AN: Well, I'm back! And boy, has this fic been sitting and rotting forever. I recently re-read Kyuubi Incarnate and decided I could make up for my past mistakes in it with proper work and good explanations, so here we are, welcome back to Kyuubi Incarnate! (This is mostly the same as the original chapter. The ending was chopped and made different, the old events will be taking place a little later in the fic)


It was 7 days later and Naruto woke up, and was very happy to finally be able to rub his eyes "Ahh, It feels good to have arms again."

He hopped out of bed and went into the bathroom to get ready for the day. After his morning routine he made himself a nice breakfast for the first time since losing his arms, while he was eating his breakfast there was a knock at his door, he knew it was Sakura, she always came by in the morning.

He Silently crept behind where the door would open and told her to come in. Sakura walked through the door and was instantly hit with the sent of breakfast, she took a few steps into his apartment, but before she knew what happened she was off her feet in Naruto's arms being held bridal style

He leaned down and kissed her on the lips passionately, "Good morning, my cherry blossom"

Sakura blushed and smiled "Well good morning to you too Naruto-kun, I take it your arms are fully functioning again?"

Naruto nodded and bounced her slightly in his arms for good measure "Yep, and god it feels good to finally be able hold you!"

Sakura smiled sweetly and leaned up to kiss him again. After they finished kissing Naruto she asked "So, what do you want to do today now that you have your arms again?"

Naruto grinned, "Well today is the day I agreed to meet with that pervert Jiraiya for some help with my dads jutsu's"

"Oh yeah I forgot about that! Well we should go, wouldn't wanna keep the perv waiting would we?"

Naruto nodded and set Sakura back down on her feet "Ok lets go meet the perv" So they set out to go meet with Naruto's new 'sensei'.

20 minutes later and Naruto and a scowling Sakura standing before a sprawled out Jiraiya of the Sannin.

"That's what you get for peeping on women you pervert!" Sakura screamed

When Jiraiya finally woke up Naruto was looking down on him shaking his head "You should know better then to insult a women in front of Sakura-chan"

he then reached down and helped Jiraiya up "Now then, how about we get to work on training then? We're over a week behind schedule with my arms and have a lot of ground to make up"

Jiraiya nodded "Alright then, but before we start training you, how about you get me caught up on everything you know? A quick run down of all the jutsu's you know, your strengths and areas your weakest in"

"Ok then, I know Kawarimi, Henge, and Kage Bunshin. I also know two Demonic jutsu's only I can use, Heatwave, and Flamethrower jutsu's, I am the physically strongest person in the village, maybe the world, and I'm learning a taijutsu style from the Kyuubi along with new jutsu's every once in a while, I can also expel pure chakra and use it as a weapon" Naruto recited.

Jiraiya nodded where appropriate, then frowned "You only know 5 jutsu's, 2 of them being from the academy, that's a bit disappointing"

Naruto frowned "Yeah, well it's a little hard to try and learn jutsu's when 98 percent of your village wants you dead, you don't exactly get access to the jutsu archives in the library or any clan archives"

"Right, well at least you know some other jutsu's, care to demonstrate those demonic jutsu's for me then? I'd like to be able to gauge their power"

"Well, ya I could, but we're gonna have to go out to a training ground...and a big one"

Jiraiya nodded "Alright then, lets go, Training ground 26 sound good?"

"Yeah, thats great actually none will mind the damage since it's never used"

Naruto, Jiraiya, and Sakura headed off towards training ground 26, when they got there Naruto stopped in front of the other two.

"Ok, which one do you want to see first Jiraiya-sensei, Flamethrower jutsu, or Heatwave jutsu?"

Jiraiya tapped his chin in thought "Hmm, how about the Heatwave jutsu, it sounds less destructive"

Naruto chuckled "looks can be deceiving"

Naruto walked off towards a group of some trees and tall grass, he took in a deep breath and then yelled "Demonic Arts: Heatwave jutsu!" and expelled a wave of heat distorted air, the air barreled across the clearing and hit the trees and grass the air splashed against the trees and everything in the area instantly burst into flames.

Naruto turned and walked back over to Jiraiya and Sakura, "That's the heatwave jutsu, it's a wave of intensely heated air that more or less causes anything it hits to burst into flames, it's great for stealth since it doesn't have the roaring noise of a fireball, but not quite as powerful. Now then, this is the flamethrower jutsu"

Naruto walked back over to another more forested part of the training ground, took another deep breath then yelled "Demonic Arts: Flamethrower jutsu!" he then expelled a stream of white and blue flames towards the trees, they hit the trees and everything in front of him instantly turned to ash.

Naruto turned and walked back towards Sakura and Jiraiya again, Jiraiya whistled "Damn, that's some jutsu kid, and no hand signs either? You must have really perfected them"

Naruto shook his head "Actually since demons and beasts don't have hands it's all in the chakra molding and imagination, no hand signs are involved in their jutsu's, and the Heatwave jutsu is my own creation"

Jiraiya chuckled "12 years old and already creating new jutsu's? You really are something else, so you said your stuck on the second step of the Rasengan correct, care to demonstrate what your currently trying?"

Naruto nodded and took out a perfectly spherical stone he always carried with him, held it into the palm of his hand and started to concentrate his chakra into it as powerfully as possible, but in the end he ended up releasing it and dropping the stone on the ground while panting.

"I just can't put enough power into the damn thing to make the stone explode"

Jiraiya nodded "It's no wonder you can't get passed the second step, the jutsu isn't designed to be that powerful, your best bet is to master the standard version then try to come up with a bigger more powerful version"

Jiraiya took out a rubber ball, "Here try it again with this"

Naruto took the ball and tried it again, this time the ball exploded almost instantly "Hah, that was so easy"

"I thought you would be ready for the third step by now, the third step is the hardest to master of the Rasengan, you have to maintain the full power and rotation of before, but you have to keep it in a very small contained space, like so"

Jiraiya then formed a perfect rasengan and let it dispel.

Naruto tapped his chin for a moment "Hmm ok guess I'll try it" he put his palm out and started rotating the chakra in a concealed ball, once it was stable he continued to add more and more power into it. Soon enough it started to glow red with the demonic chakra and started to pulse.

"Umm kid, you might want to let up a bit on the power!" Jiraiya warned

"I've still got it under control!" he yelled back

"Kid stop, it's gonna blow! Sakura RUN!" Jiraiya yelled, he grabbed Sakura by the waist and flash stepped about 200 feet away, right as they stopped Jiraiya dove on top of Sakura right as a huge red and blue explosion went off where Naruto was standing, a second later a charred and burned half naked Naruto flew past and smashed into a tree, then fell to the ground.

Naruto got up and took a look at himself "Mother fucker that hurt! And this was a new set of clothes!"

Jiraiya got up from the ground and walked over to Naruto and grabbed him by the throat.

"Kid If you ever disobey me like that again, I will never teach you another thing in your life! That could have killed all of us you fool!" He yelled, and then released his grip on Naruto

Naruto grabbed his throat and dropped to his knees, Jiraiya's grip was a lot stronger then he thought it would be "I-I...I'm sorry...I thought...I had it in...control" he choked out.

Jiraiya shook his head "You have a lot of chakra in you kid, you can't just go and try to pump all of it into one attack, they aren't designed to use that much chakra, they will overload, and things like that will happen"

Naruto bowed his head in shame "Sorry Jiraiya-sensei, I let you down, I ignored you and put all of us at great risk"

Jiraiya grinned, which unsettled Naruto "Don't kill yourself over it, aside from your power trip you have the rasengan fully mastered"

Naruto's jaw dropped, "R-Really?!"

Jiraiya's grin widened "Yeah, you just gotta be careful with the power you put into it"

Sakura got up and punched Jiraiya in the face "What the fuck! you pervert!"

Naruto freaked "What's wrong Sakura-chan? What the hell's wrong!?"

"This son of a bitch groped me when he tackled me!"

Naruto instantly frowned and turned towards Jiraiya "You did what now?"

Jiraiya put his hands up defensively "I would never touch a women without her consent, let alone and under aged girl"

"You bastard, you grabbed my chest!"

Naruto's eye's turned crimson, and his tails lashed about behind him "If you EVER touch Sakura-chan again I. Will. Kill YOU!"

Jiraiya nodded furiously "Ok, ok I get it, it was an accident I was trying to save her!"

Naruto scoffed "Yeah, sure you were...Pervert, well aside from hitting on my girlfriend what else are you gonna do today?"

"Nothing, I'm done training you for the finals, there's nothing more we could accomplish in the time allotted anyway"

Naruto gaped "We're what? Done? You trained me for a total of what, 15 minutes!?"

Jiraiya sighed "Kid, you are more then powerful enough to destroy whoever you fight in the finals, I suggest you spend the rest of your time learning more taijutsu from the Kyuubi, I'll see you around anyway, I'm quite confident we will see each other pretty soon" Jiraiya then poofed away before he or Sakura could complain.

"Well, this sucks I guess I'll spend the rest of the time learning taijutsu from Kyuubi like he suggested" Naruto said

Sakura nodded "All right then, I'm going to go see if any of my friends want to hang out then, I'll see you later Naruto-kun, and good luck!" she then turned and walked from the training ground, heading towards the Yamanaka flower shop.

'So, Kyuubi care to teach me some more of the taijutsu style?'

'Hmm, Ok Kit, we have a lot of time before the finals so I want you to master the style before then, I want you to train with no less then 600 shadow clones at a time, and we're gonna do this outside of the village, I don't want anyone to try and copy this style, it's been lost to mankind for over one thousand years, I'd prefer it to stay somewhat secret'

'Fair enough, I'll head out to the forest in a few minutes I just need permission from the Hokage to leave the village everyday'

'Oh yeah Kit, one more thing, you don't need those Gravity seals anymore now that they're maxed, as a Hanyou your muscles wont weaken over time, they will stay in peak condition forever'

'Really? Sweet, ok I'll head to the hokage office quick'

Naruto took off towards the Hokage with his now removed gravity seals, he got there in no time flat being the blur that he was.

There was a knock at the Hokages door, he took a minute to put away his secret porn before saying come in, Naruto walked in and bowed deeply to him.

"Hokage-sama I have a request"

Sarutobi frowned, he never called him Hokage-sama unless it was serious "What would you like Naruto?"

"I Request permission to come and go from the village from now until the finals of the chunnin exams, I have some special training to do that I cannot do inside the village"

Sarutobi's frowned deepened "That is a huge request Naruto, your not but a genin, it is extremely rare for anything of this nature to be granted, especially considering your...situation"

"I realize this is a very large request Hokage-sama, but it is a huge amount of training that I am doing, I plan on accomplishing about seventeen years of taijutsu training in the next twenty one days"

Sarutobi sputtered "S-seventeen years! But how?"

Naruto grinned "Shadow clones, six hundred of them training for twelve hours a day for twenty one days, it equals out to about seventeen years of training"

Sarutobi's eyes widened "It seems you've had some time to plan this out Naruto"

"Well, having no arms for just about 2 weeks gives you time to think, plus if I'm to live forever I better get stronger so I can last that long"

Sarutobi nodded "Well, considering the planning you've put forth on your part I will grant you permission to come and go in the village until the finals"

Naruto bowed again "Thank you Hokage-sama" he then turned and left for the gates of Konoha

He got to the gates a few minutes later and went to walk through when the two guards stopped him.

"And just where do you think you might be going Naruto?" they asked

Naruto sighed "I'm going out to train, the Hokage has given me permission to leave the village when I need to, to train until the finals of the chunnin exams."

"And do you have proof of this permission? Or do you expect us to believe a lier like yourself at face value?"

"Son of a bitch, fine I'll go get a signed pass by the Hokage, will that do?" Naruto grumbled

"Yeah, that'll work"

"Fine, I'll be back as fast as possible" He grumbled again, then he was gone in a black blur

there was another knock at the Hokage's door, he stashed his porn again before saying come in. Naruto stormed in and bowed quickly "Hokage-sama, the guards at the gate refuse my exiting of the village without some sort of signed pass by you, if you'd be so kind as to supply me with one, I'll get out of here as soon as possible"

"Very well Naruto, I'll write up a pass for you" Sarutobi whipped out a piece of paper and wrote up a pass stating that Naruto could come and go from the village as he pleased until the finals. He then handed it over to Naruto.

"Here you go Naruto, that should keep them off your backs, and good luck with your training, I'll see you in seventeen years" He said, Smirking at the end.

Naruto bowed "Thank you again Hokage-sama, I'll see you around" Naruto was gone in a another black blur, a few seconds later he arrived at the gate again before the two troublesome guards.

"Here's the pass, written and signed by the Hokage with his official seal as well, mind getting off my back now?" he asked

The guard took the pass and read and looked it over, "It looks legit, guess your free to go Naruto, good luck"

Naruto smirked "Yeah, see ya later" Naruto was gone in a blur, he stopped a few minutes later once he was about 10 miles out from the village in a very large clearing.

"Kage bunshin no jutsu!" poof, six hundred plus clones came into existence around him in a giant cloud of smoke

'Ok Kyuubi everythings ready and the clones are here, feel free to go through their consciouses and tell them what to do, and in the mean time, what do you want me to do?'

'Ahh, good everythings ready, while all the clones are training in taijutsu I want you to work on that Rasengan Jiraiya taught you, I want you to perfect exactly how strong you can get it before you lose control, and once you figure that out, I want you to try and think of ways you can change and improve the Rasengan, I suggest you make a few extra clones to brainstorm with'

'Sounds good Kyuubi' "Lets get to work!"

His response was a chorus of over 600 clones cheering back at him. All the clones, and Naruto himself got to work training.

Hours later the sun had finally gone down, Naruto went back to his apartment leaving the clones behind, when he got home he laid down on his bed and got ready to go to sleep, he then gave the order to his clones to all dispel one after the other rapidly.

Naruto felt the knowledge of over six hundred different moves and katas of his new taijutsu style slam into his brain, and then he didn't feel anything at all as he blacked out from the knowledge overload.

Naruto awoke the next morning well rested, and with almost one whole years worth of training in his taijutsu style, he also had a few ideas for new types of rasengans'

Naruto got ready and went and said good morning to Sakura quick before heading out to train for another day, he got to the same clearing and created the clones again

'So what's on the agenda for today Kyuubi?'

'Same thing as yesterday, except now your job is to try to come up with ways to make the new rasengans work, I want you to have 15 clones working with you to help come up with ideas, and test them.'

'Ok, here we go!'

The day came and went before Naruto knew what hit him, but the end of the day he and his clones had come up with what he thought would be the most important and most valuable change to the rasengan, he also had a good idea of how to change it.

He planned to make a mid to long range version of the rasengan, while it wouldn't be as powerful as the close combat version it would be devastatingly powerful and accurate, his plan was to strengthen the casing around the swirling chakra, and then launch the ball from his palm with chakra, the smaller the rasengan, the farther and faster it would fly. (This is going to be almost a direct copy of another authors move, props to you it's a great move)

Naruto did the same as he had the night before, he went home got ready and then dispelled the clones and passed out.

Naruto spent the rest of his time before the finals in this manner, mastering his taijutsu style and reforming the rasengan into newer more powerful forms.

And now, it's the day of the final exams Naruto has accomplished over 17 years worth of taijutsu training, and has gotten his long ranged rasengan to work, with a marble sized rasengan it is capable of distances over 5 miles and traveling at well over the speed of sound, but even with chakra pumping to his eyes, Naruto cannot aim it very accuratly at distances over one mile, but it's extremely powerful, with the speed it goes at and the high speed of rotation the marble sized rasengans are able to bore about 12 inches into granite.

'Kit, you have mastered your new style of taijutsu over the past month, and it's time you know the name of your style'

'Really? Sweet! So, whats it called?'

'The name of your style is "Flight of the dragon" as you already know it is based on fluid movements and incredibly powerful strikes, you flow with the grace and power of a dragon, and you strike your opponents mercilessly'

'Hmm, that is a beautiful name, for a beautiful art'

'Indeed it is, now go then your final exam begins in 3 hours, you should go meet with your mate'

'Sakura-chan is not my mate! We're just dating!'

'Hmm, ok well go on Kit, and kick some ass, but don't kill that hyuga boy'

Naruto mentally nodded and cut the mental link between he and kyuubi, he then got dressed and went to meet Sakura for an early breakfast before the tournament.

He met up with Sakura just outside her door as she was leaving her house.

"Hi Sakura-chan, did you eat yet?" he asked

"No, no I haven't Naruto-kun, why did you want to get something to eat? We haven't gotten to talk much since you started your training."

"Hai, I would love to get some breakfast with you, it's been awhile since we actually said anything besides a kiss good morning, so wanna go to a diner and get some nice breakfast?"

"Hai, that sounds like a great idea Naruto-kun, lets go"

So, the two of them headed off towards one of the numerous diners in Konoha to have a nice breakfast. They arrived about 15 minutes later and were seated in a booth by a window, after they ordered their meals they had nothing to do but talk until their food arrived.

"So, Naruto-kun did you accomplish much in your training?"

"Oh yeah I did! I completed over seventeen years of training in my taijutsu style, I also completely mastered the rasengan, along with creating a new variant of the rasengan that could very well be the most powerful ranged jutsu ever"

Sakura gaped "S-seventeen years...How?"

Naruto Smirked "Shadow clones, over six hundred clones, and twelve hours of training per day for twenty one days, and you have over 17 years of training, I'm now a master of my new taijutsu style, along with my new rasengan"

"Cool, so what's this new rasengan do?"

Naruto wagged his finger like scalding a child "Now, now then you'll have to wait until the tournament to see it in use, I plan of using it on a certain hyuga to decimate...or kill him"

Sakura gasped "Naruto, you can't kill a hyuga, even if he did injure Hinata-chan, if you kill a hyuga you'll be exiled, or executed! They're one of the most powerful clans in all of Konoha!"

"Tch, fine I won't kill him I'll just sincerely fuck him up if I get to fight him"

Naruto and Sakura finished their meals with little conversation, Naruto discovered that Sakura spent the time training too, but not as heavily as he had. Once they finished the meal and Naruto paid, they still had an hour and a half until the tournament began, Sakura wanted to get good seats to see Naruto's fight so they headed there early.

When they arrived at the stadium they realized they were not really early the stadium was already packed with foreign dignitaries and rich villagers, Sakura was able to claim a seat near some of the other rookie nine members who failed the second exam, namely Chouji, Ino, Kiba, Hinata, and Rock Lee. Naruto had followed Sakura to her seat since he had time to go meet with the other contestants he spotted Lee and went to talk to him

"Hey Lee, I hope our fight in the second exam won't make you hate me or anything, you're a cool guy and I would like to be friends with you...If you want to be friends with a person like me"

Lee struck his nice guy pose "Yosh! I hold no grudge against you Naruto-kun! It was merely a competition and you proved the stronger of the two of us, I would be honored to be friends with such a youthful person as yourself!"

Naruto grinned "Well thats great Lee, and I've gotten much, much stronger over the training period, I've improved more then any other contestant has I can guarantee that"

"Really? Just what kind of improvements have you made Naruto-kun?"

"Well, not to brag but I mastered a taijutsu style that has been lost to man for over a thousand years, I also mastered two incredibly powerful jutsu's, one of which I created myself"

Lee had to stoop down and pick his jaw up off the ground "How did you manage to do that Naruto-kun? It would take years to master a taijustu style, let alone master a jutsu, and create your own!"

Naruto's grin widened "Secret methods of training Lee, just so you know, it was over seventeen years of training I did this past month"

"Yosh! You are a perfect example of how hard work can overcome a kekei genkai Naruto-kun! I have a request for you though"

"Sure, what do you need Lee?"

"I need you to defeat Neji Hyuga for me in the finals, to show him that effort can overcome 'destiny' he is fixated on his 'fate' and I wanted to prove him wrong, but now I must ask you to do it for me"

Naruto nodded "I will gladly tear Neji limb from limb if I get to fight him, he has injured my best and first friend, and I will not forgive his actions"

Lee bowed deeply "Thank you Naruto-kun, though I request you do not kill him, it is no use to teach a lesson to a dead man"

Naruto nodded "Sure, though he will be put out of action for quite awhile, I'm at least taking out a few ribs of his and putting some holes in him"

Lee nodded "Well, best of luck to you in your fights Naruto-kun, I would not be surprised if you wont the exams and became a chunnin."

Naruto bowed "Well thank you Lee-san, I too would like to become a chunnin, now I must got down to the arena, as it's time for the tournament to begin"

Naruto went down the steps and stood beside Sakura, "Sakura-chan, It's time for the tournament to begin, I have to go"

Sakura nodded "Ok Naruto-kun, good luck even though I know you're going to destroy them, and I can't wait to see your new jutsu"

Naruto smiled "Thanks, I'll see you in a bit Sakura-chan"

Naruto then jumped down into the arena to join the rest of the combatants, he met up with the other Konoha shinobi and stood beside Shikamaru and Sasuke.

"Heh, hey teme, I can't wait to get to kick your ass for real finally"

Sasuke scoffed "Like a nobody demon like you could ever beat an Elite Uchiha dobe, you have no chance"

Naruto grinned "Forget how bad I've kicked your ass before? Or would you like to revisit our academy 'spar' and the fireball incident?"

Sasuke scoffed again "Tch, I'm a whole lot different now, I trained a lot these past 30 days, I've learned a justu that puts your stuff to shame, I'm also a lot faster"

Naruto's grin grew "Good to hear, because I mastered a taijutsu style, learned a forbidden jutsu, and created my own forbidden jutsu, how does my dust taste by the way?"

Sasuke scowled "Tch, like a dobe nobody like you could ever learn, let alone create a forbidden jutsu. And don't even get me started on you learning a taijutsu style"

"Ok, but just so you know, I'm going to have fun kicking your ass all over this stadium"

Sasuke was about to retort when the proctor coughed to get their attention "Right then, we are now going to begin the third and final part of the Chunnin Exams, I hope your all prepared for this, as your matches have been chosen, they are as follows" He then took out a clipboard with the contestants and who they were against.

Naruto saw who his first opponent was and grinned like a maniac "Oh yes! My first match is against Neji!"

Neji turned to Naruto and stated in a monotonous voice "It is your fate to lose this fight today"

Naruto frowned at him "Guess I'm going to throw fate out the window when I decimate you then, and I will be making you pay for what you did to Hinata-chan in case you forgot."

Neji frowned "I have not forgotten your words, but you will still lose, you are not born of any clan, and you have no family, your destiny is to fail"

Naruto nodded "Ok, you have fun with that, I'll be busy kicking your ass while you talk about destiny though"

The proctor coughed again "Enough! Will all of the contestants not in this fight please go up to the observational balcony?"

Everyone except for Naruto and Neji went off and up to the balcony for the contestants.

"Ok, are the both of you prepared and ready? These fights follow the same rules as the preliminaries, fight until one of you can no longer fight"

Both Naruto and Neji nodded at the rules signifying there being ready.

"Ok then, BEGIN!"

Naruto and Neji both lept back from one another to assess the other.

'Hmm, Jyuken is a close ranged fighting style, but I'm also close ranged, guess I'll go test his taijutsu skills'

Meanwhile up in the stands Sakura was cheering for Naruto, but Ten-Ten interrupted her.

"Naruto may be good, and he was able to take out Lee, but he won't be able to take out Neji, he truly is a genius"

Sakura frowned "You don't know Naruto-kun like I do, He will beat Neji, and if Neji even gives him a fight I would be surprised"

"Neji is a close ranged specialist, if Naruto even gets close to him, he will lose" Ten-Ten stated

Sakura grinned "We'll see"

Back in the arena Naruto came to the decision of testing Neji's taijutsu.

Naruto charged forward as a black blur, but with Neji's Byakugan he was able to follow his movement, but not very well, Naruto swept up from the ground and went to kick Neji, but Neji was able to keep up and blocked his kick with his own shin, Naruto immediately swung around to kick him at the other side. But Neji blocked it too and hit 3 of Naruto's tenketsu with Jyuken strikes, closing them.

'Damn, even with my new taijutsu style, that Jyuken style is just pure speed I can't get ahead of him, time to test his long range abilities.'

Naruto jumped back and threw 2 Kunai at Neji, Neji saw them coming and immediately took a low stance and yelled "Kaiten!" he then spun rapidly while releasing chakra from his hands, the Kunai bounced off the chakra dome and landed on the ground harmlessly.

'Hmm, so he has a tough defensive move, I wonder if by chance it can stop my Rasen-gun'

Naruto took his attention off of Neji for a split second during his inner monologue, and Neji was in front of him in under a second. "You're in range"

"Huh?" was all Naruto got out.

"This is over, your in range of my strongest attack. Eight Divination: Sixty-four palms!"

Neji went into an incredibly fast combo striking all of Naruto's tenketsu, closing them and halting his chakra flow, while calling out the hits.

"Two palms! Fours palms! Eight palms! Sixteen palms! Thirty-two palms! Sixty-four palms!"

The final strike sent Naruto flying backwards skidding across the ground. When he stopped sliding he glared at Neji.

"You see? You were destined to lose this fight from the start, I have closed your tenketsu, you can no longer use your chakra. You have lost this fight" he stated smugly

Naruto leaned forward on his hands and slowly stood up and shook his head slightly.

"Woo, that was one hell of a tickle attack there Neji, looks like I'll have to get serious now"

Neji glared at him "Your quite fortunate to be able to stand, I suggest you forfeit or I will be forced to put you down for good this time"

Naruto grinned evily "You should know better by now, you were present for the second part of the exams, oh well play times over, I'll just reopen my tenketsu and take you out now"

"You fool, you cannot reopen the tenketsu once closed"

"Jokes on you. I can" Naruto started to focus his chakra and started to glow red, he felt all his tenketsu blast open with the renewed force.

The red chakra swirling around Naruto was making everyone in the stadium very nervous

'mis well just scare the shit out of them all now, get it over with'

Naruto released his hanyou features startling everyone in the stadium, except for those who knew already.

"Neji, tell me something how you like to see a justu only 3 people in the world can do? One being dead, one being me?"

Naruto grinned evilly as chakra started to swirl in his palm in a perfect sphere. Throughout the stadium gasps were heard from those who knew of that jutsu, the general opinion was 'How did he learn the forth's jutsu!?'

"Neji, This is the Rasengan, it is a justu that only the Yondaime, Jiraiya of the Sannin, and myself can perform. Now tell me something else Neji, how would you like to see a jutsu that no one in the world besides myself can perform?"

Neji narrowed his eyes at him, Naruto grinned "I take that as a yes then? Great!"

Naruto focused on the Rasengan in his hand, it then began to shrink until it was about the size of a marble that was spinning incredibly fast.

"Tell me Neji, what do you think this little ball of chakra can do?"

Neji scoffed, "It can do nothing against me, or my ultimate defense"

Naruto grinned "Well I'm glad you see things that way, well prepare yourself, because you just lost this fight"

Naruto turned his hand so the tiny rasengan was pointed towards Neji, Naruto aimed it so it would not kill him and then got ready.

"Have fun Neji, RASEN-NOROSHI! (Screw-Rocket)"

Naruto blasted Chakra out of his palm launching the Rasengan faster then the speed of sound, faster then anyone could track. Before he even knew what happened the tiny ball bored straight through his right shoulder shattering the shoulder, it then blasted straight through out his back and slammed into the wall of the arena and bored a perfect marble sized hole about eight inches in.

Before Neji even knew what happened to him, he screamed and grabbed his shoulder "What was that, I couldn't even see what happened!"

Naruto grinned "That Neji, was a taste of my power, it is also my own jutsu, one that surpasses the fourth hokages own. Now then, remember when I promised you pain for hurting Hinata-chan? Well I'm going to deliver it now, but don't fret I won't kill you"

Neji was grabbing his shoulder with his good arm and glaring at Naruto.

Naruto brought his palm up again and a rasengan the size of a small ball formed.

"You lose Neji" Naruto stated in a flat tone

"Rasen-noroshi!" Naruto shot the slightly larger Rasengan across Neji at incredible speeds, but this time it was trackable by the human eye, but still incredibly fast, and to fast for Neji to dodge in his weakened state.

The Ball slammed into Neji's stomach at incredible speeds, and didn't stop It tore through him and ripped a softball sized hole in his gut, Neji clutched his gut with his good hand and fell to the ground as blood started to pour out of him.

"Proctor, you just might want to get him some help...or he really will die from blood loss"

The proctor nodded "Winner, Naruto Uzumaki. Now get some medics out here!"

A team of medics ran over to Neji and put him on a stretcher and took him away, leaving behind a large pool of blood as a reminder to other contestants.

"Would the next contestants, Shikamaru Nara, and Sabaku no Temari please come down to the arena for their match"

The two of them went down to the arena and met in the center.

"Are you both ready?" They both nodded

"Alright then, begin!"

Time skip five minutes (This fight sucks)

Temari jumped back from Shikamaru's shadow...right into Shikamaru's shadow

"What the hell I can't move!"

"Hah, Got you"

"What! How?" she yelled, Shikamaru turned his head to let her look behind her to see his shadow behind her.

"Damnit! Now what?" she asked

"Now, we have a little fun for this troublesome work" Shikamaru reached down and took out a Kunai, she mimicked him.

"What are you gonna do, anything you do to me you do to yourself!"

"That is true, but if I cut off my shirt I won't be nearly as embarrassed as you would."

"You son of a bitch, you wouldn't!" she screamed

"Oh, lets have fun with this, shall we?" He slowly took his Kunai and cut the sleeve of his shirt from his shoulder to his elbow, she mimicked splitting her Kimono's sleeve.

"I swear to kami if you continue I'm going to kill you!" she raged

Shika just took his Kunai and brought it up to cut the rest of the top of his shirt off. Temari mimicked him which left her in nothing but a lacy black bra.

Shikamaru raised an eyebrow at her choice of undergarments "That's not very supportive is it? Maybe we should take care of it" He raised the Kunai and slowly guided her's under the strap of the bra and lifted it a bit.

"Surrender, and I won't bare your chest for all here to see" he said, with a little hint of excitement.

"No! I can bare with the embarrassment of it, but I will kill you for this!"

Shikamaru frowned "You're no fun, I'm not the kind of guy to do that to a girl, I just wanted you to forfeit, but since you won't this is gonna be to troublesome, and while I could just kill you and end this right now...I forfeit"

He pulled away the Kunai from her bra strap and released the jutsu and walked towards the stairs to the balcony. "Congratulations on becoming a Chunnin, Temari" he waved over his shoulder as he left.

"Winner, Sabaku no Temari"

Temari grabbed the remnamnents of her kimono and wrapped it around her chest and took off into the balcony.

"Would the next two contestants Shino Aburame and Sabaku no Kankuro come down to fight"

Kankuro raised his hand "I forfeit my fight Proctor"

"Very well, Winner, Shino Aburame"

"Would Sasuke Uchiha and Sabuko no Gaara come down to fight please"

Sasuke jumped down from the balcony while Gaara appeared in a swirl of sand into the arena.

"Are the two of you ready?"

"Yes" they chorused

"Very well, BEGIN!"

Gaara's sand instantly started to pour from his gourd and hang in the air around him, Sasuke jumped back and threw a few shuriken at him, but the sand moved and caught it.

"Tch, so long range wont work then? Guess I'll have to use taijutsu to take you out"

Then Sasuke was a blur, he could have been as fast as Lee without his weights, he instantly flew forward and went for a roundhouse kick to Gaara's head, the sand moved to stop it but by the time he made contact he was already gone and going for a kick at the other side of his head.

Gaara's sand couldn't keep up with Sasuke's speed and before long Sasuke landed a hard punch to Gaara's face, sending him sprawling across the arena, Sasuke kept up the ownslaught against Gaara, peppering him with attacks before he could react.

Gaara become more then upset, and encased himself in a sphere of solid sand, above the sphere and eye of sand formed. Sasuke went to attack the sphere but when he went to punch it spikes came out of the sphere and cut his shoulder.

"Looks like Naruto gets to see my new jutsu early, heh" Sasuke jumped back wards and up the arena wall, he then unsnapped the straps and bandages on his arm and did some hand signs, he then braced his wrist with his other hand and started to focus chakra in his hand, before long a ball of lightning was formed, the sound of over a thousand birds chirping could be heard throughout the arena.

Sasuke removed his wrist that was bracing it and took off down the wall, leaving a deep tear in the wall wherever the chidori was, he charged at Gaara with incredible speed, and then brought the chidori forward and plunged it into the sphere.


A bloodcurdling scream could be heard from inside the sphere, then something latched onto Sasukes arm, he managed to rip his arm out of the hole in the sphere and step back.

Inside the sphere a very odd eye could be seen looking out of the hole, then a monstrous arm shot out of the hole to attack Sasuke but he was able to dodge it at the last second.

At this time Kabuto, who was up in the stands placed a genjutsu on the crowd to put them all to sleep, but Sakura, Naruto and the other Gennin dispelled it, right after that explosions ripped throughout the arena and the Hokage booth was enveloped in smoke.

The Invasion had begun.

Kankuro and Temari jumped down to the arena and grabbed the injured Gaara and took off out of the village to keep him safe, Sasuke followed them, he wanted to finish his fight with him afterall.

Naruto and Sakura ran over to Kakashi who was fighting off some sound ninja's that had disguised themselves in the crowd.

"Kakashi, what do you want us to do?" Naruto asked

"I'm assigning you all a mission, Naruto you're in charge, take Sakura and Shikamaru with you and go after Sasuke, and bring him back." He replied

"Right, Sakura-chan lets go get Shikamaru"

"One second, Naruto here take Pakkun, he can track Sasukes scent for you"

"No need Kakashi, I can track his scent myself"

"Umm, ok go get Shikamaru and get out of here, I'm going to keep fighting off these ninja's"

"Ok! But before we go Kakashi, heres some reinforcements for you all" Naruto formed the cross sign "Kage Bunshin no jutsu!" hundreds of Hanyou Naruto's poofed into existence throughout the stadiums and all went after different sound ninja's.

"Ok, we're off Kakashi"

"Good luck, Naruto"

Sakura and Naruto grabbed Shikamaru and took off after Sasukes scent. But Sasuke had already caught up to Gaara and his siblings, and was now involved in a fight with a slowly transforming Gaara.

Half of Gaaras face was a demon face of sand; one of his arms was also changed. Sasuke was not doing well against this new form of Gaara, he was almost out of Chakra and had used his second Chidori for the day with almost no effect on him.

"Come out and fight me Uchiha! LET ME FEEL ALIVE!" Gaara roared

'Shit, I'm gonna lose it at this rate' was Sasukes thoughts 'Damn it I need more power!'

"Are you afraid of me Uchiha!? Come out and face me!!!"

'Theres no choice, I'll have to try another chidori'

Sasuke began focusing more chakra into his palm for a third chidori, and right as it was about to finish taking form the curse seal on his neck activated and covered him in the little black marks, "Ack, Ahhhhhh!" Sasuke collapsed from the pain of the seal. Giving away his position to Gaara.

"I've found you now Uchiha! Prepare to die!!" Gaara charged at Sasuke and right as he was about to finish him, Naruto came out of nowhere and drop kicked him in the face sending him flying back.

"Sakura-chan, get Sasuke out of here, I'll take care of this!" Naruto yelled

"Ok Naruto-kun!" Sakura hefted Sasuke over her shoulder and took off back towards the village.

"So, Shukaku, it would seem we meet finally, I've been waiting for this, you're the first person I've met that's like me…or was like me"

"I'll kill you!" Gaara roared

Naruto shook his head and disappeared, and reappeared behind Gaara "I think not"

He slammed his fist into his back sending him flying into a tree, Gaara smashed into, and through the tree leaving nothing but splinters, he touched the ground and instantly flew at Naruto with incredible speed.

'Woo, he's faster then he looks, maybe this should be fun'

Naruto disappeared again and kicked gaara in the the back of the head with a roundhouse. Gaara roared and the sand covered the rest of his body, making him like a mini Shukaku except his legs were still vulnerable.

Naruto took a deep breath, and exhaled "Demonic Arts: Flamethrower jutsu!" he blew a wall of blue and white flames that struck Gaara head on, when the jutsu ended Gaara was still standing there, except the sand over his entire body was turned to glass.

Then there was an inhuman roar, and the glass cracked then sand exploded upwards, when the smoke cleared there was a full sized Shukaku in the clearing.

'Kyuubi, what the hell how is he able to turn into the Shukaku!?'

'I'm not sure it must have something to do with the way it was sealed into him'

Gaara emerged on the forehead of Shukaku and formed a hand sign "Play possum Jutsu!" his eyes closed and he slumped forwards.

" Ahahahahahah! I'm free, and I see someone to kill! FUN!" Shukaku yelled in his unusually high voice.

'Umm Kyuubi this is not good, I'm powerful but small, I can't take out something this big'

'Kit, do the Summoning jutsu, you can summon me, I may not be as big and powerful as I used to, but I am still big enough to deal with him, and get you close enough to wake up the kid, If you can wake him Shukaku will dispel'

'Ok, lets do this then Kyuubi'

Naruto bit his thumb and went through the handseals "Kuchiyose no Jutsu!"

In a huge cloud of smoke Naruto found himself standing ontop of Kyuubi in his full size, which was not that amazing, as Kyuubi in his full size was only about 25 feet tall and about 100feet from nose to the tips of his tails.

"Well lets do this, Kyuubi can you run up the front of him and get me close to Gaara?"

"Yeah, Lets kick some kick some ass Kit, Hold on tight, I'm going in fast!"

Naruto Focused chakra into his feet and Kyuubi took off incredibly fast, in a blink he was running up the front of shukaku towards his face.

" Ahahahah, Kyuubi is that you in that tiny fox! You're so weak!" Shukaku yelled

" This kid here has all my power, say good night Shukaku" Kyuubi responded right as he got up to Shukaku's head

'Kit jump, and wake his ass up! Use a weakened rasengan, that'll do it!'

'Right! Here goes!'

Naruto jumped from Kyuubi's head and sprinted as a blur across the last 20 feet or so until Garaa, forming a Rasengan the whole way, right as he was about to push the rasengan into Gaara's stomach sand wrapped around his arms and legs and started to surround the rest of his body.

"Damn, sorry about this Gaara, you won't be happy in a second, Rasen-gun!"

He fired off his weakened rasengan into Gaara's stomach, instantly waking him up, and tearing apart his shirt and knocking the wind from him.

" No! I can't go yet! I just got out to play! NOOOOOOOO!" Shukaku roared as he collapsed into sand.

Kyuubi darted through the air and caught the falling Naruto and Gaara on his back, and then landed on the ground.

"See ya round Kit, I'm gonna go back to sleeping at your house now."

"Wait! Kyuubi, could you give me and my team a lift? I'm a little winded after this fight."

"Alright fine Kit, but hurry this form takes a lot out of me"

Naruto walked over to Gaara, but right as he was about to get to him Temari and Kankuro appeared

"Get away from him!" Temari yelled

Naruto shook his head "Calm down I'm not going to kill him, He's like me you know. I used to contain the Kyuubi and my whole village hated me for it, Hah now I Am the Kyuubi and they probably hate me even more"

"Take him, Take him and get out of here fast before someone else shows up to kill you, I doubt anyone else would be as nice to your secret weapon" Naruto said

Temari bowed "Thank you, Thank you for sparing him, and us"

Naruto waved it off "It's fine, now go!"

Temari and Kankuro picked up Gaara and ran off, while they were running Gaara opened his eyes "I'm sorry, for everything I've done to you two and everyone else in the village"

"It's fine Gaara, now we just have to get out of here!"

Naruto went back and jumped up on top of Kyuubi's head "Ok, lets go catch up to Sakura and Sasuke, and Shika"

" Right, I've got their scents already we'll get to them very shortly" Kyuubi took off in a giant red blur, and true to his word they landed infront of Sakura, Shika, and Sasuke about 30 seconds later.

"Guys, get on, the village is still under attack and we need to get there as fast as possible to help!"

The three of them jumped up onto Kyuubi's back.

" Hang on everyone, We're gonna go in fast and hard" Kyuubi yelled, and then took off towards the village.

Less then 2 minutes later they all arrived, Kyuubi bounded over the village walls and landed in a district that had been leveled already. Which scared the shit out of everyone who could see the huge nine tailed fox.

"Sakura-chan, Shikamaru, Sasuke go to the Arena and report to Kakashi! Me and Kyuubi are gonna work on taking out these forces and that giant 3 headed snake!"

Sakura nodded "Ok Naruto-kun, good luck!" The three of them jumped off Kyuubi and ran towards the stadium

"Say, Kyuubi, do you want to stick around and kill some fools, maybe a snake or two?"

"Sure, I still have some fight left in me, and I haven't killed In years!"

"Alright, let's go then! Let's take out that snake first!"

Everyone in the village nearly shit themselves as a giant fox bounded across the village towards the giant 3 headed snake, and then were suddenly not as worried when the fox lunged at the snake and latched it's jaws onto the neck of one of the snakes and removed it's head.

The other head of the snake hissed in immense pain as it's partners head was removed, but was stopped when a Rasengan plowed through it's eye and destroyed it's brain. The giant snake dispelled with a poof, leaving Naruto and Kyuubi with lots of ninja to play with.

"Let's kill them all Kit!"

"Yes! Kill them all!" Naruto roared in a demonic tone.

At the sight of their biggest weapon being destroyed in not but a few seconds the sand army ordered a full retreat.

"Retreat! They are too powerful, get out of here!" their commander yelled, and all the sand troops instantly turned and ran. But the the sound ninja's stayed, they were here for until the end.

Naruto and Kyuubi were decimating the Sound ninja's with Kyuubi ripping them apart and with Naruto launching Marble sized Rasen-gun's over and over with pinpoint accuracy decimating the ninja's with headshots and hits to the vital spots.

In no time at all Naruto and Kyuubi had killed well over a hundred sound ninja's

"Kit I'm out of Chakra, I can't maintain this form anymore, you're on your own, I'll see you around"

"Right, Thanks for the help Kyuubi, I think I can take the rest of these bastards out myself"

Kyuubi shrunk back down to small dog sized and took off in the general direction of Naruto apartment…which was in the decimated area of the village.

Naruto was down in the street on his own and continued to kill more and more sound ninja's, he was surrounded by a squad of about 15 sound ninja's all wielding Katana's and short swords.

"Damn, this should be fun." Naruto flicked out 9 Kunai using his tails and was able to take out about 6 of the ninja's in one attack, the rest of them charged in, and in such close quarters Naruto couldn't dodge them all, he ended up killing them all with a Flamethrower jutsu but he didn't come out unharmed, he now had two Katana's sticking out through his stomach, a short sword in the thigh, and 3 Katanas sticking out through his chest.

He coughed up a huge amount of blood "Well shit I need to get to the stadium so I can finally rest, I've done all I can for the village for now" He coughed up another huge amount of blood and took off towards the arena.

He arrived at the Arena a few minutes to see Kakashi and Maito Gai finish off the last few sound ninja's in the arena. Kakashi turned and saw Naruto, and Gasped.

"Naruto! What happened to you!" Kakashi yelled

"It's alright Kakashi, I was just having fun, me and Kyuubi took out Gaara, his siblings, forced the sand army to retreat, killed their two headed snake summon, and killed about one hundred and twenty sound ninja's, I just got ambushed by 15 sound ninja's, and they got me before I killed them all"

"Y-You did all that!?"

Naruto coughed up another huge amount of blood that splashed on the ground. "Y-yeah, I'm gonna go down to the medical facilities and lay down for a while ok?"

"Yeah, Sakura, come help Naruto get to the medics!" Kakashi yelled

Sakura jumped over from what she was doing and saw Naruto and gasped "Naruto-kun!"

Naruto shook his head "I'm alright Sakura I just need to get these out and rest." He then promptly dropped to his knee's and started to fall over. But Sakura grabbed him before he could hit the ground and cause more damage to himself with the swords in him

"Sakura, take Naruto to the medics and look after him, I don't want anyone to try anything with him" Kakashi said

Sakura nodded "Ok Kakashi-sensei" Sakura jumped away to the medics with Naruto over her shoulders.

Time skip, two days

Naruto opened his eyes. White walls, bright lights, 'Damn another hospital' Naruto looked around and saw that Sakura was slumped over the edge of his bed, asleep. Naruto gently shook her shoulder "Sakura-chan, wake up"

She slowly lifted her head and looked at him, and smiled "good morning Naruto-kun"

Naruto smiled back "How long have I been out? And did anything big happen?"

"About two days, and yes, we won the war, and today we're having the funeral for those who died."

Naruto frowned "Did anyone we know die?"

Sakura frowned "Yes, During the fight Hokage-sama passed away while fighting Orochimaru, but was able to destroy his arms"

Naruto's eye's widened "H-he died?"

Sakura nodded "Yes, I'm sorry Naruto I know you were close to him"

Naruto nodded "He was like a grandfather to me. I guess we should go get ready for the funeral then"

"Right, I'll see you then Naruto-kun"

"Ok I'll see you later Sakura-chan" Naruto leaned over and kissed her before he got out of the bed. They both left the hospital and went their separate ways, Sakura to her house, Naruto to his.

When Naruto got to his apartment his eyes widened. What apartment? All that was left of his building was a pile of rubble. Naruto scrounged through the rubble and managed to find his crushed dresser, he was able to scrounge up a black suit and pants for the funeral, Kyuubi was curled up on the edge of the rubble sleeping, Naruto walked over to him and nudged him, He stirred then woke.

"Morning Kit, sorry about your apartment, it was like this when I got here"

Naruto sighed "Oh well, at least I have a reason to get a new place now"

Kyuubi laughed "Way to see the bright side of things Kit"

"Right, well you want to come to the funeral for the Hokage?"

"Yeah, if it wasn't for him we'd both be dead so it's the least I can do"

"Alright, I'm gonna change then we can head out"

Naruto changed into his black suit and he and Kyuubi went off to the funeral.

Everyone was gathered atop the Hokage monument dressed in black, and slowly everyone stepped forward, put a flower down before a picture of Sarutobi and said a few words.

Naruto walked up and placed his flower "Damn it Jiji, Why'd you have to go and die, you were the only real thing keeping me in this village, I'll be exiled or executed for sure I bet"

Naruto left with Sakura a little bit later to get some food, they had a nice lunch, but didn't talk much, at the end of the meal an Anbu walked up to Naruto.

"Uzumaki, your presence has been requested by the council, please come with me"

Naruto sighed "One moment please"

He turned to Sakura "Well, it seems this is goodbye Sakura-chan, now that Hokage-sama is gone there's nothing stopping the Council from finally killing or exiling me"

Sakura gasped and latched onto him with a bone crushing hug "NO! You can't leave me Naruto-kun! I can't be without you now!"

Naruto shook his head and pried her off of him "I'm sorry Sakura-chan, I don't have a choice, goodbye"

He turned back towards the Anbu, "Lets go" and then they were both gone as two blurs, headed for the council chambers.

Sakura collapsed to her knee's and put her face in her hands and started crying, Ino was walking by and heard her and ran over to her, "Sakura what's wrong?"

Sakura looked up from her hands with red eyes "The Anbu came and took Naruto to the council! He says there's nothing stopping them from executing him now that the Hokage's gone!"

Ino frowned "I highly doubt that Sakura, everyone knows the things he did during the invasion, there's no way they can execute, or exile him"

"Y-you think so?" Sakura sniffed

"Yes, Infact I wouldn't be surprised if he was getting an award" Ino said

Meanwhile, Naruto arrived at the Council, he stood before the table surrounded by the clan heads of Konoha.

"So, why have I been requested here? Finally gonna kill or exile me now that the Hokage's gone?"

Danzo shook his head "No, the things you did during the invasion are well known across the village, you defeated their one tailed demon Jinchuuriki, you came back to the village and killed their two headed snake summon, and then went on to kill over 120 sound ninja's and caused the sand army to retreat, You single handedly stopped the invasion 2 days ago, you can hardly be punished for that" Danzo said

"So, if I'm not here to be punished, why am I here?"

"In light of your actions and sacrifices during the exams you are being promoted"

Naruto grinned "So I get to be a chunnin eh? That's pretty sweet"

Danzo shook his head again "No, you are not becoming a chunnin, what you did showed skill and valor far beyond that of a chunnin, you are being promoted to a Tokubetsu Jonin"

Naruto's jaw dropped and eyes widened "J-Jonin? You're making me a Jonin?"

Danzo smirked "Well, If you don't want the position we will gladly keep you a genin"

"N-no! I would be honored to take the title of Tokubetsu Jonin" he said while bowing.

"Very well, from now on you Naruto Uzumaki will be under the title and rank of Tokubetsu Jonin, Would someone please present him a Jonin vest please?"

An Anbu stepped out of the shadows and handed Naruto a black Jonin vest, he put it on and smirked.

"Thank you again for this honor, was there anything else you needed of me?"

Danzo nodded "Actually there is, we are giving you your first mission, You are to accompany Jiraiya of the sennin to retrieve the next Hokage, once he returns to the village in about 3 days"

Naruto nodded "Very well, may I ask who the next Hokage is to be?"

"I'm afraid not, but Jiraiya may tell you if he deems it important"

Naruto nodded and bowed "Very well, I would be honored to help retrieve the new Hokage"

Danzo nodded "Good, You're dismissed"

Naruto bowed once more then left the chamber; once he was far enough away he pumped his fist and yelled "YES!!!!!"

He then ran off to find Sakura, so he went back to the restaurant they were at, when he got there she was gone, but he could still smell her, so he followed the trail, and it led him to the Yamanaka flower shop.

Naruto walked in through the door, and there in the back was Ino and Sakura, Sakura looked like she had been crying. Naruto waved "Yo! I'm back!"

Sakura looked up and noticed his new piece of clothing "Naruto, what's with the vest isn't that a jonin vest?"

He nodded "You bet it is, you're looking at the new Tokubetsu Jonin of Konoha!"

Sakura's jaw dropped "T-They made you a Jonin!?" she and Ino said

Naruto grinned "Yeah they did! I have my first mission too, I'm gonna go help retrieve the new Hokage"

"W-wow, that's amazing Naruto, but umm why are you still wearing your funeral clothes?"

Naruto frowned "It's the only set of clothes I have now, my apartment was destroyed in the invasion. I was actually gonna go shopping for a new set of clothes and equipment after this"

Sakura's eyes lit up and she had a huge grin plastered on her face, so did Ino "Naruto, we're gonna help you pick out your clothes"

Naruto smiled and was about to say Ok, but then he remembered the pink and white set. "O-Oh no! I will not be a pink and white Jonin!" Sakura's grin vanished and she was about to run over to him, but he was gone in a blur

"Damn, he needs to lose the black and red look!" she yelled

Naruto was at Ten-Tens shop in a flash, he walked in an called "Anyone here?"

Ten-Ten poked her head around the corner again "Oh, Hi Naruto what do you need?"

"Hi Ten-chan, and I need everything. My house was destroyed in the invasion and I need new clothes and equipment"

She nodded "Ok, but what's with the vest?"

Naruto grinned "You know, I'm never going to get tired of explaining this, I'm a Tokubetsu Jonin!"

Ten-Ten stammered "T-they made you a Jonin!?"

Naruto laughed "Hah, Sakura-chan and Ino-chan had the same reactions as you, and everyone else probably will. But anyway, yeah I need some new clothes"

Naruto went through the store picking out clothes and gear, he ended up settling on some black cargo pants, a mesh shirt, with a blood red jacket, over the jacket he had on his black Jonin vest and he had his black Konoha hitai-ite around his forehead holding up his hair. He also had made some unique additions that only he had, he had nine Kunai holsters all over the back of his vest, one for each of his tails to use, he also had a Kunai and shuriken holster on his right thigh, on his feet he still had his same old black steel toed combat boots.

Naruto went over to the register, "Kami, your store is such a savior Ten-chan, I would be so screwed without it"

Ten-Ten giggled "Well thanks Naruto, I guess I'll see you around huh?"

Naruto nodded and paid "Yeah, I've got my first mission as a Jounin in about 3 days, I'm gonna be gone for about a month"

Ten-Ten smiled "Just don't go dying while your out there"

Naruto laughed "Ok, I'll see you around then Ten-chan, and thanks again for the supplies"

Naruto left the store and went back to Ino's flower shop to hang out with Sakura for the rest of the day. He arrived at the flower shop after about 10 minutes of slow walking and walked through the door, Sakura and Ino were both still in the back.

"Hey guys, I'm back with my new gear"

Sakura and Ino looked up, and frowned "Well, at least it has less black then the last one...a little"

Sakura and Ino got up and walked around him, picking his wardrobe apart with their eyes. "Ne, Naruto, what's with all these Kunai on your back?" Ino asked

Naruto grinned "They're for my tails to use"

Ino's eyes widened "You can use Kunai with your tails?"

Naruto laughed "Yeah, quite deadly if I do say so myself"

Sakura then spoke up "Naruto-kun, you said your apartment was destroyed in the invasion right?"

Naruto nodded "Yeah, nothing left but a pile of rubble"

Sakura stammered "W-well, you could stay at my house for a while until you got a new place"

Naruto smiled "Thanks Sakura-chan, but I'm gonna camp out at a training ground for 2 days until I leave with Jiraiya. Plus Kyuubi said he had something to tell me after the chunnin exams, and it didn't sound like good news, so I don't want anything to happen if I get mad or something"

Sakura nodded "Ok Naruto-kun, but if you need anything don't hesitate to come over and ask"

Naruto smiled again "Thank you Sakura-chan, and speaking of that I think I'm going to head out and try to get Kyuubi to spill the beans, so I'll see you later, but I promise to see you before I leave with Jiraiya"

Sakura nodded again "Ok Naruto, I'll see you later then" she leaned in and they kissed for a moment before Naruto turned and left. Ino turned to Sakura, "Well aren't you two close?"

Sakura blushed "Well, yeah, when I was taking care of him when he had no arms I did everything for him, feed him, bathe him, everything so it was kind of hard to not get close, then one night we admitted our feelings for each other"

Ino listened, and then her eyes widened "Wait wait wait back up, Bathed him? You've seen that hunk naked!?"

Sakura blushed and nodded "Well, ya how else would you bathe someone?"

Ino grabbed her by the shoulders and sat her down "Ok, Spill, now I want all the details what's he look like under all those clothes, how big is he, everything"

Sakura blushed "Well, he's very...developed the only thing twelve about him is his height, he is completely ripped, he even has a six pack, and he's umm...big"

Ino shook her by the shoulders "Spit it out, how big is 'big'?"

"I-I don't know I've never held it or anything, maybe eight inches when he's...excited"

Ino gasped "E-eight inches? That's huge! And he's only twelve, oh Kami thats gonna murder you Sakura...or has it already?"

Sakura blushed furiously "We haven't done anything but kissing yet!"

"Hmm, maybe I should show him what a real woman can offer him" Ino said while tapping her chin.

Sakura cracked her knuckles "If you even try to touch him, I'll kill you Ino"

Ino put her hands up defensively "I was just kidding!"

Sakura mumbled something like "You better be" before storming out of the shop.

Meanwhile Naruto had reached his 'campsite' which was also training ground 24, he didn't have anything with him so he just plopped down and open his mental link to Kyuubi.

'So, you mentioned something important you had to tell me before the exams, but said it could wait until after the exams, well here we are, what's going on Kyuubi?'

'Right...remember how I said that when my power joined yours the seals job would be finished and you would be a hanyou?"

'Yeah...what's that got to do with this though?'

'Well Kit, I was wrong, that was only part of the seals job, the seal will completely disappear once it's done with it's job'

'So what the hell does that mean Kyuubi, what else is there for it to do?!'

'Well, when our powers merged they are not in balance, so the seal is now making my and your power combine into one chakra, which means it will combine my Nine tails worth of Chakra, and your naturally huge chakra reserves into one, even larger reserve, and instead of being a mix of your blue and my red chakra, it will be one solid color, probably something alone a red with purple tinge, but there's more'

'Like what?'

'Well, since it's actually combining our powers, you really will become the most powerful being ever. You will gain a tenth tail, which has never been done before. Also once the chakra's merge the dominant chakra will take control, meaning you will no longer be human at all, you will become a full blooded demon when this second transformation finishes. Also, I will still be dying when the seal fades, as all of my power will have been absorbed and turned into yours'

'Wait just a minute, what will this becoming a full blooded demon do? Am I going to turn into a ten tailed fox or something!?'

'Precisely Kit, your natural form will be as a fox from that point on, but you will still be able to attain a human form, but you will no longer be able to hide your hanyou features, so you will always have 10 tails, longer teeth, darker whiskers, feral eyes...something about your eyes, they may change also similar to the chakra to a tinge of purple, and of course you will have fox ears'

'Umm...well I guess that's not too bad, a lot of people already know about my tails, so I guess if everyone knew it wouldn't be to bad, do you have any estimate on when this whole process is going to finish up?'

'I do, at the rate it's currently going our two chakra's are going to finish combining somewhere between your fourteenth and fifteenth birthdays, probably somewhere near the middle'

'Is there anything else this change is going to do to me?'

'Well, you know how you always tell everyone you're the new Kyuubi?'

''s mostly just to intimidate them, but it works'

'Well, now you really will be the king of the foxes, but you wont be the Kyuubi, for you will have ten tails, you will be the Juubi, the ten tailed Demon fox king. So you can assume some time after my death and the final combination you will be contacted by the foxes to establish you as their leader'

'Ok...that's a lot of stuff anything else by chance?'

'Actually, yes because your going to be a full blooded demon you are going to be able to have full access and use of your chakra, unlike now where you can only use about half of your reserves before you pass out'

'So...I'm going to become twice as strong as I am now?'

'More then twice as strong, with the tenth tail'

'Wow, just wow Kyuubi, that's amazing that I'm going to be that powerful, but it sucks that your going to die for it'

'It is unfortunate, but at least I finally get to be free of the seal completely, I get to move on. Also, I suggest after you get the new Hokage in place, get permission for a long term leave of absence, I plan on teaching you everything I know before I die, after all I can't have the new lord of the foxes come in greener then a grasshoppers ass.'

'Well thank you very much Kyuubi, I plan to do the best things I can with the foxes and hell, since I can't become Hokage, a demon king will just have to do I guess'

Naruto had a face splitting grin at the thought of being the king of the demons.

'And I hope you do Kit, but for now get some rest, we've been talking for a long time and it's late into the night now'

'Ok that sounds like a good idea, see ya later Kyuubi' Naruto closed the mental link and opened his eyes, Kyuubi was right it was pitch black out and the stars were burning brightly in the sky.

"Damn...that's a lot of shit to digest...I need to sleep this off" Naruto closed his eye's and drifted off to sleep.

That night Naruto dreamt of all the times he was beaten and tortured, he dreamed of killing everyone that had hurt him so badly, of tearing them limb from limb. Naruto woke up the next morning to the smell of burning wood and ash, he opened his eyes and took in his surroundings everything was destroyed within a 100 foot range of him, everything was just burned to ash.

"D-Did I do this in my sleep? It's a good thing that I didn't stay at Sakura-chan's place. Well I guess I should work on the next part of my Rasen-gun technique."

Naruto formed about 2,500 clones and had them all practice in trying to make 5 of the marble sized rasengan's on their finger tips, and then to work on launching them from the fingers that way he could rapid fire 5 at a time instead of one after the other, he could shoot them rapidly off each finger and then go down the five and have new ones generating right behind the ones being fired.

Naruto spent the whole day blowing things up trying to get his new technique working, once Naruto was exhausted he dispelled his clones and collapsed onto the ground unconscious from the 2500 days worth of knowledge he gained.

Naruto awoke the next day at about noon and decided to try out his new found knowledge, he tried making a marble rasengan on his index finger and found it incredibly easy, he then tried to focus chakra to his finger to launch it, and it worked! It shot across the clearing and flew through a tree.

"Sweet it works, now to try for 5 at once"

Naruto refocused and created 5 Rasengans across all five of his fingers and then launched all five at once, decimating the tree further causing it to fall over.

"Freaking awesome, I've only been at it for a short while and I'm already creating new versions of my dad's jutsu's I can't wait to see what I can do while on my own for a few years"

Naruto tapped his chin while thinking of what to do "Hmm I wonder if I can do 5 on both hands at once, or 2 full sized ones at once"

Naruto brought up both hands before him with his fingers outstretched, and started trying to form rasengans on all ten fingers it took a minute to get all ten up, but there they were, 10 tiny rasengans on all of his fingers, he pointed his hands towards a boulder and fired them all at once, 'I do believe I just created the Rasen-sandanjuu', over in the boulder was ten perfectly drilled holes all about seven inches deep.

Naruto nodded, "Now for 2 full sized Rasengans", he focused and two full force rasengans formed in his hands.

"Hmm, I wonder..." He took both rasengans and smashed them together at full force, they smashed together and started to destabilize huge winds started to whip around Naruto, gouging out the ground and wiping out trees and rocks near him, the Rasengans finally broke their forms and exploded, the force blew Naruto across the training ground and smashed him through 2 trees and into a boulder.

"Right, I'll call that... Rasen-Jisatsu (Screw-Suicide) I'm also, never doing that again"

Naruto got up and brushed himself off, fortunately the Rasen-Jisatsu did not decimate his clothing the way it did the area around him. He then left the training ground for the frist time in two days, completely starved to go get some food.

Regardless of the fact that it wasn't healthy Naruto went to Ichiraku ramen, he stepped inside and sat at his usual stool.

"Heya Tsuchi, I'll have my usual" He called

Tsuchi turned around and smiled, then frowned "It's been a while Naruto, but why do you look like you just went through a war?"

Naruto smiled "Hah, this?" he said motioning to his dirtiness "Testing a new jutsu"

"Really now? So I take it you've become stronger then?"

"You bet, I've been promoted to Tokubetsu Jounin"

Tsuchi laughed "I knew that those stories circulating were true!"

Naruto looked confused "Stories? What kinds of stories?"

"There are stories all over the village of what you did during the invasion, most people say they're lies, but I knew they were true!"

Naruto laughed "Thanks for believing in me Tsuchi, and yeah they are probably true if they are about what I think they are"

Tsuchi nodded and placed 4 bowls in front of Naruto "Here's your food Naruto, 4 bowls of Miso ramen"

"Thanks, I'm probably going to need a lot more though, I haven't eaten in two days"

Tsuchi frowned "Two days? You should treat yourself better Naruto!"

Naruto smirked "Yeah yeah, I know I just had to perfect some new tricks, after all I can't very well be lord of the tailed beasts if I'm not powerful"

Tsuchi looked confused "What the hell do you mean by that?"

Naruto choked on his Ramen realizing what he just blurted out "I didn't mean anything by it"

Tsuchi frowned, he didn't like when people he liked kept secrets from him, and he knew Naruto had a huge number of secrets.

Naruto finished up his meal in silence, he ended up eating a solid 12 bowls of ramen, he left the money for his food and left after thanking Tsuchi.

Naruto ended up just wandering around Konoha for the rest of the day before passing out in the training ground again.

Naruto was awakened the next morning with a kick in the ribs. "Ugh, what the fuck" he said while leaning up and opening his eyes. And there standing over him was Jiraiya, smirking down at him.

"What the hell are you doing sleeping out here kid?"

Naruto groaned "My house was destroyed I've been sleeping here and training"

"Training eh? So what did you accomplish on your own after I left you to train for the finals?"

Naruto grinned, "Well I mastered an ancient taijutsu style, created multiple variants of the rasengan and modified it a bit"

Jiraiya smiled "bullshit kid, you may be good but to master a taijutsu style takes..."

"Seventeen years?" Naruto cut in

"I mean, that's what it took me, I created the new rasengans just after that too with about another 8 years of training"

Jiraiya's smiled widened "How old do you think I am kid? I think I know how much time has passed since we last met, now can we get serious, what did you accomplish"

Naruto frowned "I accomplished everything I said I did, I trained with shadow clones, six hundred everyday for 21 days, then 2500 for 2 days, or would you like me to show you my new Rasengan's?"

Jiraiya smiled "I would very much so like you to show me your new Rasengans"

Naruto smiled "All right then lets get things started" he got up and dusted off his pants before finding a suitable target.

Naruto formed a ball of chakra in his palm "So, you've got your standard rasengan right? Great close up weapon, but has no ranged value at all correct?"

Jiraiya nodded, It was the only real downside of the rasengan was it's range.

"Well, I've solved that, I call this Rasen-noroshi" Naruto focused chakra to his palm and the rasengan rocketed across the field and smashed into the boulder, drilling into it sending chunks of stone flying everywhere.

"You see, I've turned it into a long ranged weapon, though the full sized version is not that fast, so here we have my new move"

Naruto formed a marble size rasengan on the tip of his index finger "You see the smaller the rasengan the faster and farther it can fly, 'Rasen-Sogekihei' is the result of this little guy"

Naruto raised his arm and aimed his finger at a tree about three hundred yards away about one inch thick, and launched the Rasengan, it flew off faster then the speed of sound and in an instant the tree was falling over, "It flys faster then the speed of sound, and is incredibly accurate"

Naruto Grinned "but wait, there's more! You see here is where it gets fun, and deadly"

Naruto raised both his hands and spread his fingers, and marble sized rasengans formed on all ten of his fingers. "Rasen-Sandanjuu" he pointed both palms at a tree about two feet thick and launched all ten at once, they instantly smashed into the tree and all drilled into it.

"I have one more variant too, but it hurts like a bitch to perform and is extremely destructive and I only plan to use it in dire situations, I smash two rasengans together and they destabilize and explode tearing apart everything around me, and then launch me very hard into something solid"

Jiraiya just stood there open mouthed watching this little 12 year old put him and his own father to shame with 4 variations to a jutsu that neither of them could come up with ways to improve.

"That's quite incredible kid, you not only overcame the one real weakness of the rasengan you turned it into an extremely potent assassination weapon, it's a shame your only a genin"

Naruto frowned "Didn't the counsel tell you anything? I'm not a genin anymore"

"Really, so you made it to chuunin afterall eh?"

Naruto shook his head "No, don't you see the vest? I was promoted to Tokubetsu Jounin after the invasion"

Jiraiya frowned "And why did they see it fit to promote a genin straight to Jounin?"

"Damn don't you know anything that happened during the invasion!? I took out the sand villages one tailed demon, then I came back to the village and took out the sound villages two headed snake, then I forced the sand army to retreat, then killed off about one hundred and twenty sound ninja's. I would have kept going too but some sound bastards ambushed me and I had the fun time of running through the village with about 6 katana's embedded in me"

Jiraiya smirked "I take it back, you did a shit load, and deserve your promotion, So you ready to go look for the next hokage?"

Naruto shook his head "Nope, I have to go say bye to my girlfriend, I promised her I would"

Jiraiya chuckled, "Fine meet me at the gates"

10 minutes later Jiraiya was strolling up the gates when Naruto yelled at him "What took you so long!?"

"I thought you wanted to say goodbye to your girlfriend?"

"I did, that took like 2 minutes I've been waiting her for you!" Naruto yelled

"Alright, how was I supposed to know you didn't want to spend a minute with her, anyway lets go, it's gonna take a while to catch up to her and track her down."

"Her? Who is the next Hokage going to be Jiraiya?" Naruto asked

"My old teammate, Tsunade of the sannin"

Naruto Hmm'd "Well, I hope she doesn't suck at it, I can only protect this village, I can't lead it anymore"

"Ne, what do you mean you can't lead it anymore?"

Naruto shook his head "I'll tell you while we track her, it will probably take a while to explain anyway"

TimeSkip, 2 weeks

Naruto and Jiraiya had been tracking Tsunade's trail for a while now and they were finally in the same town as her, now they just had to find out which bar she was at. Naruto had already explained everything to Jiraiya.

"Naruto, I want you to leave your Jounin vest in the hotel today, I don't want Tsunade to think your anything above a genin, it might make this a lot easier"

Naruto shrugged "Whatever, lets just find her, it's already getting dark, can you tell me what she might smell like? I could try and find her scent"

"Well, she probably wreaks of Sake, and last time I checked she used a Vanilla scented shampoo, so I guess Sake and vanilla"

Naruto sniffed around the air for a bit before stopping "I can't believe it, but I think I smell her, lets go"

Naruto's nose led himself and Jiraiya into a bar, and sure enough there in the back of the bar was a blond women with a large chest, and her brunette assistant.

"Good work Naruto, that's her" Jiraiya said.

The two of them walked over to Tsunade and sat down across from her and her assistant, "Long time no see, Tsunade"

"What the fuck are you doing her Jiraiya? And who's the brat?" she Grumbled out.

"I am here to tell you to come back to Konoha and accept the title of the fifth Hokage"

She burst out laughing "Hahahaha, No, Only a stupid fool of a person would ever accept the title of Hokage"

Naruto slammed his fist into the table, smashing it into the floor "Don't you dare insult the Hokage, I don't care what you think, or the fact that the council wants you, If you insult the title of Hokage, or the people who have taken it again, I will beat the shit out of you, The Hokage is one of the only people in this world who have my respect, and if you insult them, you will pay"

Tsunade scoffed "Fine, lets go outside punk, I'll show you how stupid the title of Hokage is"

"I will see you out side" Naruto was gone in a blur

Jiraiya shook his head "That was not a good thing to do Tsunade, Sarutobi was one of the only people to ever not try to kill him, and he gets extremely pissed at anyone who disrespects him, hell I learned not to bad mouth him on the second day we started looking for you"

Tsunade scoffed again "Please, the kids twelve, I'm gonna beat some sense into him" she then got up and headed outside with Jiraiya and her assistant following.

When she got outside Naruto was there waiting for her, "So Jiraiya I'm guessing I'm not allowed to kill her then? Can I at least put a hole in her? I wont break any bones, I promise"

"Like a weak little punk like you could ever even touch me, I could beat you with just one finger"

"Not a good idea Tsunade and Naruto, no lethal attacks, it won't do to have a dead hokage, but I suppose one or two holes wont kill her"

Naruto Smirked, "It's a shame most of my moves are instant kills, I can't even hit you with full power!"

Tsunade laughed, "Tell you what punk, I'll make you a bet, If you can land a single hit on me, I'll come back to Konoha, and I'll even give you this necklace, but if you can't you and Jiraiya have to leave and never bother me again"

Naruto Smirked "Deal"

Naruto let out his Hanyou features, getting a gasp from Tsunade and her assistant.

"W-what the fuck, what are you?"

Naruto gathered Chakra in his palm in a blue swirling ball "I'm a demon, now I assume your familiar with this jutsu?"

Tsunade nodded

"Well good, because I guarantee you are not familiar with this one, the blue ball disappeared and a much smaller one appeared on the tip of his finger, then another one formed on the tip of his finger on his other hand.

"Care to guess what these do?"

Tsunade laughed "What are you planning to do with two tiny Rasengan's like that"

Naruto laughed "It's funny, that's about the reaction I expected from a pompous over confident fool like yourself, but allow me to show you something, Looks can be deceiving, Naruto pointed the two Rasengan's at her, and aimed carefully as to no kill her

"Have fun Tsunade, Rasen-Sogekihei!"

The two rasengans fired off beyond the speed of sound, and as with it's last victim before she knew what happened the twin Rasengans blew straight through her shoulders making her arms useless.

Tsunade screamed, in pain, and disbelief "What the fuck did you do!?"

Naruto just grinned evilly and walked forward as blood leaked from her shoulder wounds. "That would be one of my own personal jutsu's, a variation of my fathers Rasengan"

"F-Father, then your the Yondaime's..." "Yes" Naruto cut her off "Then you have the.." "Correct again, I had the Kyuubi sealed into me"

Naruto kneeled down to eye level with the crumpled Tsunade "You should never underestimate your opponent, or next time it might kill you, I'm not actually a genin, I'm a Tokubetsu Jounin"

"Y-You're a Jounin? But you couldn't even be thirteen!" Tsunade yelled

"You're right, my thirteenth birthday is in a few months, I was promoted for my actions during Orochimaru's invasion during the chuunin exams a few days ago, it seems the council likes it when you stop an invasion and take out their best weapons"

Naruto reached down and took her necklace off her "I'll just take this now, I won after all. And I hope your ready to become the next Hokage"

Tsunade frowned "Let me guess, you want to be the Hokage, don't you?"

Naruto shrugged "At one point in my life, yes it was my greatest dream, to become Hokage and make the people respect me and my abilities, not try to kill me everyday for something I couldn't control, But now I have a much more important duty to take care of, far more important then becoming Hokage"

Tsunade's frown deepened "What could be more important then becoming the Hokage to you, you sound like it was the only thing that you wished for"

Naruto chuckled "You saw what I am, I would never be able to become Hokage being what I am, plus I have a more important duty. In a few years time I am going to become the new lord of the foxes, and demon lord of all the tailed beasts. I will replace the Kyuubi and become the first ever Juubi, so I will have an entire dimension to rule, I wouldn't have the time to try and rule a village too, the best I can do is protect the village"

Tsunade sighed "Damn, you have a lot of shit to deal with kid, all right I'll go back to Konoha and become the Hokage, hell it should be pretty easy with a demon lord to protect us" She chuckled at the ending.

"Shizune, come over here and heal these damn wounds they burn like hell"

Her assistant ran over to her and charged green chakra to her hands and started mending the wounds.

"We have a problem though Jiraiya, Orochimaru approched me to heal his arms, I have to give him my answer by tomorrow"

Naruto grinned "Great, we can ambush him at the meeting and kill that traitor, I mean we have two Sennin a Jounin, and me, whatever the hell you want to rank me"

Jiraiya nodded "Naruto has a good idea, not to mention Orochimaru is weakened without his arms"

"Tsunade here's what we'll do, you go to the meeting with Orochimaru, and we will be hidden there too, you tell him some reason you can't help him, then we spring the trap on him and we'll kill that snake" Jiraiya explained.

Tsunade frowned "We have another problem, I already drugged you so you can't control your chakra well Jiraiya, I was going to accept his deal and he needed a human sacrifice"

"Well great, guess we'll have to make due then"

The two groups then went back to their hotels to rest for the night, Naruto passed out the second he hit his bed.

They woke the next morning and went out to meet with Tsunade and Shizune before going to meet with Orochimaru, Naruto took his Jounin vest with him this time too.

Tsunade went up to Orochimaru with Shizune while Naruto and Jiraiya hid nearby.

"So, have you come to a conclusion Tsunade?" Orochimaru asked

"I have Orochimaru, I received a message yesterday to become the next Hokage of Konoha, and I decided to take them up on it, the only problem is it's not very Hokage like to help a traitor and murder, so I'm afraid you have to die today"

Orochimaru laughed "I'm sorry you see things that way Tsunade, but You will be the one to die"

Just then Naruto and Jiraiya burst out of their hiding "Sorry your the one who's going to fall Orochimaru" Naruto said

"Tsunade, you take that silver haired kid, I'll take Orochimaru!" Jiraiya yelled while charging towards Orochimaru, the two of them took off out into the field to battle, while Tsunade faced off against the traitor Kabuto.

Tsunade charged chakra to her fist and charged at Kabuto, but Kabuto was very agile and was dodging around her blows like water. Then his hands started to glow blue, and he tapped Tsunade on her right bicep and her right thigh, she then crashed down onto her knee and grabbed her arm.

"Damn it, Your a medic nin!?"

Kabuto smiled "Correct, the best in Konoha, in fact"

Tsunade healed her wounds quickly and got back up to fight. "To bad your going to need to do better then that to beat me"

Tsunade charged forward again, and this time Kabuto didn't react fast enough, she plunged her fist into his stomach, but this punch wasn't chakra enhanced, instead Kabuto collapsed to the ground and started to twitch around.

"With that punch I just rewired your Nervous system, everything now reacts differently"

She then kneeled down and continued to finish healing her wounds, but after about 15 seconds Kabuto leaned forward and got up slowly.

"While this jutsu would cripple most people, It's not that hard to figure out what moves what, and I know your one true weakness Tsunade"

Kabuto pulled out a Kunai and sliced his hand open, the blood pooled into his hand and he then flicked his hand and sprayed blood all over Tsunade's chest and face. She instantly crashed to her knee's and locked up.

"You're terrified of blood, but I won't finish you off, It seems that Orochimaru-sama is just finishing off your teammate, so he shall finish you off"

Right as he finished his sentence Orochimaru landed next to him. "Did you have fun Kabuto-kun?"

"I did, Orochimaru-sama, but she's all yours to finish off"

Orochimaru smiled and tilted his head back, and a longsword came out of his throat. "It's time to say Goodbye Tsunade"

Orochimaru charged at Tsunade leveling the blade for her heart, and then stuck, and a huge amount of blood splashed down onto the ground.

But it wasn't Tsunade's blood, It was Naruto's

"Sorry, but She's the next Hokage, and I can't go letting you kill her can I?" Naruto spoke while facing Tsunade. The sword went through his back, pierced his heart and came out through his chest.

Naruto coughed up a huge amount of blood then chuckled, "Hah it seems that Kyuubi lied, I wouldn't live forever" he then crashed down to his knee's and locked his eyes with Tsunade's own terrified eyes.

Naruto coughed up another huge amount of blood "Kill them, Kill them or run Tsunade"

He then leaned forward, removing the sword from his body, and fell to the side lifeless.

The 'Thud' of his body hitting the floor snapped her out of her blood induced trance, she looked at the sword coated in blood, and then at the lifeless body of the kid who threw himself in front of her to protect her.

Orochimaru chuckled "Stupid child, he could have just let you die, now you both will die"

Something inside Tsunade snapped just then, and right as Orochimaru reared back to kill her, she slammed a chakra enhanced punch into his stomach sending him flying, she turned and planted a knee in Kabuto sending him sprawling, she then took off after Orochimaru again and continued to mercilessly smash the hell out of him with her fists and legs, but every hit was slowly getting weaker and weaker as she was running out of chakra. She finally closed in for the final hit and focused all of the chakra she could into one hit but right as she was about to hit him Kabuto tapped her on the shoulder, stopping her arm instantly.

Kabuto ran over to Orochimaru and helped him up "Come Kabuto, lets leave we'll get them at a later date" The two of the disappeared in a puff of smoke then. And Tsunade instantly ran back over to Naruto to check on him.

She crashed down onto her knees next to him and rolled him over and gasped, his eye's were devoid of all life, she used a diagnostic jutsu and checked his vitals, No pulse, no breathing...He was dead.

She slowly got up and went to help Jiraiya. Unknown to her, the Demonic chakra was already working to repair the damage to Naruto and get his heart going again, but it was taking a lot longer then the Kyuubi had anticipated.

Tsunade got to Jiraiya and found he was just unconscious, so she performed a Medical jutsu and woke him up, she then helped him back over to Shizune, and Naruto's body.

Jiraiya gasped "W-what the hell happened to him!?"

Tsunade hung her head in shame "He threw himself in front of Orochimaru's blade to save me"

Jiraiya sighed, "I'll carry him, lets head back to Konoha"

Jiraiya walked over and picked up Naruto's body bridal style and the 3 of them headed off to Konoha at top speed.

The time they met up with Tsunade couldn't have been better, the town she was in was not but 2 hours out from Konoha at a slow walk, the three of them got there in about 15 minutes while running.

The three of them walked through the gates with Jiraiya holding the lifeless bloody body of Naruto. They walked past the two guards who were, more then stunned at Naruto's death.

Tsunade turned to Jiraiya "Should we take him to the morgue?"

Jiraiya shook his head "No, I think there is someone who would like to say goodbye first"

Jiraiya and Tsunade headed off towards the Yamanaka flower shop with Naruto. They arrived at the shop about 10 minutes later, and looked in the window, Jiraiya saw that Sakura was inside, he opened the door slightly and poked his head in.

"Sakura Haruno? Could you meet me around the side of the shop, there is...some bad news"

Sakura nodded and went out the side door with Ino at her side, and both girls were wondering what a Sannin wanted to tell them, but when she saw the limp Naruto in his arms. She just slammed to her knees and started crying her heart out.

Jiraiya set Naruto's body down on the ground next to her. "I thought you would want to see him before we brought him to the morgue"

"NARUTO-KUN, WHY!?" she cried, she dove on top of his bloody chest and started to cry her eye's out.

But after a few moments there was a noise that made her stop for a second

'Thump....Thump....Thump....Thump....Thump' Was it what she thought it was?

"H-he's Alive!" she screamed

Jiraiya shook his head "I'm Sorry, he's been dead for over thirty minutes now"

"He's Alive! I can hear his heartbeat!"

Jiraiya's eye's widened, "Tsunade go check his vitals, NOW!"

Tsunade ran over and knelt beside Naruto and cast a Diagnostic jutsu, and sure enough there it was, a steady heartbeat and breathing.

"T-that's impossible! He's been dead for over thirty minutes!" she yelled

"What?!" Jiraiya yelled

"He's alive" she said much quieter

Naruto slowly opened his eyes and looked around, and then opened his mouth.

"Ugh, I am so going to kick Kyuubi's ass later, he said my heart would fix itself in under a few seconds if it was destroyed! Hell one little stab and I go out like a light, how long was I out anyway?"

"About thirty Minutes, and if you were anyone else I would have locked myself up and called me crazy to see someone come back to life after thirty minutes"

Sakura latched onto Naruto's neck and cried into his shoulder. "I thought you died Naruto-kun! I thought I was going to be alone forever!"

Naruto frowned and lifted her and looked right into her eyes "Sakura-chan, I will never leave you, ever, understand?"

She slowly nodded, then went back to hugging his neck.

"Well great! Lets go report to the council and get some food, I'm starved!" Naruto yelled.

The gathered Shinobi chuckled at his lightening of the mood before Sakura realized just who she was in the presence of. "T-Tsunade-sama?" She stammered, not believing her eyes.

Tsunade quirked an eye brow "Yes?" she responded, what else was she to say?

Naruto offered a knowing smirk "Sakura-chan is like, you're biggest fan. She wants to surpass you. We've even been working on reproducing your super strength, but..we haven't gotten it to work"

Tsunade was both surprised and proud, it was not just an any day thing to strive to surpass a Sannin, and reproducing her strength without any kind of notes? She must be working hard "Really now?" She offered with an amused smile. "I suppose you'll have to come and demonstrate your skills for me at some point"

Sakura's jaw dropped "Y-you really mean that Tsunade-sama?"

Tsunade nodded with a smile "Hai, a friend a Naruto's, is a friend of mine"

Naruto smirked "So, since she's my girlfriend, that makes her your girlfriend? Ryouseiteki-hime" (Bisexual Princess)

Sakura's eyes widened in horror and she punched Naruto in the face on instinct to get him to shut up. Naruto head snapped back and he rubbed his cheek with a whimper "Sakura-chaaan" he drawled childishly "You're too strong to punch me in the face anymore!"

Sakura huffed slightly "Maybe if you weren't such a baka-ero-Kitsune(Stupid perverted fox), I wouldn't have to punch you"

Naruto's eyes widened in surprise. "Me, perverted? I think it's you who wanted to join me in the shower the day we admitted our feelings"

Everyone stared at Sakura for a moment in shock, before she turned a brighter red than the blood that fueled her blush, and fainted. Naruto closed his eyes and shook his head slightly as he scooped up his unconscious girlfriend and sighed "Why do I know that is going to come back to bite me in the ass?" he asked no one in particular.

Tsunade smirked "Because it will"

Jiraiya sighed "Come on brat, drop the girl off at her house and let's get going, the council is bound to be irritated that it took as it long as it did already."

Naruto nodded briefly "You're right, give me a minute, I'll meet you three outside of the council chambers then, alright?"

Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Shizune all nodded in sync "Got it, see you in a couple minutes" Jiraiya replied before the three turned and headed for the council chambers.

Naruto briefly looked over his shoulder to see Ino standing there "Er...see ya later Ino!" He called before disappearing as a blur.

Ino just stared at the spot where everyone was just standing before blinking owlishly a few times before asking the air around her "What just happened?"

Naruto quickly slipped into Sakura's bedroom once he arrived at her house and then left just as rapidly, he couldn't let those old bags get to the council before he did, Except Shizune, who was, in fact, young.


Naruto sped across the village as his now standard black and blond blur and he reached the doors that entered into the council chambers just as his three traveling companions were walking up to the doors as well. "Mission accomplished" He smirked "She's in her house. Now let's get this shit done!"

The others nodded and Naruto and Jiraiya pushed the doors open and walked inside, Tsunade and Shizune following behind them.

Naruto and Jiraiya walked into the room where the Council had been meeting daily to run the village in the absence of a Kage. "How did your travels go, Jiraiya? I trust you were successful?" Koharu, Sarutobi's ex-teammate asked.

Naruto and Jiraiya nodded together "Hai," They both parted to reveal the women behind them. "Senju Tsunade, and her assistant and niece, Shizune" Jiraiya introduced. "Godaime Hokage of Konohagakure, Mission success" Naruto finished with a grin.

The gathered council looked Tsunade up and down before nodding "Good. Uzumaki, you're dismissed. Payment for a C-rank mission will be awarded to you" Danzo spoke up, until Jiraiya coughed. "Yeah..about that, It's going to have to be S-rank, we had to fight off Orochimaru, who wanted Tsunade for himself, without Naruto Tsunade would be dead" he added.

Danzo's eye twitched slightly, as if annoyed to have to pay more money, but nodded "Hai, then the payment for an S-rank mission will be awarded, and will be recorded. For you as well Jiraiya. Now Uzumaki, depart, we have many things to discuss here" His voice had a tone of finality.

Naruto shrugged, he didn't really want to be involved in political stuff yet anyway. "Whatever, see ya Jiraiya, Tsunade, Shizune-chan"

Tsunade developed a tick mark on her forehead "Why aren't I Tsunade-chan? Or Hime?"

Naruto offered a toothy grin "'Cause you're old" he replied, before disappearing as a blur.

Tsunade's face flushed slightly and her knuckles cracked as she balled her fists "I'm going to kill that boy" She hissed.

A cough brought her attention back to the council before her though "Tsunade-sama, please. There is much work to be done" Hyuuga Hiashi offered.

Tsunade took a deep breath to calm down and nodded "Fine, let's get this over with" She, Jiraiya, and Shizune took three empty seats around the table and sat, ready for a lot of conversing.