The letter arrived the next morning to a sleepy looking Hermione

The letter arrived the next morning to a sleepy looking Hermione. She remembered the owl from the day before a called Severus several names due to the early delivery.

"I want you to poop on Severus when you deliver the reply." She told the owl grouchily.

The bird just looked at her and he nodded in agreement, he didn't want to be flying around this early either. Hermione detached the note and sighed, she was too tired to deal with his crap this morning. The letter was the same as the day before. Short, sweet and to the point. He wanted to meet up with her and talk, but she didn't think he deserved it after everything.

"I'll reply to this later." She told the owl, "and you look tired as well so just perch on the headboard and get some rest."

The owl hooted in thanks and Hermione lay back down, unaware that Severus was watching the entire thing.

A few hours later, Hermione felt a dip in her bed and an arm circle her waist. She knew it was Harry and didn't mind. Voldemort had been defeated long ago but Harry still had his moments when he would have a nightmare about the war and need someone to hold on to, kind of like a lifeline. Words weren't needed, she knew why he was there and cuddled closer to him.


Severus hadn't been watching the entire time, he wasn't trying to be a peeping Tom or anything, but spying was the only way he knew what he was up against. She wouldn't talk to him or agree to meet with him so he did what he knew how to do and spied.

The mirror gave off a dim light when movement was sensed and when it did, he went over to see if she was going to reply. He noticed she was still in bed and not moving but someone was in the background and coming closer. He watched in complete jealousy when Harry pulled back the covers revealing her in nothing but a tee shirt and knickers and slid in behind her. He waited for her to wake up and slap the boy but when she cuddled closer and smiled, he wanted to punch the closest thing to him.

Was she seeing Harry now? Were they friends with benefits? He didn't know but neither option was acceptable.

The mirror lit up again and this time it was because she had turned over and placed her own arm around Harry's waist. Her head rested on his chest where she also placed a quick kiss. Harry smiled, kissed the top of her head and pulled her closer again.

"Watch it Potter." Severus warned to the mirror. He knew they couldn't hear him but it felt good and it gave him some justification just in case. He could always say he warned him before he beat the crap out of the boy.

Severus continued to glare at the mirror for almost two hours. He watched as Harry and Hermione shifted around and got comfortable, he watched as they flirted, serious or not it was the principle of the matter, and he knew he would have to act fast. First there was Mark, the boy with lace bras, then there was pretty boy Steve, and now there was Harry, who had a better chance then any one else.

A giggle was heard, snapping the sour potions master from his thoughts. He turned to the mirror so quickly he almost fell out of his chair and the sight that met him filled him with more anger then he had in a long time. Harry had Hermione pinned down to the bed, holding her arms with one of his above her head. His legs were placed between her and his other arm was somewhere under the covers.

"What the??"


"Harry, stop… you're killing me." She whispered so as not to wake the sleeping bird.

Harry just grinned and continued to tickle her. If anyone were to walk in right now the scene would look entirely sexual but all clothing was intact and they were in fact just playing around.

"Agree to it then." He stated, "Agree to give me a chance at dating you and I will stop tickling you."

"But Harry, look what happened between me and Ron, I don't want that to happen to us."

Harry sighed, he knew she was right and wouldn't want anything to come between them.

"You're right, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop tickling you." He finally said in a slightly dejected voice.

"Oh yes you are." She said with a smirk and before Harry knew what was happening, he was flipped onto his back with Hermione straddling his hips.

"How do you like it, huh, does it feel good? Does it drive you crazy?" she asked, no longer caring if the bird was awake or not. Her hands went under the covers and attacked his sides.

Severus was now officially feeling sick. The image in the mirror wasn't crystal clear but the combination of what she was saying and the position she was in told him everything he needed to know and he was more determined now then ever to get her back, even if it killed him.