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Chapter 4

"Hey, is this your doing?" Rodney shouted at Radek.

"Is what my doing?" Radek replied, like he was supposed to read Rodney's mind to know what he was referring to.

"The environmental controls, they're releasing too much carbon monoxide." Rodney said starting to panic.

"No, no, nothing to do with me!" Why would he do a thing like that?

"I don't know why the system is only just alerting us, the levels are reaching lethal amounts!" Rodney jumped up from his seat but still staring at the screen.

"Where is it?" Radek asked quickly trying to jump-start Rodney into action; someone could be in danger.

"Hold on…erm…Teyla's quarters!" That finally got through Rodney's shocked state and he clicked his comm.

"Major Lorne, get to Teyla's quarters immediately."


John gently cracked an eye open, as much as his heavy lids would allow. His whole body felt like it was made of lead and tied to the floor by an anchor.

"Huh…Teyla?" He turned his head to see Teyla leaning against his legs.

"uh" Recognition starting to creep in "No…carb… mon…oxide" John breathed out, he had to get them out of there right away. With every last inch of strength he groggily got himself up onto his knees. He leaned over Teyla and rolled her onto his arm. Placing his other arm under her delicate knees he cradled her and pushed up on his shaky legs. He fought against the need to just lie down and sleep as he punishingly made towards the door. He couldn't fully stand and stumbled constantly but he couldn't let go, he had to keep hold of her, he had to get them both to safety.

All he had to do was get Teyla to that door, just a few more steps. He would not let himself give into the fatigue that tore at every fibre in his body. His muscles burned with lactic acid and his injured foot seared with pain from the weight upon it. He gasped at the air but it did no good, he wasn't receiving enough oxygen for his body and mind to function.

He was so close when his knees finally buckled and his eyelids slid closed.

"No!" He said through gritted teeth, stubborn to the last and he crawled pushing Teyla along until he reached the crystal, fumbling his hand into the air, and opened the door. Pushing Teyla as far out as he could before succumbing to the blackness.


Lorne grabbed the nearest marine and ran full pelt down the corridor towards Teyla's quarters.

"I can see her!" He exclaimed, heart pounding in his chest. "She got out."

"Doc, you on the way?" He asked through his comm.

"Right behind you, son." Beckett replied keeping his voice calm. It was an invaluable tool for a doctor, especially when dealing with loved ones, if he remained calm and collected then so would they no matter how panicked he really was on the inside.

Lorne skidded to a halt, kneeling down next to Teyla's limp form. It wasn't until he was checking her pulse that he noticed a third arm coming out from under her waist.

"Oh no!" he breathed staring at the unconscious body of his CO.

"Simmerson, get Teyla to the doc, I'll get Colonel Sheppard." He took a brief moment to compose himself before clicking his comm. "Doc, the Colonel's here too, just inside the doorway." He informed Carson as Simmerson picked up Teyla's slight form.


"Get him out of there now!" Carson shouted as he rounded the corner to see Corporal Simmerson carrying Teyla in his arms.

"Cassie," he said to the nurse who had accompanied him "go back with the Corporal, put Teyla on 100 oxygen and then get blood work." He didn't wait for a reply, knowing his team could handle it themselves.

Lorne had dragged Sheppard out of the room and was checking his pulse when he noticed the Colonel's right leg start twitching. Why does this always happen to Sheppard, he must have the worst look in two galaxy's.

"He's seizing doc!" Came Lorne's panicked response, looking towards Carson for answers.

"Put your jacket under his head and hold his shoulders down, we don't want him causing himself anymore harm now do we." Carson said as he bent down to hold Sheppard's legs still.

"This is not good, doc." Lorne said, half asking, half stating a fact.

"No, it's not, but at least it's a symptom of the poisoning and not something else entirely cos then we would be screwed to hell and high water." Carson said as he felt the Colonel's limbs begin to calm down.

"Can you lift him, son?" Carson asked as he stood up.

"Sure thing doc." Lorne said moving into action.


They entered the infirmary to see Teyla already set up with the oxygen mask.

Lorne gently lowered the Colonel onto the bed next to her. As soon as he let go there was a swarm of activity as Carson and the nurses started putting all sorts of wires into his CO and the all-important oxygen mask. All Lorne could do was stand there and watch, dumfounded and in awe of the medical teams ability to concentrate when working on someone that means so much to so many people. The Colonel was not just an excellent CO; he was one hell of a soldier and a good friend. He couldn't believe that after all that the people of Atlantis had gone through it might be an environmental controls' malfunction that takes away their military leader.

When Lorne jumped back to awareness he realised that he was stood alone with the two patients. Looking around for Doctor Beckett he spotted him reading through some paperwork.

"Doc, what's going to happen now?" Carson opened his mouth to reply but the entrance of a certain scientist drowned out any sound he made.

"Carson!" Rodney shouted, closely followed by Ronon and Dr Weir who let out an "Oh God" as she spied the hospital beds containing her second in command and the Athosian leader.

"Sheppard was there too." Rodney asked in confusion as his concern momentarily gave way to curiosity.

"They were having dinner Rodney." Elizabeth reprimanded. "Carson?" She questioned, knowing that a full sentence wasn't required, what else could they be interested in knowing?

"As I was just going to say to the Major here… I've got them on 100 oxygen and that's all I can do until the levels of Carbon Monoxide go down in their systems."

"How long will that take?" Rodney jumped in.

"A few hours, more than likely." Carson answered as he walked between the two beds. "I've just looked through Teyla's blood work and the levels are very high, the Colonel's are probably going to be even higher as he was still in the room when we reached him."

"What! Why was Teyla out and he wasn't." Rodney exclaimed.

"I think he'd managed to push her out before passing out himself." Lorne answered that one.

"Oh! Trust Sheppard to be the hero and save the girl without considering himself." Rodney raised and dropped his hands in exacerbation.

"I'm sure he did everything he could to get them both to safety Rodney." Elizabeth told him.

"Good thing he did." Ronon's growled at Rodney making him cower.

"Carson," Elizabeth said, "What are we looking at, can they get through this?" Elizabeth asked the question that was on all their minds.

"We have to keep monitoring their blood work, making sure that the oxygen levels are rising and the carbon monoxide is decreasing"

"What if they don't?" Rodney asked, he could really do with John being conscious even if it's just to keep his pessimism under wraps.

"If this doesn't work there is something else we could try, its called a hyperbaric pressure chamber… but I don't think it will come to that."

"What about longer lasting symptoms? I heard that carbon monoxide poisoning could cause memory loss." Elizabeth felt the glare of Rodney McKay; he never could stand it when somebody knew something he didn't.

"Aye, that's one of the possible symptoms, there are others I'm afraid." Carson faltered as Ronon folded his arms, its not like it was his fault there were other symptoms. "As the major and I have already seen, seizures are possible…"

"What! Why am I only finding out about this now and who was it?" Rodney demanded, almost hyperventilating.

"It was the Colonel, Rodney, and what could you have done about it anyway?" Carson replied to Rodney's accusation.

"Humph, course it was." Rodney narrowed his eyes and pouted his lips.

"What else?" Ronon grunted getting the conversation back on track.

"The two I've already mentioned are the more extreme symptoms but there could also be nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath for a while."

"Can we sit with them?" Elizabeth enquired.

"Aye, as long as there's nothing else you need to be doing."

All three made their way over to sit by their fallen comrades.


"Carson, any news?" Elizabeth asked quietly trying not to wake the patients. Ronon was sat, head lolling, arms crossed, feet up on another chair while Rodney was drooling onto the hospital bed by Sheppard's feet.

"Just got the latest blood works back, its as good as can be expected. There's been a steady increase in oxygen for both of them, so it's only a matter of time." Carson patted her shoulder.

"Thank you, Carson." She smiled back fondly.

Carson moved to stand over Rodney, "If we knew this was what it took to get him some sleep then the Colonel would gladly injure himself more often."

"He does that often enough without trying thank you Carson, don't go putting ideas in his head." Elizabeth scolded playfully.


Teyla was more than confused by the sounds that surrounded her. A quick clacking did not fall in tune with the rhythmic beeping closer to her ear; this was offset further by a soft growl occurring spasmodically.

She carefully opened her eyes to small slits, already introducing too much light for her delicate retinas to handle.

After giving her eyes a moment to adjust she realised the clacking was coming from a laptop at the end of her bed, behind that sat Dr. McKay.

"Rodney" She attempted to say, but it came out more like 'onay' in a low husky voice.

"huh" He looked up from his laptop at the noise, taking a second to comprehend the implications.

He sat there starring at her open eyes before setting his laptop aside and approaching the head of her bed.

"Teyla" he said softly.

"Whathappened?" She slurred.

"Wow, that voice is sexy… oh ice chips… ooh Carson…" He shook his head and shouted, "Carson!" Waking the sleeping Ronon in the process.

Ronon smiled at Teyla who now understood where the growls were coming from. "Hey."

"Rodney, there are people trying to sleep in here you know!" Carson repremanded before he noticed the conscious patient before him.

"Teyla, love, how are you feeling?" But before she could form an answer Rodney interrupted, "She needs some ice chips" he pointed out. Teyla smiled warmly at both the doctors, she knew Rodney was showing concern in his own way.

"Aye," Carson looked to his left side "the nurse is bringing some now" and he was promptly handed a tub, "thank you, dear." He said as the nurse walked away.

"Here you go." He said placing two chips to her lips.

Teyla took them into her mouth and let them sooth her dry throat.

"Thank you Carson." She said in her own clear voice. "I am feeling a little groggy and achy but other than that I am ok." She paused a moment before asking again, "What happened?"

"That's a good question." Rodney jumped in.

As Carson threw Rodney an agonising look Ronon decided to put the poor girl out of her misery, "Carbon monoxide" he said, as though that was enough to explain everything.

Teyla furrowed her brow, those words meant nothing to her but she had the feeling she'd heard them before.

"John!" She exclaimed, jumping slightly on her bed, which made her cough.

"He's right here love." Carson said indicating to the bed at her left side.

"We were having dinner." She said confused as to how they ended up in the infirmary.

"We know dear, your room was poisoned with carbon monoxide." Carson explained.

"I remember feeling tired and nauseous before I… I do not know." She said shakily still starring at the form in the other bed.

"You must have passed out but John carried you out of the room." Carson informed her.

The doors whooshed open revealing Elizabeth carrying two trays full of food. "Teyla." She said upon seeing the Athosian awake. "Why didn't anyone tell me?"

"She only just woke up!" Rodney said defensively.

Elizabeth placed the trays on an empty bed before approaching the bed to give Teyla's hand a squeeze.

"Hello Elizabeth" Teyla greeted.

"How is he?" Teyla asked, they all knew to whom she was referring.

"Not long behind you I'd say, don't worry, he'll be fine." Carson said reassuringly.

"How did this happen?" She asked.

"Don't know yet." Rodney said disappointed that he couldn't give an answer, "Zelenka's investigating."

Teyla's eyes began to droop, she tried to fight against it but Carson noticed the brief lapse.

"Don't worry, get some rest. I'll be back to check on you later." He smiled warmly.

Teyla opened her mouth to speak but Carson didn't give her the chance, "and we'll wake you if anything happens." He nodded knowingly towards John.

"Thank you." She managed to breath out before letting herself fall back into slumber.