The Sannins Grandchild

The Sannins Grandchild

A Naruto Fanfiction

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto nor do I generate money from this. This Disclaimer is valid for every following chapter.

Author's notes: Another story idea of mine. I admit that I'm totally and definitely clinically insane with starting yet another story. But this idea, like many others, wouldn't let go of me. And so I started typing.

Second Note. I had the basic idea around three months ago. But then I found the story "The littlest Sannin" and seriously doubted if I should publish this story, because some may scream "Plagiarism." or something similar. But I decided to publish. There might be some similarities. But I doubt they will be big. For example. I don't think I will use Otogakure. Some of the Ninjas from there, maybe. But nothing sure.

Anyway it is an AU story. I have read stories where Naruto is related to one of the Sannin. But I thought 'Why don't go all out?' And here it is. A story where Jiraiya, Orochimaru and Tsunade are related to Naruto. The story begins roughly 15 years before the start of the Naruto Manga. Three years before the Kyuubi attack.

Little complaining. I have read some stories where characters were killed, just because the author had no use for them or for poetic justice. I admit that I like stories where Gaara actually kills Lee. Because Lee is annoying. But killing Kankuro because Hayate Gekko died? Well, I really don't like needless killing off of characters. There are even stories out there, where the author kills Sasuke (or cripples him) just because he doesn't like him. Well, I also don't like some characters, but I don't have to kill them off. Just not using them any longer is also a possibility. The character is there but you don't read about it. Oh, and I generally hate it to no end if someone kills the Sand sibs off. Most of theses stories I do not continue reading.

Second one. The changing of Gaara. Changing Gaara from psychotic killer to reliable person with psychotic tendencies is okay. But the way some authors do it, just makes me want to sent Gaara on a killing spree and kill off every Konoha Nin. Some authors try the path "Why do you act like a monster, when the other Jinchuuriki want to prove that they are not monsters and capable of human feeling." Gaara wouldn't even need to acknowledge something pathetic as this. There is no reason to do so. He doesn't have to care about the other Jinchuuriki.

Some Authors even let Naruto intimidate Gaara into being nice. Something that, seen in clear light, wouldn't work out either. When Naruto is no longer there, he can kill whoever he wants and nobody can stop him. And Naruto would be too late if Gaara decided to destroy Suna. Intimidating him into changing his ways doesn't work, either. Anyway, most of the ideas I read for changing Gaara, shouldn't work if you look at them a bit closer. But authors use their ideas, because they want to change Gaara. I know that most of the ideas won't work, because they wouldn't work on me. And in some thinking patterns I'm similar to Gaara. Not the slaughter, but things like not caring for others. General ruthlessness. And things like this.

Recommended Songs: 'Amon Amarth – Valhall awaits me' and 'Amon Amarth – Death in Fire' and 'Weena Morloch – Kugel im Gesicht (9mm)' and 'Dimmu Borgir – The Serpentine Offering'


Chapter 1 Family Meeting


It was a bright day in Konohagakure. Sandaime sat in his office, smoking his pipe and grinned as he read Jiraiyas first Adult Novel. It was quite fun to read and it liberated him from doing paperwork. He enjoyed these moments of peace. Especially in times of war like they were in present.

Suddenly the door was opened and his former team entered the room. "Why did you call, old man? I was doing important research!" Jiraiya complained. The aging Hokage chuckled and looked at his student. He remembered some 'Research Missions' they had done together. A small trickle of blood escaped his nose. Orochimaru merely sighed and Tsunade growled something about perverts. Catching himself the Hokage looked at his team. "I believe, we have some thing to discuss. I'm waiting for two more persons, but first I want to speak with you three." the Hokage said. His team nodded.

The Hokage took three scrolls from his desk and handed each one of his pupils one of them. "Look at these. Their contents are quite interesting." he said, sounding a bit angered and disappointed. Each of the Sannin opened a scroll and began reading. "A parentage test?" Jiraiya asked as the first one. Tsunade busied herself reading the scroll and Orochimarus eyebrows were right now trying to reach his neck.

Suddenly he yelled out. "This is the worst joke ever! I'm surely not the father of any Konoha-nin!" Then he looked at Jiraiya. Jiraiya was looking at his Sensei. "These are not fake. The facts here are true. I am a father." he said dead serious. The Hokage nodded. "It was by chance that our medics found out. Yes, you both are fathers." the Hokage stated.

Jiraiya and Orochimaru took it like real men. The took an instantaneous nap. Sarutobi used a small Suiton Jutsu to wake them. The men looked at each other. "Orochi-teme." Jiraiya began. "Ero-dobe." Orochimaru replied. "There is only one thing we can do right now." Jiraiya stated sagely. "Indeed, my friend." Orochimaru replied equally sagely. "Getting drunk like there is no tomorrow!" Jiraiya continued still sounding like an all-knowing sage. "Right you are." Orochimaru agreed.

In a split second they were gone. Tsunade was still reading her scroll and Sarutobi sighed. Then he looked at his remaining pupil. "Sometimes the past comes back to haunt us." he said to her. She nodded and ran away. She didn't want to face her biggest mistake.

Meanwhile at a bar. Jiraiya and Orochimaru were drinking like there was no tomorrow. They were drinking like men who want to continue this action for the next hours and maybe even days. The bartender grinned at them. "Bad day?" he asked. Jiraiya nodded "Found out that I'm the father of an almost adult child." he answered. The barman looked at Orochimaru. "What happened to you?" he asked quite curious. It was a rare sight. The Snake Sannin looked like he had seen Shinigami. "The same." he said tonelessly. "I think that bottle in the upper row, containing the green fairy, is what I need right now." he ordered. The barman nodded. "Here you go." he said and gave Orochimaru a glass full of Absinthe. Orochimaru shook his head. "I skip the glass and take the bottle." he said and took the bottle. Jiraiya looked at the barman. "I take one too." he ordered and the barman handed him the bottle. Nodding to each other the two male Sannin said "Cheers!" and gulped down the liquor with vigor.

Some minutes later Tsunade entered the bar. Jiraiya and Orochimaru were out cold. Running some quick medical scans she was relived that they just had to much blood in their alcohol. "You act as if this means the end of the world. Stop fooling around." she growled. Both males snored. She sighed and grabbed them. Then she went to the river with them and threw the two in there. "Wake up!" she said while doing so.

Orochimaru and Jiraiya woke up as they fell into the cold water. "Damn it, I had such a nice dream!" Jiraiya yelled. Orochimaru merely cursed under his breath. "Come with me!" she ordered both males. And both followed her grudgingly.

Some minutes later they entered the office of the Hokage again. Both males still soaked to the bones. "I'm glad that you made it back here." the Hokage stated amused. He remembered how he had reacted as he had heard he would become father. He had spent an entire night drinking. He looked at Tsunade then. "I believe we have some things to discuss." he said to her especially.

She nodded darkly and sat on the couch in his office. "This concerns mostly Orochimaru." she began. The Snake Sannin was listening intently now. "It was 20 years ago." she continued.

Jiraiya and Orochimaru were now thinking back until it hit them. 20 years ago her younger brother had been killed.

"We three went to a bar, because I wanted to drown my pain in gallons of Sake." Tsunade said, sounding far away. Jiraiya remembered parts of this night. "You were bawling for some hours. Mostly on my shoulder:" he stated. Tsunade nodded. "You left around 2 am. Too drunk to even think straight. But me and Orochimaru continued drinking. And I asked him how could not feel any regret when someone close to him dies." Tsunade continued.

Orochimaru began remembering the night as well. "I answered: 'Because all the regret and pain would destroy me.'" he said. Tsunade nodded. "I don't know why but we continued arguing which course of action was better. To care about others or to feel nothing at all and to care only for yourself and your goals. In the end I wanted to show you that love and care for others can make you strong." Tsunade continued her tale.

Jiraiya had become pale. "You don't mean! You mean. NO!" he yelled.

Orochimaru tried to remember the night and got some glimpses of said night. "Warmth. Hope. Maybe even love." he said, sounding totally surprised. Tsunade nodded. "Yes. We slept with each other. But in the morning I woke up and I ran. I felt like I had done things that I shouldn't have done to you. I felt like I had taken advantage of you. So I left your home and thought nothing had happened." she answered.

Orochimaru looked her in the eyes. "I can't recall the morning after. I only know that I had so much alcohol left in my system that I couldn't remember the night. Later I didn't think about it any more." he said.

Tsunade sighed. "But something had happened in this night. Two months later I found out that I was pregnant. And I panicked. I thought you would hate me for not telling you what had happened. So I decided to hide it and I left the village as I was in the 4th month. You do remember my training trip from this time?" she continued her tale. Both males nodded. "Well I gave birth to mine and Orochimarus son in a small town at the border to Kaze no Kuni. And then I gave him to an orphanage in Konoha. They accepted the boy without question. I still have his birth certificate and the certificate of the orphanage taking care of him. I watched him growing up from afar." she told her teammates.

Suddenly it dawned on Orochimaru. "Minato is my son?" he asked. Tsunade nodded slowly. "Yes, he is." she stated silently. "This was also the reason why I was so determined that either you or Jiraiya take care of him as a Sensei." she told him.

Jiraiya looked at his old Sensei. "And why am I here?" he wanted to know. Sarutobi chuckled. "Uzu no Kuni? Does this ring a bell?" he asked. Jiraiya grinned perverted. "The best night of my live. Yoshina, my fiery redhead." he said with a dreamy sigh. "It's saddening that she died along with every other inhabitant of Uzu no Kuni." he said a bit depressed. "Flaming red hair, the body of a Goddess and a will of iron. It is 20 years now since this one night in Bangkok." he said. "And I will never forget this night." he added.

Sarutobi nodded. "Your night in Bangkok had also a result." he began. Jiraiya looked at the old man and counted one to one. "Kushina is my daughter?" he asked loudly. Sarutobi nodded. "Yes, she is." he answered. Jiraiya decided to take a second instantaneous nap. The Hokage woke his pupil again. Jiraiya groaned and sat up. "Are we done now with the surprises?" he asked. "Almost." the Hokage said. Then he went to the door and let Minato and Kushina in.

Both male Sannin looked at their children. Kushina looked at the Hokage. "Okay old man, why did you call us here?" she asked. Minato nodded. "Yes. And why is Ero-Sensei here?" he added. The Hokage sighed. "What do you know about your parents?" he asked the young people. Kushina answered first. "Mother told me that he was younger than her, but an incredible lover." she began. Orochimarus eyebrows shot into his hairline. And Jiraiya looked extremely smug. "She said they had only one night. And she told me he was a strong Ninja. That's why I decided to become a Ninja as well. I always hoped I could sometime find my father." she told the Hokage.

Sarutobi nodded. "I, or rather my medical staff, have by chance found your father." he told the young woman. Kushina was very interested now. "You found my father? Who is he? I want to meet him as soon as possible!" she said sounding more and more excited. Sarutobi chuckled at the woman's enthusiasm. "Well. He stands behind you." he said. He just couldn't resist to do this. Kushina turned around to see Jiraiya.

The following seconds were extremely funny to watch. Minato looked like he had lost a really big sum of money as he was cradling his wallet. "Don't worry Gama-chan. I will refill you." he said to the frog wallet. Everyone in the room sweatdropped. "Minato, mind telling us why you are cradling your wallet?" Sarutobi asked very amused. "Kakashi and me have a bet. He bet that Jiraiya must have had sex at least once in his life. I didn't believe so and held against it. OW!" the male blonde said, cradling a lump on his head

"That's what you get for not believing that the awesome Jiraiya can get a woman!" Jiraiya told his pupil. Kushina looked at Jiraiya. "Did you know about me?" she asked. "No. I just heard it this day." he answered. Kushina nodded and latched onto him. "I finally found my father!" she exclaimed happily. Jiraiya grinned to. "Yes. And I found my daughter." he said and went into an edge to talk with her.

Minato meanwhile looked at the Hokage. "I don't know who my parents are. I am an orphan as far as I know." Sarutobi shook his head. "My medical staff found also your parents out. They both live." he began.

Minato looked at the older man. "Do you know them? Did they abandon me because they hated me?" he asked.

"No. Your father didn't even know about you. And your mother feared to tell it your father so she ran away. She did however watch over you from afar, trying to help you without anyone noticing it. She never told anyone that you are her child, but I think she is terribly sorry for doing so." the Hokage told Minato.

"Well? I want to know her name! I want to know who she is and who my father is!" he yelled impatiently. Sarutobi sighed.

Suddenly two arms came around Minatos neck. "You are my son." Tsunade admitted. Minato turned around and watched the Slug Sannin. He saw the regret in her eyes. The pain and loss. And the shame. "Who is my father?" he asked with a dry throat. "That would be me." Orochimaru told him.

The two males looked at each other. Both did not move one bit. Finally they stepped to each other. "You make me proud to be your father." Orochimaru admitted finally. "Father." Minato acknowledged.

Suddenly they heard a loud "What?" from Jiraiya. The Frog Sannin appeared next to Minato. "I believe you have to tell us something." he said sternly. Minato gulped. "What do you mean?" he tried to act innocent. "Maybe the little fact that you want to defile my poor, innocent little girl?" he asked dangerously sweetly. Everyone sweatdropped. Jiraiya had almost jumped into the role of the overprotective father. "Make her cry and I feed your sorry carcass to one of Orochi-temes snakes." he threatened.

Kushina looked at her father. "Stop acting." she growled. "I'm grown up, in case you didn't notice." she said pouting. Then she took hold of Minato. "And yes, I intend to marry him sometime soon." she said.

The expression of the 4 older Ninjas was priceless. Sarutobi grinned. Tsunade looked shocked. Jiraiya grinned perverted and gave a silly thumbs up to his daughter. And Orochimaru looked at Jiraiya, then at his soon to be daughter-in-law, then at his own son and sighed. "Seems like we will be a family soon." he said and sat down.

Then he looked at Tsunade. "We have missed so many things." he said. She nodded slowly. "I guess it's too late to say sorry." she answered. Orochimaru sighed. "Maybe not." he countered. "I once heard that everyone deserves a second chance. Maybe even we." he added and looked at Tsunade. "Are you willing to give me a chance? To prove that I'm not a monster? To prove that I can still feel for others?" he asked solemnly. Tsunade nodded. "Do you forgive me for not telling you about your son? Do you give me a second chance at being with you?" she answered. Orochimaru nodded. "I do." he said and went to her. He embraced her rather awkward. He had after all not had close contact with other humans for years. He wasn't used to showing compassion, kindness or caring.

Minato looked at his parents. "Maybe we will have a second chance at a family life." he said. Then he looked at his Sensei. Soon they would be family, with Jiraiya being his father-in-law. He searched his heart for any negative feelings about Tsunade but he couldn't find enough to be angry at her. He had seen that she had suffered from what she had done out of fear. She hadn't even been twenty when she had born him. He was now 19 and was a Sensei for a bunch of Kids some years younger than him. Hell, he was even thinking about marriage. He didn't know what would have happened if he had lived another life.

Orochimaru and Tsunade separated again. "Excuse me, but I have some things to do." Orochimaru said and Body Flickered away. He went straight to his underground laboratory under Konoha. The one where he was doing his experiments on people. His experiments to create new bloodlines or recreate dead ones. So far they were only failures. The place where he did research for his immortality Jutsu. "I can't continue here." he said darkly. "After all I want to prove Tsunade that I'm not a monster." he continued. He would give up this projects. It was with a heavy heart that he did so, but it was for the best. His son didn't need a father who experimented on humans. He took every scroll with Jutsus, every ounce of knowledge that he got and packed it away. As he had packed everything away he flashed through hand seals. "Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu!" he said and incinerated everything left. He watched his projects turn to ashes. But this was necessary. He wanted to prove Tsunade that he wasn't a monster. So he had to stop acting like one. When there where only ashes left he flashed through another set of seals. "Suiton: Bakufu no Jutsu!" he said and a quite big wave of water washed everything that remained away. "A clear start." he said and left the underground laboratory.

Tsunade had meanwhile talked with her son. He had developed very nicely. His newest Jutsu was ready. The Hiraishin no Jutsu allowed instant travel from point A to point B. It was faster than Shunshin no Jutsu and had a much longer range. He had even offered to teach her his second personal Jutsu, the Rasengan. Tsunade had accepted and for the first time in years showed her son how proud she was.

Timeskip 3 years

Things were going greatly for Konohagakure. Minato was now the Yondaime Hokage, Iwagakure had capitulated around half a year ago. And the Sannin were about to become grandparents. Tsunade had, after two years finally mastered the Rasengan. And it irked her to no end that Kakashi had begun copying every enemy's Jutsus. And that he had the Rasengan ready before her. Half a year ago Rin and Obito had died on a mission at the border of Iwa. It had taken quite some time for Kakashi to accept that it hadn't been his fault. Tsunade was teaching her niece Shizune every medical Jutsu she knew. And Jiraiya took every chance he got to go peeping. What spooked Tsunade was that Kushina seemed to encourage him. And that she sometimes went together with him. "Must be a family trait." she had decided. Only to pale as she thought of a child with the combined abilities of the Red Death, the Yellow Flash and the Sannin. A child that had the tendency to go peeping. "I will have to ensure that the child doesn't turn out this way." she swore to herself.

Yet something was troubling the Sandaime and the Yondaime Hokage. As it stood Suna was probably having three Jinchuuriki. Some spies told the Hokages that Suna Attack troops had captured the Hachibi and the Gobi. And Ichibi was already captured in the town. And then there was the problem that Kumo had 2 confirmed Jinchuuriki. Nibi and Rokubi had gotten sealed there. Kusa was rumored to have sealed away the Yonbi and the Nanabi had been caught in Taki. Kiri had quite some time ago sealed the Sanbi away. However, the spies were relative sure that the two children of the Kazekage were the containers of Ichibi and Gobi. And they assumed that the third child would be made the Jinchuuriki of Hachibi no Hachimata.

And the Yondaime Kazekage was a cruel man. Better than the Sandaime Kazekage but that was no big deal. Sandaime Kazekage was more a crime-lord than a Kage one could respect. Well, the same could be said for the new Mizukage and the current Raikage. Both were indulging themselves in various crimes. Minato was quite troubled by this. Because there was the possibility that one day Konoha would have to fight Kumo or Kiri or even both. And add to this that Suna was building up power and they only had a weak treaty and that Iwa would surely love the chance at revenge, Konoha was at is was quite fucked. 2 unstable nations, one neutral and one hostile neutral nation were quite the danger. And then there was the problem that Kusagakure seemed to try to conquer Amegakure and Takigakure. If they succeeded Kusagakure would join the 5 powerful elemental nations and make them 6. And Kusa wasn't on exactly friendly terms with Konoha. But time would tell what would happen.

A week later, it was the tenth of October, Kushina went into labor. Tsunade went to the hospital with her. And the three males came with them. One more nervous than the other.

Suddenly a Chunin came running into the clinic. "It is coming!" he yelled. Everyone tensed. "What is coming?" Orochimaru wanted to know. "The Kyuubi! It races to our village!" the man yelled frantically. The men tensed. "The Kyuubi no Kitsune? The evil beast of the legends? The destroyer of Uzu no Kuni?" Orochimaru asked. The Chunin nodded. "It is coming here. It is almost there." he explained.

Tsunade heard this from inside the labor room. She ran a quick medical check of Kushina. Everything was fine. She looked at the woman. "Minato will be with you. We will take on the monster together with Sensei. And if we never return, know that I'm proud of you both and that I wish your child the best." she said. Then she left the room and met with her son and her team. "This will be the greatest battle of the Sannin. One that will be remembered for a long time." she began. Jiraiya nodded solemnly. Then he and Orochimaru went to Kushina to say goodbye. Tsunade turned to her son. "I can't tell you how much I love you. I hope you, your wife and your child will have a happy life." she said. Minato nodded. "I wish you the best luck, mother." he said. Tsunade nodded and went to meet with Sarutobi. Orochimaru and Jiraiya went to Minato. "This is the end. The last battle of the legendary Sannin. Farewell, my son." Orochimaru said and hugged his son for the last time. "I wish you all luck you can get." Jiraiya continued. Minato nodded. "I will never forget you." he said sincerely. The three men nodded and parted ways.

At the walls of Konoha the battle was heated and bloody. The giant demon roared into the night. "Puny humans! No one can stop me! I will kill you all and fulfill my deal with Tobi!" the demon yelled. It's paw crushed some Chunin. And nothing they did could stop it. Suddenly they heard a shout of "RAIKIRI!" and the demon let loose a pained yell. "I will feast on your bones, fleshbag!" it yelled. Kakashi managed to jump from the demon just in time. And the Kyuubi advanced into Konoha. It's tails threw around boulders and trees. Breathing fire it caused even more destruction.

Suddenly everyone heard a triple "KUCHIYOSE NO JUTSU!" and the Sannin entered the battle. Manda, Katsuya and Gamabunta faced the giant fox. "At least you summon me for a real battle and not some troublesome fights." Manda said to Orochimaru. Katsuya looked at the giant beast. "I will help you stopping it, Tsunade-sama." she said. Gamabunta looked at the other two Boss summons. "This fox is going down!" he said. "Yes. We will stop it." Jiraiya agreed.

And the battle began. Katsuya spit acid after the demon, Gamabunta and Jiraiya did a combined fire attack and Orochimaru used heavy destructive Ninjutsus to bombard the fox. And the fox was quite annoyed. "Tobi, this will cost you much more!" it yelled. Everyone was wondering who it meant with Tobi. The Sannin were beginning to feel the fatigue. They had hit the fox with every mass destruction Jutsu they knew and it was still fighting back.

They all watched in shock as the demon threw another boulder. And this one headed straight to the hospital. "NO!" all three yelled as the boulder destroyed a big part of the building.

Suddenly two more summons entered the fight. Anko Mitarashi, apprentice of Orochimaru, had summoned Kyodaija. The three-headed snake immediately attacked the demon. And then a second toad appeared on the battlefield. On it stood Minato with a bundle in his arms. Everyone looked at him as his toad landed near the bosses. "I don't have much time." he said urgently. The Sannin nodded. "I'm going to use the Hakke Shiki Fuin, but not the version I created. This one is a bit different." he said. Jiraiya blanched. "You can't do this!" he yelled. Minato shook his head. "I'm the only one having the chance to do this. Take care of Naruto. Kushina picked the name after one of Jiraiyas novels." Minato said. Orochimaru looked at his son. "You really will do this." he said toneless. "Yes. This is the only way. I will seal the Kyuubi in Naruto. Please raise him, because it will cost me my life and Kushina is already dead."

Sarutobi reached the group. He was looking tired. He had also attacked the demon but even together with his pupils he couldn't stop the beast. Anko was right now keeping it busy and annoyed it. Kyodaija would try to bite the demon to distract it. The snake was no real danger for the demon so the demon decided to play around with it some time before it killed her. Some fun had to be allowed.

Sarutobi looked at his successor. "You are going to do it." he stated. Minato nodded. "Please take over as Hokage again. Your pupils will have to care about Naruto. Oh and my last action as Hokage is declaring Anko Mitarashi a Special Jonin. She has earned it. Tell Kakashi that I allow him to use the Rasengan further. And I challenge him a last time. He shall set his genius mind on the task of making an elemental natured Rasengan. Maybe he succeeds." he said. Everyone else was looking at how Anko kept the demon busy. And Orochimaru was full of pride for her. "My son. Farewell." was all he said. In his eyes Minato could read how proud his father was of him. That he understood what he was about to do and that he accepted it. Tsunade looked at him with tears in her eyes. "I love you, son." she said and hugged him for the last time. Jiraiya looked at him. "You are my son. If not by blood, so in my heart. Farewell." he said. "Farewell. Please explain the people that Naruto is a hero for holding the Kyuubi. And raise him well." the Yondaime Hokage said and went to confront Kyuubi.

Kyuubi was getting bored of the girl with the snake. Sure it was amusing to chase it and the girl was good at evading, but this got old pretty fast. Suddenly it sensed a increasing source of Chakra. It looked to warrior toad and the human on it's head. From what the demon could sense, he had opened all eight inner gates. Now it even ate a strange red pill. And the Chakra of this person was rising to unbelievable heights. If the demon had to guess, this human held as much Chakra as Gobi. But it would kill him pretty soon.

The Human began doing seals at an incredible rate. And the demon got a feeling of dread. And then it saw him. Shinigami. "NO! I WILL NOT FAIL! YOU WILL NOT SEAL ME AWAY!" the demon yelled. "Too late. I sacrifice my life to seal you away. This seal will siphon off your power until only a powerless spirit remains. You attacked the wrong village!" the Hokage yelled. "LET ME GO! I WILL NOT STAY IN SUCH A PATHETIC FLESHBAG! I WILL COME OUT AND RAZE THIS DAMNED VILLAGE TO THE GROUND!" the demon yelled in unbelievable rage. "You can't break out. Breaking out would kill your vessel. The death of your vessel will kill you too!" the Hokage answered, as the soul of the demon was ripped from it's body. "I WAS SO CLOSE! DAMN YOU FOR STEALING MY CHANCE AT FREEDOM!" the demon yelled as it was sealed into the baby.

Yondaime coughed weakly. The Deathgod was giving him some minutes before it would take him away. "Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki. This shall be your name. Live a life as a hero of Konoha. You sacrificed so much without even knowing. Know that your mother and I will always love you and watch over you." he said. His summon sat him on the ground. He called one of the villagers. "I trust you with this. Bring this boy to the Sannin. I wish that everyone in this village sees him as a hero, because without him we wouldn't have survived. He keeps the demon locked away." he said to the woman. She nodded. The Hokage was dying. He had sacrificed himself to stop the demon. He had sealed it away so that it couldn't escape. "I will honor your wish, Yondaime-sama." she said and took the baby. Then she went to the Sannin, who were walking in her direction. She handed them the baby. "The hero of the village." she told the three of them. All nodded. Still shocked from the fact that their children had died and left them with their grandchild.

Twenty minutes earlier at the hospital. A young boy sneaked around here. He had spotted the Hokage and Kushina Uzumaki. The young boy was curious. He knew she was pregnant, as his mother had had his brother some months ago. And now the demon was on a rampage.

Suddenly he heard a crushing sound. Parts of the ceiling came down and the boy cowered under a bench. Then he saw the Hokage running out of the building, crying softly and looking a bit hopeless. He held a bundle in his arms. The young boy went to see what was up with the mother of the child. So he entered the labor room.

The woman there lay still. Curiously he stepped near her. "Are you dead?" he asked.

The woman stirred a bit. "Almost." she said weakly.

"Why do you die?" the boy asked.

"Because giving birth was heavier than expected and there are no medics around. Some fled, and others help the injured. Tsunade tried to stop the beast." Kushina said slowly.

The boy looked at her. "What will happen to your child?" he wanted to know.

Kushina cried a bit. "Minato will sacrifice his life to seal the Kyuubi into Naruto. His grandparents will raise him." she said.

The young boy got a look of determination. "I, Uchiha Itachi, promise that I will also try to help Naruto." Itachi said.

Kushina smiled. "It is good to see that Naruto will have friends." she said. "I fear that some people might think of Naruto as the Demon reincarnated." she added.

Itachi scowled a bit. "I will never accept someone calling him demon!" he vowed.

Kushina smiled. "It makes me happy. Do you see the bag there?" she asked. Itachi nodded. "In it is a book with things I wanted to teach Naruto when he becomes older. Please teach him these things. I will not be able to do this." Kushina told the boy. Itachi opened the bag and took a book with the title "The Art of the Admirer of Beauty" out of the bag. Kushina nodded "This one." she said. Itachi pocketed it. Kushina looked the boy in the eye. "Live a happy life, Itachi." she said almost unhearable. The bloodloss taking her life.

"I will, Uzumaki-san. Farewell. I will watch over your son." Itachi promised a last time and Kushina died with a happy and peaceful smile. This would be the way Itachi would remember her. Going peacefully from this world. And Itachis goal was clear. To teach Naruto the things his mother had wanted to teach him. And some things of his own.

A while after the battle Sarutobi sat in his office. His pupils stood before him. "What will you do now?" Sarutobi began. Jiraiya sighed. "We will take care of our grandchild." he told the Hokage. Orochimaru and Tsunade, who was holding her grandson, both nodded. Sarutobi sighed a bit. "Very well. Which name shall he get?" Tsunade produced a paper from her robes. "Here is his birth certificate. His name is Naruto Namikaze Uzumaki." she said. Sarutobi nodded. "Very well. You are as of now the guardians of Naruto here." the old man said. The Sannin nodded and left the room. They had to take care of a child after all.


End Chapter 1


Authors Notes: Another a bit weird idea of me. And I just had to type it. Anyway, I have no real plans where this heads. A Harem is quite sure, psychotic Gaara also. The Sand sibs will all three be Jinchuuriki. Who holds which beast I will tell in time. Anything else. Let's see where imagination leads me. And yes, I plan on doing a good, perverted Itachi in this story. The Uchiha will be killed off nevertheless.

Yes, Naruto will be powerful and I'm taking some artistic freedom here, but with stories out there, dealing with Yaoi or making characters who are definitely male and straight into straight females I must say, I think my approach is not that out of reach.

Anyway tell me what you think of the idea of Naruto being related to the Sannin.


Omake: Family Research

Kushina was looking at Jiraiya. "Say, Father." she began. Jiraiya nodded. "How do you do research appropriately?" she continued.

Jiraiyas jaws threatened to drop from his hinges. "Why do you want to know?" he answered.

Kushina grinned a bit. "Well, I want to do some research. I'm writing an Adult Novel and I need to do some research. Can you help me there?" Kushina explained.

"Where do you want to do your research?" Jiraiya answered.

"Well, the female characters are no problem. I only have to enter a public bath to catch inspiration. But I can't do some research in the male parts of the bath." Kushina told her father.

Jiraiya grinned happily. "All right, come with me. I will teach you how to do research." he promised. "My daughter is a pervert, I'm so happy!" he yelled.

Kushina smirked. "Well, mother was a pervert. And you are one too, I guess it runs in the family." she said. "And I'm no mere pervert. I am THE PERVERT! Remember this, Ero-father." she continued.

Jiraiya looked a bit annoyed. "I am no mere pervert, like you imply! I am THE SUPER PERVERT! And you can learn from the best, your father!" he answered grinning wider with every word.

Kushina looked happy. "Yes! And if I ever have a child we will teach him the ways of the Uzumaki and your family. Maybe he becomes one of the fabled ULTRA PERVERTS?" she said daydreaming.

Jiraiya grinned like a madman. Images of a young man with spiky blond hair running through his head. A boy with a VERY big Harem of girls. "My daughter. We will do everything in our power to teach the child the ways of the Perverts!" Jiraiya promised. "Now let's head off, we have to do some research." he continued.

Kushina nodded and grinned. "You know, I never told anyone else, but I met Minato first when I got caught peeping." she told her father while they were heading to the hot springs.

Jiraiya grinned. "Your mother and me met the same way. We caught each other peeping." he answered. "And the hotel we had our perfect night in had a shrine dedicated to the God and the Goddess of perverts."

End. Maybe it was funny. And yes it will have some influence on the story. Because I really like perverted Naruto with a Harem of girls. And I like the thought of a God and/or a Goddess for the perverts. After all they need a deity helping them.

Omake 2: Orochimarus Mother

Orochimaru was walking through Konoha. He had an eerie feeling.

Suddenly he saw three Genin from the sand. Something about one of them felt of. Familiar. But he didn't know why.

Version 1:

Gaara heard the Hachibi talking. "My hatchling is here. Get him to talk to me." she ordered. He turned round to watch the Snake Sannin. "Mother wants to talk with her hatchling." he told Orochimaru before giving over the control to Hachibi.

Temari and Kankuro watched in awe as Gaaras eyes became slitted and he jumped at the pale man. "I found my hatchling! How have you been, son?" the demonic voice asked.

Orochimaru could only look at the boy with wide eyes. "Mother?" he asked.

Version 2:

Kankuro heard the Hachibi. An usual annoyance. That damn snake was always complaining. His meals, his clothes, that he signed the Cat summoning contract and so on. But now his eyes became wide. "This is my hatchling. Get him to talk to me!" Kankuro sighed and looked at the pale, snakelike man. "What do you know about the eight-tailed annoyance also called Hachibi no Hachimata?" he asked.

Orochimaru was surprised. "Why do you ask?" he wanted to know.

Kankuro grinned humorless. "Because the snake claims that you are her hatchling." he said bluntly. Orochimaru took an instantaneous nap.

Hachibi hissed. "Wake my hatchling up!" she ordered. Kankuro grumbled but complied. Then he left control to Hachibi. The snake took the chance to catch Orochimaru and looked at him. "You have become a fine man." she stated.

Orochimarus only answer was "Mother?"

Temari almost had to laugh at the Snake Sannins face.

Version 3:

Temari hissed angrily as she heard the snake. This damned creature was a pervert from hell. Most of her talking revolved around boys and the joys of motherhood. Temari really wished she could neuter the snake. This should stop her.

Now however was different. The snake hissed. "I need control of your body. Now. My Hatchling is there and he will get a beating from hell for not searching for me." she said. Temari surrendered. At least the Snake wouldn't jump the man.

"48 years" came Temaris snakelike voice. "48 years ago you ran away and I haven't heard from you in all this time. Come here, boy!" Temari ordered the older man. Orochimaru sweated. This voice promised pain.

Hachibi Temari sat on a bank, pulled Orochimaru over her lap and began spanking him. "You could at least have sent a message!" she said while Orochimaru got the best thrashing of his life. "Please stop!" he yelled. Getting spanked in publicity by your mother is embarrassing. Being 50 and having your mother sealed in a 15 year old girl breaks the record.

The next thing would forever haunt him. "If you had been there, I wouldn't have been sealed in a prude lesbian!" Orochimaru was right now ready to commit suicide. And Temari really wanted to rip off all 8 tails of the snake. And her head.

End. Hope you liked it.

Last but not least. I thank Eisregen, Helloween, Manowar, Goethes Erben, Samsas Traum, Blind Guardian, Amon Amarth, Oomph and Rammstein for inspiring music.