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But I hate it
You know exactly what to do
So that I can't stay made at you
Too long, that's wrong
-- Rhianna featuring Ne-Yo

Tommy's anger hadn't subsided any. The concert was due to start in twenty minutes; he hadn't spoken to Jude, only heard her sound check and stood in the dark wings of the stage to be able to see her. He'd do the right thing by her and give her some space. But any more time and he was probably going to go crazy.

Hunter was another matter entirely. He had no way of tracking down the bastard and he was the one who'd caused the trouble. Tommy had no qualms about adding to his police record of assault if it meant teaching Hunter a lesson.

"Tommy?" Jude's voice broke him out of his reverie and he took a hesitant step towards her but said nothing.

"How have you been?" She spoke to the floor, smiling despite herself at seeing him.

"Terrible, you?" His eyes were fixed to her face, hardly daring to believe they were talking again.

"Pretty much the same."

"Look, Jude –"

"Tommy, I –"

Awkwardly, they laughed as they both spoke at the same time, shutting up as soon as they realised the other person was talking.

"You go first," Tommy offered, adopting a nonchalant pose of leaning against the wall.

Jude looked up and smiled at him, walking up to him and pressing her lips softly to his. "I'm sorry." She whispered. "I overreacted and, the truth is, I think I love you." Her cheeks burned a soft pink. "I hate it – it will cause nothing but trouble. From G Major, the tabloids, everything. But, I do."

Tommy smiled, his hands resting on Jude's shoulders, ecstatic that he'd been given another chance with this woman, in spite of everything that had ripped them apart. "You have no idea how happy I am right now, Jude." He smiled at her. "I love you too."

She smiled up at him again, tilting her head to fit with his perfectly as a blinding camera flash went off, tipping Tommy's temper into uncontrollable.

"Aw," Hunter mocked. "How touching. I see my little article didn't break you up, as planned."

Jude froze in Tommy's arms. "Wait a minute," she spoke slowly, as if she was thinking about each individual word as it came to her. "That was you? You wrote it?"

Hunter said nothing, only caught her eyes with his own and nodded, a flicker of a smirk gracing his lips. "What are you going to do about it?"

Pushing Jude gently away from him, Tommy walked up to the man, cocking back his fist so he could show Hunter just what exactly he planned on doing about it. He felt a soft hand encase his clenched fist and glanced behind him to see Jude shaking her head. Reluctantly, Tommy dropped his hand.

"Whipped." Hunter shook his head. "It's pathetic."

He was laughing, eyes shut as he chuckled deeply at Tommy. He didn't see Jude walk up to him and cock back her own fist, eyes opening just in time to be greeted with a punch that sent him to the floor with its force. "That's for the article." She hissed at the man on the floor, ignoring Tommy's appreciative comments and applause. "Now, tell me, why did you write it?"

"Why do you think?" Hunter didn't give up, laughing up at the couple staring down at him. "For the money. It was a good scoop."

Jude's eyes narrowed and raised her hand again, threatening him as the stage crew preparing for their concert all stopped to watch the scene unfolding. "Why," she repeated, "did you write that article?"

Strong arms wrapped around her waist – Tommy, making his presence known – and lips kissed her temple.

Hunter glared at the couple. "Fine, Darius hired me. He wanted to break you two up." He climbed shakily to his feet, hand rising to cover his bruising eye, pushing delicately at the tender skin as he cursed under his breath. "Happy now?"

It was Tommy who answered, his voice cold. "Not exactly."

Darius was waiting to greet his Instant Stars after their concert, hovering backstage as he heard the rapturous applause the couple received. Instant Star was the best idea he'd ever had. It got G Major publicity, raised money and gave the public someone they wanted to hear.

In fact, he was already planning a second season.

The stage lights came down and the regular lights came on – the show was over. Jude and Tommy emerged, hands entwined and laughing.

"Ah, there you are," Darius announced, clapping and drawing their attention to him. "My Instant Stars. Great show. I sense another tour sometime soon."

"Actually, Darius, we need to talk," Jude said.

"Yeah, we found out you hired Hunter." Tommy interjected. "And, well, we quit."

Darius was fuming with silent anger. His voice, however, was deceptively calm. "What?"

"We quit." Jude repeated. "We're cutting all our G Major ties."

"You can't do that," he objected. "You have a contract."

"It was up for renewal following the completion of our first tour," Jude informed. "And, well, we don't want to be renewed. We're leaving."

Tommy shrugged. "Sorry."

He led Jude away, leaving Darius behind as they walked away from G Major for good. "Jude, that was awesome," he gushed. "First with Hunter, then that. I'm so proud of you."

She was saved the trouble of replying when his lips fell on top of hers, kissing her in a way that told her this was it for them; nothing would come between them again.

Three Years Later

Being out of the public eye for a while often created a demand for your picture. So, when Tommy Quincy was stood at the church altar, waiting for his bride to walk towards him, it didn't surprise him at all that the paparazzi were falling over themselves to offer the scoop of the Harrison-Quincy wedding to their bosses.

But he had no eyes for them. Instead, his attention was fixed on the vision walking down the aisle towards him. Dressed in a swirl of white, Jude looked beautiful. She'd continued her singing career, releasing a second album a year after the end of their tour, courtesy of Quincy Star Records – their record company. Tommy chose to focus on the marketing, producing aspects.

Jude smiled at him, abandoning any thought in his mind that wasn't anything but her.

"I love you," she mouthed at him as the service was ending, shortly before they were announced as man and wife, causing a smile to spread across his face.

"I love you too."

Even as the flashes of paparazzi cameras caught the private moment for the world to see, the couple kissed, focused on nothing but each other.