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Normalcy. What is it? Is anybody truly normal. I asked myself that same question everyday. Even though I have never been able to answer that question, I knew I was never normal. I knew that at the exact moment when my father packed my brother's and my bags and rushed out the door and into his Ford pickup truck when I was five. Being young and naïve, I had no idea what kind of storm was going to strike my life.

That day my father took us to a friend of his. I still had no idea what was going on, neither did my brother Gabriel. With Gabriel being three years older than me, I learned from an early age to go to him for advice. I asked him what was going on. Why was daddy so scarred? I wasn't afraid until Gabriel said those four little words: I don't know Gabby. That was when I knew something was wrong. Gabriel always knew what was going on, no matter what the situation was. But this time Gabriel was just as clueless as I was.

Daddy introduced his friend as "Uncle Bobby." At first glance Uncle Bobby looked like Santa's evil twin. But he ended being just the opposite. Bobby took my hand and led me into what looked like his living room. He then went into his kitchen and came back with a bowl of chocolate. As soon as I saw the candy I grinned like a cheshire cat. From that moment I knew Bobby and I were going to be great friends.

As Gabriel and I ate the chocolate and watched tv, my dad and Bobby left to go talk in Bobby's messy library. Curiosity getting the best of me, I went to investigate. I told Gabriel that I was thirsty and that I was going to get a glass of water. Gabriel looked at me and said, "Don't meddle in things that you have no business in, Gabriella." I gave him a shrug and snuck to the door in which Bobby and daddy was behind.

The door was extremely thick so I was only able to hear a bundle of things. Things like:

Hes back Bobby.

..war on humanity

It's the end of days.

I promised myself that I would never get back into this life.

Your kids are right in the middle

That was all I was able to hear before my dad and Bobby came out. My father had a stressed look on his face. He looked at me with sorrow in his eyes and said, " we have a lot of work to do Gabby." Bobby looked at my father to say, " I'll call a friend. He has two boys around Gabe's and Gabby's age. They'll be able to help out big time."

WE have a lot of work to do

If only I knew how much work that would be. If I only knew…..


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