At last! With summer on its way I now have the time I need to write! So I decided why not start with a Kevin/Ben fic? The plot bunnies attacked full force so even though there's Ben 10 Alien Force this fic takes place in the oldies. I am really not sure how long this fic shall be, but do know this it shall be finished! Even if it takes my dying breath! Yea, anyways reviews make me write quicker even just views help with that, constructive criticism is welcome, flames keep my cold below zero bedroom warm so I can feel my fingers better to type more.

Disclaimer – All I own is the kitty…but I totally owned Ben in ping-pong yesterday! XD

"Kevin," a voice whispered into the wind, "Kevin, oh Kevin wake up."

Kevin's beastly eyes open to the inky blackness of the sky above. Everything seemed fine, but he knew better, nothing was fine in his life; not now not ever. With senses on high alert he rose from his make shift bed and stared at the small brown kitten sitting on his lap as if he wasn't the horrid creature he was. Normally he would have tossed the kitten, but he found this kitten unusual. Its hair was a mix of dark brown and light brown strains mixed together, that was thinner on its body and face, the tip of its tail fluffed resembling a lions, and the top of its head held thick hair that framed its face. Not only that but its collar the symbol of the Omnitrix.

The kitten reminded him of Ben. This creature still held none of the beauty Ben could. Ben's voice was honey to his ears, his eyes were brighter then any gem he could steal, his kindness was unmatched be the gods themselves, and the way he walked; that slight spring in his step, the way his hips swayed ever so slightly. Kevin snarled at his own thoughts Ben, Ben, Ben that's all mind processed now a days. In everything that he did, and in everything he saw he could relate it to Ben.

"Kevin," his train of thought left him as he looked down at an agitated looking kitten, "Do you want to go back?"

"What the hell?" Kevin monstrous voice boomed, "Cats don't talk its impossible!"

"Yea, says the boy who's a mix of hideous aliens! Now back to my question; Do. You. Want. To. Go. Back." Was the kitten's snarky reply as it punctuated the last words with an angry swish of its tail.

Kevin's brows furrowed as his face scrunched up in thought, "Go back to what?"

With a role of its feline eyes it continued, "Go back to being human. And before you say anything I have rules. Rule one: You go find Ben when turned back, two: You stop your evil ways, three: You tell Ben how you really feel and don't worry you'll know what I mean soon enough. That all cleared up. Yes? Good, now off we go."

As the kitten leaped from his lap Kevin scurried up and followed. They walked in silence for a couple of hours before they reached a forest, but the edge of the forest didn't seem to be their destination as the kitten kept on walking. The forest was thicker then Kevin first imagined and it slowed him down a great deal. It seemed to be able to navigate perfectly, but Kevin was bulkier than the kitten. Tree branches, thorns, and vines seemed to grave hold of Kevin and pull him back. Finally, after ten long minutes on Kevin's part the duo reached a clearing in the forest.

It was oddly circular shaped with a single tree in the middle that was thick and tall and it seemed to be were all the other trees came from. Other than that there was a small waterfall that led into a little pond with coy fish swimming peacefully in it.

Finally tired of the silence Kevin spoke, "So what are we-Gah!"

Kevin was silenced by a scratch to his leg it wasn't deep and didn't hurt, but the shock made him scream out. He glared at the kitten and he knew if looks could kill that thing be dead on the spot. The kitten gave a fierce growl and Kevin watched as the kitten's teeth grew into terrifying fangs, and its body pulsated growing larger with every pulse. With a battle growl the once kitten lunged at Kevin its claws sinking into the flesh of the imitation Fourarms. A scream tore from Kevin's throat as blood steadily dripped from his arm. Minutes of struggle passed before he was able to pry the beast of him throwing it onto the ground Kevin sunk his beastly fist, claws, and teeth anywhere he could.

The beast yelped in pain, but smiled none the less. Faze one complete. Now it was the beast's turn to gain the upper hand. Its smile turned into a twisted smirk as it whispered in its native tongue, "I brufhu Bevin buh tu contra fro tala suls; lola hega, heg sa tu ruhet fro yato sul." As the twisted words passed the beast's lips Kevin began to burn.

His body tinged with pain and fire replaced his blood. He could see nothing, hear nothing, he was floating. Every nerve in his body was bursting, but he didn't feel it. The ground rushed up to meet him and his bones began to crack, and every scream he made fell on deft ears. Faze two commencing. Blood oozed from his body, yet he never remembered how he got the wounds. His eyelids soon became too heavy to hold and before the hazy darkness drew him in completely he saw the once-again-kitten disappear into the trees.

God that's awful…I usually write better then that. I haven't written in a year or two so it's gonna start out not so great…but hopefully I regain some of my talent soon. Keep in mind I try to update weekly and my chapters are usually longer then this, but I just wanted to see how many people would be interested.