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Chris Jericho stared at his opponent. The match had ended in a count out. He had almost hit him with a chair, but he couldn't. Why didn't he hit him? It was a little complicated but not that complicated. He loved him. He wouldn't admit it to anyone. He could barely admit it to himself. He, Chris Jericho, loved Shawn Michaels.

He figured that it had started at Wrestlemania 19 and it had only grown. They had celebrated after the match. It had been a good match with each other countering the other's moves. Poetry in motion. He knew that was a bit cliché, but it worked.

Their celebration had ended in a one night stand. It had been enjoyable for the both of them. The next morning, regret had set in. Jericho didn't have any regrets, but Shawn did. So Jericho had let him go and loved him from afar.

Now here they were, Jericho trying to hold his emotions in and Shawn looking confused. Shawn looked up and saw what Jericho was trying to hide. The love that Jericho was trying to hide. This confused Shawn even more. Why did Jericho love him? There one night stand had ended badly. If Shawn had known how Jericho felt all those years ago, things might have ended differently. He had said that he regretted that night but the only regret was that he had cheated on Hunter. Now he was regretting walking away from Jericho.

There was so much pain between the two. Shawn wanted things to be different between them. He and Hunter had broken up because there was nothing between them. Shawn had grown to love Jericho and wanted to be with him.

The show was over. Superstars started to leave the arena and head to the hotel. Shawn and Jericho were staying on the same hall. Jericho had gotten settled in and was preparing for bed when he heard a knock at the door. He opened and his mouth opened a little in shock.

"Chris. I need you." Shawn said.

Jericho wordlessly stepped aside and let Shawn into the room. Shawn walked in and Jericho closed and bolted the door. He walked over to Shawn who wrapped his arms around Jericho's waist. Jericho tilted Shawn's head up and slowly pressed his lips to Shawn's. Shawn returned the kiss which felt like sweet rain on dry ground. As the night progressed, articles of clothing were lost and the bed covers became twisted.

The next morning? No regrets.