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Sho Fuwa headed my way. I didn't even notice him until he spoke. He's not really my type. I mean, sure, he's cute and all, but when compared to Tsuruga Ren... well, Fuwa becomes a snotty little boy in contrast.

"Hey, Mitsuki." His informality didn't really bother me. He was a diva, what a surprise. I nodded, then went back about unpacking. "You're obsessed with Tsuruga, right?" I sighed.

"Not obsessed. Obsessed people do things like trail around after their victims to find out where they live, or spend obscene amounts of money to be 'closer' to their victims, or - "

"Violently force others away for the chance to talk next to their victims instead of across from them?" Sho smirked as I fell silent. Arrogant snot. Maybe it wasn't just in comparison.

"Do you have some reason to be here?" I finally replied.

"Well, we do have a goal in common."

"And what might that be?"

"To seperate those two - " he jerked a thumb over his shoulder - "and steal them for ourselves." I stared at him.

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh, you'll see." He smirked again. Never would have guessed that was coming. I rolled my eyes and turned away as he left.


I loped away, as graceful as ever. So what that Mitsuki was either too stupid or too in denial to notice the way that guy clung to Kyoko. I could still use her. But I had to get my stuff set up, claim a corner for my own, and Shoko wasn't there to arrange for the heavy lifting.

"If you are all ready, I am to invite you back out to the garden for the first event." The man popped back out as quickly as as he came, dramatically flourishing his cape as he left. Man, what kind of nutjob ran LME? But I strolled out first through the doors, Kyoko then Tsuruga behind me.

I recoiled in horror at the sight before us in the garden. I thought I had trained myself to be the perfect, imperturbable idol, but that thing... If it didn't creep the hell out of you, you had something wrong with your head.

"What the hell is that?" I asked. The same weirdo who first showed us the castle reappeared.

"That," he said, "is your new pet."

"Pet." Mitsuki repeated. I don't think she could even see it anymore.

"Yes. The President felt he should be introduced to more people, and you were the lucky people chosen to be its new companions for the next few days." Why don't they through their President in a loony bin?

"P-president..." Kyoko stammered. Neither she nor that pretty boy seemed particularly suprised - more exasperated. But Mitsuki... I remembered seeing Kyoko for the first time in that angel costume, with tears pouring down her cheeks. I mentally sniggered. Kyoko would cause the same reaction as that... whatever the hell it was.

"Here is everything you can feed it." The guide handed Kyoko a rather large chart. "I'll be back to check on you in a few days." And then he was gone, leaving us all alone with... it...