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Chapter One

The Narnian

"Prince, you must come quickly!"

The professor burst into the prince's room, his glasses nearly falling off his face, his hands motioning wildly.

Caspian laughed, looking up from his studies. The professor often got worked up about things. "What is it this time?"

"The soldiers…they think they have found a Narnian."

Caspian immediately dropped his book and stood up.

"They are taking her to the dungeon."

The professor led him to the dank stairwell that led down to the dungeon, but he stayed behind as Caspian continued down, slowly, holding a lighted torch for fleeting moments of sight. When he reached the bottom, he could see his uncle in the corner watching a throng of soldiers trying to pin someone down. They were having considerable trouble.

Caspian pushed his way through the crowd to come face to face with a girl, no older than him, with golden hair and dazzling green eyes. For all things seen, she appeared to be human.

She looked up at him briefly before throwing off another soldier who was attempting to shackle her to the wall. He backed up against the wall next to his uncle.

"Are you sure she's a Narnian?" Caspian asked.

"My men found her in the woods carrying a bow and arrow. She killed two of them before they were able to capture her," Miraz answered, a smirk playing on his face. "Quite spirited, isn't she?"

"She doesn't look like…" Caspian trailed off when he saw his uncle look over at him curiously. The professor had been forbidden from telling the young prince much about the kingdom of old, but he slipped in lessons, putting his own life at will. Caspian couldn't let his uncle know he knew much about the extinct creatures of Narnia. "She doesn't look like how I would have imagined a Narnian would look, from the stories I've heard from you and father."

The soldiers have finally gotten the girl subdued enough to shackle her wrists. She practically growled at them all as they backed away, pulling against her chains.

"See, young nephew, she is not civilized. She is either Narnian or she is mad," Miraz said.

"I thought you said all the Narnians were extinct, though?" Caspian asked. "That our people killed them all when they conquered this land over 1300 years ago."

"Perhaps they missed a few. There have always been rumors of some strange creatures that hide in the woods."

Caspian turned towards his uncle, glaring him down. "But this is not a strange creature. She is a girl, a woman. Look at her."

"How am I to know what she is?" Miraz asked, the same smirk playing on his face. "All I know is…she killed two of my soldiers. And that makes her a Narnian to me."

Miraz left haughtily, his soldiers following him. The girl was somewhat subdued now, her shoulders slumped as she realized she was defeated.

"What is your name?" Caspian asked softly.

No answer.

"Please, I'm not here to hurt you."

She looked up, her green eyes heavy with anger, but she still refused to answer him.

Caspian sighed heavily. "I know you must not like my people, especially after what's happened, but I'm probably your only ally here, so just keep that in mind while you sit in silence." He started to walk away.

"Kaylin. My name is Kaylin." Her voice was sweet and melodious even if it did hold a bit of contempt.

Caspian turned back around, a small smile on his lips. "I am Caspian."

She would not look up at him again, instead choosing to stare at the floor. He started to open his mouth to say something but decided against it and towards the stairs. As he pulled open the heavy wooden door which separated the dungeon from the stairwell, he could hear her weeping softly.