The Cabin

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All you guys need to know is that Nathan and Brooke are siblings. Nathan is a year older. Brooke and Haley are best friends. The rest will be explained trough out the story. This chapter is a little short, but the others will be longer.

"H. James, come on!" an impatiently Brooke whined from downstairs. "I'm coming B. Scott", she said coming down the stairs. "Dad gave me the keys to the cabin so everything is ready, now the only thing missing are us having the time of our lives there! Brooke squealed. They ran as fast as they could to the car and drove of to the cabin with the music blaring from the stereo.

They had been driving in two hours when both of them became hungry and had just stopped for something to eat when Nathan called. "Hey Nate, what's up?" "Can't a guy just call his sister?""Nope, you always want something" "Okay, I was just wondering when you are going to the cabin, because me and Luke are on our way now, and I was also wondering if you were going to bring some of your friends?" "I'm on my way now and I'm bringing Hales you know that, she's my best friend and you have to be nice to her, it's not like I'm mean to Lucas." "I'm not mean to her, she's a bitch and Lucas is your boyfriend Brooke, it's not the same thing." "Whatever, I'll see you there, bye" "Bye". Brooke couldn't deal more with her brother. They were best friends, but he could be a real pain in the ass sometimes.

"So what did he want?" "Just the usual and he said that he and Luke were on their way". Brooke didn't think it was necessary to mention the rest, because she then knew that Haley would go off at Nathan the second she saw him. And that would happen enough times the rest of the summer. Haley really didn't like Nathan, she didn't like the way he treated women and his attitude, like he was a god or something. Brooke would always say that she was actually having feelings for him and she thought they would make a cute couple. But Haley always denied it saying that Brooke didn't understand the difference between love and hate. But there is a thin line between love and hate.