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5 Years Later

Haley and Brooke were both sitting out by the pool watching their husbands swim with their lovely kids. Luke finally asked Brooke to marry him about three years ago and they rushed off to Vegas two weeks later. Since then, Brooke got pregnant not long after the wedding and had a handsome little baby boy, Matthew Scott, who had just turned two a few days ago. Haley was currently pregnant with another baby girl and Mallory was going to be a big sister again. Nathan and Haley had been blessed with a baby boy, James Lucas, a few months after the honeymoon.

Keith and Karen were so proud of their two boys for finding happiness and love. They were currently on a cruise, leaving the boys in charge of the café for the summer. They easily accepted both girls into the family and spoiled the grandkids any chance they could get.

It was now time for lunch and the kids reluctantly got out of the pool for some hot dogs and chips. Nathan and Luke went over to their wives and gave them each a kiss before helping dry off the kids.

"So Hales, what have you guys decided to name the little one?" Brooke wondered.

"Lucy Marie Scott after my mom," Haley replied as tears formed in her eyes. Nathan wrapped his arm around her before kissing the top of her head. He then placed his hand on her belly and smiled.

Mallory spoke up and said, "Aunt Brooke, when are you and Uncle Luke going to give me another cousin? I mean Matt is cool, but I think you need to have a girl like mom!"

Everyone laughed before Luke added, "Yea baby I think my niece brings up a good point."

Haley looked at Luke and then Brooke before she gasped, "You're pregnant again aren't you!"

Brooke looked down before responding, "Well we were going to keep it a surprise until Keith and Karen got back, but yes we found out a week ago."

Haley and Mallory jumped up at the same time and squealed. Nathan and Luke just laughed. Matthew and James looked at everyone confused at what was happening. Luke finally looked at the boys and said, "Brooke is going to have another baby just like Aunt Haley." Everyone finished their lunch and played outside for the remaining of the afternoon.

That night after Haley and Nathan got the kids to sleep they laid in bed talking. "I think Peyton and my mom are both looking down on us and smiling. I know that they are happy for us," Haley whispered.

Nathan kissed his wife and added, "I agree baby. We're both so fortunate after everything that has happened and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I love you so much and that only grows with each day that I get to spend with you. You make me the happiest man and you're a wonderful mother to my three amazing kids. Thank you!"

Haley kissed him before saying, "I love you too baby! I think our family is now complete and I couldn't be happier. Mal, Jamie, and little Lucy are going to have the best parents they could ask for. I'm also so happy for Luke and Brooke," she ended with tears in her eyes.

"I am too. Now lets get some sleep. We've got a whole life ahead of us that I can't wait to see what happens next," Nathan said before kissing his wife goodnight and dozing off to sleep.