I deeply apologize for the prolonged wait. Many family troubles have come up, and I haven't been able to write. Rest assured, I will provide you guys with new and hopefully good stories, and post them as soon as I can, I am staying at a place with no internet and will soon be able to move back home. Deepest regrets, and have a HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!!!!!! And if it is so wished, which it appears to be, I will continue this story as well. Requests are also open for pairings you want me to write about. I also may have a Multi-book story coming up. ( This means that Book 1 will be several chapters, then followed by Book 2 and MAYBE Book 3) I have been chipping away at this idea for months, and will hopefully have the beginning out in January…..I kinda started at the end………..oops…..anyway thanks so much!!!!^-^