Wizardmon blinked at him in astonishment.

"Bed? He asked, and then glared at the Mega, better sense taking flight as his indignation boiled over. "Bed! Where are my clothes-?!"

"That I promised to have cleaned for you?" Piedmon's grin grew wider as he 'finished' his guest's sentence for him. He made a grand gesture and a pile of neatly followed purple and yellow garments appeared in his arms. "Why, they are right here. No need to get upset." Seeing the other's grim face, he chuckled, "Still feeling feisty even after your rest, are you? Perhaps the heaviness of a full stomach will have an inverted reaction and lighten your mood. Breakfast is waiting for us in the dining room."

Wizardmon waited, but the Mega made no move. Finally, he asked if Piedmon would allow him to get dressed before he left the room.

"Well, I hardly think it necessary… you wear basic black quite well," the Mega smirked. "However, I suppose in the interest of preventing the appearance of food stains on the good linens…" he dropped the pile into Wizardmon's arms, and then leaned back against the door.

"Where are my cloak, vest, and hat?" he asked, clutching the coverall, boots, and gloves possessively.

"You will not need those to dine. Breakfast is an informal affair here."

Feeling awkward, again Wizardmon waited for the Mega to leave.

"I thought you wanted to get dressed?" Piedmon reminded him.

"I do."

Tapping his chin with one finger, the Viral mockingly asked, "Truly? Oh, I see… And since you're actions are belying your words, I might hazard that it is my presence that is deterring your change of costume? Then I must needs put your mind at ease"---he leaned over to cup the bluish chin in his hand----" for you have nothing hidden under that sheet that I have not seen, so there is no need to be shy."

No one ever accused a Dark Lord of having tact, Wizardmon thought as his skin flushed with blood. Wordlessly, he turned his back---and using the sheet to spoil the Mega's view---quickly stepped into his jumpsuit, shrugging it on. "What is it you want from me?" he asked bitterly as he zipped it all the way up. "Why am I being kept here if you know… seen…" the rest of the sentence log jammed in his throat.

"Breakfast is waiting."

"I'm not hungry," the smaller mage lied.

Piedmon laughed. "Digimon are always hungry for one thing or another."

Getting a grip on his emotions, Wizardmon decided it couldn't be any worse for him to voice what he really wanted to know. "And what is it that you hunger for from me?"

"Why, nothing---and everything," Piedmon unhelpfully supplied. "You are my invited guest. Now come, I happen to know that our cook has surpassed himself this time: the soufflés are done to perfection!"

(Later, at the dining table…)

Wizardmon was seated between the two as the different courses were brought out. He ignored the soufflé and sausages, but did partake of the fresh fruits and toast even though he'd truly lost his appetite now when he was flanked between the powerful Virals. However, he thought it prudent to not only to humor his hosts, but to keep his energy reserves up, so he ate what his principles would allow.

"You have not touched the main course," Lady Devimon noted as the last one was being served. "Is it not to your liking?"

"I prefer the other items. They are very good," Wizardmon said truthfully. Indeed, what he had eaten could be described as nothing less. A pity the atmosphere was not as pleasant as the food.

"Only the fruits and vegetables?" Piedmon wondered as he eyed the Data's plate. "Are you ill?"

"Your pardon, Lady, Lord; but I do not care to consume things that once had the power to dream. You see, I tend to empathize with their current circumstances and it ruins my appetite." Realizing that his sarcasm was showing through, he tempered the statement with a smile.

"How remarkable," Lord Piedmon said, still acting the tolerant host. "Not that I agree of course, but I find the idea quite fascinating. Don't you, Lady Devimon."

"I find everything about our guest… fascinating," the dark womon avowed. She reached over for one of Wizardmon's sausages sitting abandoned on its plate and sucked on its end before biting down slowly into the roasted flesh. "Like the way you eat… it's so unusual. I don't believe I've seen the like."

"We each have our unique qualities, Lady," Wizardmon said as he politely lowered his head so as to discreetly cleaning his stitches as best he could with his tongue. Later, when he was alone, he'd do a better job with a small brush he kept for just that purpose. Now, he symbolically touched his napkin to his chin in order indicate he was done with the morning's repast. "Mine are not all that remarkable. If I may be excused from your table...? I must-"

A wet tongue poked inside the pointed cup of his right ear, completely filling that aural cavity.

Wizardmon would have jumped right out of his seat, save for the pair of hands that kept him firmly in place. He could only gasp helplessly as his left ear was also attacked via an engulfing mouth that sucked on it like it was a popsicle.

The mouth retreated slowly, Lady Devimon whispering into the glistening orifice, "Whatever business you have will have to wait until after dessert."

"I-I'm full," Wizardmon stuttered in his shock. "I d-don't need d-dessert."

Both Virals chuckled wickedly, Piedmon retracting his tongue.

"Oh, there's always room for dessert, my dear Data. I assure you that you have not even begun to feel 'full'. But you will." Piedmon grinned. "I'm going to show you exactly what being 'full' really means."

"But I'm ugly!" Wizardmon practically screamed. "Why me?!"

"'Ugly' is such a harsh word. I prefer 'exotic'," Lady Devimon purred into his ear, engulfing it once more as her hands found the jumpsuit's main zipper tag and pulled it down a little... then a little more.

Wizardmon felt a warm sensation sliding down his chest and past his abdomen, some oblong object leaving an oily trail in its wake. He could see the small bump it made in his jumpsuit as it continued its journey southwards, finally forced to a stop virtue of the chair.

Right between his legs.

"Oops. I seem to have dropped my sausage. And I do so love sausage."

"Then by all means, retrieve it my dear," Lord Piedmon smiled. If you're sure where it is?"

"Pretty sure, my Lord."

A large black gloved hand rested upon Wizardmon's lap, talon-like fingers bunching close to rub it lightly. The action forced the end of the sausage against his crotch, which was beginning to tingle strangely from the unusual friction. He shifted uncomfortably as that part of his body seemed to gather to itself an inordinate share of his body heat. And the mild tingle was fast changing into an annoying itch that yearned for a good scratch!

Lady Devimon unzipped his suit even more, inserting her smaller hand and reaching down, the weight of her appendage forcing the zipper to give way before it. Wizardmon struggled against the invasion, but it was no use.

"Oh, I found it! And it feels so nice and warm. I do believe our guest is keeping it hot for me," Lady Devimon grinned.

"How kind of him," Piedmon smiled back.

She pretended to fumble around for a better grip on the sweet meat, managing to scratch the hot raised mound of flesh the sausage was resting against with each move. As the Champion clutched the edge of the table, he found to his embarrassment that he couldn't stop himself from uttering soft grunts of pleasure as the fierce itch that had been growing was soothed. However, the instant she grabbed the sausage and removed it from his clothing, the burning itch started up just as bad as before. He half wished she hadn't found it so quickly---then grimaced at the thought.

What was going on? He'd never suffered a reaction like this in his life!

"Is something the matter, Wizardmon?" Piedmon asked. "You look a bit… hot."

"I think I might be allergic to something on that sausage," the mage shuddered, feeling the heat emanating from his swollen groin sweep over the rest of him in a wave. When it was gone he felt chilled---except for where the heat was still going strong. Gods, but he felt so very strange---like he'd been drugged!

Wizardmon groaned as he was lifted from his seat and swiftly carried back to 'his' bedroom, the movements causing the fabric of his suit to rub against his irritated crotch---a sensation that was both painful and unexplainably wonderful at the same time.

Foggily, he muttered a protest as he was stood upon a small end table, the open jumpsuit sliding off his slight frame with only a little assistance from those hands that were keeping him upright.

"What have you done to me?" Gods---was that his voice? He sounded like he was half asleep!

"Oh, just a little sedative for up here"---fingers ran through his scalp to travel languidly down his ponytail and back---"and a stimulant for down here," Piedmon chuckled as he inserted one hand between the wizard's legs to spread them a little and nudge the growing groin pouch from behind. "You were so nervous before---a virgin we gathered----so we thought this way would work to make you more amiable to our ministrations."

"Daemon would be very upset with us if we damaged his property," Lady Devimon added just before she applied a course tongue to his groin, licking the dimpled seam that had appeared in the engorged flesh.

Daemon! From somewhere in his disengaged mind, alarm bells went off in Wizardmon's head. How did they know that he'd belonged to--?

And then his groin seemed to explode from within, his thoughts blasted with it as his mind echoed in empathy. When the bright flashes left his vision, he stared down at himself in mute shock, lungs gasping for air.

Had he digivolved again? It didn't feel like it---yet how to explain that new shape that had formed between his legs?

And then Lady Devimon claimed it and he lost all conscious thought to anything but pleasure.


"You've chosen to abandon a tenacious master, Wizardmon. Daemon will not give up on getting you back no matter how long you run. However, if you are determined to evade him for awhile longer, I suggest you seek refuge with a digimon who can rival him in power."

"You, you mean?" Wizardmon snorted, but not in utter derision. Although he did not approve of the way he'd been forcibly abducted, he was relieved to still be alive and in one piece. And the experience had not been totally… unpleasant. Oh, it had still been a rape---but when you figured that the rapists were a Viral Mega and an Ultimate who thought they were entitled to every liberty---he'd been treated very well.

Piedmon considered the smaller wizard as they walked outside the Mega's home. "I have enough servants. As fun as you have been, I have other things I'd rather do as start a turf war with Daemon. However, there is a digimon who would not mind irking that baka. Perhaps you've heard of him? He is called Myotismon."

Myotismon? That was who the gatomon worked for!

"I have heard of him. But he is a v---" Wizardmon stopped himself before he said 'viral'. Just because Piedmon had taken a liking to him did not mean he was safe from the clown's wrath should he become offended. "---vampire digimon, isn't he?"

"Indeed. And you would be wise to seek him out for employment for he protects those that he claims with an iron fist. Of course," Piedmon chuckled, "he's just as prone to squash his followers with that same fist if they disappoint him."

"He does?" Wizardmon gulped, automatically thinking of Gatomon. The thought of her getting hurt made him feel sick in his heart. Sincere or not, she had saved his life back there in the Gazimon town.

"You had best be off. I will convey your regrets to Lady Devimon."

The Champion nodded thoughtfully as he looked down the northwards path indicated. "Thank you, Lord Piedmon."

Hearing the sincerity behind the statement, the Dark Lord cocked an eyebrow. "Gratitude for introducing you to physical delights?"

"For not deleting me!"

"Go." Piedmon laughed. "And this time try to stay away from ornery kwagumon."

(Inside the Mega's home a short time afterwards.)

"Well?" asked someone from where they were standing in the shadows.

"My Lord says he listened. Whether he accepts it is not my business."

"Of course," said the new voice agreed matter-of-factly.

The speaker then moved out into the light, revealing a short animal digimon with white fur.

"Thank you, Lady Devimon, for doing this."

"Believe me, little one, it was my unexpected pleasure---quite literally. I recommend that if you succeed in getting that one in your claws you hold on tight."

"This was purely for Myotismon's cause!" the shorter female hissed.

"Of course it was," the demoness mockingly soothed. "Which was why you were watching us so avidly."

The animal turned away to hide her blush.

"I'd better be going as well. After all, I have to let him 'catch up' to me, don't I?"

"Yes… Good hunting, Gatomon. Give our regards to your master."

Gatomon bowed in acknowledgment, and then bounded off into the forest---northbound.


Author Notes: Why this story?

I was thinking of what Wizardmon was doing before we saw him with Myotismon's army and the thought occurred to me that the mage did not seem the type to accept atypical behavior at face value. He was by his own admission voluntarily alone and hard hearted before he met Gatomon. Even considering that she saved his life, it must have been pretty difficult to readily accept that it had been an altruistic act on her part. I think that at first he was intrigued by her---yet wary still that it might after all be a trick.

And then it hit…

What if it was---partially---a trick?

I don't think that Gatomon planned beforehand to reveal her past to him. It's possible that was a slip on her part because beneath the hard exterior imposed on her by Myotismon she really was lonely and wanted someone to talk to. And lo, here was a quiet, seemingly passive listener who was also strong enough to have survived for some time on his own.

He must have seemed like a gift (if you'll excuse the expression *grin*) dropped from Above.

Remember, she was still working for Myotismon, probably with standing orders to recruit likely soldiers for his army. And in the series Gatomon was arguably the 'bossiest' of the chosen digimon. That was a natural part of her personality.

1. Gatomon wished for a loyal 'confidant'.
2. She need to gather soldiers to stay within Myotismon's good graces.

Putting those two needs together it is very possible that she tried to make sure Wizardmon voluntarily joining her.

Piedmon & Lady Devimon:
Just what were those two doing before the Dark Lord Saga began?

I pictured them as fairly newly digivolved into their Mega and Ultimate forms; still building the foundation of the power base that they would have centuries later after the first Digidestined kids defeated VenomMyotismon in Season One.

They would surely be aware of the existence of both Myotismon and Daemon; not by any means buddies, but perhaps keeping tabs and lines of communication open between them. After all, there was this threat of 'Destined' do-gooders out there!

Why was he traveling alone? Why was he hard hearted? Why did he keep his most of his body covered so? He seemed accustomed to being around evil characters and wasn't afraid of them, but neither did he seem to really belong within their group.

Wizardmon seemed to be one of those who prefer to observe than participate directly.
Quiet and unassuming, he took hits without complaint as if he'd done that all his life. Yet he had his pride too, as notice his embarrassed tone when answering Gatomon after his attack on Myotismon in his chamber failed miserably and she asked him if he was hurt.

And he was very loyal to those he gave his heart to.

I chose to put this altogether when creating a past for him as so:

Wizardmon had been a treasured 'possession' of an evil and harsh Digimon to whom he'd had a perverse loyalty to. This digimon caused or made him believe that he was disfigured in order to keep him close. (I chose Daemon for this.)
For some reason that loyalty was broken and Wizardmon ran away from Daemon. Probably constantly afraid and wary of being caught, he viewed other digimon with a jaundiced eye, seeing the bad in them more easily than the good.

But he wasn't evil himself and yearned for someone or something he could give his loyalty to, because beings like that *need* something to believe in.

For better or worse, that someone turned out to be Gatomon.

(Yes, I am writing all this up into another fanfic.)

Now, if you don't want to review the story itself---and God knows so far nobody has…*sigh*---will you at least give me your thoughts on the above ideas? One of them? Okay?

Comments are the only form of pay we fanfic writers get, you know.