Mew awoke to a bright light. He blinked a few times, and heard, "Thank the Legendaries, he's awake!" Mew looked around and saw that he was in the hospital. "M...Mommy? What...what 'm I doing in here?" Mew's mom started crying and asked gently, "You don't remember?" His dad stopped her from continuing, and she silently agreed that it was best if he couldn't remember. Mew looked at his parents and asked, "Where's Mewtwo?" His father lied, "He's home, sleeping." In truth, he was giving information to the police just outside the door. Mew saw small shadows under his parents' eyes. "Shouldn't you be sleeping too? You look tired." His mother answered, "I couldn't sleep, knowing my son was in the hospital." Mew still didn't know why he was in the hospital, but he could only think that it was something really bad. He sat up and felt a jolt of pain travel up his back, and all in a flash, he remembered. Mew screamed, scaring his parents. He collapsed into a fit of tears and screamed, "How could I have been so FILTHY?!!!" His father got up and tried to console him, but Mew mentally shoved him back. "STAY AWAY FROM ME!!!" he screamed. Several nurses came in, and Mew saw a male nurse, a Toxicroak, and he instantly panicked. He's back to poison me! thought Mew hysterically. A few nurses held him down, and he struggled, crying desperately, "No, please, don't hurt me, I'll be good, I swear, I won't scream this time!!!" He continued to struggle as a nurse injected a sedative. He screamed and cried, kicking anyone in reach, until he felt weak and relaxed. He mumbled, "Please...don't...hurt...mmm..." and fell asleep again, tears still falling down his face.

Mewtwo heard a commotion inside Mew's room, then saw a few nurses rush into his room. He told the police officer, "I need to get in there." The officer held his shoulder and said firmly, "It's being taken care of. Don't bother." Mewtwo reluctantly stayed, admitting to the truth. After the confrontation was over, Mewtwo silently entered. Mew's parents turned and looked as he came to sit next to them. He asked carefully, "Does he remember?" Mew's father nodded and Mewtwo sighed quietly. Mewtwo got up and walked over to Mew's side. He slowly stroked his cheek and looked at his unconscious face. Mewtwo finally began to cry silently as he stared down at the small cat. "Mew, I'm so sorry..." he whispered, choking back sobs. He was ashamed to look at Mew's parents as he sat back down. He cradled his head into his hands and repeated to Mew's parents, "I'm sorry..." Mew's mom got up and bent down, lifting Mewtwo's head gently. He looked into her eyes, and she knelt down, hugging him. "You rescued our son, and that's all that matters... If anything, I should be apologizing, I didn't even know he was out so late..." She embraced him for a while, then let go, with fresh tears in her eyes. "Thank you," she replied simply.

After about three days, Mew was released from the hospital. While his injuries were healed, he was nowhere near mentally stable. He had asked to be released during the middle of the day, with only his parents and Mewtwo. He also wrapped a blanket around his body, and sat in the middle seat, with Mewtwo on one side and his mother on the other as his father drove. He felt unsafe next to the window seat, and shivered whenever his father stopped the car. Mew's mom stroked his head the whole time, and kept reassuring him that the doors were locked. Mew's expression didn't change throughout the whole car ride, his eyes a slightly misted dull color, the happy, joyful aura gone from him, making him seem duller and grayer.

Mew's mom gently said, "We're home, Mew, come on." Mew didn't move from his spot, and simply looked at Mewtwo. Mewtwo unbuckled Mew's seatbelt and Mew raised his arms, silently asking Mewtwo to pick him up. Mewtwo scooped Mew up and carried him in. When he headed towards the living room, Mew let out a small sound of protest. "Bedroom," he whispered. Mewtwo floated upstairs and headed towards Mew's bedroom. Mewtwo just realized that he'd never seen Mew's room before.

As he entered, the first color that he saw was pink. Mew muttered, "My favorite color..." Mewtwo set him down on his bed and sat with him. Mew leaned into Mewtwo's touch and let out a long, shuddering sigh. Mewtwo heard him mumble out, "Fucking idiot." Mewtwo turned and looked at him, shocked. That was the first time he had ever heard Mew curse, and with meaning in it too. Mewtwo saw Mew's eyes well up in tears as he repeated, "Fucking idiot!" Mewtwo held him close and rocked back and forth. "You're not an idiot," Mewtwo quietly assured. Mew sniffed and sat for a while, holding on to Mewtwo's shirt. After a while, he said quietly, "I'm thirsty." Mewtwo got up and began to walk when he heard an anguished cry from Mew. "No, please, I changed my mind..." Mewtwo bent down and stroked the top of Mew's head and mumbled, "I'll just take a second." Mew let him leave and sank back into the blankets, shivering slightly.

Mewtwo returned with a glass of water, but didn't see Mew on the bed. Mewtwo looked around and said, "Mew?" He heard a gasp in the closet and walked over to investigate. He slowly opened the door and saw a small bundle of blankets in the corner. He slowly came over and said gently, "It's just me, Mew. I brought you some water." Mew opened his blanket shell and took the water. He then rotated the glass and looked very carefully into the water. Mewtwo realized that he was checking it for poison or drugs, so he took the glass from Mew and took a generous gulp from it. Mew took the glass back and gulped the water down, finishing it quickly. He then clutched his stomach as a growl rose from it. He looked up at Mewtwo, hoping he didn't hear it. Mewtwo looked down at him and asked gently, "Would you come downstairs with me?" Mew hesitated for a while, then nodded slowly. Mewtwo picked him up along with the blanket and headed down the hallway. Mew hated feeling so weak and scared, but for him, danger seemed to lurk around every corner, so he stayed put in the comforting arms of Mewtwo.

Mewtwo lay Mew on one of the living room couches and left to make a sandwich for him. Mew settled in and picked up the remote. He turned the TV on and nearly jumped into the air as he heard, "You! Yeah you!" Panicking, he flipped the channel, remembering that it was only one of those annoying car ads. He then watched another channel, just a daytime sitcom. The Purugly made an insulting joke to the other, and Mew almost smiled, until the other tackled him. The stage audience was laughing, but Mew felt fear run through his veins. Images of him being held down and ravaged sent shivers up his spine, and he changed the channel again, now panting slightly. He watched for a second, seeing a Rapidash running down a dark ally. He started shaking as he watched on. The camera zoomed in on the Rapidash's face, and she looked behind her. When she saw nothing, she turned back around, only to be met by a Haunter's twisting grin. The Rapidash screamed shrilly, and Mew doubled it as he dove into his blanket.

He hid there, panting heavily and crying, when he felt a tug on his blanket. He screamed again and tucked into as small of a ball as he could, then heard, "Mew, stop... It's just me." Mew peered through the small crevice in the blanket and saw Mewtwo, then crawled out slightly. "Sorry..." Mewtwo smiled a little and suggested, "Why don't we go out onto the back porch for a while?" Mew shook his head in protest, but Mewtwo persisted, "Come on, it's a nice day, and we'll get to see the sun set." Mew mumbled, "That's when all the bad Pokemon come out..." Mewtwo sighed and gently said, "No one's going to be out there but you and me. Don't worry, we'll go in as soon as it starts getting dark." Mew nodded slowly and got up by himself. He swayed a little, then said, "I need to go to my room first."

Mewtwo waited outside Mew's room, wondering what he was doing in there. Inside, Mew looked through his room for the baggiest clothes he could find, then reached for the hem of his shirt. He glanced at the open window, then shuddered. He didn't have the courage to walk over there and close the curtains, so he walked into his closet and changed there.

Mewtwo stopped leaning against the wall as Mew stepped out, and looked at the clothes Mew put on. He was wearing an overly large T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants that were threatening to fall off of his small waist. Mewtwo just reminded himself that it was part of the trauma, to make himself look as unflattering as possible, and he took Mew's hand as the two headed down the hallway. "You know, you still haven't eaten your sandwich," he reminded Mew as they headed outside. Mew brought the sandwich with him as the went onto the back porch.

Mew breathed in the cool air as a breeze cradled his body. He looked up at Mewtwo and watched his expression. Mewtwo was just staring into the distance, a stern yet serene look across his face, his amethyst eyes focused on nothing in particular. He was leaning slightly back, his spine curving nicely forward, with his hands in his pockets. His tail was slightly swaying back and forth, conveying a sense of relaxation. Mew suddenly realized it. I'm in love with Mewtwo, he thought to himself. He walked quietly over to Mewtwo and leaned into him. Mewtwo looked down at the sudden touch and carefully wrapped his arm around Mew's small body, pulling the cat closer. Mew was close to smiling, but he knew it'd be a while before he'd be able to feel happiness again.

That evening, the family sat around the table, the parents discreetly watching Mew, monitoring him for any traumatic behavior or relapses. The first thing they noticed was that Mew didn't touch his food until Mewtwo reached over and took a bite from it. ~He's paranoid about poison now,~ said Mew's father to his wife. Mew's mother silently agreed, and the two continued watching for any other suspicious actions, but besides having Mewtwo test his drink, they found none. Mew's parents were sad, though, for Mew still hadn't smiled since the night of the party, almost a week ago. Normally, he wouldn't even last a few hours before he'd find something to smile about, and that worried them. ~I think he's going to need therapy,~ Mew's mother said to her husband. Mr. Psy responded, ~Worst comes to worst, we might have to have him committed...~ Mrs. Psy held back a gasp as her face remained passive. In her heart, she knew that it was indeed a possibility.

Mew absolutely refused to sleep alone that night, and made Mewtwo go to bed with him. "I'm sorry, but I'm not ready yet..." He said meekly to Mewtwo as the two crawled into the bed together. Mewtwo made sure to close the curtains before they laid down, so Mew felt more assured. Mew yawned and snuggled into Mewtwo's firm chest, falling asleep almost immediately. Mewtwo smiled and stroked Mew's cheek, feeling the soft fuzz underneath his fingers, when he heard a faint, "Mnn...nno..." Mew's hand suddenly shot out and Mewtwo caught it, and Mew moaned, "N-no!" Mewtwo understood Mew was having flashbacks, and did his best to console him as Mew thrashed around and mumbled. Mewtwo tapped into Mew's dream and saw Mew being held down by huge figures, tearing at his stomach and ripping into his insides. Mew was trying to scream, but was only making a small whisper. Mewtwo decided to help him and disguised himself as a Hypno, making the figures fall away and retreat, then transformed into a Blissy, mending Mew's wounds with a painless needle. Mew looked up at him smiled gently, falling away into a tided peace. Mewtwo pulled out of Mew's dream, setting his gaze on the real Mew, settled peacefully into Mewtwo's chest. Mewtwo made sure this time not to touch Mew in any other way that night, and fell asleep closely after.