Dear my beloved Kono-chan,

It has been an honor and privilege to have known, met, and befriended you after all these years.
I know that this sounds stupid, but you were like a family that I have had in all my life.
I never really knew my real parents or anything from before I entered the Shinmei-ryu, but one thing for sure; I really cared about you and never wanted to see you unhappy.
I promised that I would protect you until the very end and I have kept that promise.
Ever since you entered the Mahora Academy, I have protected you from within the shadows.
But unknowingly, I have hurt you.
I never wanted to endanger you, so I kept myself from being near you.
Then that faithful day happened.

During our trip to Kyoto, we finally became friends again, like when we were kids.
We laughed.
We joked.
I even become one with the class thanks to you.
But I was still scared.

I am a hanyo.
I live much longer than you do, but I spent my life protecting you.
Now that I have fulfilled my duty, it is time to say goodbye.

You were the 'light' of my life.
And I thank you for lighting my darkened world.
I just wish that I could've said this sooner….
Kono-chan….I love you….and I'm sorry

-Sakurazaki Setsuna

Setsuna left the letter on Konoka's desk and left a white feather behind.

"I'm really sorry that I have fulfilled my duty, it's time to say goodbye." whispered Setsuna, placing a soft kiss on Konoka's lips before disappearing out of the window.

Konoka had a small sad smile and tears fell out of her eyes as if she was having a bad dream, "Secchan...don't leave me..."

Me: and how's that? (sweat drop) Secchan fans might kill me for this, so bring it on! (lol, jk) Anyways, just couldn't really get this idea outta my head so I wrote it. (kinda scary since some of her feelings are kinda like mines….)

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