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Rating: T…..for language

Summary: Dean hits on the wrong girl and Sam pays the price

Chapters: 1/3

Sam's age: 13…..Dean's age: 17

Sam Winchester walked out of his English class at the end of the day, spirits up and with a happy attitude. It was Friday which meant his dad would be coming home from his hunt and they could spend the weekend together. He walked to his locker pulling out the books which he needed for his homework that weekend. He put the items into his back pack before slamming his locker shut. He felt a smile spread across his face at the thought of seeing his father again. They always didn't get along but, that didn't mean he didn't miss him. With Dean chasing any girl he could find it would be nice to be home with out the silence threatening to overwhelm him at times.

He walked down the long hallway of his school in the blissful silence. The hairs on the back of his neck prickled and he turned around to see no one. He sighed only wishing to get home. He kept walking only to be stopped by a sharp grip on his shoulder. He turned around to come face to face with Ross Jenkins the biggest dickhead in high school. According to Dean he was an asshole.

Sam's eyes widened at the thought of what he wanted with him. He instinctively tried to step back only for the grip to tighten and become painful.

"Where's big brother and why you here all by yourself?"

"None of your business." Sam in fact had to stay late to finish typing his report and he told Dean earlier to go on and go home so he could make sure dad had someone there when he arrived home.

"Let me go."


"What do you want with me?"

"Your dick head of a brother was hitting on my girlfriend. I don't take to kindly to that. So I figure I take my anger and frustration out on you rather that your stupid ass of a brother." Sam instinctively bristled at the older teen calling his brother an asshole. Only he got to call him that. Sam knew Dean was friendly with the most of the girls in high school but, according to Sam Ross Jenkins girl was not taken.

"According to my brother your ex-girlfriend is not on the market."

"You little shit." That's when the first blow came. It knocked the breath out of Sam as pain radiated from his stomach. Ross looked at the little punk and liked the look of discomfort on his face. He hit him again in the stomach letting go of the kid allowing him to sink to the floor. He watched as Sam curled up in a ball and that's when the kicking started.

"Where's big brother? You know the way he talks about you he sure doesn't back it up. He probally can't stand your pathetic whiny ass so I guess I am doing him a favor." Ross smirked as Sam seemed to curl up even more at his harsh words.

Sam felt tears spring to his eyes as the blows came strong and hard to his stomach and back. He knew he should be fighting back but, he suddenly had no energy. He was suddenly roughly pulled up from the ground and gripped underneath his arms. He felt the sting of the slaps on his face as Ross continued his beating. He suddenly fell to the ground as Ross dropped him in a heap while he lay in extreme pain.

"Let this be a lesson Sammy. Hopefully Dean doesn't mess any one else at school or it won't just be me kicking your pathetic stupid ass."

Sam slowly lifted his head and watched as Ross walked down the deserted hallway. He slowly and painstakingly picked up his backpack along with his bruised and battered body. He once again felt tears spring to his eyes as the pain was enough to make him sick. He gently lifted up his shirt and saw an array of bruises already starting to form. He breathed deep and felt his ribs twitch with pain. He pulled his shirt down and started the long walk home.

Ross Jenkins walked away feeling glee at that fact that he had screwed up Dean Collins little brother. He truly enjoyed watching the pain and fear radiate from him. He knew if his parents found out or better yet Sarah there would be hell to pay. He didn't care though no one messed with his woman and got away with it.

He scowled at the fact that the little punk was right. He and Sarah were no longer a couple but, she still belonged to him. He could be a dick when he felt like it which was pretty much all the time. The kids in school feared him and he liked that. His parents were rich and he could have anything he wanted. He also new if his parents found out what he had done they wouldn't allow him to get a new car for his 18th birthday.

He reached his car a small smile playing at his lips as he opened the door. He knew he had roughed up Dean's little brother and he knew Sarah wouldn't like that. He didn't care though he didn't like the idea that Dean was flirting with her and telling his little brother about it. He turned his car on and blasted his music before heading home.

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