"I kicked your cat down the stairs last month." Draco hiccupped as he watched Hermione blink at him. She'd been at work, while he'd laid at home, enjoying a day off from the office. Of course, it hadn't been a scheduled day off; he had been so hung over from the night before that the mere thought of work made his brain feel like exploding.

The confession had come unexpectedly, a random profession as Hermione had walked through the door. She still had her work clothes up, her hair pinned back hap hazardously as her honey brown eyes surveyed him for a moment. He was sprawled on the couch, his button down shirt left open to show his stomach, the pale skin clashing with the dark blue shirt.

Damn Malfoy and his ability to look handsome, even when hungover.

Hermione shrugged at him as she set down her briefcase and laptop bag, walking to the kitchen, as she looked over her shoulder, "That's okay. Crookshanks ate your fish last night so I guess we're even."

Draco blinked, staring at the fireplace that had long ago fallen dead. He switched his gaze to the bottle of alcohol beside him, pulling it closer to take a deep drink, as Crookshanks slipped down the stairs to follow Hermione. The feline took a second though to direct a nasty hiss in his direction, which Draco responded to by throwing the half-full bottle of alcohol in his direction. The cat darted off, and Draco closed his eyes as Hermione returned, an open can of cat food in her hand as she looked at him with an eyebrow raised.

"Now, now boys. There's no fighting at show-and-tell." As she returned to the kitchen, Draco groaned. What had be gotten himself into by falling in love with such a cruel woman?!