed on Naruto, measuring his reactions... his wink make her feel weak as those blazing blue eyes looked deep into her teal ones; she decided to leave giving an extra swing to her hips.


Naruto found himself smirking, as he looked Temari walk toward the exit, he felt those hips calling him.

Moreover, who was he to deny them? Without word he walked away ignoring the weird looks coming from some of his underlings, he had something to do.


Temari was walking softly as she smiled to herself, that battle was barely a warm, she could do that all the day before that brunette had any chance.

"And look at me now, I have like, an hour free," she mumbled to herself remembering the plan ahead. Her musings stopped as she heard snigger. "Who is there?" she asked warily.

"Oh, please forgive me; here I thought you would want to see me?" Naruto said smirking as he appeared from beside her. Temari's surprise changed by the smugness she wore before.

"Oh, hello Naruto-kun, came to congratulate me?, aren't you a Konoha nin?" she teased as she walked slowly at him, her calm façade, hiding her fast beating heart.

"Please, I am the kind who value power over allegiance, who am I to say you didn't fight better, that girl should had see that coming after all, you were her natural enemy, a Chuunin must know when to retreat." He smiled as he stepped forward.

"Oh, thank you; so what brought you here to the little me?" Temari said making a cute face.

"Oh, you don't know" he said taking another step.

"Uh-uh, would you like to tell me?" she asked biting her lips. Those eyes, she knew what they mean. Lust… she could feel it as she had it too.

"Maybe… I can demonstrate" he said pulling the girl to him, their lips meeting as her arms tangled themselves around his neck and his hands rested in her rear. Their tongues fought hard as Naruto pulled Temari to the shadows.


"Ok Lee, are you ready?" at a nod, Genma smirked… "Kiba are you?" another feral nod made his smirk grows. "Good, then HAJIME!"


Temari panted hard as her face pressed against the cold wall, her breast shivered as the cold wall massaged them; her neck bended back as Naruto thrust himself against her again, his member making deeper into the Suna kunoichi.

Not twenty minutes ago, she found herself flirting with the, possibly, strongest Jounin in their generation, one with such power that could tame the wild Gaara, to her surprise the once feared nin showed his human nature in a rather pleasant way.

Her thoughts left her as she felt her ass-hole burn, Naruto's member making his way into one of her must sacred places; however, in the pleasure of the moment she gave a damn as the place was raped, Naruto's fingers played with her breast and sex, another moan left her.


"Gijyuu Ninpou Shikyaku no Jutsu (Beast Mimicry Ninja Art: Four Legs)" Kiba muttered before grow claws and fangs…

Lee was rigid in position, his left hand extended as his right was on his back by this giving Kiba a window enough to attack, with a rush of speed Kiba launched himself at Lee intentions to elbowing him lost as the Green Beast vanished faster than Kiba had ever seen…

"Konoha Senpuu (Leaf Whirlwind)" was heard as Kiba received a brutal hit.


Once again, Temari gasped, not a moment ago she had her second orgasm as Naruto pulled her pushing her back to the wall, her legs now two feet in the air as Naruto thrust in against her.

Her legs circled at the boy's hip, her hands making a steel grip of him pushing him deeper into her, her world was one of ecstasies as he went in and out, she felt her vision spin as her voice left her, she couldn't do more than smile stupidly as dribble left her mouth. Once again, her orgasm came as he came into her.

His hot juices causing her to spasm as he kissed her again, she smiled during the ordeal, especially after she felt his member growing hard inside of her.

"Good God for demonstrations" she mumbled with a wide grin as the game started again.


Genma shook his head in mild embarrassment, for the last hour he saw the Inuzuka boy pass for an idiot as he tried time after time to use the same technique against Lee, sure, the Gatsuuga was fast and if it connects it can do real damage. But after fifteen times it was SURE it wouldn't work anymore, but the worst was that the Lee boy didn't even had sweat, not even a drop, in a last kamikaze attack Kiba ended crashing head on with the wall and pum.

"Rock Lee is the winner!" Genma said as laugh and applauses were heard.


Temari smiled as she finished to bottom her blouse, her hair was a bit messy but good enough, sure that she wasn't leaking anymore she looked at her lover, the last hour was amazing, sure before a mission like the one she was going to take one possible first and last fuck was stress reliever.

"So Naruto-kun, thinking something?" Temari asked as he looked at her with a smile.

"Yes, that I won't kill you in the invasion" Naruto smiled at her shocked face. "Come on Temari-chan, you didn't expect us not to know right, if I were you I wouldn't try anything, today many will die but Konoha will prevail."

"But… how?" she asked scared.

"Doesn't matter; promise me to take care, if you can make your brother desist from this I will protect you and your brothers. If not, I won't hold my people, and believe me, we have protections against Jinchuurikis" Naruto said bringing her to a hug, although a bit stiff at the beginning she melted in his arms, she sighed, this wasn't what she wanted.

She wanted to fuck and done, not falling in love.

"I will try Naruto-kun" she said stealing a peck. Taking her fan and rushing out she left her nervousness easily picked by him.

'I thought it would be useful and heck, that girl is fun enough to be left alive' Naruto smirked walking toward his stand a smile in his face, he have an army to destroy soon enough.