A/N: as I am attempting to get my Svara character back after deleting her in order to switch destinies, I didn't like how the beast path seemed to be panning out, I felt the desire to make up something for her since Toral's getting a story of her own. That and Svara was my first attempt at learning how to play DOMO so I figured that I could remake her while actually keeping money in my bank account this time. .

Only trouble is that the damned game doesn't come with a stupid height chart until after you get to Eversun and speak to Mrs. Magic Eyes. w I WANT MY 178CMs BACK! I've already done it three times and each one has been too tall and not thick enough. w;; I hate it when I can't remember how I did something.

Dream of Mirror:

Sound Warrior


"Her chest is so big and fat. Did you not bind it when she was growing?"

"Yes, ma'am, we did, but it grew still."

"And her feet! She has the feet of a man with no signs of even trying to bind them!"

"I… I remembered my own binding and I couldn't do it to her, ma'am."

"You've doomed her!"

"Sorry, ma'am."

She listened to the pair of older women talking as silently as she could stand. All her life she had been told that girls should not talk until spoken to and should remember their place among men and in the home. The matchmaker was an old woman who had seen to it that her own mother had been married when she was young, but now seemed to be refusing to deal with her at all.

"And look at how tall she is! If I didn't know any better I would say that you had disgracefully made her into a boy!" snarled the old woman to the girl's mother. The mother bowed her head and nodded to the old matchmaker before the old woman turned to the young woman who she was being paid to match up. "Sit up straight, I will have no one slouching around me, you disgrace."

"Sorry, ma'am," said the girl as she straightened up. The chill of the air filtered through into the home of the old matchmaker. It would likely snow again outside before they were done with the girl.

The old woman looked over the girl with disgust and moved away from her. "Pretty as she is in the face and as nicely shaped as her body is, I have no doubts that anyone will have her in my books. Go. I won't deal with this creature anymore."

The daughter stood and glared at the woman from under the dark hair that hung loose in her face for whatever aesthetic purpose it gave. The old woman eyed the girl coolly as she turned. "Challenging as well? You won't get married. You won't continue your family line. You'll just die alone and disgraceful!"

The girl slapped the old woman hard enough to knock her backward before storming out without helping her mother up. Her mother shouted her name over and over again as she scrambled to get back to her bound and broken feet in their little shoes she would make herself. The old woman bled from her nose from the hit she had received from the absolute beast of a girl that the mother had bred. It was her own fault that she had not raised her the way all women had for centuries!

The girl ran out into the snow, pulling her straw hat on to shield herself from the snow beginning to fall. It was bad luck to look to a matchmaker for help in the dead of winter when death reigned over the land while it slept peacefully from the cold, but her mother had had no choice in the matter. The girl had grown up and up and not one single man would have her for both her sheer size and her foul temper when she could take no more mistreatment. When at last she could not hear the shrieking of the old witch or her mother, she stopped to take several steadying breaths of the cold air. She looked around and hugged herself in her silk robes. Her mother had spent so much on these clothes to make sure that she would be presentable to the old matchmakers that they had seen over the past year. Five rejections all for the same reasons: no man would have a woman that could rival them in size and temperament.

She longed for the days of the old stories; stories where women warriors were able to fight for men and alongside men, stories of dragons and gods, all the fanciful things that made up a wonderful tale. She longed for such days and knew they would never come to her. She was stuck, strapped to a world where she was out of her realm and she could not shake off the restraints no matter what she did.

The sky grew darker as the wind picked up. If the girl did not find shelter soon she would die of the cold! She walked as fast as she could, her breath making steam in the air in front of her as she shivered violently. She could barely feel her feet anymore and knew she needed to get someplace to warm up herself up before she was frost bitten. The last thing she wanted to lose a part of her anatomy that could be useful as an old woman working in a field somewhere. She smiled ruefully at the thought. Perhaps that was what her destiny was.

A light filtered through the dark clouds overhead and shone down in front of her. She blinked up at it and moved closer to the light before something came down inside the beam of light. A mirror with a brilliant green backing and edging to it drifted down in front of her until it was level with her face as though it was nothing but an illusion. She reached out to touch it and stopped as she felt strong magic coming off of it.

"Are you willing to give it up?" asked an older man's voice from the mirror. The surface rippled strangely, as though it were nothing more than water in front of her.

"Give up what?" she asked.

"Do you wish to live freely?" asked the man's voice again. It reminded her of her old grandfather who passed away when she was a little girl. "Are you willing to give it up for it?"

"Give up what for what?" She felt as though she had cotton in her mouth as she spoke, moving toward the mirror as it slowly descended into her hands. The world seemed to be revolving around that mirror.

"Your life."