1.Pick a character, pairing, or fandom you like.
2. Turn on your music player and put it on random/shuffle.
3. Write a drabble related to each song that plays. You only have the time frame of the song to finish the drabble you start when the song starts, and stop when it's over. No lingering afterwards!
4. Do ten of these, then post them.

OKAY! Part 4!! And last! ;)



1. Diary Of Jane – Breaking Benjamin

Naruto's ocean blue eyes watched as the young purple haired girl walked beside her team mate, her eyes narrowed to the ground sadly. He glared as her team mate wrapped an arm around her shoulder and grinned at her, giving her the peace sign and laughing as she giggled. Rage whirled inside him as he watched his arm around her shoulder and his sheepish grin.

"I like to see you smile, but I don't like to see you frown Hinata..." Kiba said, letting go of her shoulder and flashing her another grin.

She smiled. "Gomen. A lot of things on my mind that's all."

Naruto glared at the dog boy, something mad twirling in his stomach. Jealousy. He looked down to the small notebook in his hands and gripped it tighter. "He's written everywhere in her god damn journal... and I'm not..." He growled under his breath. "Something's getting in the way, something's just about to break... I'll still try to find my place in the diary of Hinata." Naruto whispered, leavings the bushes and disappearing out of sight.

He walked away from them, his hand gripping her journal tightly while his emotions swirled madly in the pit of his stomach, making him feel so sick and angry. That damn Kiba. That damn dog boy took his place.

He glanced back at the both of them walking, his eyes fierce. "I'll take it back. I'll get my place back in her diary. In the diary of Hinata."

And he walked away for the final time, not knowing Hinata had a new diary and that his name was written all over it...

2- Lips of an angel – Hinder

Dring... Dring...

Naruto picked up the phone, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Hello?" He asked sleepily.

"N-Naruto-k-kun..." A female voice he knew all too well stuttered.

He was suddenly awake. "Hinata? Wait.. Wait are you doing calling me so late?" He whispered, walking in the next room quickly.

He heard a faint sob. "I-I'm sorry N-Naruto-kun... I just.. r-really needed t-to talk... to you..." She said, her voice cracking.

"Hinata? You're crying?" He was alerted.

"G-Gomen..." She whimpered.

"Shhhh... don't cry Hinata... Is everything okay? Why are you crying?" He whispered worriedly.

"I'm fine... W-Why are you whispering?"

"I can't be too loud. Sakura's in the next room..." He paused. "Sometimes I wish it was you..."

"It happens to me too." She said softly.

"I guess we never really moved on."

"I guess we didnt..." She whispered lowly.

"Kiba's there, right? Does he know you're talking to me?"


"Will it start a fight?"

Pause. "I don't know... Does Sakura know you're talking to me?"

"No I don't think she has a clue..."


"It's really good to hear from you Hinata..."

"It's good to hear from you too Naruto-kun..."

"I still love you."

"I still love you too..."

3- It's been a while – Staind

His eyes stared at the young lavender eyed girl in the picture frame. He was behind her, hugging her from behind and grinning happily while she smiled warmly. He missed her so much...

Now that he thought about it...

It's been a while since he last saw her... Since he first met her... well that was so long ago too...

It's been a while since he could smile and truly be happy...

Ever since she left he was devastated...

It's been a while since he could call her... whisper tender words and laugh with her...

It's been a while since he could say he was addicted... to her kisses... her hugs... her touch...

It's also been a while he could say he loved himself... now... he was just a drunken bastard... never good for anything... not anymore at least... not after she left him...

He just wished the pain would go away...

He just wished he could see her once again...

He just wished he could hold her...

He just wished he could get a hold of himself...

He wished he could tell her how sorry he is...


Oh her soft voice... it's been a while since he last heard it...

Wait. What?

He turned and saw her standing there.

She smiled. "It's been a while."

Naruto was stunned. But soon after he smiled. "Yea... It's been a while..."

4- For you I will – Teddy Geiger

She was walking down the street, twirling a lock of purple hair around her finger shyly, looking at the nature. Her pale lavender eyes glimmering with such softness and care for the world... such a fragile being...

Naruto was wandering in the streets, looking around his surroundings and smiling as he saw kids playing ninja in the park and pretending to have super duper awesome cool jutsu's. He smiled kindly and looked forward again, his eyes fixed on a certain beautiful purple haired girl that was walking towards him. Or at least, in his direction. As he passed her, he couldn't help but gape at her beauty.

The young girl didn't seem to notice.

He gaped some more before shutting his mouth shut and taking a shortcut: the bushes. He pushed the vegetation away slightly, carefully examining the girl who had caught his attention earlier. Thankfully she had stopped and sat on a bench.

Naruto smiled.

He barely knew her... no actually... he didn't know her at all... but the strong feeling swirling in his stomach just couldn't be ignored... he felt like he could do anything for her... that young girl... that stranger.

"Excuse me, young man?" A female voice said softly.

He turned and found himself staring into deep lavender eyes. "H-Hm?" He stuttered, blinking rapidly. He stood up straight from the bushes as he recognized it was her.

The girl.

"I couldn't help but notice you have been staring at me for a few minutes."

He grinned nervously. "Well..."

5- Pon De Replay – Rihanna

The beat resounded into her ears and he heart pounded, the cause were the speakers pumped up so loud she couldn't even speak normally and almost had to scream.

"Come on Hinata! Let's dance!" Her best friend Sakura said, tugging at her hand.

"I c-can't..." She stuttered out.

Ino laughed this time. "Come on! Every girl knows how to dance! It's in their nature!" She gave her a wink, making Hinata blush.

"Maybe not me then..." She whispered, twiddling with her fingers.

Ten-Ten smiled at her. "Come on Hina!" She pleaded.

Hinata shook her head but was dragged by Ino and Sakura onto the dance floor.

"Hinata can dance?" Naruto almost yelled out in disbelief, watching as the girl was led to the dance floor.

All the guys turned to look at her.

Hinata luckily didn't notice.

"Come on let the beat flow through your body!" Sakura said, winking as she danced like a pro dancer.

And surprisingly Hinata did. She closed her eyes and relaxed, listening to the music and opening her eyes again, letting her hips flow to the beat of the song, while letting her instincts take over. Her arms were thrown into the air and she closed her eyes, throwing her head back to laugh softly. "This is fun!" She said, letting the beat control her entire body.

The results: Everybody saw a different side of Hinata that night.

...And Naruto drooled all over the place while watching her dance...

6- One good reason – Rex Goudie

Her sobs became louder and louder. "Get out Naruto-kun... get out... please..."

Naruto didn't step back, in fact he stepped closer. "I don't want to Hina-chan... I can't..."

"Well I want you to go!" She cried out.

He seemed hesitant at first. "Hina-chan..."

"Stop calling me that!" She shouted once again, burying her head in her hands and collapsing on the ground on her knees. "Leave... please..." She whimpered.

"Hinata... Give me one good reason." He whispered, kneeling down beside her.

She looked up with a tear stained and confused face.

"Give me one good reason, and I will walk away. Make my heart stop beating, and I'll forget you. Just tell me it's over and I will tell you goodbye. Give me one good reason and I'll be out of your life." He whispered, taking her small hands in his, his voice cracking at the end.

She stared as his eyes became watery. "Don't tell me cause' I'm an idiot. I know I am. But I'm an idiot in love with you Hina-chan. Tell me you're better off without me if you want... I'll... I'll leave... just... give me one good reason..." He quietly whispered.

"I... I..." Hinata could only stutter.

His thumb wiped her tears away. "Hina-chan..."

She lowered her eyes to the ground. "I don't want you to go."

Naruto smiled and brought the girl in his arms in a warm embrace.

7- Here is gone – Goo Goo Dolls

"Hinata?" Are you alright?" Naruto asked the girl crying on the bench, her legs brought up to her chest while she cried with her head buried within them. Her arms were clasped around her legs, holding them tightly against her chest.

She let out a choked sob as a response. "Gomen... I'd like to be alone... Gomen..." She whimpered.

"I'm not the one who broke you Hina-chan, I'm not the one you should fear. Let me help you." He whispered softly, taking a seat beside her. She looked up to him with a broken tear stained face. She hiccupped, her eyes showing pure heartbreak.

"Did he break up with you?" Naruto asked, his eyes darkening at the thought of the dog boy.

Hinata nodded, breaking in another fit of tears.

Naruto cracked a smile, even though he was raging inside. That damn boy.

"Talk to me, Hinata." He said softly.

She shook her head.

He wanted to be all she needed. All she wanted. He wanted to be with her, he wanted to be there to catch her when she fell.

She looked up, hear eyes glimmering with tears. "Somehow here is gone." She whispered sadly, leaning her head on his shoulder for comfort.

8- Same girl – R Kelly ft Usher

"Ah Naruto! Dawg! What's up?!"

"Kiba! Yo! Nothing much! Met this girl..."

"Aw man me too! She's fabulous..."


"Curvaceous body..."

"Beautiful long hair..."

"Breathtaking eyes..."

"Her hair is purple..."

"Her eyes are lavender color..."



"...Would she perhaps live in Konoha?"

"And would her last name be Hyuuga?"

-stare- (both) "Yes"

"Is she talented with the Jyuuken?"

"Yes. Does she have a cousin named Neji Hyuuga?"

"Yea... Hiashi is her father?"

"Oh god... We've been messing around with the same girl..."

"Same girl..."



Both boys watched as the two lavender eyed girls ran over to them. A younger looking once launched at Kiba and kissed him.

The older and shy looking one hugged Naruto and smiled, a blush forming on her cheeks.

They looked at each other. "Sisters. Same hair color, same eyes..."

They grinned. "Not the same girl."

9- Hate I don't really like you – Plain White T's

Naruto just couldn't believe it...

The shy girl... that loved him all along... ever since he was a small boy...

She broke him... broke him into pieces...

His heart was shattered...

After all these years she waited for him, couldn't she wait one last day before running up to another guy and giving up on him?

He could just see the imagine playing in his head all over again...

Her hugging another guy...

...With all her might...

he couldn't believe it...

He disliked her so much now. Hated her – no hate was too much of a strong word...

He disliked her so very very much...

..Or did he really?

Was he just upset?

Too confusing...

"Naruto-kun?" The female squeaked.

He turned sharply, almost glaring at her. "Hm?"

He then noticed the boy behind her. The boy she was hugging earlier.

"H-How are you?"

Naruto shrugged, glaring at the boy behind her.

Hinata noticed and a small smile tugged at her lips. "O-Oh... Well... t-this is my cousin, Akimechi Hyuuga. Akimechi, this is Naruto Uzumaki."

Akimechi smiled. "Yo."

Naruto was too stunned to answer. "That's the boy you constantly talked about right?" Akimechi asked, pointing unsubtly to Naruto.

Naruto's ears almost perked up like a shocked kitten.

He saw Hinata blush deeply.

Akimechi smirked.


lol that's done! :D I had fun... they're all pretty much happy endings no? haha. I don't wanna go up and check... anyway... lmfao... wow... yay done with the game! That was fun but sooo hard... and omg I can't even imagine how hard it would be to do this game and KEEP THE CHARACTERS IN CHARACTER! :O

MY FAVOURITE IS THE HINDER ONE! ITS SOOO CUTE! i love the song soooo much!


Hope you enjoyed!