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Kyoko rushed in the door, her grudges at full force and reaching for Sawara-san.

"What did you doooooo...?" She wailed at him.

"Ah... I said you'd act on Fuwa Sho's newest PV! They were very excited, since the last one went so well! Aren't you happy?" He asked, oblivious. Kyoko's depressed aura intensified. "And, you'll be co-starring with Fuwa and Tsuruga Ren! Requests will be pouring in! Here's the script..." He whipped out a small pamphlet and handed it to the now nearly suicidal Kyoko, who half-heartedly (If that much effort) flipped through it.

By the time she finished, the grudges had released Sawara and stars were in her eyes. Skipping out the door, she left a confused but satisfied Sawara behind.

"Wow, she must really love Fuwa Sho."


"Tsuruga-senpai!" Kyoko called happily. Tsuruga Ren looked up from his fast-food snack-food lunch, only to be tackled seconds later by the previously skipping Kyoko, who had been unable to stop. An evil grin spreading immediately over his face, Yashiro began clicking pictures with his cellphone.

Scrambling off of Tsuruga, Kyoko shouted, "You're on Sho's PV? Who are you?" Tsuruga, still sitting on the floor, stunned, didn't answer. "Who're you acting out?"

Yashiro, still documenting the event, answered for him.

"He's playing Kenta." A look of shock latched itself onto Kyoko's previously blissful face. Whipping out the pamphlet Sawara gave her, she found the summary.


CHARACTERS: (A/N: Kyoko's annotations are in italics)




CHRIS- A girl...?


Kotarou is dating Sakura, but cheats on her with Chris. Sakura walks in on the two of them and is heartlessly rejected. (So cruel!) In despair, she turns to her childhood friend, Kenta, for comfort. The two eventually fall in love, and seeing Sakura with someone else, Kotarou realizes he really does love her (SERVES HIM RIGHT!). He confesses and apologizes, and is rejected with the same words he used on her. Heartbroken, he jumps from a bridge. (3 If only... IT'S FATE!)


Yashiro, looking over Kyoko's shoulder, sees her notations and is unable to stifle a giggle. Tsuruga (who has since recovered) takes the script from the frozen Kyoko's hands.

As he reads, his gentleman's smile grows brighter and more brilliant until even Yashiro has to turn away to avoid being blinded. Handing the script back to her, Tsuruga says, "I look forward to working with you." And walks away. Dazed, Kyoko asks the room in general,

"Why is he so angry?"

"Maybe because of your reaction to who he's playing." Yashiro hinted slyly. He followed Tsuruga, leaving a much confused Kyoko behind.

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