Authors Note: OK, this is my first attempt at ever writing anything, so I won't be too surprised if it's not very well received, after all that's the reviewers job! If I screw something up or I have a lot of mistakes please for the love of all things Anime let me know! I enjoy Reviews, and I love criticism, know this I said criticism, not flames I've rated it as 'M'.

I just recently reworked the first few chapters, because I realized I fucked my future plot plans, so Naruto wont be revealed as a Namikaze except to his teammates. Until later, it's important .

Here we have a small boy, at the mere age of 6 lying in a white room on a stiff bed covered in bandages, he opens his eyes slowly to reveal those normally bright blue sapphires, but they aren't their usual bright color, no they are a much more sedated dual blue this day. He slowly takes in his surroundings, white walls, bright lights, stiff bed, curtains, and his bloody torn up clothes are sitting over on a chair, He sighs 'So…hospital again huh? I don't even remember getting taken here, last thing I remember was that mob of villagers and Shinobi burying me under an earth jutsu. Then everything went dark and all the pain stopped'

Flash Back:

It was October 10th, Naruto Uzumaki's 6th birthday, a normally very happy time in any small child's life, but not for Naruto, no all he knows is that on his birthday everyone in the village is happy, and smells of sake, but whenever he comes around they all get very angry, and this day is when they try there hardest to hurt or kill him. Certainly not a happy day for our little blond.

He got up out of bed slowly and went through his morning routine of taking a shower and brushing his teeth, then he went into his room and got dressed then went into the kitchen/corner of his shabby little apartment and put a pot on the stove with some water to boil, then he went over to the cupboard and opened it to reveal stacks upon stacks of packs of instant Ramen of various flavors, he sighs "ugh, which flavor should I have for Breakfast today?" 'I wish the villagers would let me buy things besides just Ramen, it's good and all but it doesn't have a lot of nutrients, and it gets old when it's all you have to eat...ever' He decided on some chicken flavored Ramen and sat down at the table and ate slowly.

He finished eating and cleaned up his 'breakfast' he decided to go out for a walk, despite what day it was, so he put on his bright orange and blue jacket and walked out the door locking it behind him.

When he got downstairs and outside he was glad he decided to go out for a walk, it was a beautiful day, Bright, sunny and not a cloud in the sky. So Naruto started walking down the streets of Konoha, no real destination in mind, he put his hands behind his head and closed his eyes slightly just enjoying to warm embrace of the sun, completely ignoring the glares he was receiving and the whispers going on around him, and completely oblivious to the slowly growing group of people behind him.

Naruto heard something behind him and glimpsed at the growing crowd, he decided he better try and lose them so he picked up his pace a bit to get away, but to no avail so he decided to take a dip into the alleys and try to lose them there, so he turned into an alley, and then his eyes widened in disbelief "oh shit" he walked straight into a dead end. He turned around quickly to leave before he got cornered, but it was to late there standing at the entrance to the alley was the group of over 30 villagers and a few Shinobi.

One of the villagers yelled "We've got you now you little demon!" then a man in standard chuunin attire stepped forward and said. "Kyuubi, How dare you show your face in this village, AND ON THIS DAY NO LESS!" Naruto gasped "what do you mean? Kyuubi?!" "what did I do wrong?!" the apparent leader of the mob spat at him and said "You killed the Yondaime! And here you are taking his image to further disgrace his name!" "That is what you've done!" yelled the rest of the mob.

Naruto just stood there shocked and confused, 'What do they mean I killed the forth!'

But Naruto was brought out of his thoughts by a rock hitting the side of his head and someone in the crowd yelling "Die Demon, DIE!" The side of his head started bleeding a bit, then people started throwing more rocks, and bottles at him, then a few Shinobi threw Shuriken and Kunai at him, two Shuriken lodged themselves in his chest and a Kunai in his stomach, then the chunnin in the front started some hand seals, and Naruto was terrified and in horrible pain at this time, the man called out "Katon: Goukakyuu no jutsu" but luckily, or more realistically unluckily he doubled over and pain on the ground and only his back got burned from the fireball. And then the man started more hand seals and yelled "Dango Dotonidoryo" and threw a huge ball of earth at Naruto, smashing into him and completely burying him under the heavy dirt, the last thing Naruto did before Passing out was reach out and stick him arm out of the mound into the air.

End Flashback

Naruto decided it hurt to much to think about what happened, so he closed his eyes to go back to sleep, but when he did he felt like he was brought somewhere, so he opened his eyes to say he was confused would be an understatement "where am I?" he asked himself he was in a dark, smelly sewer standing ankle deep in what he hoped was clean water. then he heard it, shallow, steady breaths, but they sounded like they were created by something much larger then a mere person, so he followed the noise, out of the room he was in and down a hall, into another much, much larger room and on the other side of the room was what looked to be a gigantic Cage, that dwarfed anything he had ever seen before, he could not even make out the top of the massive gate in the darkness. He did the only thing a curious 6 year old would do…he walked up to the cage, but stopped dead in his tracks when inside the cage the breathing stopped, and a huge crimson eye with a black slit pupil opened up and stared right into his on blue eyes. Then a second eye opened, and Naruto suddenly had a bad feeling about this place.

Then whatever it was that was on the other side of the cage grinned and evil grin, flashing it's huge jaws and many, many sharp white teeth. Naruto fell back into the water, gaping at the huge thing on the other side of the cage, intensely curious and yet not scarred in the slightest.

Naruto timidly spoke up, "Who or what are you?" The thing just grinned even more if possible and spoke, in a deep, demonic voice

"Why, I'm the reason this village hates you, of course. I am Kyuubi no Kitsune"