A New Debt

She had fought hard, and had lost. He had her now, pressed against the cool brick wall of one of the many secluded buildings of the Leaf Village. This had all started as a normal day, had you told her she would lose her precious virginity tonight, after being overpowered, you would have had your head bashed in.

But this was not the case now. His knee slid between her legs painfully, and his claws dug at her shoulders while his fangs took her neck. She, Sabaku No Temari, was going to be raped. She had taken it all silently, not believing this to be true quite yet. She would not give him the pleasure of making her beg or plead. Her pride would not allow it.

His growls of lust got stronger and stronger, until he finally made a grab at her fishnets. She bit her lip hard, because if she screamed, he would force her more. She thought back to just half an ago, wishing she had left the bar earlier.

" Temari-san, are you sure you don't want an escort home, these streets can be quite terrible at night, even for you" the kind bar keeper had insisted. "No, I get enough of having an escort with Shikamaru, thanks though, but I don't think I will be bothered" she had replied. Man, how arrogant and stupid that sounded now. She had gone there to meet with some of the Leaf Girls, and just have a discussion, but they would all be at home, maybe even in bed now. "Lucky them" she thought.

The culprit rushed her back into her current situation when she heard a zipper undo. She shuddered inwardly, but held her common stoic stare. "Come on baby, moan for me" he whispered. "Not on your life, Inuzuka" she snapped, still struggling. "Ohh, you will" he assured her.

He undid her skirt, and was going to enter her, when he froze.

The blonde didn't know what he was waiting for; he had her where he wanted her, why make her wait? Man, when she got her chakra back was he going to be dead. He slowly backed away, and then Temari saw why. A long black shadow had him captured, and he was repeating the shadow commander's movements.

"Kiba, I don't think this troublesome woman likes what you are doing to her" the Nara said with a deadly ring to his voice. "She liked it, didn't ya?" snickered the dog-nin greedily. The Sand kunochi didn't answer; she just slid to the ground and started to shake.

"Get out of here, Inuzuka, or I will kill you" warned the savoir from his standing point. The criminal just nodded and the genius released his shadow. Kiba scampered off, like a disappointed puppy that didn't get his treat.

Temari was feeling very, very afraid. She was still shaking violently, and her vision was going hazy, and not to mention she was cold, and she had pain every where she could feel, but it was the heart in her that hurt the most.

The shadow-master ran to her side, and he gently touched her face. She jerked away, afraid to be touched. The thing that amazed him was that she wasn't crying. "You and your troublesome pride" he said in all seriousness. It was troublesome, but it was beginning to rain now, and he lifted her with ease and took her to his apartment.

He set a candle on the bedside table, pulled back the covers, and laid the sleeping kunochi under the sheets. He was glad that she had passed out, because she wouldn't have let him carry her if she hadn't, and it was best she didn't wake until morning. "So troublesome" he muttered. This had been quite the night. Seeing her in such a vulnerable position, being who she was, scared him out of his mind, and that was troublesome.