Almost-Chapter 4

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Chuck was slouched against the toilet, with his foot on the door, keeping Blair trapped inside the small airplane bathroom. Blair was standing as still as possible, paranoid to actually touch anything in the place.

He can't just keep me here. She looked at him as she asked her question, irritation strong in her voice. "What do you have to say?"

He looked back at her, a leer forming on his mouth "Thought you weren't going to listen"

"I wasn't, but can we just get this over with?" I need to get out of here.

His face softened a bit and, possibly, a bit nervous, "Look I'm sorry Blair"

She cut him off: "I heard you before and it doesn't make any difference"

"You weren't asleep?" He asked in surprise.

She said in aggravation, "Of course not. Like I would ever actually sleep in a public place."


"Excuse me! Anyone in there? I've been waiting 30 minutes" A voice spoke from outside the door.

Blair saw her opening and she went for it, "Let me out, Chuck! That person really needs to use the bathroom" She said this in her most sugary sweet voice, a pristine smile on her face.

Chuck rolled his eyes and stated the obvious, "You don't care about that person"

Blair retorted, "You don't care about anybody."

"Well, that's not entirely true." He sat up straighter, adrenaline pumping through him in a way that only occurred during an argument with Blair.

Her brow furrowed, "Your scarf doesn't count as a person."

He stood up and leaned in as he spoke, "You're important Waldorf. I know you think your not, but I wouldn't be here if you weren't." Then he kissed her. Almost. He was so close, but Blair was having none of that. She slapped him right across the cheek, leaving a red mark where her small hand had been.

"Where would you be if you weren't here?" she asked kinking her eyebrow. "Why didn't you show up Chuck?" She looked up at him with her big brown eyes, glassy and expectant. After all the dancing around, here was the moment of truth. To tell or not to tell?


He paused. That's all the answer I need than. Blair turned around, no longer facing Chuck. She looked at what she thought was her very unsatisfactory face in the mirror. Her stomach quivered. Her face looked slightly hardened. He hadn't spoken yet, but she was trying to prepare herself. So, she watched and listened.

"There was a girl; she was… is my parents' interior designer"

She watched as her eyes welled up with tears. Another girl, of course.

"Nothing happened I swear, but…"

If nothing happened, how come he took so long? The rims of her eyes were turning red from holding back tears.

"…I was planning on it. In the end I couldn't go through with it."

That's when she gave in and those waiting tears slowly poured down her porcelain doll-like face. He had wanted her... that whore. And now He was going to have her.

"Blair, please listen to me, nothing happened!"

"I heard you! Still means you picked another girl over me." I thought Chuck really loved me. Not enough. Again. I'm never enough. She still watched her reflection as she actually touched the counter for support. She fought the urge to grab the soap container and go after Chuck and shove it now his throat, and the urge to shove her own fingers down her throat.

"I came after you!" He said it aggressively.

"She probably didn't want you. You only came because you needed someone. Well, you're too late." She was trying to gain back control, channel all her heartache into rage.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Let me be more succinct: I don't want you anymore," Breathe. She brushed the tears off her face with her hand and stared in the mirror at Chuck's reflection, I command myself not to love him.


No, she doesn't mean that. I didn't screw this up. "Liar"

She turned around to attack him to his face, "You're the liar, saying Bart was late when really you were screwing some slut!"

"Nothing happened." Why can't she just believe me, "I saw Bart and he gave me some terrifying speech and I panicked. She was just there, but it was never about her." He was shaking now, his eyes were fearful. He didn't want to lose it all again. Not again.

She shook her head side to side, "I don't believe you"

He leaned his face down to meet her "Why? Why is that so hard to believe?"

Her answer was obvious: "Because you're Chuck Bass; you use girls for your own enjoyment."

Was being the very person he was afraid of losing going to make him lose Blair? Chuck sputtered out a last ditch effort to keep Blair Waldorf standing where she was, "This is different." Why can't she see that? "Because I held your hand, the night in the limo, I grabbed your hand and I didn't wanna let go. I was fucking Blair Waldorf and for a second," He said with a pointed look. "I never wanted to let go"

"So?" She was trying to sound indifferent again; bored.

"So? Come on Waldorf your more articulate than that." He was frustrated, this conversation seemed to be going nowhere, "I know you might have been a bit tipsy that night. . . "

Her cheeks were as pink as the rim of her eyes, emotion slipping back into her voice as she responded: "I was out of it enough to sleep with you."

Can't she be serious for once? "Your memory obviously isn't that foggy though," Chuck said, desperation showing in his voice

Rolling her eyes Blair conceded, "I remember you holding my hand."

Constricting his hands into fists by his side, "How many girls' hands do I hold? Hell! How many girls' names do I remember?" His watery hazel eyes were on her.

"Glad I was important enough for you to remember my name," Blair said in disgust.

This wasn't going the way Chuck had hoped. They were face to face, but he was still trying desperately to close the gap between them. "Since that night so much has been about you, but I don't do love, or any of this; because your right I am Chuck Bass. So, how can I be the guy who's in love with Blair Waldorf, too?" He was freaking out inside and it was showing. His face was red and a few tears had escaped his eyes. He looked on the brink of collapse, "I'm scared" I said it, finally. "I'm freaking terrified Blair," then he did collapse and lay back against the bathroom wall.


He loves me. She moved toward him, more than a little surprised by what she had just seen, but not so rigid anymore. I can't just leave him there; he opened up. She grabbed his hand and helped him off the floor. Her voice soft, but with a husky quality from crying, "Can you listen to me now? I'm going to be here. I'm not going anywhere this time." It's only fair I do the same…


He leaned down so they were connected, forehead to forehead. "Why would you do that?"

Her nose grazed his as she kissed him lightly, her mouth barely touching his. "Because I want to." He took her face in his hand and kissed her deeply. He understood; Blair Waldorf wanted to be with him and that's all that mattered.

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