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Bella and I spent the weekend lying around the flat watching movies, taking nice, long baths and making love. I'm not sure how many times we even bothered to eat anything.

When we woke up on Monday morning, we gave a simultaneous groan of frustration.

"That wasn't enough time," Bella said, turning to bury her face in my chest.

"I know, but sometimes you just have to face reality; right, Love?"

"No…" she whined. "Just one more day; call in sick, please?"

"I can't, Love. Ben has already covered for me so much, I feel guilty asking him for one more day."

"He'll say yes," she said, looking up at me with those irresistible, brown eyes.

"I know he will; that's why I feel so bad."

I kissed her gently before disentangling myself from her arms. She gave a cute little whimper as I rose from the bed and made my way to the shower. I washed myself while having wonderful flashbacks of this weekend; the way my angel hardly ever left myself, how I held her in my arms every night.

When I walked back into the room, Bella was back to sleep. I kissed her softly and went to work.

All day at work, I was distracted. I was constantly daydreaming about Bella; I'd passing a DVD box or a CD case or see someone who vaguely resembled Bella, and I'd be lost for about 15 minutes.

Ben noticed and sometime around 3 p.m. he called me on it, "Thinking about someone?"

"Perhaps," I said with a smirk.

"Awww, young love; you two are so cute it's sickening."

"Thanks mate."

We chuckled as Tanya walked up from organizing CDs.

"OK, I'm done; can I go home early?"

She had been particularly stroppy these days; Ben said he thinks it's due to my new marital status. That made me nervous, she's never been easy to deal with, but I was hoping my getting married wouldn't make her want to do something crazy. Her remarks at the bar last week was bad enough.

"Please do," Ben said. "You've been a little…off today."

"I'm fine, just tired," she said, irritated.

"Whatever; see you tomorrow."

"Bye," she turned to me, "Bye Edward."


I kept my eyes down; I felt I needed to make my point clear on the whole 'I want nothing to do with you' issue. She walked out, and the rest of the day went by smoothly. After work, however, was a different story.

I decided to just walk home, it was only a little over a mile, and I happened to pass by a flower shop. I stopped in to grab some lilies for Bella; and as I walked out, I saw a dark figure round the corner towards me. I ducked out of the way just in time for James fist to run into a brick wall.

"Ah! Bullocks!" He cried, grabbing his hand in pain.

"You've lost you're edge, mate! Not as fast as you used to be!"

"Sod you!" He said, lunging at me and throwing us both back into a set of garbage bins on the side of the street. We tussled around on the ground, throwing sloppy punches and kicks at each other.

A couple of cops came by and broke us apart.

"Alright, you two, what's this all about then?"

"He attacked me," I said, struggling against the cop who was holding my arms back.

"That's a lie, he came at me first!" James countered; always a coward, through and through.

"OK then, let's see some identification," the first cop said.

My arm was released so I could reach into my pocket and take out my ID – James did the same.

"Let's see here, 'Edward Anthony Cullen,'" he said and looked at me over the top of the card. "And 'Jeffery Simon Lewis.'"

I shot a look at James, who smirked back at me; just like him to use a fake ID.

"Wait, Jeffery Simon Lewis?" One of the other cops asked.

The first cop looked again, "Yes."

James started to look panicked.

"Isn't he wanted in Essex for armed robbery?"

"Yeah," another cop chimed in, "I remember that name! It was on the telly."

I smirked back at James; he got sloppy – couldn't keep his fake identities straight. He was trying to squirm his way away from the cop holding him back.

"Let's run this, just to be sure," the head cop said. "But, put him in the back of the car, just to be safe."

It took two cops to get James in the car; then the cop behind me asked, "What about this one?"

"Just let him go," the other cop said. "But, if I ever see you getting in a row again, I'm going to do you in, you hear me sonny Jim?"

"Yes sir," I said as the cop released me.

I smiled at James before walking back into the shop to replace the flowers he had ruined.


I finally crawled out of bed around noon. I wasn't even going to try to make it to my late classes today, so I called Alice to go for lunch.

We met at 1 and she was giddy to hear all the details of my weekend. I was actually amazed that I felt close enough to someone to talk about my sexual encounters. But, I wasn't about to tell even Alice everything.

We chatted about things so long, I hadn't even noticed how late it had become – it was 3 o'clock before we left the pub.

"So, want to go shopping or something, Mrs. Cullen?" Alice asked.

"Only if you stop calling me that."

"I thought you liked it," she protested.

"I do, but not when you use it every time you refer to me," I replied.

"Fair enough," she said. "So, shopping?

We decided on going to Soho, even though I was convinced we wouldn't find much either one of us could afford. Alice dragged me into an Agent Provocateur and started pulling me around the shop excitedly.

"Oh, we should try and find you something to wear for Edward," she squealed.

"It's been my experience that he prefers it when I'm not wearing anything," I countered.

"That's true of any man about any woman, Bells; but I want to find you something cute, nonetheless."

I say a nighty hanging near me and took it off the rack; it was nice – a babydoll-style gown in red. Then I looked at the price tag.

"£250!! OK, I think we need to go somewhere else, Alice! I have never and will never spend this much money on pajamas!"

"No; please Bella? We can find something less expensive, I promise!" She begged. "They have to have a clearance section somewhere."

Alice swiveled her head around the shop, looking for anything resembling a sale sign.

"Oh, there it is," she said.

We made our way back to find three girls digging through the racks. They all dressed like teenagers, even though it was clear they were my age or older. The talked loudly in heavy East End accents and flipped their peroxide blond hair around with just about every gesture.

They didn't look up when we walked over – too engrossed in their own inane chatter – and they were taking up all the room around the sales rack.

Alice cleared her throat to get their attention and one looked up with a sneer. "Yeah?"

"Other people would like to look at the sales items, ladies," Alice's voice was so sweet yet condescending, I had to stop myself from snickering.

The other two looked up then; I recognized one to be none other than Tanya. Great, honestly the last person I wanted to see today – or ever.

She smirked at me, "Fancy meeting you here."

I turned to Alice with a hard look, "Let's go."

Without a word, she followed me out the door; Tanya, of course, was hot on our heels.

"What? No hello?"

I continued to ignore her as we made our way towards a coffee shop on the corner. I just needed to be in a public place, so I would be less tempted to slug her.

"Oi! This slag is rude, isn't she?" One of Tanya's friends taunted.

Alice started to turn around, but I grabbed her arm and continued to walk, we made it to the coffee shop and I went up to get something to calm myself down.

"Bella, who is that?"

"Tanya, she works with Edward; hits on him constantly and gets all upset because he won't flirt back. But it doesn't stop her from trying to get me to believe that he's been getting fresh with her."

Alice's eyes got that mischievous look in them, "So, why walk away? Why not mess with her?"

"Let's just ignore her," I said as the slag squad entered; gazing at us evilly as they sat at a table near the door.

I ordered a green tea and Alice a Chai latte; we sat at the other end of the shop and waited.

"Are we just going to sit here and wait for them to leave?" She whispered to me over her drink.

"Yup," I replied.

"You're no fun now that you're married."

"I was fun before?" I asked, causing Alice to choke on her Chai.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Tanya get up and go up to the counter; she was watching me and smirking. She was plotting something.

Alice turned her head and watched her along with me as Tanya whispered something to the guy behind the counter. She leaned forward and pushed her chest out towards him – oh yeah, she's up to no good; and she was trying to get this poor coffee monkey in on it, too.

However, the guy didn't look too impressed with her. As she stood there, face all pouty, pushing her boobs out further by squeezing her arms together, the guy looked at me and then looked back at Tanya. He shook his head at her; I notice her face drop and she pulled back away from the counter.

"Fine, just get me a non-fat, sugar-free caramel latte, then!" She spat at him. He turned to get her order, and she turned to glare at me. Alice raised her cup to Tanya in a mock toast.

Tanya got her drink and came over to our table.

"So, were you trying to get him to spit in some drinks and send them our way?" Alice asked.

"Whatever; look, let's not fight, OK?"

"Who's fighting?" I asked. "I have Edward; I think I've pretty much already won."

She put her hand on her hip and shifted to one side, "You have Edward for now."

"Forever, actually," I said, showing her my ring.

She sneered at it, then turned to smile at me, "Well, aren't you just the lucky one, then?"


"Just…so…lucky," she leaned forward with every word, and then suddenly tipped her cup over and spilled it down the front of my shirt – it was scalding. Tanya and her friends started cackling as Alice stood up and grabbed Tanya by her hair.

"Hey! Take it outside!" The manager called.

"With pleasure," Alice responded, pulling Tanya out the door by her hair; Tanya's little friends started going crazy, trying to get Alice off of Tanya.

I followed them out to find Alice holding Tanya at arms length, while trying to fend off the other girls. I decided she needed some help.

"I'll take that," I told Alice, reaching for Tanya's hair. I pulled Tanya back so she was facing me and forced her to look at me. Before I could say anything, she took a swing at me, which I blocked with surprising ease. She tried it again and I tugged her hair harder.

"You try to hit me again, and I'm pulling this nasty hair out, you hear me?" Wow, when did I become such a badass?

She stopped struggling and looked at me.

"Right then," I began, "Why don't we start with how you're going to leave Edward alone. He's a happily married man, now; you wouldn't want to look like some cheap, husband-stealing tart, would you?"

She didn't respond.

"WOULD YOU?" I yelled, tugging her hair again.

"NO!" She cried.

"Good and you're also going to leave me alone, aren't you? When ever you see me, Edward or Alice, you're just going to go in the opposite direction, right?" I tugged again.


"Good girl, you're learning," I said, letting go of her hair.

Her friends ran forward and grabbed her hands, pulling her away from me. As they ran towards the tube station, one looked over her shoulder and yelled, "SLAG!"

Some girls just don't learn.

I got home to find an empty flat. 4:30, half-an-hour until Edward gets home; I should start getting dinner started.

I was getting some bread out to make some sandwiches while the soup I made simmered on the stove when Edward walked in. I ran to him and jumped into his arms, planting kisses all over his face.

"Hello, my lovely wife; did you miss me?" He laughed.

"You have no idea," I said as I continued my assault.

"I'm sure I have some idea," he said, carrying me to the couch.

He began gently sucking and nibbling on my neck when I remembered I was trying to make dinner; but he wouldn't let me up.

"Edward," I whined. "The soup is ready; I need to take it off the stove."

"Leave it," he said with a husky voice. "I need my wife right now."

I pulled off his shirt; when he returned to his spot on my neck, I started to scratch my nails down his back. "Not as much as I need my husband."

Epilogue: Three years later.


"Dada!" I heard the unmistakable sound of tiny bare feet slapping against the tiled kitchen floor as Declan ran towards me.

He would be two-years-old soon; I couldn't believe how fast time was flying. But, I was sure to make the most of it these days.

I picked my son up and threw him gently into the air; as I caught him, he started giggling uncontrollably. That signaled to me that he'd like me to do it again – I complied. Once my arms got tired, I brought him close for a kiss before placing him down next to me.

"Bella!" I called up the stairs.

It was nice to be able to afford an actual house – now that Bella was a teacher and I got a job working with MI5 (yes, the ex-con is now working on the side of the law).

I heard Bella's footsteps reach the edge of the stairs; I looked up to see my lovely wife descend towards me – well, really, I saw her swollen stomach first. We would have a sister for Declan in about a month.

I ran up to meet Bella halfway and helped her the rest of the way down. I hated that she insisted on going up and down the stairs so much, she should really be spending most of her time off of her feet. But, I couldn't say anything to her about it; it upset her too much.

"Ugh! When is this baby supposed to be born?" She whined.

"Soon, Love; patience."

"Easy for you to say, you're ankles aren't so swollen they've become a part of your calf."

"They have not, Love! Stop, you look beautiful!"

"I…have… cankles! And a huge fat stomach! And I'm tired of having to sleep on my back or side all the time! I am a stomach sleeper; always have been!"

Bella was really into ranting these days; I found it best to just let the rants run their course. She was always more pleasant afterward.

I got her down on the couch and Declan bounced up to sit on her lap.

"Mumma!" He laughed.

"How's my baby boy?" She asked as she started tickling his sides. He squealed and tried to squirm away from her.

"Well," she said. "I guess I'd better go make dinner."

"Nope, just sit; I've got it covered."

"Edward, you've been at work all day; I'm not going to make you cook dinner, too."

"Who said I'm cooking?" I asked with a wicked grin. "I just said I've got it covered."

As if on cue, the door opened to reveal Alice, Jasper and their 15-month-old daughter, Mia.

"Hello, mummy!" Alice cried. "We've brought food!"

Jasper carried the bags of food to the kitchen where he and I started getting plates and things ready.


Alice brought Mia over and sat next to me and Declan. My son's eyes lit up when he saw Mia, I didn't think it was possible for 2-year-olds to have crushes.

"Look who's here, Declan," I said. "It's Mia!"

"Meee-yaa," he said in his toddler's broken speech.

"Mia, can you say hi to Declan?" Alice asked.

Mia just hid her face in her mother's neck; I was still amazed that out-going little Alice got such a shy little girl.

The boys brought out the food then; plates of pasta and bread sticks – my mouth was watering already. Although, I had one request for Edward, "Baby, will you grab my stuff?"

"Oh yeah, sorry Love," he said, walking back to the kitchen; he walked back out with a small bottle with orange-red liquid in it.

"What's that?" Jasper asked with a mouthful of pasta.

"Chalula, it's hot sauce from America," I said. "I've been suddenly craving it on everything, so I had Charlie send me a couple bottles."

"Can I have some?" Alice asked.

"Sure." I passed her the bottle.

Alice put a drop of it on the pasta sitting on her fork, and then popped it into her mouth. After a moment, she had a surprised look on her face.

"Hot?" Edward laughed.

Alice swallowed, "Yeah! Jeez, how can you eat that, Bella?"

"I don't know, it's not that bad to me; and it's nothing compared to Tabasco."

"Weird Americans," Jasper remarked.

"Hey," I said. "I'm officially a Brit now; I've got the papers to prove it."

"Fine…weird Brits," Jasper said.

"That's better," I said.

The place I was sitting suddenly became warm and moist. I dropped my fork and looked at Edward.

"Love? What is it?"

"I think my water just broke!"

"Oh my god!" Alice cried, jumping up to grab Mia. "We need to get her to the hospital!"

"OK, calm down; we've got time," I said as Edward pulled me to my feet. I grimaced at what I must have done to the couch, but I didn't dare look back now.

Declan and Mia saw the panic around them and both started crying. Jasper picked Declan up and tried to sooth him as Edward rushed me to the car.

8 hours and 15 minutes later

It was 1:45 in the morning; I was lying on the bed in the maternity ward holding McKenna Jessica Cullen – all 7 lbs., 1 oz. and 19 inches of her. And she is perfect!

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