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A Cross-over of Suite life, Home Improvment, NBB, Zoey 101, and Icarly

(A/N ALL Main Characters are 16)

Chapter 1: What to do?

Zack and Cody are sitting on their beds trying to figure out what to do for their 16th birthday.

Zack: "What should we do, there's only one month left until our 16th and we have to do something big."

Zack looks around the room for idea's when he spies a photo their dad took of them at the lake house.

Zack: "I got it! We get a bunch of guy and take a trip to the lake for a couple of weeks

Cody: "Sweet! Lets go ask mom if it OK with her"

The two walk out of their bedroom to find their mom making them dinner

Carey: "Hay boys, you decide what you want to do for your birthday"

Zack: "We want to go to the lake house for a couple of weeks with our friends"

Cody: "But we want to go alone without any adults

Carey: "I'll have to think about that. Leaving a bunch of teenage boys alone on a lake? I don't know"

Zack: "Mom! Were old enough to take care of ourselves"

Carey: "OK I'll make you a deal, if you can behave for two weeks without annoying Mr. Moseby, then you can go"

Cody looks at Zack

Cody: "I think we can do it as long as you don't do anything stupid

Zack (rolls his eyes): "Fine"

Carey: "Good now sit down for dinner and then you guys can send out your invitations"

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