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Authors Note: Okay, this is the end, but I have a few idea on a sequel perhaps. I will leave that up to you guys though, tell me what you think...

Erica took a deep breath, looked Callie straight in the eyes and began to speak, "You're right Callie, I ran. I was shocked and scared so I ran. Please don't take my stupidity in handling the situation to mean I don't want this. I do. I want this. I want us, but as much as I want us, I don't want to be an experiment for someone. I have been through that already and have no desire to go through it again. I need to know this isn't just a whim for you because I care about you Callie. I care a lot about you, more than I have cared about someone in a long time and I don't think I could handle making myself vulnerable just to have you change your mind. I need to know you're sure about this before this goes any further. Right now I can walk away. I can move past all of this and remain friends if that's what you want, but if this goes any further, I am not sure I would be able to do that. If you aren't sure, I understand, but I can't go through with this until you are."

Erica wasn't sure when it started, but she was crying by the time she was done. She quickly wiped the tears away, but not before Callie had seen them. Callie couldn't speak. She just sat there, staring at Erica. Not sure what to do next and feeling emotionally exhausted, Erica turned to walk away, but stopped when she heard Callie finally find her voice.

"Erica," she said softly, "wait." Erica turned and once again was staring directly into Callie's eyes.

"I'm not sure," Callie murmured.

Erica hung her head and nodded, but Callie continued to speak. "I'm not sure what will happen tomorrow, next week or next month, but I am sure how I feel about you. You make me smile, you make me laugh, you make me nervous in the best possible way. You give me a reason to get out of bed in the mornings," as Callie spoke she walked towards Erica.

"When you kissed me in the elevator, I didn't know what to think. I was confused, but I knew one thing for sure—I wanted it to happen again."

By this time Callie was standing toe to toe with Erica. Callie took a breath and leaned in, kissed Erica's cheek where her tears had fallen. Erica closed her eyes and found Callie's lips. She kissed her tentatively at first, but as it seemed more and more natural that this is where she needed and wanted to be, she used her tongue to ask permission to deepen the kiss. Callie was eager to allow Erica the control she seemed to need. After a few moments Erica pulled away, tears running down her face again.

"Erica," Callie whispered.

"Yea," Erica responded closing her eyes and wiping the tears again.

"Take a chance on me. I want to make this journey with you. Please."

Erica took a breath, opened her eyes and said, "Ok."