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Disclaimers still hangin' tough in chapter one…

*** *** ***

The next morning, Rogue watched from the window as Remy got into a cab and sped away from the mansion. She'd told herself that she wasn't going to cry, but as soon as he was gone, she broke down.


"Hey, Bobby," she said softly, not turning around.

Bobby walked up and squeezed her shoulder comfortingly. "You gonna be okay?"


"You sure?"

She started crying harder. "No."

"I'm sorry Rogue. And not just for Remy leaving. I'm sorry for the way I acted when we broke up, too."

She finally looked at him. "Bobby, no, don't be sorry for that," she said. "I know I hurt you."

He wiped the tears out of her eyes. "It's all right. You just weren't really in love with me. It's my fault for going after you in the first place when I knew you weren't over Logan."

"I didn't sleep with him that night."

"I know."

"You do?"

Bobby smiled. "Well, at the time I was convinced you had, but looking back, I believe you didn't."

"Thanks." She paused for a moment. "Jubilee told me about the baby. Congratulations."

"Thank you."

"You really love Jubilee, don't you?"

"More than anything."

"Y'all are lucky to have each other. I'm glad you found someone who can make you happy."

"You'll find someone that makes you happy, too, Rogue."

Rogue looked back out at the place she'd last seen Remy. "I already did."

*** *** ***

"'Ro said the Cajun left."

Rogue glanced up from the book she was reading. "Yes, Remy left this morning."

"So I guess that means you two aren't…"

"A couple? No, we're not. But don't think this is your chance, Logan. You've wasted every chance that I'm prepared to give you."


Rogue slammed her book a stood up. "No. I've had it with you, Logan. You never want me until you can't have me, and suddenly you'll do anything for me. I'm not fallin' for it anymore, Wolverine. If I really meant so much to you, then you wouldn't have left me every chance ya got. You fucked up. Face it."

"I can't live without you, Marie. It hurts."

"Well, then I guess you finally understand the phrase 'what goes around, comes around.'"

Rogue walked away feeling more alive than she had in a long time.

*** *** ***

Remy sat alone in a booth at Jacques's, nursing a drink and generally feeling sorry for himself. Elaine came over and sat across from him. "All right, LeBeau, what's wrong wit' ya?"

"What make you t'ink dere's anyt'ing wrong?" Remy asked.

"Oh, probably de fact that you've come in here everyday for de past t'ree days an' jus' sat in de back lookin' pitiful."

Remy stared down into his glass. "Rogue ain't comin' back."

"I know. She called me two days ago an' tol' me t'ship up some of de t'ings from her apartment. But her bein' gone doesn't tell me what's wrong wit' you."

"I love her, 'Laine, an' she's gone now."


"So? I've lost de woman I love."

"No you haven't." Elaine sighed. "Look, Remy, ya know I love you like a brot'er, but I'm gonna be straight wit' you here. You're bein' a moron. Rogue loves you. You love her. Go up t'New York an' be wit' her."

"I can't," Remy said. "My life is here in Louisiana."

"What life? Remy, I'm sorry, but I don't see ya doin' much of anyt'ing dat ya couldn't do anywhere else. Not like you got a steady job, or kids, or anyt'ing like dat. Hell, you don' even have a dog. You wanna be wit' Rogue, den be wit' Rogue. Jus' get up, stop tryin' t'make your life a bad country song, an' go. What do ya have t'lose?"

Remy thought about Elaine's words for a moment before throwing enough money on the table to pay for his drink and a tip, and then getting out of the booth.

"Good point, 'Laine. T'anks."

"Where ya goin', Remy?"


"What? I didn't mean right now."

Remy gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Yeah, but dere's no time like de present."

*** *** ***

When Rogue went to answer her bedroom door, the last person she expected to find standing there was Remy LeBeau. But sure enough, there he was. "What in the world are ya doin' here?" she exclaimed.

"I love you, Marie," he said. "I love you, an' I can't live wit'out you. If you're in Westchester, den, well, dat's where I need t'be, too. My place is wit' you, chère, wherever dat may be."

"Remy, I…how do I know you're really gonna stay."

"'Cause I am, chère." Suddenly, Remy dropped down onto one knee and pulled a small box out of his pocket. He opened the box to reveal a beautiful diamond ring. "Rogue, will you marry me?"

Overcome by emotion, all Rogue could manage was a nod.

"Dat a yes?" Remy asked.

Rogue laughed. "It's a yes."

Remy grinned from ear to ear as he stood up and slipped the ring on her finger. Rogue looked into his eyes and he scooped her up and spun her around, laughing as he bent down to kiss her.

They kissed until Rogue heard what sounded like a round of applause. She pulled away from Remy and noticed that all of the X-Men were standing around them, clapping. Rogue couldn't help but blush.

Professor Xavier was the first to come up and congratulate the couple. He rolled up, hugging Rogue and shaking Remy's hand. Before he left, he turned to look at Remy.

"Oh and Gambit, welcome to the X-Men."

Remy grinned. He had found where he belonged.

*** *** ***

By the day of Rogue and Gambit's wedding, no one had seen or heard from Wolverine in months. No one expected him to be there for the ceremony, and when he walked into the reception, Marie felt fear grip her.

Would he try to ruin what was left of her wedding day? He couldn't stop it—she was already Remy's wife—but what would he do?

He approached her table. "Can I dance with the bride?"

Rogue glanced nervously at Remy, who gave her a nod. "Go on, chère," he whispered. "I'll be right here."

She kissed him on the cheek before getting up to go to the dance floor with Logan. Logan said something to the DJ that Rogue didn't hear, and as the song that had been playing faded out, a new song began. As soon as she heard the words, Rogue began to cry.

Oh how you sparkle, and oh how you shine.
That flush on your cheeks is more than the wine.
And he must do something that I didn't do.
Whatever he's doing, it looks good on you.


"Congratulations, darlin'," Logan said. "You make a beautiful bride."

You look so good in love.
You want him, that's easy to see.
You look so good in love.
And I wish you still wanted me.

"You're okay with me marrying Remy?" Rogue asked.

"Like you said, I gave up my chance," Logan replied. "All I want is for you to be happy."

He must have stolen some stars from the sky,
And gave them to you to wear in your eyes.
I had my chances, but I set you free.
And now I wonder why I couldn't see.

"And how did ya come to this conclusion?"

Logan chuckled. "Wasn't easy. Probably a few guys I mopped the bottom of cages with that wouldn't be too happy with you."

Rogue laughed, too. "I'll send them a fruit basket."

Darling I've wasted a lot of years not seeing the real you,
But tonight your beauty is shining through.
And I never took the time to let you know,
So before he takes you away please let me say.

"One thing, though darlin'," Logan said, tilting her head so he could look into her eyes. "He hurts you, and you let me know."

Rogue laughed, a sound that Logan thought must be the most beautiful in the world. "I'll do that."

You look so good in love.
You want him, that's easy to see.
You look so good in love.
And I wish you still wanted me.

The song came to an end, and Logan pulled away. "You runnin' again?" Rogue asked.

"'Fraid so, Kid."

"Come back someday."

"I will."

Logan kissed her on the cheek. "See ya around."

Wolverine got to the door before he looked back one last time to see Marie going happily back to Remy's arms, every bit the exuberant bride.

He ignored the pang in his heart as he climbed onto his motorcycle and rode away.

*** *** ***

Okay, before you freak and start sending me hate mail, hear me out. There a million stories out there where Wolverine and Rogue end up together and Remy is a jerk who acts nothing like his actual character in the comics, and I for one decided to be different. After all, wouldn't the world of fanfiction be boring if we all wrote the same thing all the time?

*** *** ***

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