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Kevin lay on the rough ground, swimming in a pool of his own blood. His vision swam, colors blurred into one, and thick black blotches rained onto his line of sight. He was going to die. Unlike what Kevin thought would happen he did not see his life flash before his eyes, but rather someone else's life.

"You're such a dork, Bevin!"

That's not my voice.

A giggling sound came from across from the voice, coming from a boy with brunet bangs with the rest being raven locks. His purple eyes sparkled with mirth and a silly grin came to his face; obviously knowing that it was just a joke.

I don't know him.

Peering into what seemed to be a musty window two figures could be seen. Abroad chested redheaded man stood his hand clasped onto a women's shoulder. The women herself had long raven locks that fell in curtains around her shoulders clutched closely to her small chest was a newborn child; his small hands grasping at air, and small cooing noises coming from his mouth.

A small puff of black hair peeked up through the blue blanket wrapped around him. The dark brown, almost black, eyes of his father stared down at him a gentle smirk pulling at his lips. Letting out a tired sigh the black haired women relaxed a bit into the hospital bed. Some odd amount to time past before a nurse entered asking for a name.

"Kevin Elion Levin."

Is that me? And my parents?

A four year old Kevin ran happily around his living room, hiding from his father who was chasing him while his mother watched. Trying his best to be quiet Kevin snuck behind the television his hand placed on the side of the TV with his head peeking out to see if he was seen. He began to get a strange feeling surging through his hand like the time when his foot fell asleep.

Observing his tingling hand he watched as small blue streaks shot from his hand. The TV began to shake, smoke spilling out from any opening before it gave into the pressure exploding into random hunks. His parents watched in horror at what their son had just done.

That's when I blew up the TV.

(random a/n in the middle of story I think in the episode when Ben meets Kevin he said that his parents kicked him out when he blew up the TV. I am not sure what age but that works.)

"Luck? Pft, Bevin since when has luck been on our side? I'll make sure your parents are safe and stay safe. I swear."

Is that? It is! It's that damned cat's voice!

--I love you; you hate me unrequited love is such a tragedy (wished Barney woulda sung that)--

"Follow me
Hear me voice
No longer free
You have no choice

No time for delays
Come along
Do as I say- Oh screw this!"

The sound of cracking bones rang out in the night followed by more ghastly sounds of cracks, twists, shudders, and curses. Evolution seemed to be slowly taking place as Lela posture of all fours began to go up right, mixed brown hair seemed to shift to the top of her head, claws turning to pointed nails, paws becoming hand and feet, ears shifting to the side of her face becoming pointed human ears, a tail shrinking into her body becoming nothing, and fangs becoming teeth with slightly prominent canines.

Walking over to Ben was a teenaged girl dressed in an odd green spandex suit, curtain features black, and a choker necklace with the Omnitrix hanging on it. Without as much as a word to Gwen she hulled Ben over her shoulders and leaped into the surrounding forests.

--Its Gwen time. I wish she'd marry Mark Morningstar, Gwevin and/or Kwen is wrong. But Bwevin (Ben/Gwen/Kevin) now that's negotiable.--

Ten minutes after Lela's departure all Gwen's thoughts seemed to vanish. No more hate, depression, sorrow, self pity. It all just dissipated. Like it was never there or never belonged. Shaking her head to ride herself of any lingering thoughts she sprang to her feet, sprinted back to the R.V, pounced onto her Grandpa, and shook him like there was no tomorrow. Worn grey eyes snapped open at such a sudden awaking. Taking in the sight of his granddaughter Max relaxed slightly.

"Gwendolyn, what ever could you need at this time of night?" his voice showed his age; scratched, worn, and tired.

"Ben has been kidnapped!"

All sign of sleep vanished from Max's body as he clutched Gwen's shoulder firmly.

"By whom?" No longer did his voice sound his age, for it sounded years younger; no longer was he Max Tennyson or Grandpa, now he was a Plummer.

"I don't know! I've never seen this girl before!" Desperation oozed from her voice turning it into a shrilled shriek.

Max knowing what he was doing calmed his voice before speaking, "Tell me what happened."

Taking in a deep breath Gwen began to tell her tale, "Well I woke up because Ben wasn't snoring, and I herd a women singing, and Ben had this green black misty stuff in his eyes, and a cat jumped from a tree, and this cat could talk said her name was Lela and that she was a Cateract or something, and she knew my name, and said something about not killing me because of Bevin, and then she started to sing and I just felt really sad and stuff and it hurt so bad I just couldn't fight or anything, and she just became a girl, and she had a choker with the symbol of the Omnitrix on it, and she took Ben away into the forest!"

"Did you say Cateract?"

At the nod of yes he got he sighed, "Cateracts are aliens, Gwen. They have three forms which with age they can freely change into: a kitten, a cat beast, and a human form. Cateracts way to fight is with their voice. You see they can manipulate people's emotions and sometimes use their voices to, well, almost seduce people into obeying them. That mist you saw in Ben's eyes was clouding his vision and, in a sense, was making him dazed. It's hard to explain, but right now we have to find Ben."

--Damn line breakers. Such a pain in the a--

A frustrated growl seemed to sound from all around the woods causing birds to fly away and woodland creatures to scurry. As a kitten it was so much easier to navigate in and out of the small passages of the woods, but now as a teenaged human it was now a nearly impossible task, and the estimated ninety-eight pounds of extra, practically dead weight, wasn't making it any easier. A stream of curses rang out, all of witch would make a sailor's jaw drop, followed by the cracking of tree branches, and an odd shuffling sound.

Finally with one last snapping of a tree branch Lela broke free into the clearing only to end up falling into the koi pond causing the fish to scatter. Ben awoke the minute his face came in contact with the water. He splashed around furiously in till he realized he could stand in this water. Finally regaining some of his lost sense Ben stood, his eyes quickly scanning his surroundings, completely oblivious to the flailing body of his captor underneath him.

Ben's voice hitched slightly as green eyes landed on a crumpled figure. He didn't need to do a double take or go closer to know whom that figure was for he knew that body. The body he had tried so hard to memorize, the body who he had tried so very hard to please, the body who he was willing to give up his family for and never really needed or knew why, the body that was steadily dying as he stood thinking about that body. Oh, right, forgot about that.


Ben dashed, flew is a better word for it, towards Kevin's mangled body allowing Lela the precious gift of air with she graciously accepted. Gentle, Ben's hand reached out as if to touch Kevin but stopped about two feet away. Kevin would be lying if he said he wasn't ashamed at this moment. He was strong and Ben Tennyson didn't need to see him weak. Oh, how he wanted to be angry right now, to just beat Ben to death and never have to see his face again, to end this disgusting wretch in his heart that beat solely for Ben Tennyson.

Most of the pain had subsided leaving him comfortably numb till Ben arrived. But as Ben sat there with green orbs wide and trembling with fright, lip quivering as if to cry or speak, his elegant frame shuddering with terror, and his right hand suspended in mid-reach as if to touch him but thinking he that if the he did he would break him. That image sent a new kind of pain through Kevin's body that started at his tail bone and jolted up his spine into his brain. Triggering another memory of that cat or so he presumed.

"My Ben, mine, mine, mine."

What is this guy Ben's...lover? Wait! GUY! As in male?! Oh my god; Ben's a flaming homosexual!

"Possessive much?"

Well that's defiantly Ben's voice. It's older but it is Ben's nonetheless.

"I am not."

Funny that kinda sounds like me.

"Kevin Levin, I thought you stopped lying."

Holly shit.

The blackness that Kevin saw began to vanish and was replaced with a rather pleasing sight of a teenage Ben sprawled out on the hood of a car (that has an insanely awesome paint job, mind you) staring up at the sky.

"Ben, I, I mean, what I'm trying to say here is that I," closing his eye briefly Kevin let out a sigh before trying to continue, "well, I, ya know…"

Giving up Kevin turned to Ben trying to get him to understand, and was a little confused to see Ben sit up, begin reaching towards him, then just stop before ever getting that close to him. Kevin's brows knitted together and he to slowly sit up, but Ben didn't move. He just sat there. This bewildered him to know end, but for some odd reason his hand pushed up against Ben's before, one-by-one, their fingers intertwined.

"Well, I, ya know, you to Kevin."

A weak smile (if you could call it that) made its way onto Kevin's face as the rest of the world disappeared leaving only that lingering image of fingers intertwined. He could die right here and now (witch he most likely is) and damn it all, he'd die happy, because he and Ben were going to be together one day. It didn't even cross his mind that he could have imagined up it all, or he could be delusional from blood loss, or that he could have gotten a concussion. With a slight turn of his head Kevin looked Ben over, ah just as I left you.

Slowly a trembling pale hand reached up and pushed against a tan one, and one at a time their fingers intertwined.

And the last thing anybody heard before the forest went silent was the shaky, fading whisper of, "My Ben, mine, mine, mine.

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