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The titles for the chapters are what inspired me to write the certain scene. Could be a word, song, emotion. Just whatever was my muse.

Stop and Stare

Tony Stark knew exactly when it happened. He could tell you the day, time, down to the very second. He knew exactly what he was doing and could definitely tell you what he was drinking.

When it happened he had felt like he needed a drink, crashing his own party had aggravated him and he just wanted to unwind. Now he was in the middle of a conversation with Agent Coulsen, from the Strategic…Homeland…Inter-...Yeah you get the idea.

Tony had just taken a sip from his scotch when something suddenly caught his eye. Questions and thoughts began circulating in his mind. Why that can't be… No it couldn't be her. Was it her? She wouldn't go out in public like that.

She didn't even have to turn around and he realized it.

It made him catch his breath.

It was her.

His Pepper, His Miss Virginia Potts gracefully talking to no one of importance. Why hadn't she told him she was going to be there tonight, or that she was wearing that dress? It was a beautiful blue gown, backless, fitting her perfectly. She looked so divine. Although Tony would never admit to thinking that word.

The unsettledness of his stomach was not something he was used to. He had been debating this feeling for quite some time thinking it was only appearing because his lack of companionship for 3 months. It was only logical for him to thrive on a females company, or that Pepper just happened to be the only one available at the moment.

Tony knew he was lying to himself.

From the short intake of breath he had taken just before proved all of his excuses to be wrong. He knew exactly why he felt this way and what he needed to do. He wanted to reach out and just take her home, and never leave. Course that was seemingly impossible with the current circumstances.

"…how about the 24th, at 7pm, Stark Industries?"

Catching the end of the conversation he was able to use his get out of jail free card and make a run for it. Sticking out his hand not breaking his glance on Pepper, Tony responded.

"Tell you what. You got it, you're absolutely right…well ugh…I'm gonna go to my assistant" Tony turned toward Agent Coulsen and pointed to Pepper.

"And we'll….make a date"

Not even excusing himself, he left. He had no one to report to, this was his benefit and he could do what he wanted.

Ignoring anyone trying to catch his attention his pushed his way to the edge of the dance floor and over to Pepper. As soon as her company saw him walking towards then in their direction they quietly stepped away and he called to her.

"You look fantastic, I didn't recognize you"

He smiled at the look of panic that struck her, he didn't mean to startle her. When he walked up. She almost didn't believe he was there it seemed.

"What are you doing here!"

He shook his head, "Just avoiding government agents"

"Are you by yourself?"

He ignored the question and looked at her up and down. "Where'd you get that dress?"

She suddenly became modest, "I...oh, It was a birthday present…from you actually"

He nodded, "I got great taste"

There was a moment of awkward silence before an idea struck him, "Do you wanna dance?"

"Oh No"

"Alright" he ignored her again as they walked to the dance floor. She protested as they walked but he held a firm grip.

Now Tony Stark was a man with much knowledge. At least he thought so. But nothing had prepared him for this. These feelings, these emotions. He had no one before this…but he wanted that to change.

And know he knew what he had to do.

The clock stroke 11 as he pulled her onto the dance floor, and at 11:01 when she was in his arms he knew.

Tony Stark was in love with Pepper Potts.

And he was not going to let her get away.

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