Chapter 9- First Night Fun Part 3

Cody: "Why don't we get ready for bed?"

Freddie is frozen; he does not know what to do. Cody starts to strip down slowly first taking off his shirt to reveal a fit, tan body.

Freddie (Thinking):"Is this really happening to me, or is Cody just playing a mean joke?"

Cody is now in only his underwear, which are a tight pair of boxer briefs that show off his cute butt. Cody then lay down on Freddie's bed and stares at him

Cody: "What are you waiting for?"

Freddie snapping out of his inner thoughts starts to strip down revealing a pair of white briefs that look to small for him. Freddie slowly walks over to his bed and lies down next to Cody. Cody leans over and kisses Freddie. Freddie moans into the kiss, his member straining against the cloth of his briefs causing a gap to form between his skin and the waistband of his briefs. Cody slips his hands into Freddie's briefs and grabs his cock, feeling it pulsing and dripping precum.

Cody: "Someone is excited"

Freddie: "Cody I don't know if I'm ready for this"

Cody: "We won't do anything that you aren't ready for"

Freddie: "I know"

Freddie rolls over so his back is against Cody's stomach. Cody wraps his arms around Freddie and pulls his into an embrace, as the two of them start to drift off to sleep.

A.N. – Will Freddie ever be ready for Cody? Will Zack and Dustin ever come out? And what about Nat and Randy? To find out tune in next time. Same fanfiction time, same fanfiction channel.