Chapter 1

Unsigned Entry

This final entry is a farewell to the existence I have known.

Momo is dead, her transformation has completed.

All is lost without her by my side.

I am done with this place. Hitsugaya, Toushirou may have won this one but he has fast become darker through the nights. I pity those he will have under his command, those who don't know what's been eating him, he is slowly being introduce to his true bloodline nature.

Except there is one person who somehow slipped away unscathed- Hinamori Momo. It's only a matter of time before she also reveals her powers. She thought she had escaped and left darkness behind, finding her own way of the 'vampire'

But I will be seeing her sooner than she knows.

12 months later

My sleep had been fitful; disturbed once again by the unearthly noises coming from a prisoner's cell. When the moon is at its highest, his tortured groans echo down the wooden paths of the 13th Gotei Squads. Soul Society seems to ring with his torment.

He howls for blood, of course to crave the darkness within him. Our keeping of him strikes his blackened heart by starving him, chaining him so that he cannot indulge his bloodlust. Afterward Soul Society will be light at dawn, and he will be still again…

After I had my morning share of breakfast, I visited an old friend in his cell.

I entered the dank, stone chamber, closing its iron door behind me.

There he is resting in the shadiest corner, away from the weak shaft of sunlight filtering through the tiny barred window high up on one of the walls. He sits on the floor, head leaning wearily against the stones. But his red eyes glinted watching me as I am reminded of a caged panther.

"You should rest." I advised him. "You look tired."

"Shut up." he growled, staring in disgust at his narrow, blanketed bunk.

"Is it not in your nature to sleep during day time?" I asked.

He sprang at me but the chains bound his wrist and ankles. "Go away." He snarled.

"Even you should know tonight will be the full moon-when all of us are at their strongest and my hunger will be most disturbing."

"I am sorry that your hunger torments you," I told him.

"Fuck you, you're the one who put me here you have no sympathy for me."

True that. I left the little pet in his cell as I joined my fellow underlings in the evening feast, tonight of all nights we must do all that we can to protect the human world from the evil lurking on tonight's full moon.

Night had arrived, a red moon is slowly rising and a storm is too. The dark crags and rolling heath land beyond the Town of Karakura is now brushed by glowering skies. Though the seasons in the Seireitei are known for their mildness, the human world seems to have a climate of its own- as if the moor itself draws down the worst of its elements and conjures up squalls and tempest like some ancient storm bringer.

On nights like this, staring out into that bleak landscape beyond, one feels very far from civilization. It's hard to believe that humans can live in such peace with hollows or other sorts of exiled vampires only a few miles away.

My ear piece buzzed in my ear followed by static in-between the report from my Fukutaicho, Matsumoto Rangiku.

"Tai-static-we've got a problem-zzz-cell three…"

I hurried along the corridors of the cell division with Matsumoto following close behind towards the inmate held captive.

His door cell stood ajar.

Matsumoto looked at me, her face paler with terror.

The most monstrous howl could not have filled the corridors with more trepidation than the heavy silence that came from within the cell. Was he now at large?

I pushed the door wider. No he was still there. The chains still hung upon his wrists shackling him to the wall. But he seemed insensible to our arrival; for his attention was entirely focused on the white-robed figure slumped in his strong grasp. For moments I watched him convulse I the rhythmic shudders as he sucked the life from his victims throat, thick groans of gratification rumbling up from his own. And then, in one swift movement, his prey's neck twisted and I heard the cracking of bone.

The victim's head lolled back unnaturally, neck clearly broken. Her face was contorted like that of a gargoyle, the dead whites of her eyes like marble in the cold moonlight that sliced through the tiny shattered window above.

It was Sakamoto, Yumi of division eight 7th seat; Hinamori's shinigami friend.

The prisoner raised his head, lips and chin gleaming wet with blood. His eyes glowed like embers as he met my stricken gaze. He let Sakamoto fall to the cold stones. Blood oozed from her throat like a slaughtered animal, staining the white wool of her sleeping robes.

And then I saw it. Her zanpakuto- long, sharpened and stainless lying in the corner of the cell as though flung there. The girl had decided to take matters in her own hands. To kill this murderous monster, to rest his poor, tainted soul.

I walked over and picked up the girl's zanpakuto, holding it in front of me, walked slowly towards the beast that has now consumed by bloodlust tainting it with darkness. His superhuman strength seemed to regenerate and with an almighty heave, he wrenched the iron wristbands and snapped them from the chains that held him. The chains clattered against the wall, dangling useless from their fastenings. He was free.

Pushing me out the way I didn't fight him as he ripped the sword from my hand, I turned to see him charge past Matsumoto and I through the open cell door.

"We must stop him taichou!" Matsumoto gasped in shock and confusion as I let him escape.

"No." I commanded. "Everyone has gone for their night feasting, we must return to our headquarters. I'll report in for the sotaicho tomorrow as I am not in the mood for duty. Now both worlds are no longer safe. Having hungered for blood for so long I can't imagine how much it will take to slake the thirst."

Despite his crimes, I had let him go out of understanding because I was thirsty too. He is not like my kind, a monster who kills only for the enjoyment of blood and torment so who can save his bloodlust now?

I long for a new initiation- to feel the primal power that I no longer hold due to my ways of the vampire. I am tired and helpless as my body and soul will not awaken from their full vampiric glory till I have fed.

Meanwhile I must concern myself with my duties, like the letter I received from Fujitake, Tomoe. She has asked me to greet them, the returning of my true love and her superiors who are arriving in Karakura Town a few days from now.

Hinamori. Her name awoke my senses like on my first day of blood so I suppose I better be presentable to her for I am not myself. I only hope she's still the same woman I knew a year ago from our last departure.

Hinamori has certainly changed herself. She no longer wears that bun above her head as a lengthy dark silky curtain cascades over her shoulders and half way down her back much longer than I remembered. She wears black leggings ending just halfway down her calves. Her shoes no longer occupy tabi socks but her milky white skin on her feet as her heels lace over her ankles and criss-cross in an X with a single strap leaving her with toe opened.

I gawked at her appearance and then my sight shifted to her sister, I could tell where Hinamori had got her new fashion sense as Tomoe's skin could have been slightly more exposed to the human eyes if they could see us.

She turned to look at me. "Hitsugaya, Toushirou?" she asked her voice rich and melodic erasing any sighs of recognition. She had obviously forgotten to address me properly.

I nodded, feeling foolishly shy and could not help but stare at her younger sister as the movement of air from the departing train caused her long black length fur coat to billow open and expose the silk-covered curve of her hips under her 'new' uniform.

"It's been a while Hitsugaya-taichou." Kai had spoken appearing instantly beside his wife. I nodded once more and then they all gathered their luggage and we were off back through the Senkaimon.

I had given Hinamori a red rose as she turned to me with a languid smile as her eyes were hidden under sunglasses as we entered Soul Society, "Come with me, won't you?" she invited me. "Keep me company while I settle back in. I'd hate for you to be alone after coming all this way just to see me."

I could tell she knew I would agree without hesitation.

After walking her to her room, I sat down to wait outside her door while she unpacked in her bedroom.

Her presence agitated me, but not unpleasurable…her scent was clouding my thoughts and senses. I felt a curious urge to be out in the night, breathing the sharp out and striding through the shadows of Seireitei with her.

Hinamori opened her door and stepped into the night. My throat tightened as I saw her new uniform that betrayed every curve of her body beneath it. The sleeveless v-cut black kimono and hakama stuck to her body as it wrapped itself around her shoulders, chest, waist, hips and legs till her thighs. The black leggings had I seen earlier extended half way to her calves stopping above a strap of her open toed heels. Her hand and fingers occupied dark blue silk opened fingered gloves. Her zanpakuto hung in its usually place on the side of her hip just the sheath was now wrapped in a black ribbon tied tightly around her waist.

I mentally cursed Tomoe. Hinamori looked like an undercover ninja seductress. I watched silently with my arms crossed as she bent down to pick up a green box on outside her door and then she turned around and went back inside as I heard the whisper of her robe against the silk upholstery as she sank down on a leather black sofa. The sound thrilled me.

I stared at Hinamori's figure on the couch. "Rangiku-san tells me you're frustrated." she said slipping off her shades then looking up at me. Her eyes reflected golden in the moonlight a sign that she had fed and then it was its original chocolate brown orbs. She crossed her long legs and patted the empty space next to her.

I felt my blood pulsing, I walked slowly across the room and sat next to her. She smelled exquisite. "I suppose I am," I answered. "The work isn't difficult, I am just troubled."

"By?" Hinamori questioned, "Rangiku told me what happened last week."



"No." I shook my head that was the least thing on my mind.

Hinamori turned and flung her legs on her glass coffee table, criss-crossing her ankles. Her movement revealed the smooth outline of her breast and belly more as it pressed against the silk of her uniform. My mouth went dry.

She turned her head back to see me staring at her and gave me a gratified smile. "I think we shall have fun together like old times, get acquainted again." She said.

Anticipation caused my heart to race as if it was alive again, my skin tingled. Did she plan to seduce me?

"But right now…" she added, a trace of apology in her tone, "I am tired."

Disappointment cursed through me. "Of course," I replied politely and got to my feet. Hinamori's smooth fingers brushed mine. "Come by later, night is still long ahead of us. I'll be waiting."

Her tone was gently and sweet yet desperate. I felt my stomach tighten.

"Yes," I replied.

I saw something within the depths of Hinamori's light chocolate eyes. Something I could not distinguish. I broke my gaze away from her and strode toward the door.


I half hoped Hinamori would lead me straight to her bed, but instead she suggested we take walk out into the night. We wandered hand in hand, along the dark halls of Seireitei. Her touch seemed to heighten my awareness with her sweet aroma in my nostrils.

"It's quiet and peaceful, tonight out of all days. Night of the vampire." She purred the last word.

"Behind all these walls nothing but empty beds as our companions are out for a night celebration."

"And you're here with me, you should be enjoying yourself." She rolled her eyes and shivered then licked her lips. I could sense that she was nearly as aroused as I was by the subject of feasting.

I felt a thrust of overwhelming longing for her. I pulled her fiercely to me. She melted into my embrace for a brief moment before she gently pushed me away.

"Later…" she whispered. "Later."

She took my arm and started walking once more steering me through the darkened path of the divisions. Even though I could perfectly clear my vision was clouded by everything I felt from her. I felt an instinctive loathing at the sight of my garden in the darkness ahead of us and wondered why Hinamori had brought me here.

Silently she led me between the trees along the pathway to my garden outside my bedroom window. The fountain water was the only thing breaking our silence. She reclined upon the edge of the fountain stones, curling and stretching like a cat. Her hair flowed under her half of it falling into the clean ice water as turned her head to the stone dragon statue staring back at her. She stroked the detailed scales, teeth and eyes of its face, and I watched her trace the name inscribed there. Hyorinmaru.

I felt my zanpakuto shiver on my back as if Hinamori was reaching into my own world and petting my ice friend. I heard his low voice echo in my head as if he was falling asleep, I unfastened the green sash around my shoulder and placed my sword on the evenly cut green grass.

I heard Hinamori giggle and she was humming to herself still tracing my statue.

"Behave and sleep Hyorinmaru." She murmured. She closed her eyes and leaned back on the stone edge of the fountain, her uniform rustled in the wind shifting the fabric around her legs revealing her shiny, soft, and white meat on her thighs.

I cannot say what excited me more, the sight of Hinamori shining in the moonlight or the energy that that my body seemed to draw from my zanpakuto on the grass next to me.

Hinamori's face fell limp to the side as her cheek laid on the cold stone of my fountain and then her hand fell lifelessly into the water making droplets of water splashed onto her. Her angelic face was asleep.

I ran to her side, and leaned over her. "Wake up, wake up…" I whispered. Just to realize that her hand was inside the fountain rippling the water and resurfacing as her fingers were slowly dancing on the water side to side distorting my reflection. I looked down at her.

Her eyes reflected golden to brown in the moonlight as she smiled at me.

"Something wrong?" she asked innocently fluttering her eyelashes at me.

I smiled down at her, ignoring the fact that both her dry and wet hands slid under my captain's cloak then I felt her left hand on my chest just above my dead heart. Water was running down my chest as she slid her hand around my neck leaving a trail of moisture on my bare skin.

Her right hand brushed my cheek and her fingers moved under my tired bruised eyes. "You look thirsty." She whispered, gently caressing my face.

Her wet hand wrapped around the back of my neck and she pulled me down. Her other hand was on my back raking her pink-lacquered nails into my skin, heightening my passion. I kissed her fiercely and she responded with equal force, pressing her opened mouth against mine. Our desires for each other finally erupting after this long year.

She panted against my face and neck as she felt my kisses slide away from her mouth. I shuttered in anticipation. With utter rapture I saw her smile, parting her lips to reveal two beautifully pointed white fangs.

She sat up and rolled off the fountain, we landing on the grass. She rolled over me and leaned over me, her long hair cascading onto my chest. I felt her lips kiss my throat, nipping her way to my ear she whispered. "Now."

I felt my fangs prolong from my gums, I pressed her against me with my hand at the small of her back under her uniform caressing her bare skin. She kissed my lips once more before tilting her head to the side. I kissed and licked her throat, making my tongue glide along her neck to finding the strongest pulse point. She moaned and then gasped as my two needle-sharp points gripped her throat and pierced her flesh, bearing gently down, stretching the surrounding skin until I tasted her sweet blood in my mouth.

Pleasure and pain became one. I drank and drank the beating of her veins and my drawing of her blood in perfect, rhythmic unison.

I felt her panting against my neck and then stop.

Darkness had found me.

Authors Note: I changed the title last minute, anyways here's the beginning of the sequel to Secret Affections. I hope you enjoyed it! I'll update as soon as I can, Thanks! This story will be told from the POV of Hinamori and Hitsugaya.