Thanks to my beta, pruehall, over on LiveJournal. And you know, I still don't own NUMB3RS or Colby. Which still upsets me greatly.

So, this is it. The final chapter of Ten Days. It's been fun and I hope that you've enjoyed reading it as much as I haven enjoyed writing it.

Ten Days: Part 14

The next time that he is aware of anything he is sure that he'd dead. Because what he feels isn't the hard surface of the straight-backed chair that had been his home for the past ten days, but rather what feels like a warm, soft bed.

There was something on his face. Something covering his mouth and nose. But he couldn't find the energy to do anything about it. He was too tired and his arms felt like lead. He could still breathe, so it didn't seem too pressing and he let it be. The next thing to register was a rather annoying beeping noise. It was persistent and steady; and irritating beyond belief. He forced his eyes opened and his senses were assaulted by the brightness that resulted. He squeezed them shut again, suppressing a groan.

Then his muddled brain put it all together.

Hospital. He was in a hospital.

Which meant that… that they had found him after all. He felt something warm and soft encompassing his hand and he turned his head slightly before once again forcing his eyes open. It was David. David was sitting in a chair next to the bed, his head resting on the bed, fast asleep, his hand gripping Colby's lightly.

He couldn't help it. He cried. Again. But not tears of sorrow, or of defeat as they had been before, these were tears of joy. They had found him. He was safe. He felt a sob wrack his body as he squeezed his eyes shut, wondering when the hell he had started to cry so damn much. It hurt to cry, the effort of each breath hurt like hell, but still he cried. His entire body hurt, but he didn't care. Right now all that mattered to him was that he was out of that room, away from that chair.

His sobs woke David and this time Colby really could feel David's hand on the back of his neck, really could feel David's forehead pressed up against his own as David- the real David- told him that everything was alright. That he was safe. That he was okay.

He was safe.

He was home.