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Don't Shoot My Dog

Epilogue: Transition Complete

Bella's POV

Emmett and Rose's wedding was a complete success for all involved. I was particularly happy with that day as I got my man back. Edward had been an unusual enigma during those four months apart and I didn't think we'd make it. Hell, two weeks previous I had told myself to properly move on. That didn't happen though and now I was glad. If I had moved on then we wouldn't be together today.

After the wedding, with everything still up in the air, Edward and I spent the following few days with each other, mainly staying at my house for the whole time. The only time we left was to get more food from his house across the grass.

Once we were properly attuned to each other we hashed out the details of what was going to happen now. I didn't want things being like before, where we fell apart after one conversation even though that was my fault. So, after dinner Edward and I sat down at the kitchen table and sorted it out.

He was going to keep his job, for which I was glad about, I didn't want him giving up his career seeing as he worked so hard to get there. On the days he needed to stay in the city he would and any other time he would commute back and forth if possible. It seemed like a lot of effort for him but each time I mentioned moving he shut it down.

The next decision was where to live. He was one hundred percent positive that we would be together forever therefore should move into one place. What was the point of owning two neighbouring houses when we only lived it one? I could see where he was coming from so agreed we should live together, not that I wasn't happy about it, because I was.

Edward didn't want to sell his house but agreed to let it out and we would live at mine. I had no problem with that, but still thought he was sacrificing an awful lot. That usually was the source of our arguments. I thought he was giving up too much and he thought it was worth it, not a problem and I was worrying too much about it.

With most of the choices made we began the start of our lives together, as he liked to call it. Nessie and Jake got on like a house on fire so we had no problems there. The only one that did arise was when Nessie was declared by Jasper as being pregnant. Edward went through the roof at that, grabbed a spare rifle and went for my boy. The fool was prone to exaggerate so I wasn't worried about it.

Edward did take a lot of convincing though to let it all go. Nessie's pregnancy was very stressful for him it seemed, like it was his first born having kids rather than his dog. When she finally did spring out a litter of five puppies Edward became chaotic. It was like he lost the plot.

By the time they were moving around, running, jumping, playing, tearing up the house plants, destroying furniture, Edward seemed to really lose it.

"Puppies, I'm surrounded by puppies! What are we going to do with them all?!" he cried, several running round under his feet as he tried to make his way over to the couch where I was lying down.

"We could sell them to good families, give them away to those that want one or keep them."

"They all have to be neutered or before we know it they'll mass produce!"

"We'll do that soon enough, it's not like they can do that now," I said, holding back the eye roll.

"Better not, there's enough going on without more of these things popping up!"

"Stop yelling, you're scaring them," I scolded him, pulling him down on the couch.

"Scaring them? No, they're scaring me. I mean come on Bella, what can we expect from them? Some will be brilliant, like Nessie, and the rest will be mongrels' like that vile creature," he said, glaring at Jake in the corner.

"Oh stop, look at them all, they're cute." Occasionally being cute worked in their defence.

"Looks can be deceiving. I bet they're just waiting for our backs to be turned before pissing all over the carpet." Edward scanned the carpet quickly for any little accidents and was relieved to see none.

"You're so dramatic, and that's not a good thing!" I called as I made my way into the kitchen, leaving him on the couch.

"Well, what do you expect me to be like? You're mutt ruined my girl." I rolled my eyes and tuned Edward out as he continued to rant on and on.

He was like that for too long in my opinion, still regarding Nessie as an angel. Hell, she was as mischievous as Jake but he just wouldn't see it. Of course when the two of them were misbehaving together Edward said that was all Jake's doing, being a bad influence and all.

God he was lucky I loved him.

Alongside Nessie being pregnant and having pups there was Alice, of course she was having a baby instead, obviously. If she had pups I'd be really scared.

Anyway, at the wedding she was four months pregnant and all too soon she was nine months, ready to pop the baby out. It was weird in a way. Emmett and Rose got married, Alice and Jasper were having kids, all that made me question what Edward and I would do.

Each passing day I still felt the same love for him I had when I was washing those silly dishes so long ago. On his end things seemed the same. He didn't lose any love for me it seemed and for that I was relieved. If anything, I fell more in love with him up unto the point where he was my life, completely.

We still had problems, obviously, it was no easy ride but we did manage to hold it together during those toughest moments. Our friends were there to help as well and gave us plenty of options regarding Edward's job when it became more demanding.

After six months of living with me, Alice having a baby girl, Edward decided to pack his job in. He hated the commute, staying away from me and he didn't like help tearing people's marriages up once and for all. Spending a night drinking with the guys they came up with the solution that he should join the local lawyer's office here. Edward was happy about that and did everything he could to get on the payroll.

We had made the transition completely. Edward now called this his home, this his place of peace and this his life. He was my life and I was his. Together we had our expanding family of dogs and a baby due early next year, though Edward wasn't aware of that.

After how he acted with the puppies could you really blame me? Nah I didn't think so. Nevertheless I did have to tell him, and there didn't seem a better time like the present.

"Oh Edward?" I called through into the living room.


"Can you come here a sec, I have something to tell you?" I heard his feet move across the floor as he made his way over.

God, wish me luck!


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